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Mac Slavo | Retired State Department whistle blower Raymond Maxwell says he caught Clinton’s Chief of Staff shredding documents in a State Department basement.

Michael Snyder | The number of volcanoes that are erupting continues to rise, and scientists cannot seem to explain why this is happening.

Vigilant Citizen | In this edition of SPOTM : Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner and more proof that the fashion world is sick to its core.

Jon Rappoport | Now we come to vaccines and depopulation experiments.

Washington’s Blog | Everyone knows that the CIA spies …

William Norman Grigg | Former NFL star Ray Rice pleaded guilty of abusing a woman whom he later married, and was fired by the League after a video of the crime was made public.

Michael Snyder | We could potentially be on the verge of the greatest health crisis that any of us have ever seen.

Jon Rappoport | My, my, this is embarrassing.

Ron Paul | On November 30th, voters in Switzerland will head to the polls to vote in a referendum on gold.

Washington’s Blog | Must-Read: “The 2001 Anthrax Deception”.

Martin Armstrong | It has the capacity to become the real Switzerland of Europe.

Tony Cartalucci | There is Only One Logical Ally in the War on ISIS.

Jon Rappoport | “Overwhelmed.” “Can’t contain.” “Rapid spread.” Crossed borders.” “Predicting five million deaths.” “Too late to stop it.”

David Swanson | To the extent that the U.S. public is newly, and probably momentarily, accepting of war.

Storm Clouds Gathering | The real reason Russia and Syria are being targeted right now.

Adam Dick | The US Constitution places in Congress the war declaration power and the Founders largely prescribed a foreign policy centered on nonintervention.

Michael Snyder | During his nationally televised speech on Wednesday night, Barack Obama told the entire nation that “ISIL is not Islamic”.

Truth Revolt | In which our brave and compassionate host takes a look at some real-life examples of microaggression and the deep harm such assaults can really do.

Michael Krieger | The American public is finally terrified enough to support another war in the Middle East.

Mikael Thalen | Government ignored repeated warnings from inside the system.

Tony Cartalucci | Not the First Fit of Feigned Ignorance.

Daniel McAdams | Obama officially adopts Bush Administration’s pre-emptive war doctrine.

Mark Dice | A devil-worshiping group hell-bent on hosting a satanic black mass is planning to go ahead with its controversial ceremony this month.

Michael Krieger | You gotta love the American public sometimes.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that two Russian bombers practiced launching cruise missiles at the United States from a spot in the North Atlantic just the other day?

Michael Snyder | Are you ready to have your veins scanned every time you use your bank account?

Paul Craig Roberts | Some Western commentators interpret the cease fire in Ukraine obtained by President Putin as a victory for Russia.

New American | President Obama wants Congress to have a “buy in” to the plan for combating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Nick Bernabe | The US will re-up it’s efforts, which have only seemed to cause an increase in terror operations around the world.

Martin Armstrong | We have been warning that the Scottish separation was something to take seriously since the Berlin Conference in 2012.

Jon Rappoport | This is an article about the intentional construction of false reality.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones talks to Lew Rockwell, libertarian political commentator and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Paul Craig Roberts | Clearly, the economic numbers are out of sync with one another. They are also out of sync with reality.

New American | But we can forgive an honest mistake, can’t we?

THV11 | A mob of teenagers ran through a busy shopping plaza, seemingly picking out customers and Kroger employees at random to attack.

Michael Snyder | Should we be concerned that the percentage of Americans that are either working or looking for work is the lowest that it has been in 36 years?

Bizpac Review | It turns out Islamic State jihadists are not as tough as they pretend to be on social media.

Paul Craig Roberts | Is Russia so desperate to be part of the West that it will succumb to being another of Washington’s puppet states?

Bradford Thomas | “A lot of cities like to use to violence as a last resort, but we’ve found it’s pretty fun to just use it as a first resort.”

Mikael Thalen | “Kissinger is a friend, and I relied on his counsel when I served as secretary of state.”

David Swanson | How did they imagine they’d get away with it, claiming that Iraq had vast stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and even nuclear weapons?

Martin Armstrong | Savers are being exploited by government under the pretense of managing the economy.

The Daily Sheeple | Exactly one month ago I wrote about, and charted the alarming spread of the Ebola virus.

Tony Cartalucci | Amid NATO’s failures in Ukraine, America’s terrorist mercenaries threaten war with Russia.

Washington’s Blog | Encircling Russia and Arming Ukraine Are What’s Provoking the Bear.

Mikael Thalen | Freudian slip shows senator’s struggle to differentiate between terrorists he’s armed.

Brandon Smith | The concept of leadership has become ridiculously warped.

Washington’s Blog | “I Believe That If We Ever Get The Full Truth, We’ll Find Out That Our Government Had It In The Records Exactly What The Plans Were, Or At Least Close To It”.

Daniel McAdams | It has been a busy week for US military planners.

Tony Cartalucci | If the Pentagon had an office dedicated to starting wars, and were in particular looking to create a war with Syria, it could not do a more effective job.

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