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Paul Joseph Watson | “It’s the liberal agenda that dictates what can and cannot be joked about.”

Adan Salazar | Department oversees public education of millions of young Americans.

Kurt Nimmo | Declares mass migration good economically and socially.

Steve Watson | Congressman warns of “terrorists in American basements”

Steve Watson | Playground was a few hundred feet away from home, within eyesight.

Paul Joseph Watson | Varoufakis reveals Eurogroup’s “disdain” for democracy.

CNBC | “Once there’s social unrest, which there will be before too long if this thing continues, no tourist is going to want to go to [Greece].”

Kurt Nimmo | Court uses 14th Amendment to undermine the First.

Paul Joseph Watson | ….and replace it with a pyramid to “signify the new world order”.

London Telegraph | Monetary policymakers have run out of room to fight the next crisis with interest rates unable to go lower, the BIS warns.

Ron Paul | By ruling for the government in the case of King v. Burwell, the Supreme Court once again tied itself into rhetorical and logical knots to defend Obamacare.

Daily Caller | Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson on “Fox and Friends Weekend” Sunday laid into the opinion editor of The Patriot-News/Pennlive.

Michael Snyder | Is the next major volcanic eruption in the United States just around the corner?

Paul Craig Roberts | The entire Western edifice rests on lies. There is no other foundation. Just lies.

Michael Snyder | Is this the beginning of the end for the eurozone?

Kit Daniels | If ISIS was Christian, leftists would likely demand Obama send troops to Syria.

Prison Planet.com | What’s causing sea life to act so weird?

RT | White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States, according to a new study.

RT | The Confederate flag in front of the South Carolina Statehouse was removed by an African-American woman on Saturday.

Bizpic Review | “Alright Walmart, you’ve got some explaining to do.”

The Hill | ObamaCare is here to stay, the president said in his weekly address.

The Hill | Paul Wolfowitz and Scooter Libby, two key players in the George W. Bush administration, are teaching a course this fall.

CNS News | Decision “will be used to vilify Americans unwilling to assent to the new orthodoxy.”

Free Thought Project | “Officers must place the protection of human life above all other considerations.”

The Washington Times | The president publicly opposed same-sex marriage until 2012.

Bizpac Review | Both Obama and Clinton’s positions have “evolved”.

Daily Caller | President Barack Obama urged supporters of same-sex marriage Friday to “help” people to overcome their religious convictions.

Daily Caller | The editorial board of PennLive/The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa. is taking a hardcore stance against those who disagree with the Supreme Court ruling to legalize gay marriage.

Gateway Pundit | ISIS celebrated gay love today by tossing four more gays from top of a highrise.

The Hill | After Obama finished, clergymen in the arena called him “Reverend Obama.”

Mikael Thalen | “We now think ISIS is being used as a tool by America to divide and weaken Iraq.”

Adan Salazar | Dr. Jeff Bradstreet helped families whose children were believed to have been damaged by immunizations.

Kurt Nimmo | On Friday French authorities said they will deal harshly with Uber drivers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Islam is not a religion of peace. When are we going to acknowledge this fact?

Steve Watson | Cop who murdered 17-year-old at traffic stop faces no charges.

Kurt Nimmo | Muhammad al-Adnani urged “calamity for the infidels” in audio message.

London Guardian | At least 27 people, mostly tourists, killed in attack on beach near Imperial Marhaba hotel, according to Tunisian interior ministry.

Michael Krieger | Divide and conquer has been the most successful strategy used by humans to attain and maintain power since ancient times.

Truth Revolt | The National Cathedral has announced it will take down two stained-glass windows that feature the flag.

Paul Joseph Watson | Will leftist media blame all Muslims for attack like they blamed all whites for Charleston?

London Independent | The US Deputy Secretary of Defence said that Russia’s attempts to intimidate Nato countries had not worked.

Daily Caller | Disturbing video has emerged which shows a young woman being brutally attacked while holding a toddler.

Zero Hedge | The tapes were erased in March 2014, months after congressional investigators requested all of Lerner’s emails.

Michael Snyder | Thanks to the Supreme Court’s willingness to make stuff up, Obamacare has been saved once again.

Truth Revolt | There aren’t enough faces or palms in the world to do this one justice.

London Independent | Witnesses said they heard an explosion in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier.

Kit Daniels | President descended from slave owners, according to researchers.

Paul Joseph Watson | While feminists scream about hate, THEY engage in hateful harassment.

Alex Jones | Humanity’s last chance to dismantle Obama’s completely dictatorial takeover.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars is now hiring!

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