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Money Watch

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the number of publicly traded companies declaring bankruptcy has reached a five year high?

Zero Hedge | This will make every American feel much better about handing over that check today.

RT | Low-wage fast food workers are preparing for a one-day nationwide protest.

Michael Krieger | Over the past few weeks, I’ve focused on the many dangerous myths people are encouraged to tell themselves by the various power structures.

CNS News | The federal government taxed away more money, spent more money and ran a bigger deficit in the first half of fiscal 2015 than it did in the first half of fiscal 2014.

Business Insider | Greece is getting ready to default on at least some of its debt payments, according to the Financial Times.

Zero Hedge | Could never happen here, right?

Michael Snyder | The very same people that caused the last economic crisis have created a 278 TRILLION dollar derivatives time bomb that could go off at any moment.

Zero Hedge | As many are increasingly coming to terms with the ‘obvious failure of fiat currency’, the inevitavble question arises “what next?”

Brandon Smith | One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes.

Liberty Blitzkrieg | A crystal clear example of why it’s so dangerous to encourage and subsidize the corporate welfare babies known as the “Too Big to Fail” mega banks.

CNS News | “The IRS needs to do more and take a different approach and one that doesn’t just rely on resources.”

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones talks with former IRS Agent Joe Bannister about what we can do to fight back against the IRS.

Zero Hedge | So what is Saudi Arabia’s reasoning to “make up in volume what it loses in price”?

Brandon Smith | In the first three installments of this series, we examined the realities behind supply and demand, unemployment and personal debt, and national debt.

Mac Slavo | It is clear that the economic realities falling upon the masses in America are driving us towards a crisis point.

CNS News | $18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million below the current legal debt limit of $18,113,000,080,959.35.

Zero Hedge | Germany’s economy minister had one word for the Greek demand.

Bloomberg | Ray Dalio’s dire view on Europe is paying off.

Zero Hedge | “I think [the Fed is]not crazy enough just to let this thing boil over into complete explosion.”

Business Insider | The Greek government confirmed late Monday how much money it believes the country is owed by Germany.

New American | Iceland and its Parliament are debating a plan that would dramatically restructure the tiny nation’s monetary system.

Zero Hedge | The “secret” is certainly out…

The Cato Institute | Venezuela has demonstrated that “Socialism of the 21st Century” is pretty much like socialism in the 20th century.

Zero Hedge | What could possibly go wrong?

Michael Krieger | In so many ways, Warren Buffett and modern America are the same thing.

Ron Paul | This week the Justice Department announced it would not charge former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official Lois Lerner with contempt of Congress.

Charles Hugh Smith | Our current faith in central banks’ ability to “make the economy all better, all the time” is horrendously misplaced.

Zero Hedge | During the latest Fed matinee, none other than Goldman’s Jan Hatzius presented a slide deck suggestively titled “Hiking Rates in the Name of Financial Stability.”

Zero Hedge | So much for yet another “above consensus” recovery.

Michael Krieger | Perhaps Greece is about to fool us all and pull off a major power play.

Mac Slavo | If you think the jobs market and larger economy are bad now, just wait for the future.

Reuters | The dollar lost ground on Thursday.

New Scientist | People have talked about robots taking our jobs for ages. Problem is, they already have – we just didn’t notice.

Zero Hedge | It’s important that China keep up the momentum when it comes to besting the US wherever and whenever it can.

Zero Hedge | 1987 Or 2015?

Joshua Krause | As the dollar and the stock market continue their preposterous rise in value, it seems that more and more people (especially Americans) are ditching gold.

Michael Snyder | Are we watching a replay of the last financial crisis?

Mac Slavo | According to the report as many as 33% of American college grads with student loan debt are now in delinquent status on their repayments.

Business Insider | Greece’s bailout talks aren’t going very well.

New American | For decades, conservative Republicans have been accusing their liberal counterparts of trying to cure social ills by “throwing money” at every problem.

Michael Krieger | It seems even Warren’s meager push for reform is simply too much for the thin skinned bailout baby banks to handle.

Mac Slavo | Be prepared for a difficult market, prolonged and distorted by nearly unlimited liquidity, printing and intervention on the part of the Federal Reserve and other central banks.

RT | Steering clear of national jurisdictions.

Zero Hedge | Neither central banks nor government care about “a lot of people.

Mac Slavo | Are there really secret manipulations of the economy going on in the shadows of Wall Street and Washington?

Michael Krieger | You know something’s bad when even Crazy John McCain calls it a “gimmick.”

Charles Hugh Smith | When the phantom wealth evaporates and risk assets go bidless, cash will once again be king, for the simple reason there will be so little of it.

CNS News | “Rock star preaches capitalism—wow. Sometimes I hear myself and I just cannot believe it.”

Business Insider | Should the world go cashless?

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