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Rare protest in China in support of police killer

AFP [1]
Monday, Oct 13, 2008

Protesters staged a rare demonstration outside a Shanghai court on Monday in support of a jobless man who is appealing against his conviction for murdering six policemen.

Around a dozen people staged a brief protest at the beginning of the closed-door trial of Yang Jia, 28, who was sentenced to death last month for the murders.

Yang stormed into a Shanghai police station on July 1 and went on a stabbing frenzy, reportedly in revenge for being wrongfully detained on suspicion of stealing a bicycle.

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Chinese authorities on Monday gave out few details of the appeal and court officials refused to comment, continuing the secretive handling of a case that has generated controversy with Yang regarded by some as a victim.

Yang had become an Internet cult hero because his case raised questions about police harassment.

In the street outside Shanghai’s Higher People’s Court, the protesters were taken away by police after donning T-shirts with Yang’s face on them and a quote from him reading: “If you don’t give me a reason then I will teach you a lesson.”

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