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Money Watch

Zero Hedge | Yes, socialists are known to demand for bailouts – in fact the more often, and the more frequently, the better.

Zero Hedge | The time for the final all-in bet has arrived.

Michael Snyder | This is the month when the future of the eurozone will be decided.

Mac Slavo | In a speech at Ivy Tech Community Collage in Indiana President Obama couldn’t have been more proud of the work he’s accomplished over the last several years.

Kit Daniels | Governments, households in more debt than before Great Recession!

Michael Snyder | The percentage of Americans that are employed full-time has been hovering near record lows.

Mac Slavo | The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is used by economists and stock traders alike as a leading economic indicator because it predicts future economic activity.

Michael Krieger | “If you wanna square up to me bro, then bring it and I will f*cking fight you,” he allegedly said.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the rate of homeownership in the United States has fallen to a 20 year low?

Michael Snyder | The signs of the times are everywhere – all you have to do is open up your eyes and look at them.

Michael Krieger | The Treasury-created market has benefited a few savvy investors, while saddling taxpayers with a loss.

Michael Snyder | A lot of ultra-rich people are quietly preparing to “bug out” when the time comes.

Michael Snyder | Does a mystery that is 3,500 years old hold the key to what is going to happen to global financial markets in 2015?

Michael Snyder | Radical leftists have been catapulted to power in Greece, and that means that the European financial crisis has just entered a dangerous new phase.

New American | The real purpose of it was to benefit the Communist Party regime ruling mainland China.

Mike Krieger | If you listened closely this morning, you could hear humanity vomit as JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, began to speak at Davos.

Michael Snyder | The long-anticipated collapse of the euro is here.

Kit Daniels | Scheme would allow government to confiscate money at will.

AP | Will Texas enter a recession in 2015?

Reuters | Is the bubble about to pop?

Al-Jazeera America | Americans struggling to survive in the Obama regime.

AFP | Share of global wealth keeps increasing.

Prison Planet.com | When will an economic collapse happen?

Mises.org | Businesses do not locate in any one place solely because of the tax laws.

World Net Daily | Brick-and-mortar retail industry collapses.

Reuters | Oil continues downward spiral.

Benjamin M. Wiegold | Consumers gain ground with streaming music.

Zero Hedge | People can’t save themselves by living in a fantasy land.

Mises.org | Zimbabwe’s monetary system favors less stable currencies for daily transactions.

Mises.org | State ownership is not real ownership.

Sputnik | Oil prices have been plummeting since the summer of 2014.

Zero Hedge | Social media is awash with striking images of #EmptyShelvesInVenezuela.

Mac Slavo | Minimum wage workers in 19 states are bringing in 2015 with expectations that they’ll make more money this year than last.

Michael Snyder | Will 2015 be a year of financial crashes, economic chaos and the start of the next great worldwide depression?

Zero Hedge | In November some 47.1 tons of gold were withdrawn from the NY Fed.

Mac Slavo | If you’re like most Americans, then you are absolutely loving the price you paid this week for a gallon of gas.

Paul Craig Roberts | Washington has shaped 2015 to be a year of conflict. The conflict could be intense.

The Hill | Sony Pictures on Sunday said “The Interview” has made $15 million through online videos and purchases since it was released on Christmas Day.

Zero Hedge | “We have to do something with these Belarussian rubles.”

Michael Snyder | Do you want to know if the stock market is going to crash next year?

Mac Slavo | Russians have seen the writing on the wall and they know that they’re economy and currency are in serious trouble.

Michael Snyder | Is this the start of the next major financial crisis?

Paul Joseph Watson | Forecaster says feds preparing for crisis.

Kurt Nimmo | Preparation for the next bankster bailout.

Mac Slavo | The $1.01 trillion spending bill being moving through Congress right now includes some new provisions that may come as a shock to millions of American pension holders.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that 65 percent of all children in the United States live in a home that receives aid from the federal government?

Michael Krieger | Nothing screams economic recovery like 2 out of every 5 Americans living paycheck to paycheck.

Mac Slavo | For nearly ten years economic forecaster Martin Armstrong sat in a federal prison.

Zero Hedge | Impeccable. Sporty. Cared for. Successful.

Paul Craig Roberts | Friday’s payroll jobs report is another government fairy tale.

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