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Daily Caller | Many of those chirping about ‘fake news’ seem unable to agree on a consistent definition of what it is.

Louder With Crowder | Things have stopped going Democrats’ way. In between crying fits over the death of Castro and mouthfuls of crow, lefty loonies have been plotting ways to rig the system in their favor.

American Mirror | His epic rant is going viral online.

The Ralph Retort | This is one of the dumbest and most emotionally disturbed posts of the year and it comes to you courtesy of the Washington Post.

Michael Snyder | If they get their way, our world is going to look vastly different than it does now in the not too distant future.

Washington Free Beacon | Predicts court will rule that Parliament need not authorize break with continent.

Louder With Crowder | Shaun King is back and making more Black Lives Matter demands than ever.

Michael Snyder | Why does “the news” have to be 99 percent bad news?

Zero Hedge | The “fake news” narrative grows.

The Ralph Retort | This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year, and that’s saying a lot considering how hilarious the past 12 months have been.

Breitbart | Migrant communities in Germany, especially those in poverty, are becoming more insular and rejecting western society and values in larger numbers according to a new study.

Louder With Crowder | It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Rick Santorum

Breitbart | “This has been a year of political revolution.”

Brandon Smith | You have to hand it to the regressive left, when they conjure propaganda they really know how to run with it.

Campus Reform | “Trump supporters may pose a serious risk.”

The Ralph Retort | Say what you want, Hollywood. But it’s like Mark Wahlberg says: No one really cares.

Mediaite | During an interview on The Daily Show tonight, host Trevor Noah raised his vice more than a few times while debating hot-button issues with The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton may have lost the presidential election, but that’s not stopping supporters from fawning all over her.

The Ralph Retort | This is one of the best trolls of 2016. I won’t put it at number 1 without much more thought, but I think it’s defintely in the Top 5.

Michael Snyder | If Obama does decide to make a move to divide the land of Israel at the United Nations, the consequences will be severe.

Truth Revolt | Well, they’d know a thing or two about that wouldn’t they?

Prison Planet.com | Nothing to do with the whole revolution/persucution thing.

Michael Snyder | We have entered an era when Americans are going to have to realize that Islamic terrorists can strike virtually anywhere without any warning whatsoever.

American Mirror | Rapper and television star Nick Cannon isn’t shy about his feelings for Planned Parenthood.

Information Liberation | The lying media is trying to use the story to highlight the threat of “fake news,” when all it actually shows is they have zero standards.

Louder With Crowder | Leftists hate to let facts get in the way of a good story.

Zero Hedge | One theory is that Stein is simply hoping to disrupt the electoral college process to push the 2016 election into the hands Congress.

Daily Caller | Shockingly large numbers of America’s middle school, high school and even college students are stunningly unable to process the media information that sloshes over them on a daily basis.

Prison Planet.com | What is the truth behind #PizzaGate?

Campus Reform | With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, families will soon be gathered around their tables to give thanks.

Pamela Geller | This is what low-grade civil war looks like in the 21st century.

Michael Snyder | Just when you thought it was safe to celebrate Trump’s victory, the left is hatching a plan to try to steal the election right from under his nose.

Louder With Crowder | Sure, we’ll have a good LOL over it and you should too…

American Mirror | Pope Francis is once again warning the world against erecting barriers that keep us from our fellow humans, and once again, he did it behind his own massive walls.

Daily Caller | Liberal writer Charles Kaiser thinks that using racial slurs on live TV is just fine, as long as you do it to criticize President-elect Donald Trump.

The Ralph Retort | File this under the weirdest thing I’ve heard all year…and that’s saying an awful lot for the wild and wacky 2016.

Truth Revolt | The deranged fantasy world of the totalitarian cry-bully.

Ron Paul | Maryland Governor Larry Hogan recently signed an executive order forbidding Maryland public schools from beginning classes before Labor Day.

Information Liberation | Rosie O’Donnell attacked President-elect Donald Trump on Twitter yesterday for having an “alcoholic brother” who “died young.”

Louder With Crowder | Clint Eastwood has achieved what kids these days call baller status. The dude’s got more badassery in his big toe than the rest of liberal Hollywood combined.

Michael Snyder | We are currently on a path that leads to national suicide, and unless we change our ways it isn’t going to matter who is in the White House.

Information Liberation | CNN has once again shown themselves to be a fake news site.

Reason | Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election, all eyes, and wringing hands, have been on the white blob who voted for him.

Michael Snyder | Is Barack Obama about to make the most catastrophic decision of his entire presidency?

Louder With Crowder | Now that SNL no longer has to drag Hillary Clinton across the finish line, they can try their hand at “actual humor” again.

Josie Wales | As Snowden put it, “they’re creating more silence than they are creating more speech.”

Piers Morgan | Trump is going to be your next president because he is what’s called a ‘winner’. I know it’s not ‘cool’ to be a winner these days and it’s an ugly, dirty word in your PC-crazed universe.

Truth Revolt | “Suck it up, buttercup”

Information Liberation | A person wrote the same comment on two different accounts with only two words changed, then reported each for abusive behavior.

TheDuran.com | Having trouble makes sense of what news is real and what news is fake. Worry no more…

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