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Gallup | This figure is up from two in three in 2007 (67%) and 2009 (66%).

Washington Examiner | Cuban President Raul Castro welcomed Pope Francis in a long speech at the airport.

Truth Revolt | “They’re eager to defend the Confederate flag.”

Kit Daniels | Ahmed didn’t build the clock used in stunt, according to expert.

Truth Revolt | Painful!

Kit Daniels | Evidence suggests we live inside a Matrix-style reality.

Washington Post | Reflects a major shift for the Pentagon, which only four years ago prevented openly gay troops from serving in the military.

Breitbart | Trump also used the policy paper to mock the idea of describing an entire category of guns as “assault weapons.”

Washington Times | Clinton kept shaking her head and chuckling.

Gateway Pundit | Ahmed Mohamed’s claims that he assembled a clock at home that he took to school is starting to unravel.

Reuters | More than 20,000 migrants, many of them Syrian refugees, have streamed into Croatia since Hungary on Tuesday barred their route to the European Union.

The Hill | The House on Friday voted along party lines to freeze federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Mikael Thalen | Presidential candidate now calls gun and magazine bans “a total failure.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Calling someone a slut now a criminal offense?

Washington Post | It would make him the first openly gay civilian secretary of one of the military services.

Paul Joseph Watson | Migrants told “Swedish women require real men”.

Kit Daniels | “It wasn’t even close,” says Chicago Tribune.

Kurt Nimmo | Gulf Emirates have supported terror through charitable organizations.

Steve Watson | Muslim kid’s father is a prominent ‘anti-Islamophobia’ activist; Police knew there was no danger, but arrested Ahmed Mohamed anyway.

Paul Joseph Watson | “They have lost their fertility!”

Gateway Pundit | The Islamic State hurled another gay man off the top of a tall building in Al-Furat province.

Daily Caller | RICO was a law designed to take down organized crime syndicates, but scientists now want it to be used against skeptics.

Bizpac Review | The knock out game typically involves young blacks trying to knock unconscious unsuspecting victims, usually white, with a single blow.

Daily Caller | Hillary Clinton could not name her “number one accomplishment” while she was secretary of state during her first live interview of the campaign season.

CNN | “We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims.”

Mac Slavo | Is it time to start banning anything that could potentially be used as a weapon?

Paul Joseph Watson | We’re witnessing the birth of a new renaissance for free speech.

Paul Joseph Watson | The President only intervenes when it’s politically correct.

Tom Tillison | The Obama administration continues its stellar tradition of embracing the most radical elements of American society.

Zero Hedge | Is the Fed going to shock us with NIRP in the coming months?

Kurt Nimmo | “Europe is in the last hour.”

Steve Watson | “You’re being ignorant. I think you’re incompetent and I don’t think you understand reality. What is this world you’re living in?”

Truth Revolt | “I dare Hillary Clinton… to watch these tapes.”

Zero Hedge | Trump spoke the most as expected and in most polls was voted as ‘winner’ with Fiorina gaining most.

Zero Hedge | Only about “four or five” U.S.-trained Syrian rebels remain on the battlefield to take on the Islamic State.

Washington Times | Sen. Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican running for president, has long been an ardent support of gun rights and a relentless critic of the IRS.

Daily Mail | Gas and pepper spray deployed by Hungarian police as they violently clashed with protesting refugees.

Adan Salazar | “A week later [the child] got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.”

Prison Planet.com | Insider tears open the Clinton machine.

Mikael Thalen | Middle East residents increasingly skeptical of US role in Syria.

Adan Salazar | Was illegal alien given preferential treatment after mowing down innocent man?

Zero Hedge | As such US admission would then permit Russia to admit its own troops are on the ground in Syria.

Kurt Nimmo | DoD claims troops conducting special ops with Kurds.

Steve Watson | Jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision despite footage of officer slamming elderly man face first into concrete.

Paul Joseph Watson | Author Richard Dawkins asks if petition is genuine.

Prison Planet.com | Tune in for exclusive guests, previously unaired reports & special prizes.

Paul Joseph Watson | German government cracks down on dissent against migrant influx.

Daily Caller | “We still don’t have the complete story on the weeks and months of preparation by the hijackers.”

Daily Caller | “Can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people.”

London Telegraph | A rise in US interest rates may be justified by conditions in the domestic economy, but it could have profoundly destructive consequences for many emerging market economies.

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