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Kit Daniels | Austin, Texas, follows NYC’s lead in developing high-priced, 220 square foot apartments.

Adan Salazar | Says state police insiders have pointed him to “script” of event.

Mikael Thalen | Operation Mockingbird media outlets worked to protect CIA.

Steve Watson | As Obama’s sidekick resigns, his fiercest detractors remind America why Holder was so dangerous.

Military Times | The program is called Military Accessions in the National Interest (MAVNI).

The Hill | The FBI and the Pentagon said on Thursday that they did not know exactly how close the Khorasan group was to an attack on the U.S.

The Hill | The U.S. military is carrying out an average of five strikes a day against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) since the campaign began in August, according to the Pentagon.

Washington Free Beacon | “Who cares about the confidentiality of a gun owner?” Councilwoman Yvette Alexander said. “We don’t want it.”

The Washington Times | Everytown for Gun Safety midterm elections endorsement list heavy on ‘safe’ Democrats.

Paul Craig Roberts | Obama’s September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones takes calls and breaks down the news of Eric Holder’s imminent resignation.

Truth Revolt | These Two Videos Highlight Renewed Tension In The Town.

Mikael Thalen | Holder resigns after years of lawlessness.

Kit Daniels | Holder’s false flag operation against the Second Amendment shows otherwise.

Paul Joseph Watson | Lawmakers want officers to resign “in a blaze of glory” in opposition to White House’s middle east policy.

Steve Watson | “Very often we find unfortunately that young people have evil intentions”.

NPR | Holder intends to leave the Justice Department as soon as his successor is confirmed.

The Gateway Pundit | The article accuses the US of manufacturing the Ebola outbreak in a scheme to use Africa as a testing ground for bioweapons.

Kurt Nimmo | ISIS atrocities pale when compared to those of the Masters of War.

Paul Joseph Watson | Judge’s dissenting opinion crucial, says man who proved scanners were useless.

Paul Joseph Watson | “There are no ISIS members here.”

Kit Daniels | Proposed ban serves as backdoor gun control by cutting global supply of ammo.

WLTX | The video showing a shooting involving a former South Carolina state trooper and an unarmed man has been released to the public.

Daily Caller | A letter to the parents warned them that they have no choice but to abide by New Jersey’s Common Core standards.

Dennis J. Kucinich | The administration’s response to the conjunction of this weekend’s People’s Climate March and the International Day of Peace?

Michael Snyder | Is it looks? Is it a charming personality? Is it compatibility? No, it isn’t any of those things.

Washington’s Blog | New Boogeyman Has Already Been Debunked.

Michael Krieger | Thanks to a dizzying barrage of lies, mainstream media fear-mongering and a couple of beheadings, the Obama Administration finally achieved its long sought after war in Syria.

Michael Snyder | When is the U.S. banking system going to crash? I can sum it up in three words. Watch the derivatives.

Paul Joseph Watson | Company blamed threats on 4chan users before admitting stunt.

Adan Salazar | Two Ebola patients come back to life right before their funerals.

Kit Daniels | War is peace, according to Obama ideology.

Mikael Thalen | “People are very good about ‘If you see something, say something.’”

Paul Joseph Watson | What they’re not telling you about ISIS & the middle east agenda.

Zero Hedge | Never one to miss out on some heavy “shock and awe.”

Prison Planet.com | Alright, another war with an enemy that we created and armed.

Jon Bowne | Illegals raping their way through America’s children.

Steve Watson | Reminder that US backed rebels are fighting against Syrian government, not ISIS.

Paul Joseph Watson | Congressman slams White House for snubbing lawmakers.

Washington’s Blog | ISIS Is Run By Former Iraqi Generals … Many Are Members Of Saddam Hussein’s Secular Baath Party Who Converted To Radical Islam In American Prisons.

Tony Cartalucci | Allied with barbaric regional regimes who gestated “Islamic State,” Washington’s attack on Syria sets dangerous new precedent.

Prison Planet.com | An Al Qaeda splinter group has emerged to be the “real threat” concerning Washington, prompting airstrikes in Syria.

Michael Krieger | Civil disobedience is as American as apple pie.

Mac Slavo | The Ebola crisis is fast approaching a point of no return.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the number of Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone is approximately doubling every 20 days?

Adan Salazar | Despite nine counts of theft, county judge labels accused thieves ‘victims.’

Mikael Thalen | Residents ask whether situation warranted or paranoia gone too far.

Kurt Nimmo | Police completely ignorant of the concept of god-given natural rights.

Kit Daniels | Another example of unstable behavior linked with SSRIs.

Zero Hedge | At what point is a drill more than just a drill?

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