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Michael Snyder | The United States is woefully unprepared for an Ebola outbreak.

Jon Rappoport | Reality is a psychological operation.

Brandon Smith | The establishment would have you wait for help in the wake of a disaster, begging a bureaucracy like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for aid.

Lew Rockwell Blog | I almost fell off my chair at this headline in the Los Angeles Slimes: “Get rid of the TSA?”

The Daily Sheeple | Fear of a government conspiracy is so great there, people and their families are trying to escape from the hospitals.

Michael Krieger | There have been many artists, writers and intellectuals who were able to see the writing on the wall regarding our Orwellian future many decades ago.

Dennis Kucinich | It’s time to step back and ask if we want to support Israel if it wants to eject all Palestinians from their land.

Daniel McAdams | The Ukrainian government is desperate for more men on the eastern front to fight the separatists.

Michael Snyder | Growing outcry for the scientific community to “do something” about this deadly virus.

Michael Snyder | The spread of Ebola is starting to become exponential…

Ron Paul | Sanctions will not produce the results Washington demands, but they will hurt the economies of the US and EU, as well as Russia.

Martin Armstrong | In order to justify war, the number one ploy is to always transform yourself into a victim and the target into the aggressor.

Jon Rappoport | Medical News Today reports that, in 2011, there was a modest uptick in the number of prescriptions written in the US.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the federal government has an “Office of Population Affairs”?

Mac Slavo | Here are are the results…

Jon Rappoport | What exactly have they been doing?

Eric Zuesse | This is a war-crime, with a criminal attempt to cover it up.

New American | The video gives a “mixed message.”

Brandon Smith | The current central banking structure gives the illusion of separation and sovereignty.

Washington’s Blog | Israel Commits War Crimes In Gaza.

Michael Snyder | The federal government already has the authority to round people up against their will, take them to detention facilities and hold them there.

Jon Rappoport | The mind-boggling role of the Bureau.

Paul Craig Roberts | The Moral Failure Of The West.

The Daily Sheeple | During the 1990′s the growth of the militia movement surged at the heels of several national events.

Michael Krieger | Brilliant.

mic.com | Why not just end the TSA altogether?

Jon Rappoport | The Times of San Diego reports on Hillary Clinton’s keynote speech to biotech heavy hitters, at the recent BIO International Convention.

Paul Craig Roberts | Driving the world to war that no one can win.

New American | The U.S. government often manufactures and creates the alleged “terrorism threats” it purports to be fighting.

Eric Blair | Americans have short memories.

Washington’s Blog | Is THIS Why the Plane Was Shot Down?

Paul Craig Roberts | What are we to make of this?

Jon Rappoport | The FBI claims McVeigh was alone.

Michael Thomas | Pathogenic Micro-organisms Proliferate Due To Polluted And Poisoned GOM ‘Bioterrain’.

Mikael Thalen | A journalist returning to the United States from Canada was assaulted by a Border Patrol agent this week after attempting to record his encounter.

Paul Joseph Watson | U.S. Defense Department looks to track “all human activities that can be measured.”

Kurt Nimmo | Americans turn their backs on manufactured terror threat.

Paul Joseph Watson | “People are anxious…. the old order isn’t holding.”

Daniel Mcadams | NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Gen. Philip Breedlove, wants to light a torch under the rapidly reconstituting Cold War with Russia.

Paul Craig Roberts | Washington is escalating the crisis and shepherding it toward war.

Washington’s Blog | The U.S. Is the Only Country Which Supports Israel No Matter What It Does.

Jon Rappoport | “Lost contact” appears to cover all available means of communication.

Washington’s Blog | Report: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Hid Behind Passenger Plane, Pulled Away and Dropped Bombs, and Then Hid Behind Plane Once Again.

Tony Cartalucci | Prevails over the rule of law.

Paul Craig Roberts | There is no evidence of the Russian government’s involvement.

Michael Snyder | A house divided against itself will surely fall.

New American | The closest historical parallel to what apparently took place July 17.

Daniel McAdams | Tuesday the US government admitted it had been bluffing about its certainty that Russia was behind the downing of Malaysian Air Flight MH-17 over Ukraine.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Eric Garner was seized in an illegal chokehold by Officer Daniel Pantaleo, thrown to the sidewalk by several officers.

Jon Rappoport | Perhaps you remember the Just-Label-It campaign.

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