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EAG News | Parents say they didn’t hear about the ban until their children told them. They were both befuddled and incensed.

Mikael Thalen | Undercover sting busts agent who took $20,000.

Kit Daniels | Little girl coached by illegal alien parents to ‘ask’ Pope to push amnesty.

Steve Watson | They must ALL be Islamophobic.

Kurt Nimmo | EU and UN officials underestimate the number of illegal migrants.

Paul Joseph Watson | The mainstreaming of pedophilia continues.

Steve Watson | Only one third support any federal government involvement in gun laws.

Kit Daniels | Here’s what the mainstream media’s not telling you about the pontiff.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Director of progressive media” implies 13-year-old is a birther conspiracy theorist.

CNS News | Obama’s Justice Department is actively fighting 56 separate federal court cases aimed at forcing 140 religious ministries and institutions to cooperate with an Obamacare.

Daily Caller | A newly-uploaded video on YouTube shows a jogger in New York City having a cataclysmic meltdown over a collision with a stroller.

NBC News | Images of the chaotic aftermath showed dozens of bodies lying in the streets.

Michael Snyder | Black protesters with their clenched fists raised in the air were photographed and displayed on the cover of Revolution, the official newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Pamela Geller | The scam continues.

Kit Daniels | Pope warns against “climate change” while spewing more CO2 than 58,000 gallons of gas.

Mikael Thalen | Student’s letter accuses kiss cam of encouraging “male entitlement.”

Adan Salazar | Speculation lingers over whether chief committed act himself.

Kurt Nimmo | Kerry says Russian effort aimed at ISIS will escalate conflict.

Paul Joseph Watson | Fears public knowledge of children being molested by Muslim migrants could lead to “right-wing demonstrations”.

Steve Watson | Even 40 percent of Democrats reject Obama’s plan to resettle 10,000.

Kurt Nimmo | Says Chinese troops and military aircraft will arrive within six weeks.

Steve Watson | CENTCOM analysts given “implied orders” not to report facts on the ground in Iraq regarding terrorist activity.

Paul Joseph Watson | Project funded by organizations that funded Kiev coup.

Michael Krieger | “At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,”

Gateway Pundit | The American people should ask themselves why the media has no interest in finding out who this man is.

Michael Snyder | I am mourning for a nation that once knew such greatness but that has now fallen to depths that were once unimaginable

Prison Planet.com | Here is a message from the spokesperson of the Pot Bellied Pedophile Network. Remember your children belong to us now move along.

Fish Wrapper | Despite what the internet might tell you, self-admitted pedophile Todd Nickerson is not a hero, and is not a man to admire.

Louder With Crowder | Yes, we went there so you wouldn’t have to.

Mikael Thalen | “They handed over a very large amount of ammunition and medium weaponry and a number of pick-ups.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Salon writer says lusting after children is a “sexual orientation”.

Kit Daniels | Video exposes “clock kid” story as a deceptive stunt.

Steve Watson | “Money has been collected on false pretenses.”

Kurt Nimmo | Polish media claims Ankara engineered mass migration.

Paul Joseph Watson | Top broadcaster refuses to air information on “darker skinned” rapist.

Bizpac Review | A black teenager who accused a city bus driver of racism for demanding his fare was captured in video punching the woman in the face, then fleeing from the bus.

Washington’s Blog | German Economic News also reports on Chancellor Merkel’s decision to allow these terror-weapons against Russia.

Mac Slavo | It is clear that Obama has no idea what he is doing, and no way of containing all that confronts U.S. interests overseas.

Michael Snyder | According to disturbing new intel that I have received, a major financial event in Germany could be imminent.

Anthony Gucciardi | Will the U.S. recognize this act of food sovereignty?

Louder With Crowder | Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Salon.com posts this on their home page…

Adan Salazar | Photo of prime minister in compromising situation reportedly exists.

Paul Joseph Watson | Republican frontrunner receiving far more vitriol than Hillary Clinton.

Mikael Thalen | “Osama Abdul joined the rebel groups in 2011 and committed crimes against civilian minorities, including Kurds.”

Kit Daniels | Not long after same-sex marriage ruling, leftists now demand rights for pedophiles.

Kurt Nimmo | Rubber bullets, stun grenades, flares and net guns to be used to fend off intruding horde.

Steve Watson | “You can’t do it out here, otherwise I’m going to have to lock you up.”

Kit Daniels | ISIS militants attack Russian airbase, according to Russian media.

Paul Joseph Watson | “To help save the North Korean people”.

Steve Watson | Up from one third in past 12 years.

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