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Ron Paul Says Agenda Behind Bombing Incident Is More War, More Attacks On Liberty

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Congressman: “I am concerned what they are going to do to the American people”

Ron Paul Says Agenda Behind Bombing Incident Is More War, More Attacks On Liberty 291209top

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Congressman Ron Paul fears that the agenda behind the Flight 253 bombing incident is to expand the war on terror into Yemen while stripping Americans of more liberties, warning that it’s time people woke up and realized that the government cannot guarantee their safety.

The Congressman highlighted how the bombing attempt followed geopolitical turmoil in Yemen in the form of attacks in the country launched by the Saudis with the endorsement of the U.S. – and how sectors of the media and politicians were now calling for Yemen to be a new front in the war on terror as a consequence of the Christmas Day incident.

“It seems ironic that there is so much excitement about this and now talk about attacking Yemen,” said Paul, adding that it was the United States’ presence in Yemen that represented a threat to America, not the purported presence of Al-Qaeda members in Yemen.

Two days after the incident, influential neo-lib Joe Lieberman cited the attempted plane bombing [2] in calling for Yemen to be the next target of the military-industrial complex after Afghanistan, claiming the plot had links back to the Middle Eastern nation.

Paul raised the question of how a $75 billion dollar a year intelligence gathering structure failed to stop a dangerous man who had no passport and was on a terror watch list from boarding a plane.


Ron Paul Says Agenda Behind Bombing Incident Is More War, More Attacks On Liberty 121109banner2 [3]

“It really scares me because we do so much already – we spend $75 billion dollars on intelligence gathering in this country in order to protect us and make us safe, so with $75 billion dollars we weren’t able to detect this individual where there’s a glaring warning sign,” said Paul, citing the fact that the bomber’s father tried to warn the U.S. that his son was a threat a month ago.

Paul labeled the nature of the incident, “Either awful stupidity or there must be an agenda….I am concerned what they are going to do to the American people,” citing how the 9/11 hijackers were also known to the authorities, who were warned that they were only training to learn how to fly a plane and not how to land, but that nothing was ever done about it.

Paul said the people punished for the incident would not be those who failed to stop the terrorist, but the American people.

“They’ll add some more security on to us – first they make us take off our shoes and then our belts and then small bottles of water and put our computers in a tray and on and on so something else is going to happen, they won’t let us get out of our seats or look at our bags….thinking that’s going to make us a lot safer,” said Paul, adding that security should be managed by airline companies and not the government.

“The bigger the problem and the more the fear is built up, the more they take away our personal liberties and turn us all into zombies and the American people go along with it and say as long as it makes us safer I guess it’s OK to go along but it’s time the American people woke up and started realizing that there’s a bit of propaganda going on and quite possibly this incident will not only undermine our personal liberties but will also accelerate our intervention and the violence occurring in the Middle East,” concluded the Congressman.

Watch the clip below.

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