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Steve Watson | Organisation used the harvesting scandal as a donation drive, claiming ‘extremists’ had hacked website.

BizPac Review | Failure to enforce immigration laws has again left an innocent woman shot to death, another wounded, a teenager sexually assaulted and a judge on the warpath.

Steve Watson | Five day jaunt will cost taxpayers tens of millions.

Anthony Gucciardi | Millions continue to reject fast food.

New American | The Obama administration is charging ahead with actions to promote more immigration into the United States.

Michael Snyder | Could Donald Trump become the next Ross Perot?

Michael Snyder | Just when you think that the depravity of the United States cannot possibly get any worse, something else comes along to surprise us.

Ron Paul | Last week’s successfully concluded Iran agreement is one of the two most important achievements of an otherwise pretty dismal Obama presidency.

Tony Cartalucci | His father had been investigated several years ago for “possible ties to a foreign terrorist organization”.

Paul Joseph Watson | White House sent out ‘happy Ramadan’ statement before commenting on Chattanooga attack.

Paul Craig Roberts | All of Europe, and insouciant Americans and Canadians as well, are put on notice by Syriza’s surrender to the agents of the One Percent.

Michael Snyder | The “deal that was designed to fail” has already begun to unravel.

Michael Snyder | Yes, illegal immigrants are responsible for lots of crime in this country.

Michael Snyder | Don’t let anyone tell you that crime is going down in America.

Michael Krieger | Average citizens are treated under the U.S. “justice” system.

Steve Watson | Gay wedding cake flap has shifted the balance.

Paul Joseph Watson | San Diegans value chocolate more than precious metals.

Daniel McAdams | President Obama warned it would be a very long war against ISIS in his speech yesterday.

Michael Snyder | Did you notice that Greece’s creditors are not rushing to offer the Greeks a new deal in the wake of the stunning referendum result on Sunday?

Michael Krieger | Trying to determine Barack Obama’s most corrupt, crony appointee presents a virtually impossible task.

Paul Craig Roberts | Are the values that Western civilization allegedly represents still extant?

Kurt Nimmo | Every holiday serves as an advertisement for the war on terror industry.

Michael Snyder | Have you ever come across someone on the Internet that you suspected was a paid government troll?

Michael Snyder | Most Americans are completely and totally unprepared for a Greek-style economic crisis.

Michael Snyder | Is the next major volcanic eruption in the United States just around the corner?

Paul Craig Roberts | The entire Western edifice rests on lies. There is no other foundation. Just lies.

Michael Snyder | Is this the beginning of the end for the eurozone?

Michael Krieger | Divide and conquer has been the most successful strategy used by humans to attain and maintain power since ancient times.

Truth Revolt | There aren’t enough faces or palms in the world to do this one justice.

Michael Snyder | Yes, I know that headline sounds like it comes from the 1998 movie “Armageddon” starting Bruce Willis, but this is actually happening.

Michael Snyder | If the United States and China are supposed to be such “great friends”, why are both sides acting as if war is in our future?

Michael Snyder | Not since the financial crash of 2008 have so many prominent people issued such urgent warnings about a specific time period.

Michael Snyder | Why has Barack Obama been releasing thousands of illegal immigrants that have been convicted of crimes back on to the streets of our cities?

Mac Slavo | It’s not difficult to see that the foundation is crumbling…

Anthony Gucciardi | And how our food supply is in need of repair.

New American | America — and the world — are witnessing an extraordinary development.

Ron Paul | Nebraska’s legislature recently made headlines when it ended the state’s death penalty.

RT | Calling the plan “crazy,” Russians refused to leave their signatures under a fake “petition” to send missiles to America.

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars reporters harassed, followed by cops miles away from site of elitist meeting.

Michael Snyder | Is something really big about to happen?

Jon Rappoport | A gaping hole in the economic matrix.

Charlie Skelton | Bilderberg uses the same security as the G7, just on a slightly different alp.

Michael Snyder | When you want to discover what an organization is really all about, it is important to dig down to the roots.

Matthew Finn | Groupthink has never been so easily expressed.

Radix | Turns out they really are crazy.

Jon Rappoport | US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. More pharmaceutical destruction is coming to your door.

Paul Joseph Watson | Company responds to intimidation campaign with huge skyscraper-sized New York ad.

Christina Sarich | While other nations ban GMOs.

Michael Snyder | According to Gallup, America is now fatter than it has ever been before.

Washington’s Blog | Government Will Use “Secret Interpretations” to Get Around Legal Prohibitions.

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