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Glenn Greenwald | Some Facts About How NSA Stories Are Reported

Michael Snyder | Do you believe in any “health conspiracy theories”?

Paul Craig Roberts | The Spanish-American War was caused by three people: Teddy Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge, and William Randolph Hearst.

Michael Snyder | You will be shocked at what some Americans actually believe.

Prison Planet.com | In 1996, USA Today called the SPLC “the nation’s richest civil rights organization” with a $68 million bank account. It’s now grown to $224 million.

Washington’s Blog | Obama’s Top Science Advisor Warned In 1971 that a New Ice Age Was an Imminent Threat.

Prison Planet.com | Alex breaks down how police in Honolulu are urging lawmakers to preserve an exemption in Hawaii law that lets undercover officers have sex with prostitutes during investigations.

Kurt Nimmo | Internet giant has done business with NSA and CIA.

Jon Rappoport | Trevor Timm of the Electronic Freedom Frontier dug up a very interesting nugget.

Michael Snyder | What should be done to a woman that performs a C-section on a dog without anesthesia and then closes up the wound with non-medical glue?

The Vigilant Citizen | This BBC ad features football highlights mixed with the flashing of a whole lot of Illuminati symbols.

Peter Schiff | From 1947 to now, changes in living standards.

Business Insider | This is one of the most surreal cable news segments you’ll see.

Tony Cartalucci | Military Confrontation Opens Doors to Otherwise Unjustified Material Support.

RT | The recent on-air resignation by former RT news anchor Liz Wahl was just the latest stunt.

Adan Salazar | Parents should be encouraged to conduct their own research, not ridiculed.

Daniel McAdams | There is danger in making dramatic but idle threats.

Tony Cartalucci | West Arrives at a Dangerous Turning Point.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Sen. McCain to the rescue.

Michael Snyder | What would you do if the Internet or the power grid went down for over a year?

New American | A radical Islamic group notorious for its cold-blooded cruelty has beheaded two Christian women.

Prison Planet.com | Alex discusses the thug life culture that is a weaponized attack on our culture to degrade our humanity.

Lew Rockwell Blog | The White House keeps saying the referendum is illegal.

Washington’s Blog | What You Never Learned In School … or On the News.

Washington’s Blog | After Giving Mea Culpas for Horrible Iraq Coverage, Media Does the Exact Same Thing On Ukraine.

Newsbusters | So we can expect a “BanBitch” campaign any day now, right?

Washington’s Blog | The scenario that best fits the facts is a spontaneously initiated “drastic political protest” by the captain that went awry.

Mike Adams | It is now “conclusive” that Flight 370 was hijacked.

Craig Murray | If the missing Malaysian plane landed, it must have done so with the collusion of at least one government.

Prison Planet.com | A young woman who supported President Obama in 2008 is burning her last bridge in a new viral YouTube video.

Charles Burris | Ultimately all States rest on hypocrisy and myth.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones breaks down what’s happening in Russia.

Kurt Nimmo | State Department and EU worked in tandem to overthrow elected government.

Jon Rappoport | Groups use symbols. But symbols have no inherent power.

The Matt Walsh Blog | This time, they’ve decided that the word “bossy” is sexist.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Sen. John McCain is furious with President Obama.

Paul Craig Roberts | The Failure Of German Leadership.

beats4liberty.org | The facts belie the cult-victim status that women and girls have claimed for themselves.

Thomas DiLorenzo | Calling Stewart’s parade of chuckling jackasses “Marxists” is not name calling but the accurate use of the English Language.

Jon Rappoport | During the 20th century, awareness of human mythmaking grew to enormous proportions.

Michael Snyder | Traditionally, when we have thought of “Big Brother technology” we have thought of government oppression.

Michael Snyder | Barack Obama’s “two state” peace plan would not just permanently divide the land of Israel.

Lew Rockwell Blog | The New York Times is back on the job, serving as America’s Pravda.

Prison Planet.com | Feminism is a top down tool of the establishment.

Paul Craig Roberts | Someone is lying to us. Is it the New York Times and the Guardian, or is it Julie Hyland?

Mike Adams | Rational thinking automatically leads to skepticism of GMO safety.

PC Mag | Edward Snowden made an appearance at SXSW in Austin on Monday morning – from Russia via seven proxies, that is.

Prison Planet.com | Mark Dice is back with another study into the US public’s ignorance.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Crimea’s population is majority Russian (58%), but it has a significant Muslim Tatar population (12%) and 24% Ukrainian.

Prison Planet.com | The fuhrer is knee-deep in the Connecticut gun ban, registration and confiscation mess.

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