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Adan Salazar | ‘For everyone’s safety..’

Steve Watson | Whistleblowers also now less likely to come forward.

Paul Joseph Watson | Insider: Supervisor told us citizens “cannot leave” housing facilities.

The Washington Times | Illegal immigrants plan to picket the White House Monday afternoon.

Washington Free Beacon | Pentagon says it has ‘no authority’ to ask for weapons back.

Kurt Nimmo | Dictatorship promises to fire “nuclear-armed rockets” at Washington, DC.

Paul Joseph Watson | Melissa Harris-Perry exemplifies network’s plummeting ratings.

Ron Paul | Revelations of US secret torture sites overseas and a new Senate investigation revealing widespread horrific CIA torture practices should finally lead to the abolishment of this agency.

Mac Slavo | In January the U.S.-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the next plane could bring a pandemic.

Michael Snyder | The global economy is structured to systematically funnel wealth to the very top of the pyramid.

Washington’s Blog | Is THIS Why the Plane Was Shot Down?

Washington’s Blog | Israel Is a Colonial Power that “Never Really Thought It Had Any Duty To Protect the People Under Its Rule or To Improve the Quality of their Lives”.

Paul Craig Roberts | What are we to make of this?

Michael Snyder | Nobody in the world loves locking people behind bars as much as Americans do.

Prison Planet.com | What are the real facts?

Reuters | A humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip collapsed on Sunday.

RT | The Israeli military struck Gaza’s Shijaiyah neighborhood, leveling a building complex, approximately 20 minutes before the beginning of a 12-hour ceasefire.

Paul Craig Roberts | Don’t expect to live much longer.

Zero Hedge | FIVE HOURS of golf.

Washington Post | A federal judge has declared that one of the District’s principal gun control laws is unconstitutional and ordered that its enforcement be halted.

Zero Hedge | Findings consistent with the plane’s fuselage being hit multiple times by shrapnel from a missile explosion.

RT | Jihadist group ISIS published photos of the beheadings of soldiers and officers at a Syrian government base.

RIA Novosti | Ukrainian troops fired internationally banned phosphorus bombs at Donetsk and Mandrykino in eastern Ukraine overnight, the Donetsk People’s Republic has said.

Paul Craig Roberts | Pentagon claims Russia arming separatists with rocket systems.

Paul Craig Roberts | The Russian government and Europe need to look beyond Washington’s propaganda, because the reality is much worst.

The Hill | The White House on Friday doubled down on its talk that Republicans could try and impeach President Obama.

CSMonitor | The move could trigger impeachment proceedings against President Obama, said his senior adviser, Dan Pfeiffer.

Prison Planet.com | The federal government is asking paramedics and firefighters to be on the lookout for “extremists” as part of a program that aims to uncover “suspicious activity.”

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Joe Biggs takes to the sky to demonstrate just how serious this manufactured border meltdown really is.

Washington’s Blog | “Only a Fool Wouldn’t Know that Our Relationship with Israel Causes Us War with Muslims”

CNN | The space around the Earth and moon was to be considered a military theater.

Paul Joseph Watson | U.S. Defense Department looks to track “all human activities that can be measured.”

Kurt Nimmo | Americans turn their backs on manufactured terror threat.

Paul Joseph Watson | Buk missile system confused Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 with Ukrainian fighter jets.

Steve Watson | Even one in five Democrats favors impeaching President.

Daniel McAdams | “That is a misrepresentation of what I say. I don’t blame America. I am America, you are America.”

EAG News | Bloomberg’s “three dangerous explanations” are patently false.

Tony Cartalucci | Bloomberg’s “three dangerous explanations” are patently false.

Paul Joseph Watson | “People are anxious…. the old order isn’t holding.”

Mikael Thalen | Illegals receive red carpet treatment as Americans face growing harassment.

Fox DC | A Collin County commissioner is trying to keep what he calls an “illegal immigrant tsunami” from bringing large numbers of undocumented children to Collin County.

Daniel Mcadams | NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Gen. Philip Breedlove, wants to light a torch under the rapidly reconstituting Cold War with Russia.

Daily Caller | President Obama put his rosy glasses on for an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

Paul Craig Roberts | Washington is escalating the crisis and shepherding it toward war.

Washington’s Blog | The U.S. Is the Only Country Which Supports Israel No Matter What It Does.

Michael Krieger | The Obama Administration’s Orwellian government employee snitch network, dubbed the “Insider Threat Program,” first made headlines about a year ago.

Jerusalem Post | Some 10,000 Palestinians protested near the checkpoint.

Adan Salazar | News report indicates several suspects were members of MS-13.

Kit Daniels | Proposal would place post offices in competition with payday lending companies serving “low-income communities, including rural and inner-city areas.”

Steve Watson | Government is secretly blacklisting innocent Americans as terrorists.

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