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Daily Mail | Was Huma worried about Hillary’s health just days before the start of her campaign?

Daily Mail | ‘What is better than this?’ Clinton asked when the spectacle was complete.

Steve Watson | White House says it’s a “debunked conspiracy.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Election officials dismiss concerns.

UK Express | A SYRIAN refugee with four wives and 23 children has sparked outrage after it was claimed he was receiving a staggering £320,000 a year in benefits.

Breitbart | “The ATF’s destruction of evidence in their investigation of Democrat terrorists tells us everything we need to know about our government.”

Daily Caller | The Democrat’s campaign chairman, met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends, including Peter Kadzik, a top official at the Justice Department.

The Last Refuge | Someone finally called her out.

American Mirror | Alas, Hillary was still talking, er, yelling.

Information Liberation | Setting up a no-fly zone over Syria means telling the government of Syria (as well as Russia) they’re not allowed to fly planes over their own country.

Paul Joseph Watson | A warning for America.

Adan Salazar | President fully aware Hillary’s email address did not end in state.gov.

Paul Joseph Watson | Authorities claim it’s for “security” reasons.

Kit Daniels | Campaign intentionally conspires to deceive public.

Steve Watson | “When they leave the polls alone, I’m leading.”

Fox News | An international agency is planning to dramatically expand the number of observers deployed to U.S. polling locations.

The Drudge Report | Did she fall again?

Paul Joseph Watson | His voters will “get to blow up the whole God damn system”.

Paul Joseph Watson | “She voted straight Republican and the vote had changed to Clinton!”

Mac Slavo | It sounds almost too crazy to believe, but this is now being disseminated to the public via mainstream pipelines.

Breitbart | President Barack Obama’s signature Obamacare healthcare law is offering Americans double-digit rate hikes and shriveled choices among fewer insurance companies in 2017.

Prison Planet.com | With President Barack Obama’s last 100 days ticking down and the finish line in sight, both Trump and Clinton have described what each of their first 100 days as the next President will look like.

Lifezette | Jeff Rovin unveils identity on ‘Hannity,’ suggests he bought off reporters for the Clintons.

Speisa | The change is a victory for those who want to tone down the reminder of the country’s Christian traditions.

Information Liberation | “It should feel almost like ‘we got together and decided to do this on our own’.”

Paul Joseph Watson | “Good luck with that”.

Kit Daniels | Podesta likely hacked by UFO hunters, not the Kremlin.

Steve Watson | “Phony polls in order to suppress the Trump”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Leftists bombard Blue Cat Cafe proprietor with death threats, vandalize her property, send images of dead cats.

RT | WikiLeaks has released a new tranche of emails from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.

Lifezette | Sixteen states will use balloting equipment provided by a company tied to the leftist billionaire.

Paul Joseph Watson | Helmut Norpoth still confident despite polls showing Hillary ahead.

Breitbart | “The person who will introduce [Clinton] will tell a story >>> about gun violence in her life, and there will be people in the audience >>> from gun violence orgs.”

UK Express | SWEDEN’S open-door policy has ‘WRECKED’ Europe’s most liberal nation as the Swedes turn against migrants amid an unprecedented rise in violence and sex attacks.

Michael Snyder | With just over two weeks to go until election day, some surveys are showing a very tight race, while others say that Hillary Clinton has a massive lead.

Wall St Journal | A gay couple interviewed at a Trump rally received death threats online after a video of them sharing their views went viral. WSJ’s Jason Bellini reports.

Zero Hedge | Like many of the recent polls from Reuters, ABC and The Washington Post, this latest poll included a 9-point sampling bias toward registered democrats.

Information Liberation | “12-year-old refugee” or terrorist mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed?

Zero Hedge | Hillary spent an awkward amount of time during her answers peering down rather than at the camera.

Daily Caller | Obama’s Department of Justice “created a double standard for justice – one for the Clintons and one for the little guy.”

American Mirror | Voters deserve to know why one of Hillary’s former aides thinks her instincts can be “terrible.”

Hollywood Reporter | The artwork from conservative artist Sabo consists of blood-spattered text reading, “Negan wants 50% of your shit. Hillary demands it all.”

Hollywood Reporter | “Deals like this destroy democracy,” said Trump during a rally in Gettysburg, Pa., on Saturday.

Paul Craig Roberts | The presstitutes have gone all out to demonize both Trump and any mention of election rigging.

The Spectator | Greening is a bigger effect than warming.

Daily Mail | WikiLeaks believes its supporters were responsible and urged them to ‘stop taking down the US internet’, saying: ‘Mr Assange is still alive and WikiLeaks is still publishing.’

London Independent | ‘You saw what happened with the Philippines after years and years and years; they’re now looking to Russia and China,’ says Mr Trump.

Breitbart | “It’s a totally dishonest group of people.”

The Lid Blog | Donald Trump is not the first candidate to say a presidential election was “rigged.”

MRC TV | “Well, I tell you what it helps in Ohio, that we got Democrats in charge of the machines,” Obama said.

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