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Washington Times | Her email scandal still imperils her journey to the presidency.

Reason | ‘Everyone is telling me what to do, and people are yelling at me about rape and corporate greed and climate change.’

Truth Revolt | Kimmel catches people lying about voting.

Breitbart | President Barack Obama has been quietly pushing new plans to bring thousands of additional Syrian refugees into the country.

Mac Slavo | Today is a turning point in the election.

Brandon Smith | What we might expect, or what Hollywood fantasy might showcase for entertainment purposes, may not be what actually happens when society breaks down.

New American | “The possible election of Donald Trump as president is the greatest present threat to the prosperity and security of the United States.”

Paul Craig Roberts | Teenagers can have their life ruined by the government “protecting” them.

Michael Krieger | Whichever side emerges victorious, both Republicans and Democrats should face up to a much bigger truth.

Louder With Crowder | Dear Leonardo DiCaprio.

Truth Revolt | “Fight the Power!”

The Daily Sheeple | When it comes to whatever social media platform we use on a regular basis, most of us take it for granted that these websites are spying on us in some capacity.

Washington Free Beacon | Hillary Clinton told MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday that she ‘think[s]’ she has been transparent about her ties to Wall Street.

Andrew P. Napolitano | Nothing in the Constitution can force an exchange of liberty for security.

Louder With Crowder | It’s come to this. We here at LwC keep a pretty comprehensive record of the latest racist transgressions, because we care… and like to laugh.

Louder With Crowder | So, two college girls posted a photo of themselves using an “exfoliating skin product.”

Zero Hedge | Transcripts of phone calls that allegedly took place between Turkish military officers and Mustafa Demir, the ISIS commander.

New American | “About 80 percent of the people who are given amnesty, when they’re registered to vote, will vote Democratic.”

Michael Snyder | Did you know that a huge asteroid is scheduled to make a “close shave” with our planet on March 7th?

Michael Krieger | Here’s a bothersome trend that seems quite fitting for the smoke and mirrors driven, celebrity obsessed, hologram society that America has become.

Michael Snyder | Is your cell phone keeping you from having kids and slowly killing you at the same time?

New American | Why did Trump and Clinton win their respective contests, and what do these results mean for the future of the campaign?

Truth Revolt | No, seriously. They actually said this.

Louder With Crowder | The Norwegian government was able to forcibly steal children from their parents here, simply for holding an unpopular opinion.

Washington’s Blog | The Threat of Nuclear War Is Now HIGHER Than During the Soviet Era.

Paul Craig Roberts | The most crude propaganda imaginable.

Paul Joseph Watson | Ominous answer to why The Donald never buttons up his jacket.

Daily Caller | Caitlyn Jenner said he catches more hell for his conservative views than for transitioning into a woman.

New American | Americans have increasingly come to believe that the Fourth Estate is a fifth column.

Louder With Crowder | Dear Pope Francis and the Vatican staff with its own security system…

Prison Planet.com | Explaining where the claim that 1 in 5 young women in college will be sexually assaulted originates and why it is false.

Louder With Crowder | No, it isn’t a joke. She’s 100% serious.

Truth Revolt | “Realize the tears were about hormones and relief.”

Bizpac Review | Miss Arkansas of 1958, an alleged former Bill Clinton mistress, posted a warning about the Clintons on her Facebook page late last month.

Louder With Crowder | Let’s cut to the chase: the left is jazzed Justice Antonin Scalia is dead.

New American | The initial joint statement by the FBI and Oregon State Police was very vague.

The Daily Sheeple | The politically correct culture on our college campuses is already obnoxious, absurd, and sometimes downright insane.

Martin Berger | What Are the Possible Consequences of Turkey-Qatar Military Cooperation?

Gateway Pundit | In November Mizzou race activists harassed an Asian reporter while protesting on campus.

New American | There was a moment of silence before the start of Saturday night’s GOP debate in remembrance of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who passed away on Saturday morning.

John Vibes | According to the grant for the project, the operation will be open source and the database will be open to the public.

Paul Craig Roberts | Presstitute Media, such as the UK Telegraph, spend a lot of energy debunking exposes of government conspiracies.

Louder With Crowder | You’re a whore. That’s why we don’t like you.

American Mirror | The City of San Diego is reworking its manual for employee communications after a section on “Bias-Free Language” sparked public ridicule because it instructed staff not to mention the country’s “Founding Fathers.”

Steve Watson | Unlike Hillary, who admitted she is working toward Kissinger’s envisioned ‘global architecture’.

Bizpac Review | She said that it “has nothing to do with equality,” and it’s stunts like this that put America in a place that “can’t heal.”

Louder With Crowder | Bill Maher is wrong about a lot, but he’s nearly always spot on when it comes to Islamic extremism and political correctness.

Gateway Pundit | FOX News host Andrea Tantaros told the Outnumbered audience today she has been harassed by Republicans for supporting Trump.

Daniel McAdams | Today’s Liberty Report is joined by LRC contributor Karen Kwiatkowski to discuss the latest push to force women to join men and register for the draft.

The Daily Sheeple | We’re not in Kansas anymore.

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