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Daniel McAdams | Guess why they are so furious with Europe and the West?

Louder With Crowder | Turkey asks, where is their Eiffel Tower? Why don’t they get a cartoon?

Michael Snyder | The Associated Press is reporting that ISIS has specially trained “at least 400 attackers”.

Andrew P. Napolitano | All is possible if freedom lives.

Brandon Smith | A common misconception in America today is that our nation is evenly divided between conservatives and liberals in an absolute sense. This is not necessarily true.

Michael Snyder | As you will see below, it turns out that there are plans to put arches in hundreds more cities all over the globe.

The Spectator | There’s no doubting the chasm that now exists between our leaders’ rhetoric about Isis and the action they’re willing to take against it.

Daily Caller | Clinton’s BlackBerry — which was not issued by the State Department — is also a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Michael Snyder | I realize that the headline of this article sounds like it must be false, but it is actually completely true.

Truth Revolt | Five Muslims explain what it “really means.”

Louder With Crowder | We need to modify the expression: “The only certainties in life are death and taxes.”

Daily Caller | In the wake of the Brussels terror attacks, a Belgian Reddit user wrote that though, “I’ve been pretty leftist my entire life … I am done defending” Islamic culture.

Michael Snyder | The horrific terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium on March 22, 2016 are going to reverberate in our memories for years to come, and perhaps that was the intention.

RT | This morning’s bomb attacks in Brussels have prompted reactions of shock and outrage across social media.

DCWhispers.com | Apparently if you now look up the term “Political Whiplash” you’ll have the two faces of Mitt Romney staring back at you…

Infowars.com | Author and Filmmaker G. Edward Griffin joins Alex Jones to break down the Trump Phenomenon.

Pat Condell | Twitter’s new ‘Safety Council’ makes a mockery of free speech.

Michael Krieger | Until justice is served, this nation will never heal. Economically, culturally or spiritually.

Truth Revolt | It is an irony of history that it took an unconventional presidential candidate to break through the wall of political correctness.

Washington Free Beacon | “Frankly, the television cameras can’t take it,”

Paul Joseph Watson | More proof social justice warriors are racists who hate equality and free speech.

Paul Joseph Watson | Crazed anti-Trump mobs caught on camera.

Louder With Crowder | Facts are overrated when you have passion, a microphone and a camera.

Michael Krieger | A third see Hillary as a neocon war criminal and corrupt Wall Street puppet.

Andrew P. Napolitano | Protesters can voice their opposition, but they may not silence a speaker.

Louder With Crowder | In light of the refugee crisis sweeping the globe, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney have hopped on the bandwagon to cling to relevancy make a point.

Ageofshitlords.com | “Finding a boyfriend cured my crippling loneliness, but left me feeling like a very bad feminist.”

The Daily Sheeple | In the West, most intel analysts have a habit of saying that Putin is dangerous and unpredictable.

Brandon Smith | I want to start this analysis by stating that I fully understand the whirlwind of public interest in Donald Trump’s campaign. However, for those that don’t get it, let me break it down for you.

Louder With Crowder | Eric Thomas went from being homeless to getting his PhD. Now he talks to high school students as a motivational speaker.

Washington Free Beacon | Bill says Hillary’s ‘corporate villain’ is one of his ‘favorite companies’

Prison Planet.com | Trump opponents have vowed to break-up his political rallies and Trump in turn encourages his supporters to rough up disrupters.

Louder With Crowder | If you believe that today’s incessant claims of racism are blown out of proportion by the media, by #BlackLivesMatter and our dear leader Barack Obama, you’re a racist.

Reason | Trump canceling Chicago event made Republicans more likely to vote for him.

Breitbart | At a private luncheon in Washington, DC, a group of GOP establishment figures gathered to lament the rise of Donald Trump and discuss what can be done to defeat him.

Charles Burris | One wonders how much of this anti-Trump agent provocateur disruption activity is part of a Hegelian dialectical action/reaction dynamic or “strategy of tension”.

Louder With Crowder | Dear liberals who championed Jenner up until two minutes ago…

DC Whispers | Highly damaging to Michelle Fields’ credibility.

Michael Snyder | We have allowed ourselves to become deeply divided.

Breitbart | The template for such attacks may have been set more than five decades ago.

Adan Salazar | “What they did on the Today Show was a disgrace.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Polls show Muslims have negative view of westerners.

Gossip Cop | Caitlyn Jenner goes on a tirade against Hillary Clinton on this Sunday’s episode of “I Am Cait.”

Louder With Crowder | We asked some kids to do some chores. And then paid the girls less than the boys. Just like in the real world.

Michael Krieger | You didn’t think Obama was gonna let some angry plebs prevent him from ensuring huge speaking fees upon leaving office, did you?

Pamela Geller | The silence of the gay leadership here and abroad is sickening.

Washington Times | What if Democrats don’t care what she did?

Daily Caller | The University of Southern California (USC) has been rocked by a hate crime that, it turns out, appears to be the work of one drunken Asian bullying another.

Louder With Crowder | An idea running rampant throughout feminist communities is that women have fallen victim to “fetishization.”

Brandon Smith | Today we live in the most unstable economic conditions possible.

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