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American Mirror | The shocking footage shows the person walking up to the machine and attempting to vote for Sanders two different times, with each vote being credited to a candidate named Michael Steinberg.

The Washington Times | “When people now know that when I come as a family unit, I won’t be apprehended and detained.”

Fox News 5 | DC Homeland Security officials said Monday they could evacuate the city if disaster struck.

Kit Daniels | Yet Trump polling at over 50%, Congress at 6%…

Paul Joseph Watson | “That’s why this is done – to strike fear and intimidation in the hearts of these people”.

Kit Daniels | Establishment tries to control Trump through VP pick.

Kurt Nimmo | A Canadian version of Donald Trump calling for a wall.

Steve Watson | “Donald Trump has said 100 things in this campaign that would disqualify any other candidate”.

Daily Caller | Officials were urged to make it clear that the bureau did not sign off on the former secretary of state’s arrangement.

Washington Free Beacon | Sanders laughed and asked if it was a serious question, and Alcindor replied that it was.

Paul Joseph Watson | Globalists panicking about populist revolution sweeping the west.

Breitbart | A Democrat Texas congressman told Donald Trump to take the border wall and “shove it up your ass.”

Prison Planet.com | State governments can and should stand up to the agenda.

Information Liberation | Despite Americans being looted to the hilt and giving so much of our money away, we’re still demonized as “racist bigots.”

Michael Snyder | Last Friday, the government released the worst jobs report in six years, and that has a lot of people really freaked out.

Infowars.com | A short video of the preparations being made for Bilderberg 2016 being held in Dresden Germany.

Infowars.com | Americans better start paying attention to the catastrophic implications of Europe’s open border policy and recognize the exact same thing is happening in the US.

Adan Salazar | Security mandate: “Formation of crowds with more than 15 people is forbidden.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Peaceful, non-racist Bernie leftists brutally assault Latinos.

Adan Salazar | “I don’t know which candidate would be the best president. But I do know which outcome is most likely to get me killed by my fellow citizens.”

Kurt Nimmo | 1960s radical supports Black Lives Matter.

Paul Joseph Watson | Filming the crazy behavior of feminists at a public event is now “assault”.

Steve Watson | “In this country, we do not really have democracy.”

Washington Free Beacon | Trump would be concerned if a Muslim judge was presiding over the Trump University case.

London Independent | A former Secret Service agent has also said he ‘disposed of sordid physical evidence’ at the time of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Call the police!”

Zero Hedge | Hillary Clinton’s campaign is scrambling as details emerge of a shocking “tell-all” book written by an ex-Secret Service agent, Gary Byrne, who protected the Clintons during the 1990s.

Breitbart | While arguing for the government’s “right” to regulate the Second Amendment, Clinton twice refused to say the people have “a constitutional right” to keep and bear arms.

Daily Caller | Appearing on the streets of Austin, Texas on Friday with radio host Alex Jones, Stone claimed that he had recently been approached by a Washington Post reporter to address several rumors about Trump.

Ron Paul | Gold reacted to the report quickly and decisively, gaining 2.5 percent to $1,243 per ounce on Friday. Gold mining stocks also saw significant gains on the day.

Michael Snyder | Why is this happening?

Information Liberation | These were targeted attacks and these thugs should be charged with hate crimes.

Paul Joseph Watson | What they’re NOT telling you.

Newsbusters | After going after Trump in its lead story for disrespecting the First Amendment, another story on Saturday’s front page dismissed the recent violent attacks on the First Amendment rights of Trump supporters to peaceably assemble.

Newsbusters | The Post had to endure having to cover, and cover for, an absolutely awful jobs report released Friday morning.

Weasel Zippers | “Police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight the crowd and produce more violent behavior.”

Judicial Watch | The government classifies them as Other Than Mexican.

Prison Planet.com | “What a mess she’s in. Who would be so stupid to do what she did with her emails?”

Breitbart | A new poll from Reuters shows Clinton regaining a solid lead over Trump.

Daily Caller | “That’s not what our democracy is about.”

Breitbart | The report does not confirm whether Bridget was Christian.

Alex Newman | The UN is demanding a demanding a planetary “education” regime to transform children around the world into social-justice warriors.

Michael Snyder | This is exactly what we have been expecting to happen.

Michael Snyder | This is exactly what we have been expecting to happen.

Mikael Thalen | Media outlet distances itself from editor despite numerous articles painting riots as positive.

Kelen McBreen | California elementary school sent deputy to boy’s home for distributing Christian materials.

Adan Salazar | Child refused to remove hat when confronted by vice principal, principal.

Kit Daniels | Let them eat cake, White House implies.

Kit Daniels & Lee Ann McAdoo | Striking similarities between Christianity and simulation theory.

Paul Joseph Watson | People have “no business condemning rioters”.

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