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Steve Watson | In new ISIS video British hostage says “I’ve been abandoned by my government”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Censored information implicates Saudi Arabia in 9/11 attacks.

IB Times | The new ‘ISIS’ video is incredibly transparent.

Kurt Nimmo | Syrian “rebels” are virtually all members of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Paul Joseph Watson | New Senate bill would authorize $350 million weapons transfer to Kiev forces.

Daily Caller | “I’d say most of the troops do not support the president.”

The Intercept | Be careful if you catch an NSA staffer in the wild.

Washington’s Blog | Oil.

Jon Rappoport | Explosive…explosive…explosive…

Prison Planet.com | Are NFL athletes being held to a unreasonable standard, or is it to be expected that they not make any mistakes because of their status.

Michael Snyder | What is our society going to look like when our faces are being tracked literally everywhere that we go?

Mikael Thalen | Elites reward one another for a job well done.

Paul Joseph Watson | UAV could end up in the hands of law enforcement.

Kit Daniels | CEO likely expects customers to pay for immigrant workers if amnesty is passed.

Kurt Nimmo | States kept in the dark about severity of the often fatal disease.

Paul Joseph Watson | Federal agency apprehends traveler for wearing Chanel Bleu.

Steve Watson | US airstrikes will only embolden support for terrorists say those among local populations in Syria.

Gallup | The number has returned to its previous all-time low of 40%.

Kurt Nimmo | U.S. and Saudi-backed mercenaries blame al-Assad.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I know major Arab allies who fund them.”

Kit Daniels | But truth is opposite of what Obama administration suggests.

CNS News | Russia on Tuesday accused the West of ignoring its warnings about the growing terrorist threat in Syria.

Washington’s Blog | It is now beyond dispute that the U.S. and its allies have armed ISIS and its allies.

John W. Whitehead | What a strange and harrowing road we’ve walked since September 11, 2001.

Michael Snyder | When there is a major problem somewhere in the world, Barack Obama loves to show that he is “doing something” by sending a contingent of U.S. troops to the affected area.

Michael Krieger | Fear not, our benevolent bureaucratic bankster military-industrial complex overlords would never do us any harm…

Michael Snyder | The number of volcanoes that are erupting continues to rise, and scientists cannot seem to explain why this is happening.

Paul Joseph Watson | Police chief denies equipment represents a “show of force.”

Mikael Thalen | “Anything that’s drug-related or alcohol-related, we are going to have zero tolerance.”

Adan Salazar | Medical team had to resuscitate teen after he stopped breathing for five minutes.

Steve Watson | “Has Rand Paul ever been to Syria? Has he ever met with ISIS?”

Paul Joseph Watson | Beijing must prepare for new global conflict, warns People’s Daily editorial.

AP | The Obama administration is ramping up its response to West Africa’s Ebola crisis.

Kurt Nimmo | Terror threat on porous border has existed for more than a decade.

RT | The US Air Force will strike back at Syria’s air defense if they interfere with US plans for bombing positions held by Islamic State militants.

The Hill | President Obama called on Americans to renew the push for gun-control legislation in a statement Tuesday.

Paul Joseph Watson | Kentucky Senator a “voice of reason” on ISIS in comparison to Hillary Clinton.

Prison Planet.com | Gruesome propaganda “resulted in the American public’s quickly backing military action”.

London Independent | Independence won’t be a trial separation. It will be a painful divorce, says Prime Minister.

Mac Slavo | Ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 Americans have seen the value of their currency dwindle.

Michael Krieger | The real culprit is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the America’s closest global allies.

Michael Snyder | We could potentially be on the verge of the greatest health crisis that any of us have ever seen.

Prison Planet.com | Mark Dice returns with more analysis of the mindlessness the media chooses to focus on.

Michael Snyder | Do you remember when the NFL actually used to be about football?

London Independent | Scottish police are preparing for the possibility of significant protests in the wake of this week’s independence referendum result.

Adan Salazar | Technocratic elites realize electronic devices are tools of distraction, dumbing down.

Mikael Thalen | “So far as we can tell from the record, it has become a routine practice for the Navy…”

Kit Daniels | Ebola mutated into an airborne virus back in 1989.

Steve Watson | “Their enemy is really Assad. They don’t really care what ISIS does.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Gruesome propaganda “resulted in the American public’s quickly backing military action.”

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