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Ron Paul | In 1968 the government of Canada decided to openly admit Americans seeking to avoid being drafted into the US war on Vietnam.

Michael Snyder | It is widely expected that the Federal Reserve is going to announce the end of quantitative easing this week.

Vigilant Citizen | Gwen Stefani, Cheryl Cole and Charli XCX proving you that the one-eye sign rules the entertainment industry. And, as usual, proof that the fashion world is simply sick.

Washington’s Blog | Army’s Infectious Disease Research Unit and Discoverer of Ebola Strain Agree.

Paul Craig Roberts | President Putin correctly and justifiably denounced Washington for destabilizing the world in order to serve its own narrow and selfish interest.

Breitbart | MSNBC’s Joy Reid used the network’s coverage of a school shooting in Washington State to push for more gun control on Friday.

Washington’s Blog | Accidents at Germ Labs Have Occurred Worldwide.

William Engdahl | The Washington neo-cons and their allies in the US State Department and Obama Administration are clearly furious with China.

Jon Rappoport | Human beings tend to define themselves. They sum themselves up. They present themselves with a picture of what they are.

Prison Planet.com | Only one day left to submit entries to win $5,000 grand prize.

Brandon Smith | One of the most dangerous philosophical contentions even amongst liberty movement activists is the conundrum of government force and prevention during times of imminent pandemic

New American | In late September and early October of this year, huge demonstrations broke out in Hong Kong.

Michael Snyder | 70 percent of Americans will participate in Halloween festivities once again this year.

Tony Cartalucci | Canada’s Attacks Were Predictable – Western Security Agencies are Prime Suspects.

Prison Planet.com | Three days left to submit contest entry for chance to win $5,000.

New American | The most remarkable of all news stories aren’t the wars, scandals, crimes, and natural disasters that make up most reporting by the mainstream news media.

Joshua Krause | The riots and protests that swept through Ferguson this summer left a huge impression on the minds of the average American.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones covers the latest developments in ebola and explains why the government is too incompetent to save you from this virus or any disaster for that matter.

Michael Snyder | Do you trust the news media? Do you believe that the information that they are giving you is true and accurate?

Michael Snyder | Do you feel like you truly understand men?

Paul Craig Roberts | Two Scientists Say Ebola Originated In US Bio-warfare Lab.

Michael Snyder | Barack Obama and the Federal Reserve are lying to you.

Kit Daniels | Ebola can go airborne but hasn’t in West Africa because it’s too warm, researchers conclude.

Prison Planet.com | Wake the sleepwalking public to the Obama administration’s problem-reaction-solution methods.

New American | The largest labor union for registered nurses in the United States called on Obama to “invoke his executive authority”to commandeer hospitals.

Jon Rappoport | The diagnostic tests for Ebola are unreliable and useless.

Tony Cartalucci | It is not merely hyperbole when it is said the US created terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda or the so-called “Islamic State.”

Prison Planet.com | Incompetent to the point of impeachability.

Ron Paul | Whether or not they admit it, supporters of mandatory national service do not believe that individuals have “inalienable rights.”

Kit Daniels | Americans can only petition their government if they follow “terms and conditions,” according to White House.

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Administration committing criminal neglect by failing to secure America against outbreak.

Washington’s Blog | A More Dangerous Strain.

Prison Planet.com | Ebola could infect 1.4 million by December if it’s not stopped.

Prison Planet.com | Obama remains opposed to blocking travel from the three Ebola outbreak countries.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones breaks down who will be the hardest hit by ebola and then David Knight takes the studio and answers your calls.

Washington’s Blog | What’s He Going To Do … Lobby To Convince Congress That Ebola Is Not That Big A Risk?

Paul Craig Roberts | The public continues to be reassured that ebola is not a problem for the US, but CNN reports that Obama has appointed an Ebola Czar.

Steve Watson | “Mommy, daddy, what is suicide?” girl asked parents.

Bloomberg | Poor communication, a lack of leadership and underfunding.

New American | In the spring of 1347, a ship arrived in Italy, having returned from the Crimea…

Jon Rappoport | Feel free to believe the CDC.

Mac Slavo | Maybe Matt Drudge has gotten word of something that we’re not yet aware of just yet.

Washington’s Blog | CDC and WHO Admit Frontline Healthcare Workers Might be Exposed.

Lizzie Bennett | What a waste of effing time, money and effort.

Robert Barsocchini | U.S. companies sold Iraq the ingredients for a witch’s brew.

Michael Snyder | Much of the responsibility for the Ebola crisis that the United States is now facing can be laid squarely at the feet of Barack Obama.

The Daily Sheeple | Vinson flew to Cleveland on October 10th. Then, 132 people shared the plane ride back from Cleveland to Dallas on October 13.

The Washington Times | Added only 5 of 18 global health centers recommended.

Paul Joseph Watson | City demands religious leaders reveal communications on transgender bill.

Tony Cartalucci | Whatever the cause – conspiracy or incompetence – the recent Ebola outbreak illustrates the dangers of centralized globalization, and opens the door to possible solutions.

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