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Kit Daniels | Why would head of state drink wine during a crisis?

Mikael Thalen | Checkpoints used on all bridges exiting Ottawa.

Paul Joseph Watson | U.S. to crumble as superpower, population decimated.

Adan Salazar | Recycled tires used to make fields known to contain harmful carcinogens.

Kit Daniels | Canadian officials attempt to censor press.

Kurt Nimmo | United States and Turkey have no intention of saving Kurds of Kobani.

Kurt Nimmo | Despite findings demonstrators are calling for arrest and prosecution of Officer Wilson.

Paul Joseph Watson | Soldier reportedly shot during incident at war memorial.

Steve Watson | “There are crack dealers in New York City, and you’re arresting this man for playing guitar!”

Paul Joseph Watson | Calm before the storm?

John W. Whitehead | Justice in America makes less sense with each passing day.

PINAC | A smug-looking douchebag of a cop who wears his sunglasses behind his head.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones covers the latest developments in ebola and explains why the government is too incompetent to save you from this virus or any disaster for that matter.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones looks at the trending slump in McDonalds sales.

Michael Krieger | The trend of average U.S. citizens being incarcerated by overzealous judges and prosecutors within the police state formerly known as America continues with reckless abandon.

Michael Snyder | Do you trust the news media? Do you believe that the information that they are giving you is true and accurate?

Paul Joseph Watson | Independent media titan beats mainstream networks.

Mikael Thalen | “These are our children, these are not Guinea pigs.”

Adan Salazar | Fireman exposes small town’s large scale disaster preparations.

Daily Beast | ISIS shows American-made weapons it says were intended for the Kurds but actually were air dropped into territory they control.

CBS St. Louis | Tensions are rising in Ferguson as new details about the fatal shooting of Michael Brown emerge.

Kurt Nimmo | Absurd ISIS air force cited as reason for no-fly zone

Paul Joseph Watson | Administration “effectively lying to the American people.”

Kurt Nimmo | Says militarized response by U.S. to crisis in West Africa suspicious.

Steve Watson | Says ‘plotters, proliferators and paedophiles’ make surveillance-free internet a ‘utopian dream’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Administration hires another overpopulation fanatic.

Bizpac Review | Some anti-gun activists are worried about the safety of everyone but gun owners.

Zero Hedge | “A criminal investigation has been opened.”

Paul Craig Roberts | Two Scientists Say Ebola Originated In US Bio-warfare Lab.

Mac Slavo | Debt is out of control and foreign holders of U.S. Treasury bonds are getting antsy.

Liberty Blitzkrieg | Dear NSA Employees, You Now Have a Green Light to Loot and Pillage.

Michael Snyder | Barack Obama and the Federal Reserve are lying to you.

Kit Daniels | Ebola can go airborne but hasn’t in West Africa because it’s too warm, researchers conclude.

Paul Joseph Watson | NIH fears supply of masks, gloves to be exhausted during “disaster.”

Prison Planet.com | According to WHO, “98% [of confirmed cases] have an incubation period that falls within the 1 to 42 day interval.”

Zero Hedge | The WHO is coming under increasing scrutiny over its response to the the deadly epidemic.

Breitbart | A devastating new Politico poll reveals voters believe America has spun off its axis and is “out of control.”

Daily Caller | President Barack Obama deputies are secretly preparing to print work permits for up to 11 million illegal immigrants.

Dan Taylor | Was this strain of Ebola deliberately released?

Kurt Nimmo | Military argues Posse Comitatus is irrelevant and dangerous.

Steve Watson | Materials flagged up by doctor as “wrong” have been quietly removed.

Michael Snyder | Barack Obama and the head of the CDC need to quit saying that we know exactly how Ebola spreads.

Daisy Luther | The National Institute of Health has placed a massive order for protective clothing and supplies that could make it impossible for you to procure your own gear.

The Daily Sheeple | Just increase the police state another notch.

Prison Planet.com | Incompetent to the point of impeachability.

The Hill | Republicans have unfairly used the Ebola crisis to stoke public fears and hurl criticism at President Obama, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.) said on Sunday.

Ron Paul | Whether or not they admit it, supporters of mandatory national service do not believe that individuals have “inalienable rights.”

Kit Daniels | Americans can only petition their government if they follow “terms and conditions,” according to White House.

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Administration committing criminal neglect by failing to secure America against outbreak.

London Guardian | The true death toll from the Ebola epidemic is being masked by chaotic data collection and people’s reluctance to admit that their loved ones had the virus.

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