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Scientist: Top Selling Weed Killer – Monsanto’s Roundup – Linked to Infertility

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Lisa Garber
Prison Planet.com
January 9, 2013

Monsanto has made a pretty penny over the last several decades thanks to its top-selling herbicide, Roundup, and cash crops genetically modified to withstand heavy doses of the chemical, such as Roundup Ready corn, soy, and cotton. Meanwhile, Roundup’s key ingredient glyphosate has ravaged the earth, our food chain, and our bodies, and is even causing infertility among the masses. Its effects haven’t gone unnoticed.

Purdue University professor emeritus Dr. Don Huber addressed the dangers of glyphosate to American and European officials in 2011. His concerns centered on an electron microscopic pathogen which “appears to significantly impact the health of plants, animals, and probably human beings.” In a letter to US Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Huber added that preliminary experiments have reproduced the pathogen’s link to miscarriages.

Vilsack purportedly received Huber’s letter and, despite the available mountain of evidence just one click away, encouraged of Huber “submission of any data or studies in support of his concerns.” Apparently, none of the scientific, published evidence of glyphosate-induced [1] infertility, sterility, birth defects, Parkinson’s, obesity, superweeds [2], and water pollution [3] were convincing enough to keep the USDA from snuggling down next to Monsanto on a bed of dirty money just 11 days later. Despite Huber’s explicit pleas to delay deregulation of Roundup Ready crops—which would be, in his words, “a calamity”—the USDA went through with deregulation.

This was neither the first nor would it be the last hand members of the government would join with dirty industries [4] to the detriment of their own citizenry. Reuters [5] reports on the myriad concerns raised by numerous members of the scientific and medical community, yet it is only in 2015 that the Environmental Protection Agency promises results for their research into the possible dangers of glyphosate and what, if any, role government should play in it.

Seeing as the government has been front and center in support of Monsanto’s environmentally disastrous antics, we hope to see matched enthusiasm in remedial measures for the environment and its people.

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