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Steve Watson | Accuses “dishonest” “lying” media of “racially profiling”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Pick-up truck pelted with debris as police do nothing.

Breitbart | Blaring headline calls the shooting an “execution”

Daily Caller | “I am stunned that the policy that YouTube developed for the express purpose of fighting Islamic State propaganda is now being used to silence critics of radical jihad,”

RT | The video of the immediate aftermath of the shooting is being circulated online.

Information Liberation | They screamed about “Jihad” while waving Somali flags.

Campus Reform | “Certainly any criminal prosecution and findings could be a consideration for employment decisions.”

The Daily Sheeple | Even Bernie Sanders, the current champion of democratic socialism, can’t bring himself to talk about Venezuela without sounding like an idiot.

Adan Salazar | “The voters are going to end her lying.”

Paul Joseph Watson | The law doesn’t apply if your last name is Clinton.

Kit Daniels | FBI findings spliced with Hillary’s lies regarding e-mail servers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Nouveau riche preparing to seclude themselves from the general public.

Kit Daniels | Withdrawal fuels new speculation on VP pick.

Paul Joseph Watson | 37-year-old man shot by two white police officers.

Daily Caller | Edward Snowden had no words for the Hillary Clinton verdict.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I don’t see why it’s not a hate crime”.

Breitbart | “That’s like a bribe, isn’t it? Isn’t it sort of a bribe? I think I bribe.”

London Guardian | Iraq war inquiry says the then prime minister disregarded warnings of the risks as he built case for military action.

Steve Watson | “There is a basis for the Department of Justice to come to a different conclusion”

Circa News | $4.7 million in high-powered weapons, ammunition and military gear during the last decade.

Daily Mail | Did not want to encourage racism.

Zero Hedge | According to Comey, “we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts.”

Prison Planet.com | Lionel joins the show to explain how crooked Hillary once again escapes prosecution.

American Mirror | The video will do nothing to ease voters’ minds about Clinton’s lack of trustworthiness or honesty.

Information Liberation | Facebook these days regularly censors posts critical of migrant crime if they’re deemed “hate speech” by their censorship brigades.

Paul Joseph Watson | Ex-product manager says social media giant is run like a cult by “sociopaths in hoodies”.

Mikael Thalen | Presidential candidate previously claimed no politician should be above the law.

Kit Daniels | But Hillary is losing in the court of public opinion.

Paul Joseph Watson | Anger as FBI recommends no charges for former Secretary of State.

Kit Daniels | FBI says she compromised national security, but shouldn’t face charges?

Kit Daniels | Comey covers for Clinton’s crimes.

Townhall | Questions from reporters will be off-camera.

Daily Mail | EU Commission staffer writes to ALL MPs demanding they overturn historic vote to leave.

Steve Watson | “Can’t believe America is 2016 years old, shoutout the founding fathers”.

Paul Joseph Watson | System works by blasting crowds with microwaves.

AP | Republican Donald Trump says rival Hillary Clinton is “ridiculous” to portray an anti-Clinton tweet that appeared to depict the Star of David atop a pile of cash as anti-Semitic.

CNS News | 1,069 Syrian refugees were admitted during May, of whom two were Christians and 1,060 were Sunnis. The other seven were other Muslims.

Daily Caller | Abedin also admitted to being “aware of [her] obligation not to delete federal records or destroy federal records.”

Daily Mail | A Donald Trump supporter has claimed she was thrown out of a Mexican restaurant in New York for wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and button.

UK Express | NIGEL Farage quit as Ukip leader because of the huge strain that spearheading Britain’s exit from the EU put on his personal life, party insiders revealed last night.

Chris Menahan | This is the culture we’re importing.

Paul Joseph Watson | Claim Independence Day is about little more than slavery, genocide & racism.

Daily Mail | Admits ‘We have grave cause for concern’.

Daily Mail | A top law firm is refusing to name ‘hundreds’ of business figures and academics behind the bid.

Steve Watson | Because not even her own supporters trust her.

Paul Joseph Watson | Because migrants come from a different culture.

Breitbart | The celebrities expected to attend will likely burn up tons of fossil fuel in order to make it.

Washington Times | The declining patriotism is “likely related to broader dissatisfaction with the way things are going in the U.S.”

Ron Paul | Thomas Jefferson famously said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

London Telegraph | Mission accomplished for the Ukip chief, so it’s little surprise that he has felt able to ride off into the sunset, announcing his resignation today by declaring: “”I want my life back”.

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