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Tony Cartalucci | General Keane’s plan is to use refugees as human shields, and leverage any attack on this established “free zone” as a means of manipulating public opinion.

Louder With Crowder | If America is where everyone wants to be, why not export the ideas America was founded upon?

Tony Cartalucci | As US attempts to extort a settlement in Syria built on regime-change, US senators and generals conspire to arm and back a new terrorist army aimed at Iran.

Kurt Nimmo | Opposes Sharia law, mosques, halal certification and Muslim refugees.

Joshua Krause | After every mass shooting, you can expect the gun control crowd to make the same exact argument that they’ve been trying to make for decades.

Tony Cartalucci | The US Treasury has recently opened an inquiry about the so-called “Islamic State’s” (ISIS/ISIL) use of large numbers of brand-new Toyota trucks.

Washington Times | Deranged gunmen target places where no one can shoot back.

Jon Rappoport | Matt Drudge showed up unannounced on the Alex Jones show and provoked a stunning conversation about the future of America.

Claire Bernish | The U.S. military did the only thing truly befitting American government — it tried to get away with it.

Washington Times | Hillary would render the Second Amendment a useless dead letter.

Gateway Pundit | Matt Drudge talked about how authenticity is the secret to reaching fellow humans.

Michael Snyder | One of these days, and it could be a lot sooner than most people think, we will all wake up in a country without electricity.

Louder With Crowder | Finland: Where nights are for sleeping and streets are for not getting blown into a million pieces. Bo-ring.

Michael Snyder | The worst stock market crashes in U.S. history have come during the month of October.

The Claremont Independent | “[W]e don’t believe that the party planners intended to be ableist. . . [“mad”] still carries a connotation of violence against disabled people.”

Michael Snyder | Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership have been completed, and if approved it will create the largest trading bloc on the planet.

EAG News | A California mother made it very clear her son would not be describing the Five Pillars of Islam or listening to an Islamic call to prayer.

Butler Shaffer | The films of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Nazi concentration camps, and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – among others – were also “edited.”

New American | The migrant tsunami that is already deluging the European Union is on track to also swamp America.

Alexander Benesch | …before this leads to more bad strategic and political choices.

Joshua Krause | As Russia continues its extensive bombing campaign in Syria, the war has quickly developed into two separate fronts.

Michael Krieger | The think tanks do not disclose the terms of the agreements they have reached with foreign governments.

Louder With Crowder | Sit your fat-shamed butt down in a faux leather chair for some needed gun-splaining and basic lessons in how to shut up.

Paul Craig Roberts | By telling the truth at a time of universal deceit, Putin committed a revolutionary act.

Paul Joseph Watson | Ex-employee exclusively tells Infowars that college voted against armed security just last year.

Joshua Krause | As foreign refugees continue to flood into Western Europe, one country in particular stands out for bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis.

Prison Planet.com | The phrase “pregnant women” promotes “trans hatred,” according to transexual activists.

Tony Cartalucci | With the veils of legitimacy and professionalism yanked from them, they are reduced to vulgar, miniature versions of the rotting system that created them.

New American | The pope asked the faithful throughout Europe to shelter refugees fleeing “death from war and hunger.”

Michael Snyder | Without a doubt, some very important things did happen in September.

Louder With Crowder | Early feminists wanted equal rights like the right to vote. Modern feminists want to limit rights, like free speech.

New American | Increasingly, the modern perversion of “rights” leads to little but wrongs.

Louder With Crowder | Working the talk show circuit.

Paul Craig Roberts | Today is the 70th anniversary of the UN.

Truth Revolt | “What could possibly go wrong?”

Bizpac Review | Listening to Nancy Pelosi speak is like watching somebody’s mouth fall down the stairs.

Louder With Crowder | I can’t even. I just… I can’t even.

Michael Snyder | If all this sounds incredibly strange to you, just keep reading, because this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tony Cartalucci | So shockingly similar is American propaganda regarding Japan during World War II to the propaganda being leveled against Beijing today that it seems almost intentional.

Jon Rappoport | Telling the truth, of course, must lead to publishing the truth.

Life News | It was 1998. The largest abortion clinic in the San Diego area at that time was the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in La Mesa, California.

Joshua Krause | For a man who is supposed to represent the highest virtues of Christianity, Pope Francis sure has habit of racking up hypocrisies on a regular basis.

Louder With Crowder | Gavin McInnes has some opinions about gender roles and sexism, and he’s made it into a game show.

Paul Craig Roberts | Russia so desperately desires to be part of the disreputable and collapsing West that Russia is losing its grip on reality.

Louder With Crowder | The first rule of fat-pride is don’t talk about attractive people.

Michael Snyder | Black protesters with their clenched fists raised in the air were photographed and displayed on the cover of Revolution, the official newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Pamela Geller | The scam continues.

Gateway Pundit | Mayor Beth Van Duyne of Irving, Texas is blaming death threats received by Irving’s police chief, police officers, teachers and school administrators on President Barack Obama.

Michael Snyder | On September 28th, we will witness the last of the four blood moons that fall on Biblical festival dates during 2014 and 2015.

Michael Snyder | I am mourning for a nation that once knew such greatness but that has now fallen to depths that were once unimaginable

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