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Prison Planet.com | Jones breaks down how Spain’s new “free speech” laws are beyond Orwellian

Paul Joseph Watson | National Abortion Federation files injunction.

Steve Watson | “They are very scared of it.”

9 News | The Governor’s Office and Department of Public Health and Environment proposed all Colorado communities fluoridate their public water supplies.

Washington Examiner | The chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission has renewed talk about targeting campaign and political activities on the internet.

NY Daily News | The scientists were right — your cell phone can give you cancer.

Kurt Nimmo | Fed continues to hold out false hope economy will turn around.

Steve Watson | Organisation used the harvesting scandal as a donation drive, claiming ‘extremists’ had hacked website.

Paul Joseph Watson | Revealing video demonstrates gruesome details of the procedure.

Daily Caller | The White House expressed its firm belief Thursday that recently-released videos attacking Planned Parenthood are “fraudulent.” Their source: Planned Parenthood.

CNS News | According to online records on the White House website, Richards first visited the White House on Jan. 20, 2009 — the same day Obama first took office.

Mac Slavo | Another small step for authoritarian bureaucracy, another massive leap forward in the destruction of Americans rights to due process and full protection under the law.

Jon Rappoport | CDC whistleblower case is back.

Louder With Crowder | In the UK, it is now a crime to offend Muslims. Or even to think anti-Islam thoughts.

Truth Revolt | Says it stands by Planned Parenthood.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cecil the Lion controversy outstrips Planned Parenthood organ harvesting scandal.

Paul Joseph Watson | The most rampant hypocrisy imaginable.

Adan Salazar | Criminals “can range anywhere from a hit-and-run, DWI, assault and all the way up to and including murder,” border agent claims.

Alex Jones | Global government swollowing European nations.

Mikael Thalen | Hackers behind Planned Parenthood breach accuse company of faking second attack to “provoke donations.”

Kit Daniels | Media cares more about “Cecil the Lion” than African-American killed by police.

Truth Revolt | “It’s a baby” says doctor picking over parts for pricing.

Steve Watson | Why wouldn’t they support child sacrifice?

Steve Watson | Now under a restraining order barring release of footage.

Paul Joseph Watson | ‘Obese’, ‘normal’, ‘mothering’, ‘fathering’, ‘senior citizens’, ‘homosexual’, ‘illegal alien’ also discouraged.

Kurt Nimmo | Alinksy tactics used to create white guilt and social tension

BizPac Review | Failure to enforce immigration laws has again left an innocent woman shot to death, another wounded, a teenager sexually assaulted and a judge on the warpath.

WDRB | A Hillview man has been arrested after he shot down a drone flying over his property — but he’s not making any apologies for it.

Mac Slavo | Two Los Angeles gangs have launched a sick contest betting on who will be the first to kill 100 people in 100 days.

New American | Incredibly, the resolution even speaks of “protecting education from commercialization.”

Michael Snyder | Could you live without debt? Most Americans say that they cannot.

EAG News | California parents plan to recall state Sen. Richard Pan from office for authoring a bill that removes their ability to exempt their children from vaccinations for “personal beliefs.”

Adan Salazar | Prosecutor refuses to release incident report, 911 tapes.

Paul Joseph Watson | “We know where you live.”

Mikael Thalen | “Dont shoot at the chest because they have bullet proof vests on – Aim carefully and go for the head.”

Mikael Thalen | “We will protect our business and employees at any cost.”

Kit Daniels | Gov’t turning Christians into second-class citizens.

Paul Joseph Watson | Controversial public figure taken “out of circulation” to prevent him taking part in Mohammad cartoon meeting.

Steve Watson | Officer charged with assault by his own chief.

Kurt Nimmo | Agent provocateurs deliver dud bomb to Florida man.

Steve Watson | Companies say they never gave money to organisation.

Paul Joseph Watson | Patmon co-sponsors bill to defund organization.

Steve Watson | Five day jaunt will cost taxpayers tens of millions.

Mac Slavo | The reality is stark.

Anthony Gucciardi | Millions continue to reject fast food.

New American | The scheme does not even include a way to challenge your status as a non-person involuntarily trapped inside U.S. borders on orders from the secretary of state.

Michael Krieger | So how bad is Malaysia’s human rights record?

Michael Snyder | A well-respected financial expert that correctly predicted the last two stock market crashes is now warning that we are right on the verge of the next one.

BBC News | A man has been killed as at least 1,500 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel in Calais on Tuesday night, French police have said.

Adan Salazar | “The material should not be aired,” the organization said in a message to news outlets.

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