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Money Watch

Zero Hedge | One reporter loses his cool.

Zero Hedge | The ECB is now close to running out of ammunition.

Truth Revolt | They are still receiving over $60,000 per year.

AP | The U.S. has so much crude that it is running out of places to put it, and that could drive oil and gasoline prices even lower in the coming months.

Alt Market | We are only two months into 2015, and it has already proven to be the most volatile year for the economic environment since 2008-2009.

Michael Krieger | This is not a free country.

Michael Krieger | Presidents should get the power to declare economic emergencies along the lines to declare war, said former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Monday.

Business Insider | An amazing (and horrible) statistic on Russia’s grim economic outlook can be found in a Quartz article just out.

Martin Armstrong | Spain’s abusive police beat and hunt down citizens for spare change.

Michael Snyder | Are we at the tail end of the stock market bubble to end all stock market bubbles?

Town Hall.com | White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Monday that President Obama is “very interested” in the idea of raising taxes through unitlateral executive action.

Zero Hedge | Over the past several weeks there has been some furious work by engineers.

Zero Hedge | Maersk has said it needs the new ships to help it maintain its market leadership up until the end of the decade.

Robert Murphy | His misrememberings in this realm are so astounding that they would impress Brian Williams.

Mac Slavo | It’s time to start considering the endgame.

Marcus Anthony Hunter | The story of the rise and collapse of the Freedman’s Bank is an important and little known episode in black and American history in the years following Emancipation.

Zero Hedge | Paid to take out even more debt! Call it monetary socialism.

CNBC | Even before the ink was dry on the extension of its current bailout program, speculation is growing that embattled Greece is on the verge of asking for yet more cash.

Zero Hedge | Global “effective demand is extraordinarily weak – tantamount to the late stages of the great depression.”

Mac Slavo | The Fed has no mandate outside the 50 states, but it unofficially determines foreign debt and currency markets across the globe in a big way anyway.

Zero Hedge | The US is now so woefully buried in debt that another global military conflict appears inevitable.

News.com.au | APPLE is set to buy up one third of the world’s gold in order to meet the demands of the new up-market Apple Watch, according to reports.

Washington’s Blog | Spying Is Destroying the U.S. Economy.

Washington Free Beacon | NIH study of ‘culturally relevant’ interventions in San Francisco.

Zero Hedge | This is the war on success that our government is waging.

Michael Snyder | The fat cats in Washington D.C. are living the high life, and they are doing it at your expense.

Mac Slavo | On the surface, the United States is currently one of the stronger global economies.

Prison Planet.com | Chalk up another crime to the usual suspects — the Banksters.

Michael Snyder | Janet Yellen is very alarmed that some members of Congress want to conduct a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve.

Financial Times | Yellen strongly rejected the plan.

Sputnik | Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said Tuesday that Ukraine’s request for 114 million cubic meters of gas to be delivered in two days would lead to full shutdown of fuel deliveries if the payment is not received.

Zero Hedge | “There’s no price discovery anymore by the market… governments impose prices on the market.”

Reuters | Local bankers are joining the fight against a congressional proposal to audit the U.S. Federal Reserve’s policy decisions.

Paul Craig Roberts | And the American economy.

Zero Hedge | The Greeks have already drawn up the “New Drachma” notes… just in case…

Mac Slavo | Something big is going to happen.

Zero Hedge | “I apologize to the Greek people because I have contributed to this illusion.”

Charles Hugh Smith | With the bankruptcy of Greece now undeniable, we’ve finally reached the endgame of the Neocolonial-Financialization Model.

Mac Slavo | Earlier this week John Williams warned that hyperinflation will begin to appear in America sometime in 2015.

The Hill | The Federal Reserve is pushing back against mounting criticism of the central bank, even as those pushing for reforms ratchet up their attacks.

Zero Hedge | As much as EUR 25bn euros have left Greek banks since the end of December.

Michael Snyder | Is this the beginning of the end for the eurozone?

Zero Hedge | As leaked by Reuters moments ago….

Zero Hedge | Back in December, Socgen spread a rumor that Russia has begun selling its gold.

Zero Hedge | Back in 2013, The NSA was first exposed for secretly ‘monitoring’ the SWIFT payments flows.

Zero Hedge | A comparable statement about any other peripheral Eurozone country would be met with howls of murderous rage.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones talks with best selling Author Robert Kiyosaki about what he thinks the next shoe to drop will be.

Michael Krieger | The Telegraph’s recent coverage of HSBC amounts to a form of fraud on its readers.

Zero Hedge | There is a saying: “strike while the rehypothecated iron is hot”, and nobody is better at it than Germany.

Daily Sheeple | The precipitous fall of the Ruble has hit everyone pretty hard in Russia.

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