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Daily Mail | Wikileaks is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the murder.

The Daily Wire | It’s no secret that the mainstream media is a giant liberal cesspool willing to do and say anything to make sure their Democrat candidate gets elected.

Rasmussen | Up dramatically from 38% in May 2014 when questions about Clinton’shealth were first being raised.

Paul Joseph Watson | Attorney found dead after filing lawsuit alleging election rigging.

Steve Watson | “Almost as crooked as ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton.”

Breitbart | “Further confirmation to what we’ve been talking about for more than a year.”

Breitbart | Trump gleefully broadcast Reuters’ refutation of the CNN article.

Daily Caller | The FBI made the request earlier this year, but the DOJ said it did not have enough evidence to open a formal probe.

Business Insider | Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, called President Obama the “founder of ISIS” at a campaign rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday.

Mac Slavo | Venezuelans are becoming increasingly desperate to obtain enough for to feed their families.

The Ralph Retort | More information has come out about the attempted murder of a driver who didn’t see a BLM ‘protester’ standing in the middle of a busy street in the middle of the night.

Paul Joseph Watson | Bizarre tweets suggest Wikileaks founder is concerned about his safety.

Kit Daniels | Communists hires Jesus-lookalike to perform socialist “miracles.”

Kit Daniels | Video: Clinton counted on death of Obama to win 2008 nomination.

Adan Salazar | “There’s only one way to do it: illegally shoot the son of a bitch.”

Kit Daniels | I’ve got two guns, and if he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem, Biden said.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton’s campaign is worried about Donald Trump’s Second Amendment comment on Tuesday — but not worried enough to not make a little money off of it.

Paul Joseph Watson | Publication owned by company with direct ties to Clinton Foundation.

The Hill | Hillary Clinton’s campaign late Tuesday disavowed support from the Orlando gunman’s father, who attended one of her rallies earlier this week.

Steve Watson | While leftists go ape over Trump’s Second Amendment comments, a reminder that Hillary literally said Obama might be murdered in 2008.

Paul Joseph Watson | Transparency on Clinton’s health a must, Dr. Fiona Gupta tells Fox News.

Inquisitr | Seth Rich may have been the source of the DNC email leak, the founder of WikiLeaks suggested this week about the murdered Democratic National Committee staffer.

Breitbart | As the number of migrants requesting asylum in Germany rises on last year’s figure, the country’s tourism industry is suffering.

Bizpac Review | After 40 years of silence, Kathy Shelton has come forward to eviscerate the Democratic presidential nominee.

Michael Snyder | Is the city of Chicago about to see a wave of unprecedented chaos and violence?

Michael Snyder | Are we about to witness one of the largest stock market crashes in U.S. history?

Heat St | The lamestream media cartel is FREAKING OUT that Donald Trump made a casual joke about Second Amendment unity during a campaign rally on Tuesday.

Daily Mail | A ‘high-ranking’ member of ISIS has been arrested in Germany after police received a tip-off that the suspect was involved in alleged threats to target top-flight football matches.

Kit Daniels | Hipster liberals triggered by Trump’s gun statement.

Adan Salazar | Trump shrugs off 50 Bush-era national security strategists who say they won’t vote for him.

Paul Joseph Watson | Hillary is the REAL Islamophobe.

Kit Daniels | Man attacked for wearing Trump t-shirt in public.

Soeren Kern | Germany’s migrant rape crisis has now spread to cities and towns in all 16 of Germany’s federal states.

TownHall.com | Since the Democratic National Committee emails were leaked a few weeks ago, three people associated with the DNC have all been found dead under what could be questionable circumstances.

Paul Joseph Watson | Man who supports Taliban and extermination of gays shows up at Clinton rally.

Steve Watson | Hillary spokesperson responds to charges over Iranian scientist’s execution.

Paul Joseph Watson | Only 171 people turn up for Clinton’s rally in Florida.

Daily Caller | “My analysis of Trump and Russia is that there is no substantial connection.”

American Mirror | If President Obama had his way, he’d probably never leave the White House.

WPTV | Seddique Mateen seen sitting right behind Clinton.

Real Clear Politics | “The public has a right to know.”

Prison Planet.com | Questions over Hillary’s health remain.

Michael Snyder | This is a woman that has some very serious health issues.

Mikael Thalen | “Kissinger is a friend, and I relied on his counsel when I served as secretary of state,” Clinton has said.

Adan Salazar | Community fears suppression of First Amendment.

Kit Daniels | Shooter ignores “No Guns” sign when he attacks Trump voter.

The Hill | Republican activists unable to block Donald Trump from receiving the GOP presidential nomination are calling for an emergency meeting to strip him of the mantle.

Reuters | Republicans disenchanted with Donald Trump as the party’s presidential candidate plan to put forth a conservative alternative.

Paul Joseph Watson | Omits report about NYPD officer and federal agent who witnessed her walking difficulties.

Paul Joseph Watson | Coincidence? Coverage flips to background music as Trump labels Clinton “founder” of Islamic State.

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