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Prison Planet.com | Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Michael Snyder | The United States is becoming a place where “anything goes”, and most Americans are okay with that.

London Guardian | As the Scandinavian sun almost but not quite sets on Bilderberg 2014, we can finally take a breath and look back at a significant year. So what did we learn?

The Daily Sheeple | As the May ratings for the 4 major news networks come in, it’s never been more apparent that the mainstream media is in its death throes.

Prison Planet.com | Pieczenik elaborates on his correct prediction that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden wasn’t just a computer technician.

Prison Planet.com | Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, reveals the current state of the Second Amendment.

Ron Paul | Last week Americans were shocked and saddened by another mass killing, this one near a college campus in California. We all feel deep sympathy for the families of the victims.

Prison Planet.com | Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki took the fall for the rapidly growing scandal over veterans’ health care.

Prison Planet.com | Jay Carney Obama’s head liar has finally called it quits.

Washington’s Blog | He Won’t Be Able to Tell His Side of the Story.

Prison Planet.com | A recently disclosed military directive suggests fears over the government using the military for domestic enforcement could be legitimate.

Paul Joseph Watson | Strange hotel room video shows group of men posing in bath robes.

London Guardian | The shadow chancellor’s name didn’t seem to be down, and he was not coming in … Have you ever been barred from an event you had clearly been invited to?

Washington’s Blog | Obama Has Also Committed War Crimes.

Prison Planet.com | Statements made by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden regarding the 9/11 terror attacks were edited out of his NBC Nightly News interview.

The Daily Sheeple | The population of the United States is becoming incredibly unhealthy and unfit as time goes on.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones is joined in studio by Dr Edward Group as the Dr breaks down how women are being targeted by estrogen and estrogen mimickers and what you can do to help your body fight back.

Charlie Skelton | Topics on the agenda for the three-day summit first held on 29 May 1954 will include: does privacy exist?

Kurt Nimmo | Tells NBC News he is a trained intelligence operative.

Washington’s Blog | Freedom of the Press Geared Towards Protecting Critics of Government Corruption, Not Government Apologists

Prison Planet.com | Greenwald says he’s set to publish his most dramatic piece yet, which will reveal those in the USA who were targeted by the NSA.

Tony Cartalucci | The US is demanding the release of its proxy regime, the so-called “academics” and “journalists” it has groomed for years.

Michael Snyder | The global derivatives bubble is now 20 percent bigger than it was just before the last great financial crisis struck in 2008.

London Guardian | Thanks to Edward Snowden, we know the apparatus of repression has been covertly attached to the democratic state. However, our struggle to retain privacy is far from hopeless.

Charles Hugh-Smith | Large-scale evil requires surrender of autonomy, coercion by a central authority and a willingness to follow orders.

Mike Adams | The secret waiting lists are really “death panels”

Prison Planet.com | As death threats from Mexican Drugs cartels spread into America, the DEA and Federal government show no signs of relenting on failed policies as they fight Kentucky over hemp seeds.

Prison Planet.com | The same day US Special Forces were practicing Urban Warfare in America with foreign troops from 16 nations, in one of those nations, Thailand, a military coup was rounding up politicians.

Prison Planet.com | Alex covers the attack of the left on alternative media, the first amendment and the issues that are preventing the bridges of peace being built in our country today.

Steve Watson | 16 soldiers killed in deadly raid blamed on armed militias.

Tony Cartalucci | The regime in Ukraine is rushing forward with elections, supposedly to take place on May 25, even as much of the country descends into chaos.

Prison Planet.com | David Knight breaks down why Rand Paul’s filibuster ended early.

Michael Snyder | Do you remember when the pundits were talking about how the Tea Party movement was going to transform American politics?

Paul Craig Roberts | The police and the courts are completely corrupted institutions that reek of injustice and evil.

Washington’s Blog | The Bush and Obama Administrations Chose the Big Banks Instead Over the American People.

Michael Krieger | The CIA organized a fake vaccination program in Pakistan several years ago in order to get Osama bin Laden’s family DNA.

Michael Snyder | Millions of fish are suddenly dying all over the planet.

Peter Schiff | One of the biggest questions at the end of 2013 was how the Treasury market would react to the reduction of bond buying that would result from the Federal Reserve’s tapering campaign.

Michael S. Rozeff | If the freedom to choose one’s non-territorial government is central to libertarianism, what is its relation to the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP)?

Prison Planet.com | Is it coincidence or design that American foreign policy has decimated Christians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Nigeria?

Elizabeth Renter | Do you believe the government actively works to suppress alternative medicine?

Daniel Taylor | Establishment behaving like a crazed psychopath that knows he is about to be brought to justice.

Daily Caller | University of California-Santa Barbara students have been most successful at pushing trigger warnings.

Michael S. Rozeff | On June 6, 2054, General Thomas Jones wrote in his diary: “Running the world is a tough job.

Freedom Outpost | The whole scenario of the Benghazi incident seems cut and dry to most Americans.

Washington’s Blog | Mass Surveillance Is Completely Unnecessary.

Christina Sarich | “The world today has 6.9 billion people and that’s headed up to about 9 billion. If we do a really great job, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” ~ Bill Gates.

London Guardian | A web of deception has finally been untangled: the Justice Department got the US supreme court to dismiss a case that could have curtailed the NSA’s dragnet. Why?

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporters tell what they saw and how it felt to walk through a completely deserted city that looked like it had been depopulated with a nuclear,biological, or chemical attack.

Prison Planet.com | Americans are increasingly standing up against government corruption.

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