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Money Watch

RIA Novosti | Russia’s currency fell to a historic low on Monday.

Real Clear Politics | “No one recognizes them as a real currency.”

Washington’s Blog | Price Fixing – and Central Bank Number-Fudging – Stories Starting to Go Viral.

Prison Planet.com | Saying you had seen bitcoin in a bag would be like saying you had seen email in a bag — it makes no sense.

Zero Hedge | Itar-Tass reports that Ukraine’s national bank has imposed temporary limits to withdraw money from foreign currency deposits.

Zero Hedge | Gold price may have been manipulated for a decade by the banks setting it, researchers say.

bizpacreview.com | The national debt “is a much bigger problem than most people believe,” Carson said.

Business Insider | The Chinese yuan fell 0.9% to a 10-month low of 6.1808 per dollar in Shanghai.

Zero Hedge | Did you know that the cost of Obamacare is slowly metastasizing to other places?

RIA Novosti | The United States has said it plans to provide Ukraine with $1 billion in loan guarantees.

Zero Hedge | “The extent of unproductive investment in China today is much greater than was the case for Japan at a comparable phase of development.”

Mike Adams | Just two days ago, the largest bitcoin exchange MTGox suddenly and without warning shuttered its doors.

Zero Hedge | The Russian Ruble has weakened almost 1% today.

London Guardian | Papers show firm accepted gold from customers walking in off the street with no paperwork.

Zero Hedge | Gold manipulation is not only not surprising, but accepted and widely appreciated.

Michael Snyder | Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has no intrinsic value.

Zero Hedge | Russia’s earlier “default” warning (or threat) has not just impacted Ukrainian bonds but the currency is crashing.

Zero Hedge | If it’s all so great why is the Fed still printing billions of dollars each month?

Sky News | The virtual currency’s value plummets after hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins are apparently stolen in a cyber attack.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones and Max Keiser discuss the central bankers motives in creating more chaos, this time in the Ukraine.

Zero Hedge | The dismal trail of dead bankers continues.

Next Gov | The cost of the computer cloud that supports back-end data sharing for HealthCare.gov and state Obamacare marketplaces grew to $60 million.

London Telegraph | Amid fears Russia could send troops into Ukraine and mystery over its ousted president, George Osborne says Britain will be ready ‘with a chequebook’ to help ‘rebuild’ country.

Zero Hedge | One can only imagine the squeeze that is about to occur.

Washington’s Blog | Central Banks Go to Great Lengths To Prop Up Insolvent Banks … and Put Lipstick On a Pig.

Michael Snyder | If the economy is really “getting better”, then why have millions upon millions of formerly middle class Americans been pushed to the point of utter despair?

CNS News | So much for deficit reduction.

Washington’s Blog | Liberals might assume that it is Republicans who are cheerleaders for global corporations at the expense of government.

Charles Hugh Smith | What else can we do with the $1.25 trillion we’ll save by eliminating these obsolete financial middleman parasites? A lot.

Euro Pacific Capital | The development sheds some very unflattering light on where we stand economically.

News4Jax | The owners say the alternative would be cutting employee hours.

Zero Hedge | Sberbank Sees Run On Its Bank Machines In Ukraine.

bizpacreview.com | The Rev. Al Sharpton played the race card once again likening the minimum wage with slavery, following a meeting with President Obama on Tuesday.

Zero Hedge | This next paragraph contains what Grant Williams believes is the fundamental principle of investing in gold and silver.

Michael Snyder | Of course the number one foreign nation that we depend on to participate in our system is China.

Zero Hedge | The answer: to be horrible weathermen.

Daily Caller | The proposed White House policy would be “robbing the people it says it really wants to help.”

New American | President Obama’s plan to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour would result in the loss of half a million to a million jobs.

Michael Snyder | Why are so many young adults in America living with their parents?

Zero Hedge | By early March “the US will be in the 2nd longest bull market of the last 80 years.”

AFP, dpa | According to a study by the World Gold Council, China has become the biggest consumer market for the precious metal.

Zero Hedge | Chinese Treasury holdings plunged by the most in two years, after China offloaded some $48 billion in paper.

Zero Hedge | A curious finding emerged in the latest 13F by Soros Fund Management, the family office investment vehicle managing the personal wealth of George Soros.

Reuters | Robocoin said on Tuesday that later this month it will install the first automated teller machines in the United States that let users buy and sell bitcoin.

New American | governments and dictatorships worldwide will automatically share all private financial data on citizens.

Mac Slavo | If there’s one thing that’s certain about what’s happening in the world right now it’s that uncertainty is pervading every aspect of the global economy.

Reuters | The dollar slipped to its lowest level since the turn of the year.

Zero Hedge | At this point it is unclear who is spinning faster in their grave: Lenin, Goebbels or Joe McCarthy.

Zero Hedge | Global financial and commodity markets are warning that the US Dollar is in for a bout of trouble, warns BofAML’s Macneil Curry.

RT | There’s been a string of bizarre deaths in the globe’s financial circles.

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