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Adan Salazar | “If it’s not a human being, what species is it?” reporter asks.

Steve Watson | Lebanese Hezbollah troops and Iraqis will also join the offensive.

Steve Watson | PP Head: Questions about sale of aborted babies are “sexist”.

Paul Joseph Watson | ‘Just like we did in Afghanistan’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Days after top feminists called on UN to censor Internet over critical tweets.

Kit Daniels | Guns used over 300X more often to stop crime than to kill, according to past studies.

Louder With Crowder | Nothing says “leader of the free world” quite like a quivering, petulant child. Because America, that’s what we’ve got.

Zero Hedge | Clearly, Russia has a very real incentive to ensure that its airstrikes are effective.

Zero Hedge | Russia’s dramatic move to enter the fray has left the US trapped.

Daniel McAdams | The Obama Administration is not happy about this development.

Truth Revolt | “The goal is to make integration and inclusion real.”

Prison Planet.com | Paul Joseph Watson talks with The Angry Foreigner about Sweden’s extreme liberal culture and how the migrant crisis is destroying the country.

Adan Salazar | “Well, I support Donald Trump then.”

Prison Planet.com | Join counter-protest against gun control group Thurs., Oct. 1 at 12 noon!

Kurt Nimmo | Reports misleading info on Russian effort to target ISIS in Syria.

Steve Watson | “The broad allegations turn in large part on speculative opinions.”

Prison Planet.com | Here’s what they’re not telling you.

Zero Hedge | Here are the visuals which purport to show Russia’s first strikes on anti-regime target.

Twitchy | We’re seeing multiple reports this morning that Russia ordered U.S. airplanes out of Syrian airspace and bombed alleged ISIS targets near the Syrian city of Homs.

Sputnik | “Russia is not planning to go headfirst into the Syrian conflict”, he said.

Truth Revolt | And several dozen have made it back to the U.S.

Kit Daniels | The phrase “pregnant women” promotes “trans hatred,” according to transexual activists.

Kurt Nimmo | Russian parliament gives green light to attack ISIS.

Paul Joseph Watson | But the left never blames Islam for jihadists who target cartoonists.

BizPac Review | A Muslim immigrant from Pakistan strangled his daughter and hid her body in a forest.

RT | The request for use of force was sent by the president after considering the large number of citizens of Russia and neighboring countries, who went to join terrorist groups.

Mac Slavo | Controversy has stirred because many think the patch looks too much like our boys are fighting for the enemy.

Michael Snyder | Without a doubt, some very important things did happen in September.

Louder With Crowder | Early feminists wanted equal rights like the right to vote. Modern feminists want to limit rights, like free speech.

Michael Krieger | Interestingly, it appears Apple wants to get ahead of the curve and begin censoring news the U.S. government might find embarrassing right away.

Paul Joseph Watson | “We’re just trying to mute people’s political and religious speech”.

Mikael Thalen | Law waived to allow foreigners who engaged in terrorism “while under duress” into country.

Kurt Nimmo | Cites presence of ISIS and Hezbollah as pretext for possible invasion.

Kit Daniels | P.P. president makes $520,000 a year from organization.

Kurt Nimmo | Sunni Muslims impose Sharia law, attack Christians and Shias.

Steve Watson | Dovetails with mass distrust of government, institutions.

Steve Watson | Trust in government is at an all time low.

Paul Joseph Watson | Opposing influx of “refugees” puts people at risk of being fired.

John W. Whitehead | We are a scant 40 years away from the futuristic world that science fiction author Philip K. Dick envisioned for Minority Report.

Washington Examiner | The lawmakers point out that the Constitution says “Congress has the exclusive power…”

Mac Slavo | It is not a matter of if, but when.

Paul Craig Roberts | Today is the 70th anniversary of the UN.

Michael Snyder | According to the Jerusalem Post, such a resolution is still very much in play.

Truth Revolt | “What could possibly go wrong?”

Mikael Thalen | Facebook CEO tells German chancellor “we need to do some work.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Calling Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce” could be considered “cyber violence”.

Stephen Crowder | They are working on censoring anti-migrant posts.

Adan Salazar | No parental consent needed.

Kurt Nimmo | Political class will never admit taxation is theft.

Kit Daniels | “What are your parents’ political views?” gun survey asks.

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