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Breitbart | This rot goes higher and deeper.

Daily Caller | “This is a textbook case where a grand jury should have been convened, but was not. That is appalling.”

The Last Refuge | There are literally a hundred current stories/issues which, under normal non-corrupt circumstances, would be top headlines.

American Mirror | “Bill Clinton is a rapist! Bill Clinton is a rapist!” two men yelled, approaching the media riser at Keene State College.

Paul Joseph Watson | Tracey Martin drops bombshell revelation during radio interview.

Kit Daniels | Undercover video supported by Wikileaks email exposing campaign’s involvement.

Paul Joseph Watson | Prime time host warns of secret plot.

The Hill | The notes and interview summaries are likely to shed new light on the bureau’s year-long investigation into Clinton and her allies.

Breitbart | The latest poll finds two-fifths of voters say the election may be “stolen” from Donald Trump because of widespread voter fraud.

Daily Caller | Emails recently released by the Obama administration expose just how intertwined was Clinton’s State Department, her family’s non-profit, and a controversial consulting firm called Teneo Holdings.

Paul Joseph Watson | Urges citizens to stockpile cans of food.

Steve Watson | The Clinton News Network strikes again.

Steve Watson | They are “putting stories that never happened into news!”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Donald Trump is the lead in terms of raising the temperature”.

DCWhispers.com | Martha Raddatz tries to mock the idea of election fraud, while Gingrich reminds her this country’s own history has proven fraud takes place.

Prison Planet.com | Its honestly sickening to see this level of science denialism in universities.

The Ralph Retort | The Obama administration is apparently psychopathic and ready for nuclear war to protect their darling candidate’s crimes from being exposed.

Prison Planet.com | Citizens in the Austrian capital couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a refugee in what appears to be a religious frenzy.

Michael Snyder | The CIA has already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation.

Information Liberation | “Everything you’re learning about this, you’re learning from us,” he says.

Alex Jones | Globalists pitting US, Russia against each other so they can rule both.

Paul Joseph Watson | Podesta: “Better” if killer was Christopher Hayes.

Daily Caller | Schweizer finds it “mind-boggling” that Hillary lied to Obama.

Breitbart | “Immigration reform is so important.”

Washington Post | Aides quickly moved to gather information that could be used to undermine Broaddrick’s account.

Lifezette | GOP nominee draws in mostly small contributions from 2.6 million Americans.

NY Post | “Politics is like sausage being made.”

RCP | “I think she’s actually getting pumped up if you want to know the truth.”

Prison Planet.com | Hillary has no support, so she’s going to try and steal the election!

Washington Free Beacon | “I believe with correspondence with the president there was, I don’t know if it was executive privilege, but there was a concern that those emails not be made public.”

RT | Russia continues to grab US headlines as being somehow behind the scandal.

Buzzed | Jeff Zucker also refused to say whether Trump is fit to be president.

The Hill | “It would be laughable that the Republican nominee for president has allowed his campaign to be overtaken by Breitbart and Infowars.”

The Hill | Some Clinton supporters say they’re concerned that voters are nearly fed up with the constant accusations and name-calling that has defined the campaign.

Breitbart | Podesta suggested ambushing Trump with a question about minimum wage.

Kit Daniels | Sexual assault claims against Trump full of holes.

Steve Watson | Hillary’s “weapon” corporate media “no longer involved in journalism.”

Paul Joseph Watson | NYT journalist helps “tee up” stories for Clinton.

American Mirror | With less than four weeks to go before Election Day, Hillary Clinton seems to be thinking she can disappear and voters won’t notice.

The Right Scoop | A new leaked email exchange by Wikileaks shows that the Hillary campaign was pushing the Muslim Obama narrative back in 2008.

Breitbart | Flowers stated that Clinton personally paid $200 for the abortion in 1977.

Paul Joseph Watson | Yet mainstream media continues to obsess over sexual accusations.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I’m sure that none of my interview will make the news”.

Daily Caller | A former NBC News journalist is calling on the network to release raw footage of a 1999 interview with Bill Clinton’s rape accuser, Juanita Broaddrick.

Prison Planet.com | Bill Clinton accuser says Hillary personally threatened her.

Mac Slavo | Bombshell after bombshell has come out from the latest round of Wikileaks documents about Hillary.

Michael Snyder | If Barack Obama decides to directly hit the Syrian military, that will be crossing a “red line” that Russia has already established.

Prison Planet.com | On Monday October 10th 2016 Alex Jones proclaimed that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were demons and those close to them said they have overpowering body oder.

Michael Snyder | With so much stacked against him, can Donald Trump pull off a miracle and actually win this election?

Kit Daniels | Hillary needs to find an emotional connection to regular Americans, Dem strategist says.

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