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Money Watch

Washington’s Blog | Germany, England, Canada and the U.S. Are All Vying To Become Renminbi Currency Exchanges.

Prison Planet.com | David Knight covers the latest news, including developments in Ukraine.

Zero Hedge | Sales of gold ingots across seven of its shops are up more than 500%.

Michael Snyder | Are you thinking of going to college? If so, please consider that decision very carefully.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Every balance sheet has two sides: assets and liabilities.

RIA Novosti | Moscow struggles to cut its dependence on US-based payment networks.

Sovereign Man blog | Bitcoin tax rules finally came to the Land of the Free yesterday.

Washington’s Blog | “Too Big To Fail” … Fails.

Zero Hedge | We are sure the weather is to blame.

Business Insider | Facebook is buying Oculus VR, a startup that makes virtual reality headsets, in a $2 billion deal.

Jon Rappoport | The old movie line, “Stop me before I kill again,” comes to mind. In this case, however, it’s “Stop me before I kill myself.”

Zero Hedge | The dismal list of financial executive deaths has recently increased to 11 in the last few months.

The Hill | Most voters believe that ObamaCare will lead to higher healthcare costs and lower quality of coverage, according to a new poll.

Reuters | Hundreds of people rushed to withdraw money from a branch of a small Chinese bank after rumors spread about its solvency.

Michael Snyder | In the event that a major crisis or emergency strikes the United States, you are not going to be able to eat your gold and silver.

srsroccoreport.com | precious metal currency was a fundamental factor that kept together the Roman empire and gave to the Romans their military power.

Blooomberg | Coroners in London are preparing to investigate two apparent suicides.

Zero Hedge | Following China’s unwillingness to vote against Russia at the UN and yesterday’s news that China will sue Ukraine for $3bn loan repayment, it seems Russia is returning the favor.

Zero Hedge | A little over a month ago, we reported that following a year of record-shattering imports, China finally surpassed India as the world’s largest importer of physical gold.

Zero Hedge | It is widely known that Russia is owed billions by Ukraine for already-delivered gas (as we noted earlier, leaving Gazprom among the most powerful players in this game).

Washington’s Blog | Russia Could Crush the Petrodollar.

Zero Hedge | Russia is preparing the announcement of the “Holy Grail” energy deal.

Reuters | Mt. Gox said on Friday it found 200,000 “forgotten” bitcoins on March 7.

Michael Snyder | There are millions of American families that once lived very comfortable middle class lifestyles that have lost it all.

Zero Hedge | One of the primary drivers of the real estate bubble in the past several years, particularly in the ultra-luxury segment, were megawealthy Chinese buyers.

Zero Hedge | Just a month ago we warned that food inflation was on its way. Today we got the first confirmation.

IntelliHub.com | A DuPont family heir who avoided jail time after pleading guilty to raping his 3-year-old daughter almost a decade ago, now faces a lawsuit.

Michael Snyder | Will this be the year when the Fed’s quantitative easing program finally ends?

Washington’s Blog | The Bank of England Corrects a Widespread Myth.

Zero Hedge | They have created their own “Crimea-styled” currency

Zero Hedge | Something hilarious, and at the same time pathetic, happened earlier today.

Prison Planet.com | Alex welcomes the founder of economic forecasting firm Dent Research, Harry S. Dent, Jr.

Zero Hedge | Not a week seems to pass without some banker or trader committing suicide.

New York Post | A 28-year old Manhattan investment banker has died in an apparent suicide, police sources said.

Zero Hedge | While Marc Faber is adamant that “there’s lots of funny things that are happening in China.

Zero Hedge | “I did not create, invent or otherwise work on Bitcoin. I unconditionally deny the Newsweek report.”

James E Miller | It’s hard not to agree with the old aphorism “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

Zero Hedge | A new tax is not only on the horizon but coming fast and furious to allow the insolvent global regime at least one more can kicking.

Mac Slavo | What the Obama administration assumes will happen is that they’ll force Russia into compliance by coming after their economy.

Financial Times | Russian companies are pulling billions out of western banks.

Wall Street Journal | Russia is shifting its Treasury bond holdings out of the Fed and into offshore accounts.

Daily Caller | Eleven financial professionals have committed suicide so far this year.

New American | The burden of taxation will steadily be increased to pay for the rising benefits.

Business Insider | Big changes are coming to the labor market that people and governments aren’t prepared for, Bill Gates believes.

Mac Slavo | The U.S. economy is in a tail spin and won’t be recovering any time soon.

Michael Snyder | You can’t get blood out of a rock.

Zero Hedge | And now let the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of the young Corzine begin.

Zero Hedge | Sanctions could lead to retaliatory action, and that would trigger a spiral with unforeseeable consequences.

Brandon Smith | At the onset of the derivatives collapse in 2007/2008 it would have been easy to assume that most of America was receiving a valuable education in normalcy bias.

Michael Snyder | Is the price of copper trying to tell us something?

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