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Featured Stories

AFP | “We have a picture of a moribund country”.

Zero Hedge | The Donald may have just masterfully played the entire media universe for fools. Again.

Associated Press | Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Iran Sunday.

London Telegraph | Sources said some guests flew into a panic.

London Telegraph | They share the aim of unifying Europe under one “authority”.

Breitbart | “There’s time for recriminations”.

EAG News | The blowback has been immediate, and fierce.

RT | The number of asylum seekers entering the country will be around 600,000 in 2016.

Zero Hedge | As pure desperation has set in, crime has becomes inevitable.

Mac Slavo | And yet we’re the conspiracy theorists…

Kacie Burnett | Everyone’s been making a big stink out of LGBT inclusion.

Kurt Nimmo | Interim president worked as an informant for US intelligence.

Kit Daniels | Don’t be fooled: Politician Obama couldn’t care less about individual rights.

Paul Joseph Watson | Clooney is a total moron and a massive hypocrite.

Kit Daniels | Here’s how the proposed wall would serve as a gateway to America.

Kit Daniels | Wendy’s announcement leads to fully robotic restaurants.

Steve Watson | ‘I know Hillary is a good friend of yours’.

Kurt Nimmo | Corruption “beyond comprehension.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Invasive security procedures, lack of staff blamed for delays.

Bizpac Review | “We have to have Donald Trump not give in, to do something about the problem.”

Michael Snyder | As the U.S. economy slows down, we would expect to start to see evidence of this in the employment numbers, and that is precisely what has begun to happen.

Prison Planet.com | Armed with iron bars they barricade the road with tree trunks, obstacles and fires, throw rocks at the passing vehicles to slow them down so they can climb aboard to smuggle through the port to the UK.

Mac Slavo | This is a tyranny. It is dressed up in political theater and subtle rationales for the scofflaws and dissidents it targets.

Fox News | The letter, which is signed by officials at the Justice Department and the Department of Education, will be sent out to the districts on Friday.

Information Liberation | More Evidence Media is Fanning Flames for Trump Assassination.

Michael Snyder | America is falling apart. And the repair bill is getting bigger.

Prison Planet.com | Music icon spurs debate over state of US politics.

Adan Salazar | Movement accused of fostering anti-police sentiment nationwide.

Steve Watson | “We’re conducting an investigation … That’s what we do.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Video illustrates botched police response to mass molestation.

Kit Daniels | Are the elite intentionally using the Olympics to spread Zika worldwide?

Paul Joseph Watson | Klein: Clinton will run for president even if she’s indicted.

Kurt Nimmo | Frontrunner says he may appoint former NYC mayor to head up commission on terrorism.

Breitbart | “But, we have radical Islamic terrorism all over the world.”

The Daily Beast | The secret ‘28 pages’ are just the start. The FBI has another 80,000 classified documents, many of which deal with Saudi connections to the 9/11 terror plot. What’s the Bureau got?

RT | Copenhagen bars tired of ‘Sharia patrols’ rampage & threats raise issue with integration minister.

CNS News | “An alien may not be denied admission to the United States because of the alien’s religion or lack of religious beliefs.”

Michael Snyder | Most people just seem to believe that everything is going to be okay somehow.

EAG News | “They were forcing us to get in the van.”

Information Liberation | The problem with this entire propaganda campaign is they’re giving the false impression wearing a hijab is just a “choice.”

Infowars.com | Alex Jones talks with Stefan Molyneux about the importance of free speech and why some people are so opposed to it.

Mikael Thalen | Pennsylvania State Police deny owning SUV.

Adan Salazar | Activists demand government seize cattle from family.

Paul Joseph Watson | Former Mexican president: “Don’t play around with us, we can jump walls”.

Kit Daniels | If Hillary steals nomination, Trump gains Bernie voters.

Washington Free Beacon | Watch would alert police when past DUI offenders ‘indulge themselves in social drinking’.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton is putting David Copperfield to shame with her vanishing voter trick.

Paul Joseph Watson | Blogger says police sources told him knifeman’s real name was Rafik Youssef.

Steve Watson | Poll indicates Trump is closing in on Hillary in key swing states.

Breitbart | A middle school teacher in the Austrian city of Bregenz is facing criminal prosecution for her comments regarding the founder of Islam.

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