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Paul Joseph Watson | Word “cracker” spray painted on house in yet another hate crime attack.

Breitbart | “Our response to this situation matters.”

The Ralph Retort | Are you tired of winning, yet?

Information Liberation | His big grief was a complaint about “Muslims being tortured, raped and killed in Burma.”

Prison Planet.com | Why would a “white supremacist” country import massive numbers of non-white immigrants? Tariq Nasheed gets completely owned and it’s hilarious.

AP | The state Elections Commission has ordered the recount to begin Thursday but rejected Stein’s request that county clerks conduct the recount entirely by hand.

Michael Snyder | “In my estimation, nearly 1 million people have died in Syria. These deaths are still continuing without exception for children, women and men. Where is the United Nations?”

Adan Salazar | Moments later… radical Islam attacks.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Snide comments” more worrying than jihadist knife rampages.

Steve Watson | Former CIA head revealed classified information and then lied about it.

Paul Joseph Watson | Just when you thought it was safe to forget about her.

Breitbart | President-elect Donald Trump is further excoriating CNN.

The Hill | House Democrats return to Washington on Tuesday grappling over the best course for the party’s future.

Paul Joseph Watson | President elect said they were a “disaster” for U.S. cities just three weeks before Ohio State University attack.

Zero Hedge | Well this is awkward.

Breitbart | Since 2001, the United States has permanently resettled nearly 100,000 migrants from Somalia.

RT | Better video surveillance and better light sources should also be a must, according to the paper.

Daily Caller | People are blaming Kasich’s calls to open the Buckeye state’s borders to international refugees for Abdul Artan’s actions.

Zero Hedge | With the passing of each new day, it’s growing more and more difficult to find anyone that is actually supportive of Jill Stein’s recount efforts (aka fundraising scam).

Michael Snyder | Without a doubt, something is going on among the elite.

Paul Joseph Watson | Her recount campaign is a total fraud.

Paul Joseph Watson | Victims left defenseless during campus attack.

Steve Watson | Kellyanne Conway reportedly in trouble for pointing out Mitt Romney is anything but anti-establishment.

AP | At least 8 people have reportedly been injured in a mass shooting at Ohio State University.

Washington Free Beacon | For weeks leading up to the election, CNN anchors, reporters, and guests were on the airwaves telling viewers that it was almost impossible for Donald Trump to win the election.

London Independent | ‘Businessmen are generally quite bad at politics’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Former CNN host: “Any guesses which channel told me it was “inappropriate” for me to wear my cross on air?”

Breitbart | Clinton campaign lawyer Marc Elias is backing down from a deal.

Daily Caller | As he took the field the stadium broke out into an insane amount of booing.

Prison Planet.com | Economist believes society will break down if Trump presidency is overturned.

Information Liberation | Jail for those who oppose migrants.

The Ralph Retort | Yesterday, the a big story going around was a quote attributed to Ivanka Trump. How did it start circulating as fact?

Zero Hedge | One theory is that Stein is simply hoping to disrupt the electoral college process to push the 2016 election into the hands Congress.

Michael Snyder | The truth is that the number of homeless children in the United States has risen by 60 percent since the “end” of the last recession.

Kit Daniels | Clinton Foundation much larger scandal than Emailgate.

Zero Hedge | “As a result, we believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.”

The Hill | Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, blasted Obama for not mentioning those killed and imprisoned under his regime.

Daily Caller | “Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades.”

Daily Caller | “That’s not the way our democracy works.”

Daily Mail | Accuses her of hypocrisy for refusing to accept election result after she said she would join in Wisconsin recount.

The Intercept | This Post report was one of the most widely circulated political news articles on social media over the last 48 hours.

Paul Joseph Watson | Paul Joseph Watson talks to Mike Cernovich.

Breitbart | His commitment to socialism was unwavering.

The Hill | Clinton ultimately heeded Obama’s advice and called Trump to acknowledge her defeat in the early morning hours Wednesday.

Daily Caller | The story begins with a tweet from Mic staff writer Sarah Harvard, requesting stories of Trump-inspired attacks on non-whites, Muslims or LGBTQ people.

Washington Times | Liberals just can’t abide competing points of view.

Washington Examiner | “Since the election, CNN has out MSNBCed MSNBC.”

Breitbart | Late Thursday evening on Thanksgiving, a Twitter user in the Boston area reported that CNN was airing hardcore pornography for 30 minutes through local provider RCN.

Zero Hedge | The Washington Post states – without irony – that there are now scientific studies that show how the Russians influenced the 2016 election.

Sky News | The former PM says the public could change their minds, as Sir John Major backs the idea of a second referendum on the exit deal.

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