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Adan Salazar | Proposed legislation would require “Face to face purchases of ammunition.”

Kit Daniels | Outside agitators already pouring into city in anticipation of Michael Brelo verdict.

Steve Watson | “Why are you spouting nationalist rhetoric to get us involved in more wars?”

Kit Daniels | Your very own Imperial probe droids mapping your living room, bedroom, kitchen…

The Intercept | After only one hour of floor debate, and no allowed amendments.

RT | “Should’ve been shut down a long time ago.”

Breitbart | “There’s a civil war going on there.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Role players chant for food and water during alarming exercise.

Breitbart | The deal’s text is kept in a room behind double doors that each have signs: “No Public Or Media Beyond This Point.”

EAG News | Wait a minute… a liberal bringing up Communism?!?!

SHTFPlan.com | It can be difficult to understand the repercussions that would follow a collapse of the global economy, stocks and debt markets.

Michael Snyder | Some really weird things are happening in the financial world right now.

Anthony Gucciardi | Subject also ‘turned strange grey’ color.

Truth Revolt | “Words matter.”

Prison Planet.com | America’s crumbling infrastructure worsens by the day.

Mikael Thalen | Companies push biometric authentication despite glaring vulnerabilities.

Paul Joseph Watson | National newspaper features brazen call for economic fascism.

Adan Salazar | “Vaccinate All Children Act” does not contain exemptions for reasons of conscience or religion.

Steve Watson | Uniformed officers arrived and “laughed and joked” with attacker.

Paul Joseph Watson | BBC: Criticism of feminism, homosexuality may be characterized as extremist.

Kurt Nimmo | Did not break the law or was he charged with a crime.

Steve Watson | “Stuck his hands down his pants and grabbed the top of his penis and placed his fingers in his butt crack…”

Paul Joseph Watson | South Carolina residents warned they may encounter military vehicles.

John W. Whitehead | How many Americans have actually bothered to read the Constitution?

Zero Hedge | We suspect there will be less rioting and looting after this horrifying clip…

Washington’s Blog | Bin Laden has always been a prop in the war on terror … both in life and death.

Michael Snyder | What are we going to do once all the water is gone?

Prison Planet.com | A closer look at the upcoming Jade Helm military exercise.

Michael Krieger | Who will benefit from the TPP?

Paul Joseph Watson | Jessica Valenti: Liking books & music written by men is also “suspect”.

Kit Daniels | Americans have a more favorable view of Clinton (47%) and Biden (39%) than they do of Bush (35%).

Steve Watson | Agency doesn’t know what screening equipment is working correctly.

Kurt Nimmo | Says NSA not interested in your phone calls, has broken no laws.

Steve Watson | Government workers routinely threatened with “directed reassignment” by superiors.

Paul Joseph Watson | More domestic disorder coming in the aftermath of Ferguson & Baltimore.

Paul Joseph Watson | Authorities to continue investigation of ‘off grid family’ in Kentucky.

Prison Planet.com | Pulitzer Prize winner, Seymour Hersh, calls out the establishment’s press for being “pathetic, more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on [Obama]“

Michael Snyder | Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has uncovered one of the biggest lies in modern American history.

Michael Krieger | What’s even more incredible than the latest Hersh article, is the U.S. government’s pathetic attempt to deny it.

Sputnik | The Pakistani authorities knew whereabouts of former al-Qaeda’s leader Osama bin Laden before he was killed.

Zero Hedge | Italian women would “like to have more [children], but the conditions just aren’t good enough,” laments one new mother.

Council Of Conservative Citizens | We have been working to create a comprehensive look at black on white murders for the years 2014 and 2015.

Mikael Thalen | “When Congress fails to act, it’s up to the states to protect and preserve our constitutional rights.”

Kit Daniels | “Obama started this war on police intentionally, right in line with his community agitating,” he tweeted.

Mikael Thalen | Senator joins long list of anti-gun Democrats charged for gun-related crimes.

Paul Joseph Watson | Chilling tweets feature images of explosives, threats to target government buildings.

Kurt Nimmo | ISIS and corporate media ramp up propaganda.

Steve Watson | “You’re sick, evil, reprobates. Celebrate life, not death.”

Kurt Nimmo | Like previous ISIS claims, this one cannot be verified.

Steve Watson | Detained for 3-4 hours over “cute dog” comment and for not moving when ordered.

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