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Michael Snyder | Yes, I know that headline sounds like it comes from the 1998 movie “Armageddon” starting Bruce Willis, but this is actually happening.

New American | As recent history has shown the battles over these pseudo-“free trade” pacts are full of surprises.

Prison Planet.com | Hillary was heckled outside her Florissant stop.

Kit Daniels | Jarrett’s father in particular was a high-level communist in Chicago.

Kit Daniels | Did you know the KKK was created by Democrats?

Adan Salazar | Multiple sightings confirm autonomous vehicle is being tested on public roadways.

Steve Watson | Extremists up the barbarity as Americans focus on domestic strife.

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars first warned of PC microphone snooping nearly a decade ago.

Truth Revolt | CNN anchor Don Lemon came under heavy social media fire last night after holding up a sign with the N-word.

Washington Times | National Democrats tried Monday evening to raise funds off the South Carolina Confederate flag flap.

Paul Joseph Watson | Controversial symbol sparks heated debate.

AP | Backers of President Barack Obama’s trade agenda are imploring key senators to stand by their previous votes when they revisit the issue in a showdown set for Tuesday.

Kurt Nimmo | Move good for military-industrial complex, opposed by European citizens.

Zero Hedge | Some of the world’s top money managers are getting concerned.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Crash coming? Ron Paul’s tough talk on the coming bear market — how it happeed and what to expect — in this special edition of the Liberty Report.

RT | The WHO cancer research unit has deemed 2,4-D, the active ingredient of Dow’s herbicide – once used in infamous Agent Orange – as ‘possibly’ causing cancer.

New American | Much has been learned in the past month since the Senate first approved Fast Track.

Anthony Gucciardi | Will GMOs ever be banned?

Michael Snyder | After all these years, the most famous investor in the world still believes that derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction.

Alex Jones | Threat of global thermonuclear war looms as Ukraine crisis intensifies.

Paul Joseph Watson | Former CNN host draws scorn from conservative figures.

Real Clear Politics | “Too many black people are niggerized.”

NBC News | South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the grounds of the state Capitol Monday.

Paul Joseph Watson | Why is there so much hate and bigotry surrounding trans-everything?

Mikael Thalen | “They cannot be taken seriously as an organization that is all for rights and equality if they block the entrance…”

Kurt Nimmo | Effort to bolster failed bid to defeat resistance in Eastern Ukraine.

Kurt Nimmo | Democrats previously attacked presidential candidate Ron Paul for supposed racist comments.

Steve Watson | Charleston responds with #AllLivesMatter.

Steve Watson | 19 injured, including children, 1 dead.

Paul Joseph Watson | There is no violent white hate crime spree targeting blacks.

Steve Watson | Could face excessive force charges for second time.

Bizpac Review | Wherever racial divisiveness rears its ugly head, you can be sure DeRay Mckesson is not far away.

Mac Slavo | Over the last several months there have been numerous reports highlighting the frantic activities of the world’s ultra-wealthy elite.

Robert Harrington | As drug overdose deaths rise across America.

Michael Snyder | If the United States and China are supposed to be such “great friends”, why are both sides acting as if war is in our future?

Michael Snyder | Not since the financial crash of 2008 have so many prominent people issued such urgent warnings about a specific time period.

The Daily Sheeple | Apparently the only people Mr. Rove wants to have guns are criminals who commit mass shootings and the government.

Kurt Nimmo | 60 million iPhone users will have selected news automatically fed to them.

Adan Salazar | Calls for “common sense” gun reforms, expanded background checks.

ROBERT HARRINGTON | Suboxone is a powerful psychoactive drug which is utilized in breaking heroin and narcotic pain reliever addictions.

Business Insider |Authorities confirmed that the site belonged to Roof.

The Hill | FBI Director James Comey declined to label the Wednesday shooting at a predominantly black church in Charleston, S.C., as a terrorist act.

Daily Caller | “We can never know why someone snaps, but I bet you I know where he got his news,” Maher said

Breitbart | Clinton said white Americans need to “question our own assumptions and privilege.”

The Daily Sheeple | “No certificate of death was issued for Usama [Osama] bin Laden,”

Alex Jones | Signs of a coming financial meltdown are accelerating at an alarming rate.

Prison Planet.com | Contrary to unrest seen in Baltimore and Ferguson, shooting tragedy brings community together.

Kurt Nimmo | Alleged manifesto will be used to denounce critics of race agenda.

AmmoLand.com | The single largest common factor in all of these incidents is the fact that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs.

The Washington Times | A dozen states continue to restrict the carrying of concealed firearms in churches — including South Carolina.

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