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Kurt Nimmo | Few mention U.S. use of nukes on civilians and Israel’s stockpile of bombs.

Paul Joseph Watson | Concerns sparked by Fort Lauderdale video of troops interning citizens.

Steven Crowder | Will Muslim bakeries make a gay wedding cake? Surpriiiise!

Washington’s Blog | Should We Obey Authority … No Matter What?

Zero Hedge | Iranian-backed Houthi rebels are now in control of the central Crater district in the key Yemeni port city of Aden.

Mac Slavo | If you think the jobs market and larger economy are bad now, just wait for the future.

Michael Snyder | The drought in California is getting a lot worse.

Prison Planet.com | David Knight talks with Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy about his ongoing battle with BLM.

Michael Krieger | Power is increasingly concentrated in undemocratic, “technocratic” agencies.

Mikael Thalen | 147 killed by Al-Shabaab in country’s second largest terror attack.

Kit Daniels | Controversial reporting in article that broke story about “no gay weddings” pizzeria.

Paul Joseph Watson | The truth about Memories Pizza & Indiana’s new law.

Kurt Nimmo | Israel said it may bomb Iranian reactors after U.S. hinted it would do the same if deal not reached

Steve Watson | “Y’all don’t look like upstanding citizens”.

Kurt Nimmo | West pushes Sunni-vs-Shia narrative as Houthis make gains.

London Independent | John Hopkins University denies it was involved in ‘reprehensible’ Guatemala study.

AP | On at least one day, the co-pilot looked at search terms involving cockpit doors and their security methods.

Bill Gertz | Israeli, Jewish interests targeted.

Steve Watson | Farm animals don’t complain about maggots and mold in their food.

Paul Joseph Watson | “It will be the computer that makes the decision in a nanosecond”.

Sputnik | Two British newspapers claimed that Russia had intended to use nuclear force to protect Crimea in March 2014 if NATO had moved additional forces to the Baltic States.

Mac Slavo | It should be obvious given the recent hacks against essential infrastructure that America faces a major cyber security threat from foreign governments and rogue organizations.

Michael Snyder | The higher financial markets rise, the harder they fall.

Washington’s Blog | People Want Peace … But the Military-Industrial Complex Wants War.

Michael Snyder | Well, the first thing that you need to know is that the U.S. Constitution would be “suspended”.

Anthony Gucciardi | But it isn’t fooling us

Adan Salazar | “Safety and effectiveness of BEXSERO have not been established in children younger than 10 years of age,” vaccine insert states.

Mikael Thalen | Man involved in beating receives misdemeanor assault charge.

Kurt Nimmo | By-passing a dangerous border with “resettlement assistance” and permanent residency program.

Kit Daniels | Prior to Bergdahl’s disappearance, Obama planned to release al-Qaeda-linked fighters to empty out Gitmo.

Ben Shapiro | To the left, freedom now means only the freedom to do what it is the left wants you to do at point of gun.

Paul Joseph Watson | Controversial clip showed men defending themselves against violent women.

Zero Hedge | The latest chapter in a saga involving the Getty family which has seen kidnappings, mutilations, drug use and now, allegedly, murder.

Steve Watson | As President reinvigorates war in Middle East, only 35 percent say Obama is ‘no threat’.

Kurt Nimmo | Most Americans want the IRS to confiscate money from the wealthy and corporations.

Paul Joseph Watson | Exercise wargames thousands of people flooding into America during crisis.

Reuters | The Obama administration’s plan for U.N. climate change talks encountered swift opposition after its release Tuesday.

Daily Caller | A new study out of Germany casts further doubt on the so-called global warming “consensus”.

Jacob G. Hornberger | “Overgrown military establishments, which under any form of government, are inauspicious to liberty.”

RT | Screams of “My God,” metallic banging and the cabin jolting to one side – the final moments of the doomed jet were said to have been captured on video.

Michael Snyder | Are we watching a replay of the last financial crisis?

Anthony Gucciardi | More signs that awareness is growing.

Adan Salazar | Was mysterious occult monument used for ritualistic blood sacrifice?

Mikael Thalen | “I have no respect for you… because you’re an enemy.”

Joe Biggs | Army National Guard invades Texas airport held by “hostiles.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Tim Cook’s rampant hypocrisy laid bare.

Kit Daniels | Content of student hand-outs must also be reviewed and approved by school officials.

Steve Watson | Refuses Case On School’s Cinco De Mayo US Flag Ban.

Kurt Nimmo | Relief agencies and organizations prevented from helping civilians.

AllGov.com | Some Americans are refusing to answer questions at Border Patrol checkpoints set up many miles away from U.S. borders.

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