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BizPac Review | A pretty big oops!

NY Times | Walk down West Florissant Avenue, and the scars of the summer are still there.

Prison Planet.com | Star wars saga exposes covert government tactic.

Mikael Thalen | “It’s always on… voice recognition hears you from across the room.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Cops get crowd control training.

Prison Planet.com | Winners of $7,500 contest announced…

Steve Watson | Majorities found across demographics of gender, race, location.

Paul Joseph Watson | Farmers revolt against enforcement of draconian EU directive.

Kurt Nimmo | Claim made after vote was held in Donetsk People’s Republic on Sunday

RIA Novosti | NATO may carry out large-scale maneuvers in Eastern Europe and the Baltics and is working on creating a new rapid response force.

Paul Craig Roberts | This fake story together with the fake movie and the fake book by an alleged SEAL team member is the way the fake story of bin Laden’s murder is perpetrated.

Paul Joseph Watson | Makers of conspiracy thriller which links CIA to crash told it would be in their “best interests” to stop filming.

Prison Planet.com | Darrin McBreen talks with Anthony Gucciardi about Monsanto’s dirty tricks exposed in GMO labeling battle.

BizPac Review | White House press secretary Josh Earnest questioned Thursday morning whether criticism of President Barack Obama is “good for the country.”

Zero Hedge | Dozens of young people camping out at the front of a popular store… can only mean one thing?

RT | The world has come ominously close to a nuclear war in the past and it could happen again.

Mac Slavo | The authoritarian and undemocratic nature of the European Union has once again reared its ugly head.

Michael Krieger | The results are not pretty.

Mikael Thalen | South side native forced into safe house after church burglarized.

Paul Joseph Watson | Rampant corruption combined with economic woes to spark “revolution.”

Kit Daniels | But America was founded as a republic.

Zero Hedge | “Now there is a full-scale war … attacking us, we are defending.”

Kurt Nimmo | Federal monarchy responds to challenge with violence, water cannons.

Paul Joseph Watson | Mayor says homeless should be forced to have “interaction with government.”

Steve Watson | McConnell: President is “Waving a red flag in front of a bull.”

Kurt Nimmo | Destruction of Constitution and war agenda continues after midterm election.

Paul Joseph Watson | Pharmacologist reveals how press has bowed to government demand to keep Americans in the dark.

London Independent | Finland’s president has reportedly warned that Europe is on the brink of “a new kind of cold war”.

Mac Slavo | Are the Republicans going to be any better than the Democrats?

Anthony Gucciardi | Monsanto’s dirty tricks explained.

Jon Rappoport | They got into Monsanto’s face. They accused Monsanto/Dow of spreading poison.

MassPrivateI | The Obama administration has recently given the psychiatric business and pharmaceutical industry a major gift.

Michael Snyder | How do you fix a superpower with exploding levels of debt?

Adan Salazar | Twitter user goes ape after embarrassing democrat loss.

Kit Daniels | In a single night, voters disown “race-baiting” politics promoted by Democrats for decades.

Adan Salazar | “They claim it’s two parties, but it’s a monopoly of a one-party system…”

Infowars.com | Free men and women ought to be armed.

Paul Joseph Watson | Another ominous example of why the two party monopoly is failing America.

Steve Watson | “Boots on the ground are coming.”

Prison Planet.com | Infowars commends every participant for their efforts in calling attention to Obama’s disastrous policies.

BizPacReview | Obama still has two more years left in his final term.

Washington Times | Obama still has two more years left in his final term.

Kurt Nimmo | Boots on the ground in Syria and military support for Ukraine.

Paul Joseph Watson | Mid-terms a complete rejection of both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

BizPac Review | The outcomes wouldn’t even have been close.

The Hill | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Tuesday portrayed the early Senate results as a repudiation of Hillary Clinton, a possible 2016 presidential rival.

RT | “This whole idea that a good candidate that’s rating well in the polls can’t get in the debate, that’s where the corruption really is.”

Michael Krieger | Like so many others out there, in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, I became terrified about the future.

The Daily Sheeple | The American people showed their discontent at the polls yesterday by voting for the Republicans to take control of the Senate.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones talks with Tucker Carlson about what we can expect after the election and what the two parties will really give us.

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