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Kit Daniels | Jobs related to gun industry increased 73% since Obama took office!

Paul Joseph Watson | Violent riots threaten international stability.

Paul Joseph Watson | Not the numerous scandals she has been involved in.

Steve Watson | Chinese Finance Minister calls Trump an “irrational type”; Trump says China has “waged economic war” on US.

Market Watch | 77.5 million households do not pay federal individual income tax.

The Hill | The decision comes after weeks of discussions with U.S. commanders in Iraq and Iraqi officials.

Biz Pac Review | Hillary Clinton claimed surprising ignorance of a bill she should be intimately acquainted with as a former secretary of state and New York senator.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I’m a tranny, go ahead, punch a woman!”

RT | A total of 38 volcanoes are currently erupting around the world, making conditions ripe for seismic activity in the Pacific area.

DCWhispers.com | It would be a monumental shift of millions.

Ron Paul | Yellen’s secret meeting at the White House followed an emergency secret Federal Reserve Board meeting.

Michael Snyder | We have seen a dramatic spike in global seismic activity.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporters Rob Dew and Joe Biggs hit Rudy’s Bar and Grill one of the oldest bars in New York to talk politics.

Prison Planet.com | Watch this case study on triggering as two young women can’t stand the fact that others have different opinions than theirs.

American Mirror | “Remember when she said she was poor, she had no money? And she had tens of millions of dollars. She’s a liar.”

Miami Herald | Saudi is responsible for their rehab. That should go well…

Daily Mail | Riot police were called in to break up a violent clash between hundreds of migrants and a ‘vigilante group’ near a Paris metro station.

Daily Caller | “I want surveillance for our borders, and the drone has great capabilities for surveillance.”

Washington Free Beacon | Two protestors interrupted a Hillary Clinton campaign event on Saturday, with one being escorted out after shouting that the Democratic presidential frontrunner is “evil” and “guilty.”

Bill Gertz | Barrel rolls over plane in latest Baltic Sea provocation.

New York Times | Such a sell-off would end up crippling the kingdom’s economy.

The New American | There has never been a successful and long-lasting atheistic civilization.

Reuters | “Bigotry is not proof of strong leadership”.

Paul Joseph Watson | It’s unclear if Cirque du Soleil plans to cancel its upcoming shows in nations that put homosexuals to death.

DC Whispers | Angela Merkel is agreeing to put one of her own citizens on trial for mocking a Muslim thug.

Prison Planet | Anti-Trump supporters play race card, but can’t give any real proof that Donald Trump is racist.

Paul Joseph Watson | Only creepy perverts need to be worried.

Kit Daniels | Luxury condo dwellers expected to ride city buses.

Adan Salazar | Legislation would force feds to uphold due process rights.

Kurt Nimmo | Private bankster cartel wizard would turn America into a third world wasteland.

Steve Watson | Clinton told Egyptian PM “We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Leftists rip sign, throw punches at man, steal his sunglasses.

Gateway Pundit | Of course, if Republicans ever did anything like this against a Democrat it would make national headlines.

Mac Slavo | “No wonder voters demand change.”

Michael Snyder | Why is the crust of the Earth shaking so violently all of a sudden?

The College Fix | Chalking threatens our tax-exempt status, DePaul warns.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars captured footage of a crazed Sanders supporter threatening cops.

Truth Revolt | Scientists are the new Inquisition.

Paul Joseph Watson | Mouthpiece of Communist Party praises Putin for provocation.

Paul Joseph Watson | Floor fight at RNC could get ugly.

Adan Salazar | Judge rules court’s subject matter jurisdiction not affected by firearm companies’ arguments.

Kit Daniels | New footage apparently shows Fields re-enter a security zone after agents told her not to.

Kit Daniels | Campaign points out Facebook CEO’s hypocrisy.

Steve Watson | Ross Perot was apparently president in the 1970s.

Paul Craig Roberts | Would The World Survive President Hillary?

Kurt Nimmo | Tech community denounces it as a “ludicrous, dangerous, technically illiterate proposal.”

RT | The set of incidents took place as the US ship, which had sailed from the Polish port of Gdynia, was conducting exercises with its NATO ally Poland in the Baltic Sea.

Paul Joseph Watson | Claims harassment, death threats from Trump supporters.

Michael Snyder | This is what ISIS is doing to thousands upon thousands of women in Iraq and Syria, and some of their victims are as young as nine.

Gateway Pundit | So Megyn Kelly is accusing the Trump Campaign for Michelle Fields pressing charges against the Trump Campaign manager.

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