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RT | The voices cited by the transcript of the full footage claim a warplane shot down the Boeing.

Paul Joseph Watson | White House sent out ‘happy Ramadan’ statement before commenting on Chattanooga attack.

Daily Caller | Disgraced Planned Parenthood official Deborah Nucatola’s shocking personal work history is coming to light.

Mac Slavo | It appears that ISIS operatives on American soil are coordinating with an extended network and are preparing direct attacks on soft targets.

Michael Snyder | The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is in a state of shock.

Anthony Gucciardi | Tell us how you stay grounded.

InfoWars | The marching orders have been given to demonize Alex Jones for daring to expose Jade Helm.

Steven Crowder | Microaggression theory can be tricky for the uninformed. We’re here to help! Special thanks to #GamerGate.

Alex Jones | Four Marines dead in attack on gun-free zone.

Prison Planet.com | Account praised shooting before suspect was identified.

Kit Daniels & Jakari Jackson | Corporate media launches disinfo campaign against Infowars, Alex Jones.

Paul Joseph Watson | Shocking case is a frightening threat to free speech.

Kurt Nimmo | “Who do you sponge off?”

Steve Watson | Police Department advised him of his rights as a victim.

Paul Joseph Watson | And replace it with ‘homosexuals’ or something politically correct.

Truth Revolt | Faces Wrath Of Megyn Kelly And Dana Loesch.

al.com | Roby, R-Montgomery, called the comments “horrifying.”

WBTV | Charlotte police are asking for the public’s help after two Confederate monuments were vandalized in uptown Charlotte Wednesday.

Washington Times | Those who don’t return their three-year permits will have them terminated.

Paul Joseph Watson | So long as they can find him, which won’t be difficult given that millions of people have seen the clip.

Michael Snyder | What should be done to a nation that has killed more than 56 million babies and doesn’t even feel bad about it?

kfor.com | The President’s visit has sparked controversy all over the state.

Daily Caller | “They deserve your respect.”

Daily Caller | Whenever abortion pops into the picture, emotions run high.

Anthony Gucciardi | We can’t let the ‘right to know’ slip away.

Paul Craig Roberts | All of Europe, and insouciant Americans and Canadians as well, are put on notice by Syriza’s surrender to the agents of the One Percent.

Prison Planet.com | The Jade Helm military exercise kicked off today and already the media is diligently beating away at “those crazy conspiracy nuts”.

Paul Joseph Watson | This is why Salon is a complete laughing stock.

Joe Rogan | Social justice warriors are making the world boring, ruining comedy, movies & literature, and harming actual social justice.

Kurt Nimmo | Neocon-linked Clarion Project posts sensationalistic graphic.

Paul Joseph Watson | Case has “enormous potential fallout for free speech online”.

Prison Planet.com | US government recruits hardened criminals as rogue agents in upcoming summer flick.

Kurt Nimmo | Revisionist frenzy surrounding the Confederate flag continues.

Steve Watson | Newsweek covers for abortionists, saying “there’s more to it than meets the eye”

Steve Watson | Image appears alongside slogan “We Need Real Leadership”.

Paul Joseph Watson | ‘Your cause isn’t worth anything now’ yelled gunman.

Daily Caller | None of the declared Democratic presidential candidates responded.

Breitbart | “He’s arming up the Islamonazis with nukes, he wants to attack the Second Amendment, nationalize our police force, open our borders.”

Mac Slavo | It appears that the threat of an epic financial and economic disaster is not only real, but moving full steam ahead right before our eyes.

John W. Whitehead | Here is an A-to-Z, back-to-the-basics primer of what life in the United States of America is really all about.

Michael Snyder | The “deal that was designed to fail” has already begun to unravel.

Truth Revolt | The media circle the wagons.

Paul Joseph Watson | And why would ISIS need to fake executions?

Kit Daniels | Man claims Bible causes him “emotional duress” because he’s gay.

Steve Watson | “We need to do a clean sweep.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Senator “proud” to be targeted by “America’s enemies”.

Kurt Nimmo | Pentagon may pay costs associated with gender “reassignment” .

Steve Watson | Controversial military site will continue to be used for experiments.

Paul Joseph Watson | Largest bas relief sculpture in the world could be destroyed in the name of political correctness.

Zero Hedge | The Simpsons had it right all along.

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