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Mac Slavo | Finding the scientists to build such a weapon, whether dirty or actual, wouldn’t be all that difficult.

New American | The latest round of police-related demands from the White House was unveiled as a supposed response to militarized police in Ferguson.

Gateway Pundit | Conservative internet mogul Matt Drudge unleashed on the Republican Party Friday after the GOP Congress gave Barack Obama sweeping new powers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Red Guards Facebook page advocates violent Communist revolution.

Washington’s Blog |Arguing That You Don’t Care About The Right To Privacy Because You Have Nothing To Hide Is No Different Than Saying You Don’t Care About Free Speech Because You Have Nothing To Say.

Michael Snyder | All over the globe, people are recording extremely loud sounds coming from the sky.

John W. Whitehead | Talk about poor timing. Then again, perhaps it’s brilliant timing.

Zero Hedge | When it comes to the countless lies of this administration (and that of the next one under Hillary Clinton) one has to just throw in the flag.

Michael Krieger | If the New York Post report is true, ABC News made a monumental financial blunder last year.

Ron Paul | On Friday the House passed a massive National Defense Authorization for 2016 that will guarantee US involvement in more wars and overseas interventions for years to come.

Bizpac Review | A Kentucky sheriff speaking on the record went public this week with a statement that showed how far this country has gone into racial confusion.

Steve Watson | Protesters show up with convoy of flag waving trucks.

Jon Rappoport | Obama is under the gun.

Michael Snyder | What are we going to do once all the water is gone?

Paul Joseph Watson | Jessica Valenti: Liking books & music written by men is also “suspect”.

Business Insider | Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh has a startling new article claiming the White House fed the public lie after lie.

Paul Joseph Watson | Authorities targeting Americans with traditional, rural lifestyles.

Michael Snyder | Just like “America’s time-share king”, America just keeps on making the same mistakes over and over again.

Kurt Nimmo | Internet post targets “Draw Mohammed” Contest Organizer Pamela Geller.

Paul Craig Roberts | Washington continues to drive Europe toward one or the other of the two most likely outcomes of the orchestrated conflict with Russia.

Prison Planet.com | Jones, Ventura to go head-to-head!

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the word “transhuman” literally means “beyond human”?

Paul Joseph Watson | Hit piece fixates on B12 vitamins rather than addressing actual concerns over military drill.

Leo Affairs | Michael Moore turned to Twitter Thursday morning to voice his demands to society in the wake of civil unrest in Baltimore.

Michael Snyder | We now have official confirmation that the rioting in Baltimore on Monday was purposely allowed to spiral out of control.

Michael Snyder | Have you noticed that we are starting to be bombarded with images of troops in the streets?

Michael Snyder | Why did the Baltimore riots seem like they were perfectly staged to be a television event?

Michael Snyder | The city of Baltimore has been transformed into an “absolute war zone“.

Michael Snyder | Is it possible that there are people out there that are attempting to inflame the Baltimore riots for their own twisted purposes?

Jon Rappoport | Meet vaccine refuser, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Michael Snyder | On Saturday night, the city of Baltimore resembled a warzone as protests over the death of Freddie Gray turned wildly violent.

Kurt Nimmo | Swedish officers show how to handle violent situation without hurting or killing suspects.

John W. Whitehead | The American people remain eager to be persuaded that a new president in the White House can solve the problems that plague us.

Michael Krieger | A flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation.

Jakari Jackson | An interview with the writer of the Revolutionary War comic series Rebels.

Washington’s Blog | Here’s How to STOP Them.

Michael Snyder | If enough people truly believe that things will get better, will that actually cause them to get better?

Kit Daniels | They claimed campaign advocated “victim blaming.”

Paul Craig Roberts | US Representative Ed Royce (R, CA) is busy at work destroying the possibility of truth being spoken in the US.

Michael Snyder | Every single day a tragedy greater than 9/11 takes place, but hardly anyone is talking about it anymore.

Ron Paul | Last week two prominent Ukrainian opposition figures were gunned down in broad daylight.

Michael Snyder | How do you deal with psychotic religious warriors that believe that they are offering a service to God by killing Christians?

Michael Snyder | If you are a Bible-believing Christian, there is no place for you in Barack Obama’s version of the U.S. military.

Paul Joseph Watson | 14 helicopters seen over airport.

Michael Snyder | What in the world are the elite up to?

Anthony Gucciardi | While billions are wasted in fraud.

Michael Snyder | ISIS camps have now been discovered directly across the U.S. border with Mexico.

Paul Craig Roberts | It is one of history’s ironies that the Lincoln Memorial is a sacred space for the Civil Rights Movement and the site of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Anthony Gucciardi | Over 90% support GMO opposition.

Washington’s Blog | The Forgotten Source for Separation of Powers.

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