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Saxo Bank Joins Chorus Of Voices Calling For End Of The Federal Reserve

Posted By admin On November 3, 2010 @ 9:05 am In Money Watch | Comments Disabled

Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge [1]
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Following the recent surge in Fed critics, including Gross, Buffett, Grantham, and most other self-respecting economists, Saxo Bank’s John J. Hardy (blog link [2]) shares the most recent, and very scathing, critique of the Fed, which essentially calls for the end of the US central bank, saying the days of the Fed are now numbered.

Bring it on, Ben [2]!

So, Ben, let’s get this thing over with and let’s test how this market is positioned for what you have to say today. We’re tired of speculating and gaming what you may or may not write in today’s statement and how many billions of dollars you might conjure into existence on a monthly basis for the next year or more. Bring it on: let’s watch another wave of monetary policy history crash over us as you pull out the hammer and close your lips around another batch of coffin nails – ready to grasp the first nail to drive into the soon sealed coffin of Keynesian economics and then another in the coffin of fractional reserve banking and perhaps another into the coffin of fiat currencies. Oh, it’s all the same coffin? Fine – it will go quicker that way. Just remember to save a few nails for the millions of coffins of pensions and savings: for all of the responsible people who didn’t join in on the credit bonanza of the last few decades and spent their lives scrimping and saving. Let’s devalue their savings and nuke the US currency rather than go the quicker and more just road of default, shall we? Extend and pretend is the Fed’s motto, after all. Just watch out for those new crazies on the Hill that are starting to bang on the doors of the Eccles building. Will they break in and cart you off before you’ve finished your final magnum opus – the end of the US dollar and the US economy?

Bring it on, Ben: take us that much nearer to the denouement of 100 years of US Federal Reserve. There won’t be a second hundred years. The final countdown starts now.


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