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Money Watch

Reuters | World stocks fell for a third straight day on Wednesday.

Mac Slavo | I have no doubt that a banking crisis is about to sweep the globe…

Michael Snyder | One thing that you have to appreciate about Donald Trump is that unlike most politicians, he actually says what is on his mind.

Wall Street Journal | Omaha billionaire issues tax-return challenge to GOP nominee.

Michael Snyder | This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Reuters | European shares initially rose but gave up its gains as banks turned broadly negative after Friday’s release of stress tests on 51 European Union lenders.

Mac Slavo | Economic forecaster Harry Dent has been analyzing the economy and trading markets for decades.

Michael Snyder | Most of us have never witnessed an economic “recovery” this bad.

Wall St Journal | Despite longevity, total growth during this economic expansion is lower than for much shorter business cycles.

RT | On Friday, a Dublin court sentenced three senior bankers to up to 3.5 years in prison for conspiring to defraud investors during the 2008 banking crisis.

Bloomberg | The U.S. economy expanded less than forecast in the second quarter.

Mac Slavo | We are headed for disaster, and the only question is how long the economy can dodge a bullet.

Simon Black | Have you lost that loving feeling? If so, the United States federal government might just be able to help.

Michael Snyder | The biggest and most important bank in the biggest and most important country in Europe continues to implode right in front of our eyes.

The Daily Caller | The request to investigate the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation on charges of “public corruption” was made in a July 15 letter by 64 House Republicans.

Mac Slavo | The move follows the opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), which is the East’s answer to decades of manipulated precious metals prices by a concentration of inside players.

American Mirror | At least 9 primetime speakers at the Democratic National Convention railing against the evils of capitalism and “income inequality” are members of the 1 percent or very close to it.

London Independent | The deal marks the end of the six-month sale process and the end of an era for a company that once defined the internet.

Ron Paul | I recently proposed that the liberty movement capitalize on Brexit with “Fed-exit”: a campaign to “secede” from the Federal Reserve. Fed-exit could be accomplished with a few simple policy changes.

Mac Slavo | How much longer can insider machinations keep financial markets propped up?

Michael Snyder | The goal is to find people that will carry credit card balances from month to month, because that is where the real money can be made.

Jeff Thomas | The pending Brexit has, not surprisingly, caused a shakeup in the investment world, particularly in the UK.

BBC News | The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, will stand trial over a state payout to the French tycoon Bernard Tapie, an appeals court has ruled.

Mac Slavo | Crisis may be coming, and soon.

Louder With Crowder | Dear UNEMPLOYED Millennials who took a long enough break from Pokemon to read this post.

Zero Hedge | If ever there was a reason for more European nations to ‘exit’ the sinking ship, Mario Draghi just spewed one.

Mac Slavo | It seems that it is payday for the banksters.

Michael Snyder | We have added an average of 1.1 trillion dollars a year to the national debt under Obama, and we still have about six more months to go.

Kit Daniels | And how Hillary will destroy America.

Kurt Nimmo | Clinton’s hypocrisy is nothing short of astounding.

Financial Times | About 1 million migrants arrived in Germany last year.

Michael Snyder | The conditions for a “perfect storm” are coming together very rapidly.

Zero Hedge | Speaking overnight in Australia, the Fed’s Loretta Mester said “helicopter money” could be considered to stimulate America’s economy if conventional monetary policy fails.

Mac Slavo | There’s a reason Americans are angered over illegal immigration and despite what liberal-leaning socialists like Hillary Clinton and the Huffington Post may suggest, it has absolutely nothing to do with racism.

Guido Fawkes | China has already signalled its keenness for an Anglo-Sino free trade deal, now India says a bilateral trade agreement would be “made in heaven”.

Michael Snyder | The Dow and the S&P 500 both closed at all-time record highs on Tuesday, and that is very good news.

Zero Hedge | Bernanke recommended the BOJ coordinate its policy with fiscal measures aimed at shoring up Japan’s economic output to end over a decade of deflation.

Michael Krieger | Thanks for playin’ America.

Mac Slavo | How far would you go to eat?

RT | Brussels urgently needs a €150 billion bailout to begin a major recapitalization program for its banks, according to Deutsche Bank’s David Folkerts-Landau.

Zero Hedge | The cards have been tipped, and it appears Italy’s Prime Minister may have been right.

Mac Slavo | The anti-establishment movement is pushing back and with it will come collapse of the status quo, panic and violence.

Zero Hedge | We are watching gun-maker stocks skyrocket this morning.

Zero Hedge | Four former Barclays bankers appear to have been scapegoated over their libor-rigging.

Brandon Smith | I have said it many times in the past — when elitist criminals start openly admitting to their schemes it means that they are ready to pull the plug on the current system.

Michael Snyder | The fallout from the Brexit vote continues to rock the European financial system.

London Independent | Precious metals are rising further as investors shun risk assets as market turbulence spreads globally in the aftermath of the UK vote to leave the EU.

Miami Herald | Dozens of Venezuelans rushed across the Colombian border looking for food.

Business Insider | The price of gold will continue to shoot up in 2016, and has now “entered a new phase” of growth in the post-Brexit world, thanks to a variety of macroeconomic factors.

Zero Hedge | Back in May 2013, we wrote an article titled “Europe’s EUR 500 Billion Ticking NPL Time Bomb” in which we laid out very simply what the biggest danger facing European banks was: non-performing, or bad, loans.

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