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Rare global warming debate: Skeptic climatologist Dr. Tim Ball vs. alarmist science journalist David Appell

Posted By admin On November 5, 2009 @ 5:13 am In Sci Tech | Comments Disabled

AlGoreLied.com [1]
Thursday, Nov 5th, 2009

Despite Al Gore’s pronoucment that “the debate is over”, alarmist David Appell [2] nevertheless faced off against skeptic climatologist Dr. Tim Ball [3] on The Victoria Taft Show [4] on Monday night on Portland, Oregon’s KPAM AM 860. [5].

Appell has a recent piece in Scientific American that contends [6] even now [7] that the Hockey Stick is alive and well..

Here’s the audio of the debate:.

Part 1 [8].

Part 2 [9].

Part 3 [10].

Part 4 [11]

Rare global warming debate: Skeptic climatologist Dr. Tim Ball vs. alarmist science journalist David Appell  071009banner3 [12]

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