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Truth Revolt | There aren’t enough faces or palms in the world to do this one justice.

Truth Revolt | Byron Thomas explains how he is proud of that lineage.

Jon Rappoport | Will try to save Mockingbird mainstream news.

Washington’s Blog | The US has always been a deadly force for journalists.

Kurt Nimmo | Huffpo writer says states not allowed to resist draconian gun legislation.

Bizpac Review | In the wake of last week’s Charleston church massacre, the NAACP is calling for the “vigorous prosecution” of hate groups.

Robert Harrington | “Doctors urged to amputate healthy limbs”

Michael Snyder | Yes, I know that headline sounds like it comes from the 1998 movie “Armageddon” starting Bruce Willis, but this is actually happening.

Washington Times | The vultures are circling.

Reuters | Was the massacre of nine people at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina an act of terrorism?

Michael Snyder | Do you also have the feeling that something really BIG is coming?

Ron Paul | The timing of these actions is quite curious.

Mac Slavo | What is the purpose of Jade Helm?

The Daily Sheeple | Did we just cross over into the Twilight Zone?

Michael Snyder | If the United States and China are supposed to be such “great friends”, why are both sides acting as if war is in our future?

Michael Snyder | Not since the financial crash of 2008 have so many prominent people issued such urgent warnings about a specific time period.

Paul Craig Roberts | Perhaps it has occurred to you as it has to me that the United States is no longer capable of producing political leadership.

Washington’s Blog | World War III is not inevitable, but it is clearly headed our way if we don’t change course.

Truth Revolt | State’s gun laws sound “remarkably similar to the agenda gun controllers have been demanding for years”

Breitbart | Every tragedy is exploited by CNN into a political weapon to be used against their enemies on the Right.

Daisy Luther | Here’s the problem with all of this babying: it creates a society of weenies.

Michael Snyder | Why has Barack Obama been releasing thousands of illegal immigrants that have been convicted of crimes back on to the streets of our cities?

New American | A growing deluge of sex and murder scandals surrounding the controversial “blue helmets.”

PrisonPlanet.com | “Happy father’s day…mom?”

Jon Rappoport | The clues are all there in Obamatrade and Obamacare.

Mac Slavo | It’s not difficult to see that the foundation is crumbling…

Michael Snyder | Pope Francis says that global warming is a fact and that a new global political authority is necessary in order to save humanity from utter disaster.

Anthony Gucciardi | And how our food supply is in need of repair.

Free Thought Project | The US military is now training with police forces to fight the drug war.

New American | America — and the world — are witnessing an extraordinary development.

London Guardian | Watchdogs shocked at ‘disconnect’ between doctors who oversaw interrogation and guidelines that gave CIA director power over medical ethics.

Michael Krieger | Police have been particularly aggressive and unhelpful at this year’s gathering.

Joshua Krause | One of the most insidious and undeniable signs of our encroaching police state, is the increasingly popular usage of SWAT teams by numerous police departments across America.

Ron Paul | Nebraska’s legislature recently made headlines when it ended the state’s death penalty.

Washington’s Blog | On Sunday, June 14th, Hillary Clinton came out publicly for the first time in support of President Obama’s trade-deals.

The Automatic Earth | The US is no longer a beneficial force in the world, and that it doesn’t spread democracy or freedom.

PINAC | As of Sunday afternoon, there have been at least 515 people killed by police in 2015.

Jon Rappoport | The war on free consciousness.

Free Thought Project | Everywhere, USA: If you think it’s absurd to compare the men and women in blue uniform to terrorists, just read the definition of terrorism.

Jon Rappoport | I use the loaded word “socialism” in the headline, because it’s important to understand that Globalism is a form of socialism.

RT | Calling the plan “crazy,” Russians refused to leave their signatures under a fake “petition” to send missiles to America.

The Economic Times | Jim Rogers, commodity expert, shares his views on the currency market.

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars reporters harassed, followed by cops miles away from site of elitist meeting.

Economic Policy Institute | Congress’ intent could not be any clearer.

UK Daily Mail | As a Nobel professor’s hounded from his job for ‘sexist’ remarks, Sarah Vine says it’s part of a deeply disturbing trend.

Jon Rappoport | The top controllers are the contented psychopaths.

Michael Snyder | Is something really big about to happen?

Breitbart | Creating an economic union with wide-ranging powers.

Charles Hugh Smith | If your BS detector isn’t shrieking, it’s broken. You’ve been conned. Wake up.

Andrew P. Napolitano | The ‘compromise’ USA Freedom Act fails to curtail NSA spying.

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