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Steve Watson | “It’s offensive to me intellectually.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Supreme Court ruling sets the stage for “economic totalitarianism”.

Zero Hedge | We’re all about to be taken to the woodshed, warns David Stockman in this excellent interview

Ron Paul | This week I found myself in rare agreement with Janet Yellen when she admitted that her economic predictions are likely to be wrong.

Daily Caller | Sheppard is wanted by police after they found a gun in his backpack days after the flag-stomping demonstration.

Business Insider | “He could produce something evil by accident.”

The Motley Fool | The U.S. Air Force confirmed last week that it’s developed an electromagnetic pulse weapon of its own.

Tony Cartalucci | This latest attempt to overwhelm the Syrian people, its government, and its armed forces comes with several shocking revelations.

Dr Nafeez Ahmed | Judicial Watch, shows that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.

Washington’s Blog | “In order to isolate the Syrian regime.”

Ryan Gallagher | At an 18th-century mansion in England’s countryside last week, current and former spy chiefs from seven countries faced off with representatives from tech giants Apple and Google.

AP | Hmmmmmm. Riiiiight.

Mac Slavo |The battlefield of tomorrow will also be driven by target identity and biometric data – you know, to stop terrorists.

Robert Harrington | Now you know why a cure won’t be found.

Prison Planet.com | The TPP is global domination by a fascist cartel bent on enslaving the world.

RT | The USA Freedom Act has failed in the Senate.

Breitbart | “Outside the beltway people still do care about the Bill of Rights.

Washington Times | Senators passed the first major free trade bill in years late Friday.

Gateway Pundit | Conservative internet mogul Matt Drudge unleashed on the Republican Party Friday after the GOP Congress gave Barack Obama sweeping new powers.

Breitbart | The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) claims it has access to nuclear weapons through the nation of Pakistan.

Truth Revolt | Clinton’s unsecured emails “definitely increased risk.”

Sputnik | E-mails to and from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released by the State Department reveal US officials working overtime to orchestrate the fall of a foreign government.

Paul Joseph Watson | US Army currently training pro-Kiev neo-nazi fighters.

Mikael Thalen | Communist group attacks pro-life protesters for defending black lives.

Kit Daniels | Statement raises concern over politically-inspired violence this summer when more riots are expected.

Adan Salazar | “You picked the wrong mother fu*ker to try to rob today.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Red Guards Facebook page advocates violent Communist revolution.

Steve Watson | Radicals complain recruits are turning away as they discover Western intelligence controls extremist groups.

Paul Joseph Watson | Red Guards agitators assault Alex Jones, steal equipment, censor free speech while yelling their love for Satan.

Kurt Nimmo | Order out of chaos through Sunni-Shia conflict.

NBC | The two men, who were unarmed, are suspected of planning to travel abroad to join ISIS, sources said.

Washington Free Beacon | Bill Clinton hinted at post-presidency money obsession from Brunei palace.

Washington’s Blog |Arguing That You Don’t Care About The Right To Privacy Because You Have Nothing To Hide Is No Different Than Saying You Don’t Care About Free Speech Because You Have Nothing To Say.

Washington Times | FBI agents can’t point to any major terrorism cases they’ve cracked thanks to the key snooping powers in the Patriot Act.

Daily Caller | Global temperature change observed over the last hundred years or so is well within the natural variability of the last 8,000 years.

Zero Hedge | On Wednesday we showed what happens when US spy planes carrying CNN reporters get too close to China’s land reclamation project in the South China Sea.

Michael Snyder | All over the globe, people are recording extremely loud sounds coming from the sky.

Michael Krieger | A House committee has voted to get rid of labels on packages of meat that say where the animals were born, raised and slaughtered.

Truth Revolt | Apparently only SOME black lives matter.

Prison Planet.com | Pro-death leftists attack peaceful-protesters for defending innocent life.

Prison Planet.com | Liberal agitator brags about killing kids through abortion at pro-life rally.

Paul Joseph Watson | Pro-life protest crashed by angry Communist thugs.

Steve Watson | Charged with resisting arrest despite clearly submitting to cop

Prison Planet.com | Aggressive hipsters using black tarps to cover protestors’ signs.

Paul Joseph Watson | Billionaire fears conflict between U.S. & China.

Truth Revolt | US officials will not release details about Osama Bin Laden’s porn collection due to the “nature” of their content.

Washington Post | Months before he was finally found by the CIA and killed, ­Osama bin Laden wrote that it might be time for him to move.

UK Daily Mail | Study reveals history’s heroes and villains.

The Hill | The National Security Agency planned to infiltrate the Google and Samsung app stores to plant spying software on smartphones.

Kit Daniels | Student told she needed “special permission” for protest signs.

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