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Daily Caller | Dozens of celebrities threatened to leave the country if Donald Trump was elected president, but after his stunning upset on November 8, many of them rescinded their claims.

Daily Caller | “Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany — and it is only getting worse,”

Ron Paul | Over the past week, eastern Aleppo was completely brought back under control of the Syrian government.

Rand Paul | We owe it to the American people and to our party to go big and be bold again.

Michael Snyder | This is one of the most important articles that I have written in a long time.

The Ralph Retort | I wonder if Michael Ian Black is really this stupid. Late last night, he spread a fake Breitbart post that allegedly showed they were anti-Jew.

The Ralph Retort | We should all hold them to their own standards.

Truth Revolt | Bwahahaha! Yeah, right.

Brandon Smith | Here is the first problem with modern political discourse — too many people want to “win” arguments instead of getting to the greater truth of the matter.

Michael Krieger | In their clouded hysteria, many of these people are turning into the monsters they claim to be fighting.

Breitbart | CNN’s Wednesday rumor was shared via Tweet by a Politico reporter, who was quickly fired for her crude comments.

Louder With Crowder | Feminists and naked “protesting” have become somewhat of a tradition lately.

Michael Krieger | It’s truly incredible how all it took was one election loss for the fake left to show its true colors.

NY Post | If you blinked, you missed the Trump honeymoon. He hasn’t taken office, yet already, the long knives are out for him.

Craig Murray | Obama has waged a vicious War on Whistleblowers, the details of which are insufficiently known to the public.

Prison Planet.com | Paul Joseph Watson takes over for Alex Jones and talks with Bill Mitchell about the people who seem to want to find reasons to not support Donald Trump.

Louder With Crowder | Trump meeting with a rapper is hardly news. That much is true. But you leftists trying to claim some kind of moral high ground? That’s a real knee-slapper.

Piers Morgan | Their deluded, defiant, sore loser fury has known no bounds.

Michael Snyder | Is the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice going to be Ted Cruz? As wild as that might sound, there is buzz that it might actually happen.

Michael Krieger | Apparently it’s now “liberal” to blindly trust the CIA. How times have changed.

Michael Snyder | The establishment is in full-blown panic mode at this point.

Daily Caller | The liberal media promoted a baseless National Enquirer story last March that claimed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had had affairs with five different women.

The Ralph Retort | I’ve had a lot of fun trashing Louise Mensch on this site. My contributors have had a lot of fun trashing Ms. Mensch as well.

Information Liberation | “A really sophisticated foreign intelligence service would not leave any cyber fingerprints.”

Louder With Crowder | You know actor T.J. Miller for his role as “oh, that guy” in a bunch of different movies.

Charles Hugh-Smith | Sorry, U.S. Census Bureau, I.R.S. and St. Louis Federal Reserve – you’re issuing “Russian propaganda” according to The Washington Post’s shoddy “fake news” methodology.

Information Liberation | It’s Christmas time in Berlin!

Infowars | Alex sits down with RT presenter Max Keiser.

Spiked | The myth of the 48%.

Zero Hedge | What a difference 4 months makes…

Louder With Crowder | During the election there were plenty of women who voted Hillary. The reason? She’s a “woman.”

American Mirror | Was Time magazine’s honoring of President-elect Donald Trump as its “Person of the Year” also a subtle dig?

Daily Caller | Many of those chirping about ‘fake news’ seem unable to agree on a consistent definition of what it is.

Louder With Crowder | Things have stopped going Democrats’ way. In between crying fits over the death of Castro and mouthfuls of crow, lefty loonies have been plotting ways to rig the system in their favor.

American Mirror | His epic rant is going viral online.

The Ralph Retort | This is one of the dumbest and most emotionally disturbed posts of the year and it comes to you courtesy of the Washington Post.

Michael Snyder | If they get their way, our world is going to look vastly different than it does now in the not too distant future.

Washington Free Beacon | Predicts court will rule that Parliament need not authorize break with continent.

Louder With Crowder | Shaun King is back and making more Black Lives Matter demands than ever.

Michael Snyder | Why does “the news” have to be 99 percent bad news?

Zero Hedge | The “fake news” narrative grows.

The Ralph Retort | This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year, and that’s saying a lot considering how hilarious the past 12 months have been.

Breitbart | Migrant communities in Germany, especially those in poverty, are becoming more insular and rejecting western society and values in larger numbers according to a new study.

Louder With Crowder | It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Rick Santorum

Breitbart | “This has been a year of political revolution.”

Brandon Smith | You have to hand it to the regressive left, when they conjure propaganda they really know how to run with it.

Campus Reform | “Trump supporters may pose a serious risk.”

The Ralph Retort | Say what you want, Hollywood. But it’s like Mark Wahlberg says: No one really cares.

Mediaite | During an interview on The Daily Show tonight, host Trevor Noah raised his vice more than a few times while debating hot-button issues with The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton may have lost the presidential election, but that’s not stopping supporters from fawning all over her.

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