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Daily Caller | When questioned on his lie, White House press secretary Josh Earnest doubled down with a whole new lie.

Washington’s Blog | The US has started 201 foreign armed attacks since WW2.

Jon Rappoport | For alert minds: the art of the covert narrative.

Paul Joseph Watson | Recommendations caution workers not to embalm corpses.

Steve Watson | House Intelligence Committee Chairman: We warned President ‘for over a year’; Obama has missed over half of intel briefings.

Prison Planet.com | Bill O’Reilly drops Kissinger’s name on his book tour and pushes the idea of a globalist army. Don’t worry. It will be under control of Congress. Right.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones discusses the passing of a great voice in the fight for truth, Dr. Stan Monteith.

Jon Rappoport | Of course, the authorities and experts have been forever telling people how effective and safe vaccines are.

Michael Snyder | Anti-gun liberals of the world please take note.

Joe Wurzelbacher | On Friday, police arrested Oklahoma City nursing home employee Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, for threatening to cut off a co-worker’s head.

Prison Planet.com | Instagram reportedly blocked in China amid Hong Kong protests.

Jon Rappoport | There are some people who hear the word CREATE and wake up, as if a new flashing music has begun.

Charles Hugh Smith | The incestuous embrace of privilege and power by entrenched, socially isolated Elites characterizes failed states and brittle, doomed regimes throughout history.

Prison Planet.com | A CBS News review shows campus police across the country have received millions of dollars worth of military gear from the Pentagon.

Steve Watson | As Obama’s sidekick resigns, his fiercest detractors remind America why Holder was so dangerous.

Gerald Celente | As bombs fall in Syria, history is not only repeating itself, it’s bearing down on us with lightning speed.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky | The Criminalization of the United Nations.

Paul Craig Roberts | Obama’s September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life.

Brandon Smith | There is nothing worse than a die-hard neoconservative.

New American | Perhaps their boots were made in China.

Brandon Smith | There is nothing worse than a die-hard neoconservative.

Tony Cartlaucci | Terrorists aligned to Al Qaeda have allegedly beheaded a French tourist kidnapped in the North African nation of Algeria.

Jon Rappoport | We all know about CDC whistleblower William Thompson now.

Dennis J. Kucinich | The administration’s response to the conjunction of this weekend’s People’s Climate March and the International Day of Peace?

Michael Krieger | Thanks to a dizzying barrage of lies, mainstream media fear-mongering and a couple of beheadings, the Obama Administration finally achieved its long sought after war in Syria.

Adan Salazar | Agency publishes crime report showing “0″ murders occurred in Newtown in 2012.

Jon Rappoport | CDC employees don’t know they’re alive unless they’re lying.

Daniel McAdams | This is an act of US aggression against a foreign nation and a violation of international law.

Truth Revolt | AP called Biden a foreign policy heavyweight, but so far Romney was correct and Biden was Biden.

Washington’s Blog | ISIS Is Run By Former Iraqi Generals … Many Are Members Of Saddam Hussein’s Secular Baath Party Who Converted To Radical Islam In American Prisons.

Tony Cartalucci | Allied with barbaric regional regimes who gestated “Islamic State,” Washington’s attack on Syria sets dangerous new precedent.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the number of Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone is approximately doubling every 20 days?

David Swanson | President Obama is bombing the opposite side in Syria from the side he swore we needed to attack one year ago.

Jon Rappoport | It’s estimated that a paltry 2% of the cache Snowden walked off with has been released so far.

Butler Shaffer | It may be inevitable that, when a civilization dies, its inhabitants undergo a major transformation in character.

Washington’s Blog | America Is Tangled Up In Impossibly Complicated Webs.

Michael Snyder | Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, says that society would be far better off if people quit trying to live past age 75.

Michael Thomas | The United Kingdom Could Not Lose Scotland — The City Of London Would NOT Allow It.

Ron Paul | Last week, the House and Senate voted to rubber stamp President Obama’s war plans for the Middle East.

New American | The Obama administration insists that we can trust the TPP negotiators.

The Daily Sheeple | Watching the results of Scotland’s secession gambit was quite a ride, if not a little disappointing in the end.

Ulson Gunnar | A curious and inexplicable oversight appears to have been made.

Prison Planet.com | First their hands and feet feel cold. Then they go pale and cannot move. Some convulse and fall to the floor.

YouTube | A man whose brother died in 9/11 burns the 9/11 Commission Report outside the US Embassy in London.

Mark Dice | Pentagon film & TV liaison Philip Strub admits the Department of Defense maintains script control of blockbuster movies.

National Review | “I’ll tell you: I would expect an October surprise.”

Zero Hedge | What is most disturbing is that this photo is just as likely to be real as fake.

Mac Slavo | The Obama Administration completely denied the reports.

Mac Slavo | Recent years have seen the rise of dangerous rhetoric from the world’s major super powers.

Washington’s Blog | The U.S. has carried out coups and destabilization campaigns all over the world … creating chaos.

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