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Kit Daniels | U.N. organization downplays risk of Ebola spreading via air travel.

Adan Salazar | Concerns that virus could enter US proven valid.

Kit Daniels | Multiple nations stopped flights over a month ago.

Kurt Nimmo | Will arrival of Ebola in America result in mass vaccination?

Steve Watson | Mingled with other people for days before being diagnosed.

Michael Snyder | The day that many of us hoped would never arrive is here.

The Washington Times | Federal reports raise concerns US defenses stagnated, waning.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones speaks with former Congressman Ron Paul about liberty and where America has failed in keeping them.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones talks with former Navy SEAL and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura about his recent court case and how the mainstream media has assassinated his character.

Michael Snyder | There are also plans to ban “extremists” from broadcasting and speaking at public events.

Paul Craig Roberts | This is what comes of a government and a media that serves only the One Percent and that inflicts endless lies and disinformation on the rest of us.

RT | Under a new California law, families can ask police to confiscate lawfully-owned weapons from close relatives.

Paul Joseph Watson | Provisions would allow for quarantine of “well persons” who “do not show symptoms” of virus.

Kurt Nimmo | Proposes quantum leap in code violation fines for medical marijuana dispensaries.

Paul Joseph Watson | Rep. Lamborn chastised for comments made during political meeting.

Kit Daniels | After arresting citizens for reading 1984 in public, Thai officials now want to track tourists like cattle.

Paul Joseph Watson | Recommendations caution workers not to embalm corpses.

Steve Watson | House Intelligence Committee Chairman: We warned President ‘for over a year’; Obama has missed over half of intel briefings.

USA Today | Without more specialized troops, he said, the U.S. mission against the Islamic State will fail.

Reuters | Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters blocked Hong Kong streets in the early hours on Tuesday.

Tony Cartalucci | The “Occupy Central” protests in Hong Kong continue on.

RT | The US-led military operation against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants has likely so far cost between $780 and $930 million.

Breitbart | President Barack Obama has attended only 42.1% of his daily intelligence briefings.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones breaks down all the possible ways the globalists may use ISIS to further destroy freedom.

Washington’s Blog | A Stooge for the CIA?

Michael Snyder | I know that headline sounds completely outrageous. But it is actually true.

Mac Slavo | The virus that has infected nearly 10,000 people in West Africa and killed over 3,000 so far this year may now be in America.

Michael Snyder | Anti-gun liberals of the world please take note.

Prison Planet.com | Dr. Stan was one of the first, if not the first, to expose globalism.

Mikael Thalen | Dash cam captures officer’s intentions before fateful shooting.

Kit Daniels | U.S. funding of militant groups fuels terrorism, Syria’s foreign minister states.

Adan Salazar | For $10 a month, residents of New Orleans suburb can hook home cameras up to law enforcement surveillance grid.

Paul Joseph Watson | Rumors swirl of Chinese army getting ready to intervene.

Kurt Nimmo | Homeland terror threat plays out as vital component in War on ISIS.

Paul Joseph Watson | CFR’s Foreign Affairs reveals plan to neutralize “American Distemper.”

Kurt Nimmo | Most Americans and members of the military do not support sending ground troops.

RT | The Syrian group is reportedly now joining up with the estranged Islamic State militants.

Steve Watson | Globalist war criminal once described troops as “dumb, stupid animals”.

RIA Novosti | Doctors from the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok have created a new vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus, local news agency National News Bureau said Monday.

Zero Hedge | Ferguson was for amateurs.

Paul Craig Roberts | The public continues to fall for the lies.

Tony Cartalucci | The fighting capacity of the “Islamic State” or “ISIS,” has seen no visible setbacks.

Prison Planet.com | Met Police warn people that viewing extremist material in wake of Islamic State’s killing of journalist may be a terror offence but experts say prosecutions are unlikely.

London Independent | Jabhat al-Nusra and Isis leaders are reportedly meeting to co-ordinate attacks.

Ron Paul | The recent campaign for Scottish independence should cheer supporters of the numerous secession movements springing up around the globe.

Washington Times | For President Obama, the color of a man’s skin is far more important than the content of his character.

RT | You would think war-themed video games copy real life, and not the other way around. Not this time.

Kurt Nimmo | Inventor of the web fears government and corporate control and censorship.

Daniel McAdams | Obama’s new wars in Iraq and Syria are totally immoral as well as illegal under US and international law, Ron Paul said.

Zero Hedge | One would think that at least the “moderate” Syrian rebels are positively inclined toward the US. One would be wrong.

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