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Mac Slavo | This one is just too rich. The arrogance and absurdity is over the top.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Let’s try to provide some detail.

Tony Cartalucci | Historically, a nation maintaining such a posture is known as an “imperialist.”

New American | Are claims such as those of Williams unique to him or to NBC?

Paul Craig Roberts | Perhaps Putin’s patience is finally paying off.

Michael Snyder | Are we on the verge of a major worldwide economic downturn?

New American | The Alaska state legislature is considering a bill that would mandate the study of the Constitution in public schools.

Mark Dice | Her dancers in “Living for Love” were wearing Devil horns and Illuminati Baphomet masks as the song appears to be a love letter to Lucifer.

Jon Rappoport | In the long run, the presentation is far more corrosive, far more deadly than the content.

New American | Should chill the blood of constitutionalists.

Ron Paul | If I were still a practicing ob-gyn and one of my patients said she was not going to vaccinate her child, I might try to persuade her to change her mind.

Washington’s Blog | Governments from Around the World Admit They Do It.

Free Thoiught Project | Soldiers, please stop fighting for my freedom.

John Whitehead | Americans love their reality TV shows.

Paul Craig Roberts | The government’s economic reporting has no credibility.

TechDirt | sharing intelligence between the NSA and GCHQ was illegal, but now isn’t. Here’s why.

Wired | We’re completely unprepared for them.

Jon Rappoport | Brian Williams caught in his own trap.

Mac Slavo | It is widely perceived that the Muslim community has been too reserved in publicly denouncing the violence wrought by radical Islamic extremists.

Michael Snyder | Is it okay for Barack Obama to spy on reporters?

Paul Craig Roberts | There is a brouhaha underway about an American journalist who told a story about being in a helicopter in a war zone.

Kit Daniels | NBC anchor’s lie is the norm, not the exception.

Daniel McAdams | Jordan’s King Abdullah reacted emotionally to a video showing the apparent immolation of a Jordanian fighter pilot shot down over Syrian airspace.

Ron Paul | Of course it’s all to stop “Russian aggression.”

Paul Joseph Watson | ISIS execution methods directly violate Islamic principles.

Jon Rappoport | The law of attraction is stated in two ways.

New American | America is demanding that he be set free.

Washington’s Blog | King Salman Has Been a Huge Backer of Terrorism Globally for Decades.

Truth Revolt | “How dare you.”

Daily Sheeple | Anti-vax and measles hysteria is back.

New American | “Now, many experts view it as a sexual orientation as immutable as heterosexuality … a deep-rooted predisposition … that becomes clear during puberty and does not change.”

Michael Krieger | The latest in a long line of establishment Twitter fails.

Prison Planet.com | Katy Perry and Missy Elliot’s sexually charged performance upset many viewers.

Gateway Pundit | The worst Super Bowl ad this year goes to T-Mobile for its sexist “Sorry, it’s a boy,” line.

Police State USA | “A false sense of greater security at the cost of taking a gigantic step toward making America a police state.”

Mac Slavo | In financial circles, it is widely acknowledged that the Federal Reserve was about to raise interest rates, but has since changed course and decided to hold firm.

Jon Rappoport | Report cards for young children. Grit, gratitude, and sensitivity to others. Welcome to the madhouse.

Tony Cartalucci | The US is proposing a government-backed DNA database composed of over a million volunteers’ genetic material.

Vigilant Citizen | On the cover are odd images : A mushroom cloud, the Federal Reserve in a game called “Panic” and much more.

Kurt Nimmo | BBG associated with CIA white propaganda efforts.

Jon Rappoport | Computers have as much consciousness as cars or concrete. This will not change. They’re machines.

Prison Planet.com | Just like the lies that led to the war against Iraq, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, created false pretenses for the invasion of Libya.

Paul Craig Roberts | We will find out the answer in the outcome of the contest between the new Greek government, and the ECB and the private banks.

Mac Slavo | According to an undercover report by CBS News, the Lifeline Wireless program is plagued by outrageous levels of fraud.

Alex Newman | Bachtell suggested that, eventually, a “radical third party” would become a viable option to advance communism in America.

Truth Revolt | The first amendment is dead; long live the reign of sensitivity.

Michael Snyder | Israel and Hezbollah are at war.

Michael S. Rozeff | Here is the broad story as I now see it.

Jon Rappoport | Devotees of science often assume that what is called science is real and true.

Mac Slavo | The Davos World Economic Summit has long been a parade for the insider agenda.

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