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Paul Joseph Watson | Even barbaric Stalinist state shocked by militarized police response.

Kurt Nimmo | Unconfirmed invasion portrayed as fact by U.S. government and corporate media.

Zero Hedge | NATO is once again stepping in with strong claims about Russian ‘incursions’.

Steve Watson | Senator warns of Constitutional crisis over climate change “end-around” of Congress.

Zero Hedge | Ukraine has turned on the disinformation spigot to max resulting in a constant verbal, and headline, diarrhea.

The Hill | Police associations are beginning a major lobbying push to protect their access to military equipment.

Paul Craig Roberts | Every public institution in the United States and most private ones are corrupt.

Ars Technica | Feds call it “twelve triple three”; whistleblowers says it’s the heart of the problem.

Paul Joseph Watson | Residents fear MRAP will be used to quell dissent.

Michael Snyder | Russian soldiers and Ukrainian soldiers are now shooting at each other in eastern Ukraine.

Paul Craig Roberts | In Washington coercion has supplanted the rule of law.

Michael Snyder | Has there ever been an administration that has had more disdain for the U.S. military than the Obama administration?

Tony Cartalucci | The US has claimed it will begin reconnaissance flights over Syria – a tentative first step toward direct military intervention.

Jon Rappoport | CDC whistleblower admits fraud publicly: releases Aug. 27 statement!

Anthony Gucciardi | $95 Million Later: Only 27% Of Donations Actually Help ‘Research The Cure’.

Adan Salazar | Family attorney says surveillance footage indicated man posed no threat.

Kit Daniels | Proposed “gun offender registry” modeled after current sex offender registries open to public.

Mikael Thalen | Police tell City Council device used to detect “IEDs.”

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones| When questioning the official narrative proved crucial.

Kurt Nimmo | Syria warns any attempt to enter Syria without permission will be considered an attack.

Steve Watson | Internal materials give impression veterans are dangerous.

London Guardian | Pew study warns about ‘spiral of silence’ in US discussion of Edward Snowden’s NSA online surveillance revelations.

RT | Under the pretext of an ‘overt’ Russian threat, NATO is pushing for a ‘readiness action plan’.

UK Daily Mail | Welsh city centre has been turned into a high security ‘prison’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Council staff ignored evidence in the name of political correctness.

Prison Planet.com | Joe Rogan sits down with Alex Jones for a one on one interview.

Daniel McAdams | The Obama administration is reportedly preparing to begin air strikes on Syrian territory without the consent of the Syrian government.

NY Times | The Obama administration is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement.

Zero Hedge | Easy money.

USA Today | U.S. surveillance flights over Syria have started with President Obama’s go-ahead.

Mac Slavo | DOJ attorneys and the IRS are now scrambling to offer up an excuse for why they shouldn’t have to show them to the American public.

Washington’s Blog | Is Modern Life Making Us Dumber?

Adan Salazar | Welcome to the FEMA-dome.

Mikael Thalen | “If you’re not comfortable with bending over, we might have a problem.”

Prison Planet.com | Flood of illegal immigrants prepare nation for takeover by global elite.

Kit Daniels | More proof of criminal wrongdoing by IRS.

Paul Joseph Watson | Police refuse to treat incident as a hate crime.

The Washington Times | The White House said Monday that President Obama won’t necessarily seek congressional approval for airstrikes in Syria.

Vox | ISIS could have a higher approval rating in France than in Gaza.

Steve Watson | Europe will once again host secret elite cabal.

Paul Joseph Watson | Fresh doubt thrown on veracity of beheading video.

UK Daily Mail | Barack Obama has paved the way for airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria.

Washington’s Blog | ISIS and other Muslim extremists who persecute Christians are disobeying a direct order from Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

Mac Slavo | These days you never know what could be used as a deadly weapon of mass destruction requiring a militarized SWAT response.

Economic Collapse | If hundreds of doctors and nurses are becoming infected with Ebola, what chance is the general public going to have?

Tony Cartalucci | Possible Ploy to Establish Plausible Deniability.

Prison Planet.com | David Knight takes the studio for Alex Jones and plays an interview that Alex Jones shot with Joe Rogan.

Mikael Thalen | Residents given no timeline for troop “drawdown.”

Kit Daniels | Former “black projects” researcher pointed out in April that earthquakes were moving north towards California.

Kurt Nimmo | Pentagon defends 1033 militarization program.

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