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Retired U.S. General Promises An Airliner Will Be Downed Within 100 Days

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Strip Searches and profiling justified with paranoid hyperbole

Steve Watson
Prisonplanet.com [1]
Monday, Jan 4, 2010

Retired U.S. General Promises An Airliner Will Be Downed Within 100 Days 040110feature3A retired U.S. General has called for strip searches of all muslim men at airports and “threat-based” profiling, declaring that “in the next 30-100 days,” there is “very high probability a US airliner will come down.”

Retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney made the comments on a Fox News broadcast over the weekend.

“We’ve got to go to more than just the normal process that they’re talking about now,” he said on Saturday.

“We have got to go to very, very strict screening and we’ve got to use profiling. And I mean, be very, very serious about the profiling. If you are an 18-28-year-old Muslim man, then you should be strip searched. If we don’t do that, there’s a very high probability that we’re gonna lose an airliner.”

As the Fox host pointed out that racial profiling would likely not be well received in the United States, McInerney replied, “I agree, that’s the problem.”

“It is not racial profiling,” he added. “It is profiling just like the Israelis do. Let’s use the same procedures that the Israelis do.”

“If you lose 300 Americans, and then people are gonna say ‘Why didn’t we do this?’” the General turned military analyst stated.

Watch the interview below:


McInerney is currently chairman of the Iran Policy Committee’s advisory council and co-author of the interestingly titled book “Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror”.

In the book,the general calls for invasions of North Korea and Saudi Arabia, as well as Syria, where he claims Saddam Hussein hid weapons of mass destruction.

The General’s comments proceeded the Transportation Security Administration announcement of “enhanced screening” procedures [2] at U.S. airports, with foreign travelers from “terror prone” countries.

[3]Retired U.S. General Promises An Airliner Will Be Downed Within 100 Days FOTR 340x1692 [4] [3]

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