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Mikael Thalen | Reporters outside of press pen targeted by police snipers.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporters hit with chemical agent as media covers for police.

KMOV | Remaining protesters — chanting “No justice! No curfew!” — refused to leave the area.

BizPacReview | Frustrated citizens and area shop owners have taken up arms to defend themselves and their businesses from looters.

Amanda Shea | Brown was shot twice in the back and five times in the front, according to the witness’ tweets.

NBC News | Unsuspecting scientists worked with the viral mix for months before it was discovered.

Mike Krieger | You gotta love America.

KTVI | Translation: Governor Nixon bans the First Amendment, declares martial law.

Prison Planet.com | Clear case of overpaid public servants on a witch hunt.

Adan Salazar | Infowars reporters discover a martial law command center erected overnight in Ferguson, Mo.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporters discover a martial law command center erected overnight in Ferguson, Mo.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones breaks down the evidence on the weather manipulation programs past and present.

Fox 2 Now | AWOL for looting, but plenty of militarized cops out in force to harass peaceful protesters & journalists.

NBC News | Armored vehicles rolled back onto the streets of Ferguson early Saturday.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson speaks to Al-Jazeera reporter Ash-har Quraishi.

Prison Planet.com | As if petty theft justifies the execution of an unarmed man and a police state in America.

Martin Armstrong | We seem to be headed for such a fateful turn.

Mike Krieger | Rep. Johnson’s bill has a fighting chance.

Prison Planet.com | Max Keiser sits in studio with Alex Jones to discuss the future of currency.

Mikael Thalen | Residents question whether SWAT use has gone too far.

Paul Joseph Watson | Moscow suggests Kiev could have killed their own troops in order to portray Russia as aggressor.

Kit Daniels | New footage reveals SWAT team shot at reporters after they identified themselves as press.

Kurt Nimmo | Police release surveillance video stills allegedly showing teenager.

Zero Hedge | Things just escalated notably.

Paul Joseph Watson | “I have a right to stand there and hold signs.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Claim completely contradicted by video footage, statements.

Zero Hedge | Escalation over the Ukraine conflict, a/k/a Cold War 2.0, just took another major step forward.

Tony Cartalucci | Denying civilians admittedly needed aid constitutes, in the West’s own terms, a crime against humanity.

Michael Snyder | Is the Obama administration looking to stir up more trouble in Ferguson?

Paul Craig Roberts | The drums for war are being loudly beaten in Washington, European capitals, and the presstitute Western media.

Michael Snyder | It amazes me how the American people can fall for the same lies over and over again.

Prison Planet.com | Chief Jon Belmar of the St. Louis County Police walked the streets of Ferguson.

Lionel Media | Is this martial law or just the usual excess of a Robocop mentality?

Mikael Thalen | “We have police taking a military response… and making matters much worse”

Kurt Nimmo | Even small cities receive wide range of DoD arms under 1033 program.

Kit Daniels | Suspension latest in ongoing purge of alternative media from Facebook and Twitter.

Paul Joseph Watson | They want riots, they want martial law. Ferguson is a trial balloon for the entire country.

Newsweek | Ferguson, Missouri, currently looks like a war zone.

Paul Joseph Watson | Newsweek admits American police have “become an army.”

RT | Paving the way for possible state or federal intervention.

CNN | The “Operation Ferguson” group went through with its promise Thursday morning.

USA Today | The Ferguson Police Department is part of a federal program called 1033.

Paul Joseph Watson | Authorities deliberately target reporters in attempt to censor police brutality.

Kit Daniels | Police use MRAPs, helicopters to hunt down journalists in Ferguson, Mo.

Business Insider | “Oh God,” Jackson said after learning of the arrests.

Michael Snyder | Let’s be honest – Ferguson, Missouri is under military occupation right now.

Brave the World | When we say Bitcoin, we mean the idea: the birth of cryptocurrency.

Zero Hedge | “it’s a little bit late to salvage all the mistakes that we’ve made for the past 24 years.”

Paul Craig Roberts | Are Western propagandists fooling anyone but themselves?

Tony Cartalucci | Demanding Aid in Syria, Blocking Aid in Ukraine.

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