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Truth Revolt | Arrest, not elect.

InfoWars | MTV the youth division of the government propaganda arm of the military intelligence industrial complex.

Truth Revolt | “The Politically Correct Dukes of Hazzard”

Mac Slavo | Undoubtedly you heard the loud warnings from government about ISIS terror threats over this past Fourth of July… kinda spooky, right?

Michael Snyder | Don’t let anyone tell you that crime is going down in America.

Michael Snyder | The wait will soon be over.

Free Thought Project | A powerful hacking company that sells malware and infectious spying software exclusively to governments has itself been hacked.

Gateway Pundit | The Confederate Battle flag is being cleansed in a Stalinist purge, being banned from sale by major businesses including Walmart, Amazon and Google Shops.

Eric Zuesse | Wikipedia articles are more propaganda than they are historical accounts. And, often, their cited sources are misleading, or even false.

New American | The Southern Poverty Law Center strikes again.

Michael Krieger | Average citizens are treated under the U.S. “justice” system.

Steve Watson | Gay wedding cake flap has shifted the balance.

Martin Armstrong | All mainstream news is painting the Greeks as the bad guys and the Troika as the savior of Europe.

Daily Sheeple | It seems like there are irreconcilable differences between those who are pro-Second Amendment, and those who advocate gun control, and I think it goes beyond their personal beliefs.

Paul Joseph Watson | San Diegans value chocolate more than precious metals.

Daniel McAdams | President Obama warned it would be a very long war against ISIS in his speech yesterday.

Prison Planet.com | Tell them the truth when the truth is incorrect.

Michael Snyder | Did you notice that Greece’s creditors are not rushing to offer the Greeks a new deal in the wake of the stunning referendum result on Sunday?

Michael Krieger | Trying to determine Barack Obama’s most corrupt, crony appointee presents a virtually impossible task.

Ron Paul | Last week we saw an encouraging sign that the 50 year cold war between the US and Cuba was finally coming to an end.

Daily Sheeple | The media loves to promote anything the Kardashians do, especially when it backs the establishment agenda.

Jon Rappoport | Drugs to transform individuals…and even, by implication, society.

Gary North | Lots of people celebrate July 4. I do not.

Prison Planet.com | With these words–239 years ago–our Founding Fathers declared the independence of the United States of America.

Paul Craig Roberts | Are the values that Western civilization allegedly represents still extant?

Roger Young | Another empty gesture from clueless citizen/slaves who have no independence.

Kurt Nimmo | Every holiday serves as an advertisement for the war on terror industry.

Michael Snyder | The second largest stock market in the entire world is collapsing right in front of our eyes.

Robert Harrington | What will they think of next?

Andrew P. Napolitano | Clinton approved arms for terrorist enemies of the United States.

Alex Griswold | There has been plenty of coverage of the black church fires.

Washington’s Blog | CNN is covering for the White House.

New American | The last ice age ended approximately 12,000 years ago.

Michael Snyder | Have you ever come across someone on the Internet that you suspected was a paid government troll?

Bizpac Review | The consequences could be dire.

Jon Rappoport | Vaccination = generation-to-generation genetic changes.

Mac Slavo | Media focus has helped to reopen old wounds on race.

Prison Planet.com | Lionel of Lionel Media explains the TPP and why it’s a terrible deal for the United States.

Truth Revolt | “Poor, poor media – no Ferguson, no Trayvon Martin…”

Michael Snyder | Most Americans are completely and totally unprepared for a Greek-style economic crisis.

Jon Rappoport | Under a big lie, the truth is the great shocker.

Michael Snyder | Is the next major volcanic eruption in the United States just around the corner?

Paul Craig Roberts | The entire Western edifice rests on lies. There is no other foundation. Just lies.

Michael Snyder | Is this the beginning of the end for the eurozone?

Jon Rappoport | Barack Obama is close to winning his two gold stars for victory.

The Daily Sheeple | Facts aren’t going to stop the frenzy over the flag.

Lew Rockwell Blog | The anti-Confederate flag hysteria is only one small part of the Left’s general strategy.

Vigilant Citizen | Muse’s The Handler is one of the most obvious music videos about Monarch mind control ever created.

Michael Krieger | Divide and conquer has been the most successful strategy used by humans to attain and maintain power since ancient times.

Bizpac Review | “Quiet! You’re not recognized!”

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