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Paul Joseph Watson | Man with explosive device targeted APD headquarters, Federal Courthouse.

Paul Joseph Watson | Video footage shows consumer insanity has spread to UK.

Mac Slavo | This is a black swan event — for the turkey.

New American | The increasingly discredited establishment press has taken it to the next level.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Those who own private property in suburbs near Ferguson must hire private security for protection.

Truth Revolt | “And they aren’t the people who are out there causing the commotion every day. It is a lot of the times here bloggers and people who are trying to make a name for themselves.”

Michael Krieger | While I haven’t covered the topic of drones very much as of late, it was a core topic at Liberty Blitzkrieg several years ago.

Prison Planet.com | POTUS destroyed by voter base on Twitter.

Breitbart | “The most significant challenge encountered in this investigation has been the 24-hour news cycle.”

UK Daily Mail | Celebrities took to Twitter on Monday to react to the news that police officer Darren Wilson will not face charges for shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Breitbart | “We didn’t have a race war like other cities throughout the U.S. This is our race war.”

Jeff Thomas | Ayn Rand knew whereof she spoke.

Washington’s Blog | Should We Trust Governments Which Pass Around Our Nude Images … While Protecting PEDOPHILES?

Adan Salazar | Guns may give teachers an edge during potential active shooter situations.

Michael Snyder | If so, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate because most Americans are not.

Michael S. Rozeff | There is no justification for the injuries and harms that American forces have inflicted on others.

Paul Craig Roberts | According to news reports, Washington has decided to arm Ukraine for renewed military assault on Russian ethnics in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Ron Paul | It will not shock readers to hear that quite often legislation on Capitol Hill is not as advertised.

Prison Planet.com | “We have just taken a monumental step away from republicanism toward Caesarism”

Michael Thomas | The following narrative concerning the true role of Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of John F. Kennedy is both simple and complex.

Lew Rockwell Blog | The American Empire’s goal is expansion of the regions under its dominance, seemingly without any limit.

Thad Beversdorf | Both Rand and Orwell were describing a world outside of themselves.

BizPac Review | What you actually said to the citizens of this great nation is that you are the imperial king, and you don’t care what we, the people, want.

Steve Watson | Immigration reform “done illegally with an executive order”

Steve Watson | “We shouldn’t allow that much power to gravitate to one individual.”

Prison Planet.com | The President’s announcement that he’s taken things into his own hands to pass executive amnesty sets a precedent for any future president to make laws based on their own agenda.

Prison Planet.com | This is what happens when corruption goes unchecked.

Charles Hugh Smith | The monetary tectonic plates are shifting, and predicting the next global financial earthquake is relatively easy.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Russia will soon publish a revamped military doctrine.

Michael Snyder | If men had a choice between real women and female robots that were almost “virtually indistinguishable” from real women, which would they choose?

Michael Snyder | It isn’t just our economy that is crumbling. Something is happening to America that no amount of money will be able to fix.

Tony Cartalucci | The United States has attempted to claim that the only way to stop the so-called “Islamic State” in Syria and Iraq is to first remove the government in Syria.

Prison Planet.com | Mark Dice returns with more important analysis.

Mac Salvo | Thursday evening will mark a momentous announcement from President Obama.

Fox News.com | Sen. Ted Cruz slammed President Barack Obama’s planned executive action on immigration.

Brandon Smith | From its very inception, the Leninist/Marxist ideology of the Soviet Union made it a central priority to dispel and subjugate religious and spiritual expression.

New American | Paramedics decked out in military gear, including helmets, bulletproof vests, shin protectors, and gas masks.

Washington’s Blog | Top Military Advisor Predicted the Rise of the Islamic State 6 Years Ago.

Michael Krieger | As Hilary Clinton starts to ponder the curtains she wants to hang in the Oval Office, there is only one person who can realistically stand in her way: Rand Paul.

Rutherford Institute | “We the people” have gotten very good at walking freely into the slaughterhouse.

New American | “The number of immigrants added to the labor force every year is of a magnitude not seen in this country for over a century.”

Jon Rappoport | Over the last 50 years, tireless researchers have uncovered and revealed the existence of various elites that control governments and populations.

Ron Paul | Most Americans, regardless of ideology, oppose “crony capitalism” or “cronyism.”

Truth Revolt | Denies misleading on health care law.

Zero Hedge | It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words, so here are 3000 words on the state of international diplomacy.

Stefan Molyneux | So yeah, Kim Kardashian has a large ass.

New American | As a commentator on American elections he belongs to the curious crew of pots calling kettles black.

Paul Craig Roberts | Glenn Greenwald has revealed that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate of the banksters and warmongers.

Jon Rappoport | Unpredictable effects. Unknown outcomes. Potential health consequences. Uncertain gene technology.

New American | Obama is plotting to unleash an avalanche of unconstitutional “executive orders” to impose his “climate” agenda on the American people by decree.

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