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Money Watch

Michael Snyder | One of the most important banks in the western world says that the 7th largest economy on the entire planet has entered a full-blown economic depression.

The Daily Sheeple | What is unclear is how in the remaining 4 weeks of November, the US managed to add another $335 billion in total debt.

Charles Hugh Smith | If we define Christmas as consumer spending going up while earnings are going down, 2015 will be the last Christmas in America for a long time to come.

Mac Slavo | Today’s news is a historic milestone. The dollar’s days are numbered, and the new global economic order is shifting into place.

Mac Slavo | The Greek people have been squeezed.

London Guardian | China’s efforts to make the yuan an international currency on a par with the US dollar are to receive a fillip.

Daily Sheeple | When you examine the precious metals market, what you’re really looking at is two separate markets, being fueled by two very different buyers.

Keep Talking Greece | Six years of crippling financial crisis have sent Greek students to the streets.

Zero Hedge | Someone decided that Friday after Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to dump over 18,000 contracts.

Zero Hedge | When you have a billion people willing to work instead of expecting free “stuff”, anything’s possible…

London Telegraph | Jean-Claude Juncker issues bleakest assessment yet of state of Schengen free-travel zone.

Zero Hedge | Make no mistake, federal intervention is likely to be anything but “swift.”

The Daily Sheeple | Someday in the near future, the process of buying a precious metal asset is going to look very different than it does today.

Michael Snyder | But have our incomes gone up accordingly? Of course not.

CNS News | The number and percentage of children in households on food stamps held relatively steady from 2013 to 2014, according to the Census surveys.

Financial Times | Global debt markets are on the cusp of an unwelcome development.

Sputnik | High uncertainty in future oil prices has suggested that over the course 2016, oil prices could as much as double, or halve.

Zero Hedge | Expect mass confusion to be the norm for a long, long time.

Reuters | The oversupply in the oil market is absolutely killing prices and it’s only set to get worse in 2016.

Michael Snyder | The 7th largest economy on the entire planet, Brazil, has been gripped by a horrifying recession, as has much of the rest of South America.

Mac Slavo | The price of oil has long been a key indicator of economic health and stability. And that index is tanking fast.

Charles Hugh Smith | Currencies are in the midst of multi-year revaluations that will destabilize the tottering towers of debt.

Zero Hedge | “You have to go after the oil, and you have to do it in a serious way, and we’ve just begun to do that now,”

Michael Snyder | I was absolutely stunned to learn that the Baltic Dry Shipping Index had plummeted to a new all-time record low of 504 at one point on Thursday.

Michael Krieger | The Clinton Foundation is operating a $20 million private equity firm in Colombia.

Joshua Krause | I distinctly remember the Christmas of 2008. It was unique from every other holiday season that I experienced in my childhood.

John Vibes | Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Thales saw increases in a day that was rather calm for the rest of the market.

Michael Krieger | “Federal prosecutors and corporate leaders typically share common goals.”

The Washington Times | The stuff of science fiction is about to be U.S. law.

Zero Hedge | Who would have thought terrorism is so good for stocks.

Jeff Thomas | Since the problem of deflation has not been solved, the central banks will do the only thing they know how to do, create even more money.

RT | The British government will “substantially increase efforts” to fight terrorists in the wake of the growing Islamic State threat.

AFP | It now looks likely the yuan will be formally admitted to the IMF’s “special drawing rights” currency basket at the end of the month.

Daily Caller | “We were we attacked in downtown Manhattan, where Wall Street is.”

CNN | This summer’s market mayhem caused Americans to buy gold bars and coins at levels unseen since the financial crisis.

Truth Revolt | “I work, I sweat, I want my $15!”

RT | Roughly half of the workforce in the UK and the US are likely to eventually lose their jobs to robots.

Washington Free Beacon | A painful exchange with a young student who’s organizing for free public colleges.

Michael Snyder | Appalachia has lost millions of good paying jobs over the past several decades.

Michael Snyder | So many of the exact same patterns that we witnessed just before the stock market crash of 2008 are playing out once again right before our eyes.

Zero Hedge | The Nordic nation “is preparing to house asylum seekers in tents and shipping containers.”

Zero Hedge | U.S. fast-food workers will strike across 270 cities.

Michael Krieger | You just can’t make this stuff up.

Michael Snyder | If you have been watching for the next major global economic downturn, you can now stop waiting, because it has officially arrived.

Mac Slavo | The United States is apparently fuming over the recent blows to the dollar, as a strengthening yuan is rousing a heightened response.

Michael Snyder | The cost of just about everything that average families shell out money for on a regular basis is rising much faster than wages are.

Bizpac Review | The Department of Homeland Security has reportedly succeeded in digitizing just one form.

Wolf Street | World’s Biggest Cashless Laboratory.

Business Insider | After Friday’s stellar US jobs report for October, the odds of the US interest rates moving higher in December have taken off.

Christina Sarich | A deal that would ruin privacy, food.

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