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Kurt Nimmo | British government engaging in “cynical opportunism” following attack in France.

Prison Planet.com | When will an economic collapse happen?

Zero Hedge | We do not need more government.

Infowars.com | The CIA controls America.

Prison Planet.com | Nazi sympathizer wants to divide America.

Mises.org | Businesses do not locate in any one place solely because of the tax laws.

Sputnik | Lawmaker fuels new Cold War.

Kyodo News | Poison gas was brought into Okinawa in 1962 under President Kennedy.

Joe Biggs | Tools record what you type on Microsoft keyboards.

Mikael Thalen | “The canned food item could stun the intruder or even knock him out until the police arrive.”

Prison Planet.com | “Alex Jones” character to be retired.

Paul Craig Roberts | All of history is a history of false flag operations.

Kurt Nimmo | Attention turns to Africa after France’s brush with terror.

Kit Daniels | CISPA encourages Internet companies to share your private data with the feds.

Zero Hedge | American public has little influence over the policies government adopts.

Sputnik | Newspaper received “it’s your turn” threat.

Mises.org | The Federal Reserve System was deliberately designed as an engine of inflation.

Korea Times | Sanctions typically hurt the public more than the targeted government.

RT | We are in a new Cold War.

Sputnik | Saudi Arabia lowering oil prices to bankrupt Russia.

Mikael Thalen | Anonymous Twitter briefly compromised by alleged “Cyber Caliphate.”

Prison Planet.com | Did he contract Ebola while deployed?

Adan Salazar | “We don’t need more poor babies.”

Kit Daniels | Obama proposes dragnet for Americans’ private data.

Prison Planet.com | Do you stay in a burning building until firefighters come to evacuate you?

The Hill | FCC proposal originates from “19th century shipping regulations,” he said.

Paul Joseph Watson | ‘They will use this to strip us of all rights’.

The Washington Times | State official compares his religion beliefs to slaveholders and Nazis.

Kurt Nimmo | Charlie Hebdo attack exploited in move toward world war.

Kit Daniels | Cash money Congress profits off corruption and fraud.

CNS News | NFL players ask Americans to “make the right call” by enriching off-shore banks.

Ron Paul | Foreign policy actions have consequences.

Mises.org | …And the sky isn’t falling.

Politico | “It’s a failed electoral strategy,” he said.

World Net Daily | Brick-and-mortar retail industry collapses.

Paul Joseph Watson | NSA implicated in latest cybersecurity scare?

Adan Salazar | DA’s office bypasses grand jury in filing charges.

Prison Planet.com | Evidence reveals CIA, FBI complicit in allowing Paris shooting to happen.

Kurt Nimmo | Another chapter of the clash of civilizations agenda.

Paul Joseph Watson | Video contradicts reports of police officer being shot in the head.

Kurt Nimmo | New York Times insists capability targets only foreign terrorists.

Kit Daniels | Said to have killed himself while preparing report on terror attack

Pepe Escobar | U.S. will be progressively squeezed out of Eurasia.

CBS Cleveland | Men showed signs of narcissism.

Mises.org | Why are intellectuals so blind to this horrible pattern?

Reuters | Oil continues downward spiral.

Associated Press | Other cops have used chokeholds.

Mikael Thalen | Charlie Hebdo attacker now linked to multiple US-run terrorists.

Prison Planet.com | The reality behind the “spontaneous” worldwide show of support – and how the West has armed ISIS.

Prison Planet.com | Government invokes threat of radical Islam to destroy Bill of Rights.

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