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Daily Mail | Medvedev over tensions in Syria further raises the spectre of WWIII as France accuses them of bombing civilians.

London Independent | Saudi officials have stated that they want to fight Isis and see President Bashar al-Assad removed.

Breitbart | “There are a bunch of folks who say that we’re wildly overspending, even though we aren’t.”

American Mirror | The former president made a comment while campaigning in Tennessee Thursday that is sure to offend some in the coveted black voting bloc.

Weasel Zippers | The person who escaped and is living in Cuba is Assata Shakur who is worshipped as a model by Black Lives Matter.

UK Express | FOR the first time, scientists have successfully managed to cryogenically freeze a brain and then revive it.

Adan Salazar | “Bernie is actually pretty popular among Satanists.”

Paul Joseph Watson | It’s quite simple….

London Telegraph | Foreign and defence ministers of the leading international states are meeting in Munich and Brussels following the collapse of the latest round of peace talks.

Washington Post | The Democratic National Committee has rolled back restrictions introduced by presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

The Hill | The ruling does not necessarily mean that the eight documents will be released.

Kurt Nimmo | Opposes endless war supported by Clinton, Rubio and Cruz.

Steve Watson | Unlike Hillary, who admitted she is working toward Kissinger’s envisioned ‘global architecture’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Message deemed “racist” despite the fact that Islam is not a race.

Michael Snyder | In the U.S., the Dow lost 254 more points on Thursday, and it has now fallen for five days in a row.

Gateway Pundit | Funded By New York City and State Agencies.

Return Of Kings | Whether you agree with his ideas or not, they’re intellectually fascinating, and worth a look.

Paul Craig Roberts | Are they so lost in The Matrix that they cannot get out?

Daily Caller | It’s illegal to offend people.

Paul Joseph Watson | Message deemed “racist” despite the fact that Islam is not a race.

Joe Biggs | Last protestor leaves refuge.

Kit Daniels | Fry appears to turn himself in at 11:00AM PST.

Paul Joseph Watson | Feminist rhetoric demolished during Aussie committee meeting.

Kurt Nimmo | State fights end-to-end encryption.

Steve Watson | “Undoubtedly fueling the rise of unconventional presidential candidates”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Advocacy” against religion off limits.

RT | According to the Oregonian, the FBI has placed armored vehicles around the area where the occupiers are located.

Gateway Pundit | Clifford Durand punched or shoved Brianna Algazali after class.

Daily Caller | A set of emails has exposed a sordid, transactional relationship between Hillary Clinton and the press.

The Oregonian | Bundy, 74, was booked into the downtown Multnomah County jail at 10:54 p.m.

Daily Mail | Then asked her if she had enjoyed it’.

Breitbart | According to German newspaper Die Welt, the violence toward ethnic minorities, religious minorities and women continues to skyrocket across German asylum centres.

Paul Joseph Watson | Social media censorship purge of conservatives accelerates.

Adan Salazar | Speech restrictions won’t be implemented after all, mayor says.

Kit Daniels, David Knight & Lee Ann McAdoo | Infowars.com| Why he can realistically become next president.

Kit Daniels | Security expert speaks out on Obama’s $19 billion cybersecurity program.

Steve Watson | “We have a full-blown assault on the First Amendment.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Vitriolic headlines highlight unhinged sentiment.

EAG News | “As a high school teacher for over 30 years, let me say that this is wrong on so many levels.”

Gateway Pundit | Trump never used the word f*ck in this speech.

Gateway Pundit | One year ago Socialist Bernie Sanders was down 44 points to Hillary Clinton.

Michael Snyder | According to the CDC, there has been a substantial spike in suicide deaths in the United States in recent years.

Louder With Crowder | Because if they keep you dependent on the government, you’ll have to vote for them over and over again.

Truth Revolt | Or at a safety school.

Kit Daniels | Social media giant organizing “Trust & Safety Council” with Islamists and feminists.

Kurt Nimmo James Clapper says Twitter posts are encouraging terrorists to strike.

Prison Planet.com | Tune in starting at 6pm CST!

Kurt Nimmo | Anxious to rollback Russian support for al-Assad.

Steve Watson | Crowd Goes Wild.

Steve Watson | “If they don’t fix the race, or they fix it only a little, Trump will win big.”

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