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Steve Watson | 16 soldiers killed in deadly raid blamed on armed militias.

Paul Craig Roberts | The police and the courts are completely corrupted institutions that reek of injustice and evil.

Michael Snyder | Millions of fish are suddenly dying all over the planet.

Elizabeth Renter | Do you believe the government actively works to suppress alternative medicine?

Washington’s Blog | Mass Surveillance Is Completely Unnecessary.

Prison Planet.com | Americans are increasingly standing up against government corruption.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cops in armored vehicle asked by residents “Are you coming to take our guns away?”

Washington’s Blog | And the U.S. Launched 201 Out of the 248 Armed Conflicts Since the End of WWII.

Michael Snyder | By the end of this decade, the U.S. Army will be the smallest that it has been since World War II.

Washington’s Blog | Why Is the NSA Putting Israel First?

Paul Joseph Watson | Leftist publication regurgitates intellectually bankrupt White House talking point.

Bizpac Review | Former Congressman Allen West questioned the timing of the Obama administration’s focus on the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, saying it’s “fishy” to him.

Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler | Is the Fed “tapering”?

Ron Paul | In several eastern Ukrainian towns over the past week, the military opened fire on its own citizens.

Tony Cartalucci | TIME Magazine echos Wall Street and Washington – so when it speaks, readers must listen in that context.

Prison Planet.com | We see the same pattern of revolving doors and influence peddling.

Washington’s Blog | Heck of a Job …

Washington’s Blog | Democrats and Republicans have very different views about Benghazi, Libya.

Kurt Nimmo | FBI warns new generation of al-Qaeda terrorists threaten America.

Michael Snyder | Virtually everything that you do is being watched.

Ron Paul | Last week World Bank economists predicted that China would soon displace the United States as the world’s largest economy.

Washington’s Blog | Truman approved the creation of a guerrilla army code-named “Nightingale” in Ukraine.

Michael Snyder | What would make Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu want to hand over Mount Zion and the Tomb of David to the Vatican?

Paul Craig Roberts | Washington has no intention of allowing the crisis in Ukraine to be resolved.

Washington’s Blog |The Western press pretended that no one knows what happened or whose fault it was.

Mac Slavo | The devil’s in the details.

Kurt Nimmo | Effort reminiscent of CIA’s Radio Free Europe during Cold War.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cover-up is about shielding details of arms smuggling to terrorists in Syria.

Washington’s Blog | Americans Turn Anti-War.

Michael Snyder | It is not newsworthy at all according to the media.

Washington’s Blog | “We Are No Longer a Nation Ruled By Laws”.

Kurt Nimmo | Designed to shut down speech and eliminate political opposition.

Kit Daniels | The Obama administration wants to finish off America’s already weak economy.

Mac Slavo | Earth is one X-Class solar flare away from a situation that would completely alter life on earth as we know it today.

Washington’s Blog | Sacred Cow of Economic Dogma Is Challenged.

Washington’s Blog | China May Actually Have Surpassed U.S. in 2010 or 2011.

Prison Planet.com | ‘This thing is working,” President Obama instructed the other day, and liberals got the message to ignore ObamaCare’s ongoing dysfunctions.

Paul Joseph Watson | Moscow’s refusal to acquiesce to NATO over Ukraine signals new cold war.

Kurt Nimmo | The pedigree of Beck’s circle reveals he is not a libertarian and does not believe in the Constitution.

Paul Joseph Watson | Media censors footage to spin remarks as racist.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Mr. Bundy is unusually media-savvy for a rancher, but he doesn’t speak in sound-bites.

Michael Snyder | The American people are increasingly waking up to the fact that nothing ever seems to change in Washington D.C. no matter which political party is in power.

Michael Snyder | The similarities between 2007 and 2014 continue to pile up.

Michael Snyder | Why is the federal government so obsessed with grabbing more land?

Kit Daniels | More Americans now realize that Agenda 21 expands government power at the expense of individual liberties.

Washington’s Blog | Why Jesus Was Killed.

Prison Planet.com | Discussing the ever increasing encroachment of a tyrannical police state.

National Review Online | A lot of Americans were surprised to see TV images of an armed-to-the-teeth paramilitary wing of the BLM deployed around Bundy’s ranch.

Paul Craig Roberts | Americans misinformed by a prostitute media are in no position to protect the US Constitution and their liberty.

Washington’s Blog | And many big banks did, in fact, fund the Nazis.

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