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Money Watch

Mac Slavo | The U.S. government itself is preparing financial contingency plans in anticipation of another widespread economic event.

Anthony Gucciardi | $95 Million Later: Only 27% Of Donations Actually Help ‘Research The Cure’.

Zero Hedge | Ah, the perils of European power politics.

Bizpac Review | Threatening to relocate headquarters to Canada.

New American | You might not be able to tell the Right from the Left, or the Tea Party favorites from “mainstream” Republicans.

Bloomberg | Europe’s largest banks are finally putting hundreds of billions of dollars of unwanted assets up for sale.

Martin Armstrong | The Telegraph has reported how the British government desperate for money, is taxing even medals given to soldiers for their bravery in war.

Zero Hedge | Every dip is to be bought…

Zero Hedge | “The thing is, [Obama] posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit.”

Full article here | Equal to 35.4 percent of the 309,467,000 people living in the United States in the last quarter of 2012.

Charles Hugh-Smith | Events, food purchased away from home and live entertainment are increasingly unaffordable to the bottom 90%.

Prison Planet.com | Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) accused the Obama administration of “actively working against the interests of the American worker.”

Washington’s Blog | You Won’t BELIEVE Why Police Harass So Many African-Americans In Ferguson.

Chris Carrington | Soros has taken out a $2.2 bn bet that the S&P will fall.

Zero Hedge | Eric Holder has had a busy week.

CNS News | 109,631,000 Americans lived in households that received benefits.

Washington’s Blog | Former Mafia Boss Who Did a Lot of Business with Wall Street: Buy Physical Gold and Silver, Because Wall Street Steals Your Money.

Washington’s Blog | The Causes of the 2008 Crisis Have Never Been Addressed.

Michael Snyder | The 30 statistics that you are about to read prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the middle class in America is being systematically destroyed.

Zero Hedge | Literally.

Deal Book | Bitcoin’s price has been known to surge, but lately it has been in a bit of a slump.

Washington’s Blog | “War Necessarily Inflicts Severe Economic Harm Even On the Victor”.

Michael Krieger | Some serious criminality at play.

Washington’s Blog | Bad Economic Policy Is Partly to Blame for Ferguson.

Martin Armstrong | No matter what – these schemes will fail with time.

Zero Hedge | Ferguson has been home to dramatic economic changes in recent years.

Business Insider | Bitcoin prices have declined $100 in the past week, about 17%, to $488.

Martin Armstrong | The Sovereign Debt Crisis is moving at full speed worldwide.

Mac Slavo | Ahead of the collapse of 2008 well known investment manager Bill Fleckenstein warned that real estate and stocks were headed for a crash.

Coin Desk | The price of bitcoin declined to its lowest level since May yesterday.

Daily Caller | State governments always seem to find creative ways to tax Americans.

Business Insider | Soros might be souring in his view view on the market outlook for US stocks.

Truth Revolt | Uber has faced bans from cities and municipalities throughout Europe and the United States.

Martin Armstrong | Right on cue for big-bang.

Brave the World | When we say Bitcoin, we mean the idea: the birth of cryptocurrency.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that a major event just happened in the financial markets that we have not seen since the financial crisis of 2008?

Michael Krieger | Politicians aside, I think that the vast majority of people pushing for a higher minimum wage are well intentioned.

Zero Hedge | It is no secret that the crack al-Qaeda “spin-off” ISIS is well-versed in the ways of the modern world.

Prison Planet.com | The age of the machines is on the horizon.

Mac Slavo | Buyers of precious metals may be wondering what they should or should not report to the Internal Revenue Service.

Cleveland.com | While 8.7 million jobs have been regained since the 2008 recession, they are paying much less.

Gallup | Northern America, former Soviet Union lead in Payroll to Population.

Paul Craig Roberts | Any worker whose job does not require daily face-to-face interaction is now in jeopardy of being replaced.

Michael Krieger | Fixed Income Global Structured Covered Obligation. Say that three times fast.

ITAR-TASS | European Central Bank president Mario Draghi says further breakdown of relations with Russia “would weaken growth in the second half of the year”.

London Telegraph | Security experts have uncovered evidence of two huge cyber attacks targeting crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, warning that the digital money is “ripe for exploitation”.

Truth Revolt | Minnesota cafe protests wage hike.

Peak Prosperity | Details the Fed’s near-magical ability to create money out of thin air (literally!).

Bloomberg | Income inequality has company — make that companies.

Paul Joseph Watson | Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Turkey all back terror group.

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