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Michael Snyder | Uh oh – Iran just got caught with both hands in the cookie jar.

Washington’s Blog | Fear of Terrorism Can Kill You.

Jon Rappoport | From the viewpoint of elite television news, controlling the minds of its audience depends on what’s politely called “cognitive dissonance”.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Both are blatantly breaking the agreements along with the government in Kiev.

New American | With the Obama administration’s controversial “extremism” summit now over, critics from across the political spectrum are outraged.

Michael Snyder | Should Iran be permitted to build as many nuclear bombs as it wants just a decade from now?

Christina Sarich | Biotech isn’t just tainting the food supply.

Michael Snyder | When the coming economic crisis strikes, more than half the country is going to be financially wiped out within weeks.

CourthouseNews.com | Police needlessly shot and paralyzed a man who experienced a mental breakdown after being taken off anti-psychotic medication, a lawsuit claims.

Prison Planet.com | Mainstream economists are sounding the alarm.

Michael Snyder | Most Americans spend their lives working for others, paying off debts to others and performing tasks that others tell them that they “must” do.

Michael Snyder | Once upon a time, North America almost divided along a very deep subsurface rift.

Washington’s Blog | NSA Spying Worse than Stasi or Nazi Germany, J. Edgar Hoover … Or Orwell’s 1984.

Tony Cartalucci | Breakthroughs in gene therapy mean a single shot could cure you … permanently … but for a price.

Daniel McAdams | Clark is back with another very interesting blurt.

Washington’s Blog | Why Does America Keep “Losing” Its Wars?

Michael Snyder | The mainstream media in the U.S. is being very quiet about this, but the truth is that the U.S.-backed government in Kiev is starting to lose the civil war.

Alt Market | Popular media today, including television and cinema, are rife with examples of what is often referred to as moral relativism.

New American | The FFRF found it relevant that one of the Gideons placing the Bibles —James Faught — is the son of a Republican state representative.

Michael Snyder | There are those who believe that life was first brought to Earth from far across the universe.

Jon Rappoport | The people who play at loving modern democracy are deceiving themselves and everyone around them on purpose.

New American | Rather than protecting local civilians, United Nations “peacekeeping” forces in Haiti are behaving as ruthless predators.

Truth Revolt | “Guevara, in the name of Communism, killed lots of people.”

Jon Rappoport | The CDC: mind control on a vast scale.

Michael Snyder | The most popular movie in America is about bondage, sexual domination and violent sex.

Jon Rappoport | 150 measles cases. No deaths.

Bizpac Review | A Texas student has admitted she lied when she told police a white man targeted her because of her Muslim beliefs.

Ron Paul | Last week President Obama sent Congress legislation to authorize him to use force against ISIS “and associated persons and forces” anywhere in the world for the next three years.

New American | Every book you read on your Kindle (or Kindle app) and every word you highlight in those ebooks is recorded by Amazon.

Karl Denninger | Of the people who got sick roughly half were illegal invaders.

Michael Krieger | The perpetrators were never arrested or identified.

Free Thought Project | Earlier this week The Free Thought Project brought you the story of a brutal arrest of a 16-year-old boy after police suspected him of rolling a joint.

Washington’s Blog | How Blatant Can the Propaganda Get?

Prison Planet.com | Dr. Jane Orient explains why you should be concerned with 3rd party encroachments on the doctor/patient relationship.

Kit Daniels | Government gains power through the ignorance, rather than the consent, of those governed.

Washington’s Blog | An Attempt to Drag America Into Israel’s War.

Michael Krieger | If we can’t trust our doctors to do the right thing, who can we trust?

New American | In this case the antidote is worse than the poison.

Michael Snyder | The control freaks that run our government always seem to want to “regulate” things that they do not like.

Michael Snyder | Over the past decade, there has been only one other time when the value of the U.S. dollar has increased by so much in such a short period of time.

Mac Slavo | When Drudge says something people listen.

Jon Rappoport | If truth were the objective of news, you would see reasoned debates between pro and anti-vax proponents on major networks.

Brandon Smith | Our era is a strange one when considering how social attitudes have developed in such a contrary fashion to the rest of history.

Mac Slavo | This one is just too rich. The arrogance and absurdity is over the top.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Let’s try to provide some detail.

Tony Cartalucci | Historically, a nation maintaining such a posture is known as an “imperialist.”

New American | Are claims such as those of Williams unique to him or to NBC?

Paul Craig Roberts | Perhaps Putin’s patience is finally paying off.

Michael Snyder | Are we on the verge of a major worldwide economic downturn?

New American | The Alaska state legislature is considering a bill that would mandate the study of the Constitution in public schools.

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