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Money Watch

Mac Slavo | Recent weeks have brought forth a barrage of negative news about the economy.

Michael Snyder | Just like during the last economic crisis, homeless encampments are popping up all over the nation as poverty grows at a very alarming rate.

Zero Hedge | When numbers get into the billions or trillions, they start to lose context.

Mac Slavo | Friday’s huge drop in the stock market is being attributed to market worries that the timeline for QE-free money is rapidly coming to an end, and that a rate hike could bring the economy screeching to a halt.

Washington Free Beacon | “It’s her agenda that bankrupted the coal industry.”

Daily Caller | In 1838, Georgetown sold off 272 slaves in order to pay its debts.

Michael Snyder | Do you remember when our politicians promised to do something about the “too big to fail” banks?

Zero Hedge | In efforts to spur lending and increase the rate of inflation, central banks in the US, EU, and Japan have engaged in dubious tactics.

Mac Slavo | The next president is not being determined by voters, but by the elite.

Michael Snyder | Why are so many men in their prime working years unemployed?

Reuters | World stocks hit their highest in more than a year and the dollar fell sharply against the yen on Wednesday.

Zero Hedge | The revulsion to banking and the fractional reserve model has finally reached the country that according to many created modern banking as we know it: Switzerland.

Michael Snyder | Do you remember the subprime mortgage meltdown from the last financial crisis?

The Last Refuge | That term, “electronic soup cards“, is simply brilliant. It is powerfully brilliant because it is entirely correct.

AFP | “At some point the rates are going to have to change.”

Mac Slavo | Watch Donald Trump’s Labor Day message to Americans.

Michael Snyder | Why does it seem like almost everything is made in China these days?

Zero Hedge | Just maybe, Yellen (and Goldman) may have it in for Hillary.

Mac Slavo | Many companies that may have thought they were sitting on a gold mine turn out to be sitting on nothing more than a pile of sand.

London Independent | President makes comments as he welcomes Theresa May to her first major international summit.

Daily Mail | Why the political elite’s refusal to admit the misery it’s causing means there’s far worse to come.

Daily Caller | Newly released emails show that a Clinton Foundation adviser asked one of Hillary Clinton’s top State Department aides to provide “‘air’ support” for a Clinton Foundation donor.

Mac Slavo | Every share in gold is supposed to represent a certain amount of physical gold in storage, and be available on demand.

Michael Krieger | Obama needs to ensure he gets well compensated after leaving office for a job well done protecting, defending and further enriching the global oligarch class.

Zero Hedge | Deutsche Bank was unable to satisfy a gold delivery request when asked to do so by a client of Germany’s Xetra-Gold service.

Michael Snyder | Things have not been this bad for the Canadian economy since the last global recession.

Reuters | SWIFT, the global financial messaging system, on Tuesday disclosed new hacking attacks on its member banks.

Washington Times | The IRS has discovered more than 1 million Americans whose Social Security numbers were stolen by illegal immigrants.

Zero Hedge | Finland is about to launch an experiment.

Daily Mail | Tech giant threatens to cut jobs in EU after Brussels orders it to pay back £11BILLION in tax over ‘illegal’ sweetheart deal with Irish government.

Zero Hedge | It is no secret that one of the most admirable qualities of the German public – in addition to its striking propensity for thrift in the aftermath of Weimar – is its stoic patience and pragmatism when dealing with adversity.

Breitbart | In a previously little-noticed video from February at the Clinton Global Initiative, former President Bill Clinton suggested that the U.S. use Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit.

Truth Revolt | As if he had nothing to do with the failing program.

RT | According to CNBC quoting a major lender, banks are “preparing for an economic nuclear winter situation.”

Mac Slavo | There are few people as knowledgeable about global commodities markets, fundamentals, cycles and the effects of investor sentiment on price movements as Jim Gowans.

Economic Collapse | If you really wanted to live like a millionaire, you could start doing it right now.

Information Liberation | Hillary Clinton gave a medal and a “large cash award” to a far-right Chinese nationalist so he could blow up a Christmas tree in our nation’s capital.

Zero Hedge | “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Zero Hedge | Is the Hillary Victory Fund using state democratic committees to launder donations from wealthy individuals to the Democratic National Committee? Evidence gathered by Bloomberg would certainly seem to suggest so.

Reuters | Global shares slipped to a two-week low and the dollar edged down on Friday.

Mac Slavo | There’s a lot of chatter everywhere regarding some type of market crash or major event occurring next month.

Louder With Crowder | Leftists insist there could be more assistance available for poverty-stricken families.

Washington Free Beacon | Policies like Obamacare, tax code reduce Americans’ incentive to work.

American Mirror | Bill Clinton attempted to defend his foundation today, but may have admitted what everyone already assumed.

The Daily Sheeple | Last month the city of Seattle hired a group of economists to determine what effect their minimum wage hike has had on workers.

Zero Hedge | Gold continues to be pummeled…

American Mirror | James Carville thinks the eternity of some Americans is at stake because they wonder whether foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation may have been made to buy influence.

Zero Hedge | Foreign demand for US government bonds has not only tumbled, but there has been aggressive selling.

Mac Slavo | $32 million down, and … Next thing you know, the meeting was allowed. Wonder what he asked for?

Michael Snyder | Nearly two million people lived there, and it had the highest per capita income in the United States.

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