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Money Watch

Michael Snyder | Does the economy move in predictable waves, cycles or patterns?

Zero Hedge | To the astonishment of almost everyone in the room, Angela Merkel began to cry.

Mac Slavo | There is no doubt that the U.S. military has the ability to engage any foreign enemy and leave it dismantled or utterly destroyed.

Washington’s Blog | Why QE Is a Dud.

Wim Grommen | The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Index is the only stock market index that covers both the second and the third industrial revolution.

Prison Planet.com | Alex dials in to talk with David discussing the topics of the Pope calling for global redistribution of wealth and the globalist take over of the global economic system and the plan to eliminate the middle class.

Reuters | Pope Francis told U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Friday that the world body must do more to help the poor and should encourage the “legitimate redistribution” of wealth.

Zero Hedge | Who exactly is benefiting from the taxpayer funded desperation of the USPS to do anything for even loss-making revenues?

London Guardian | MPs worried people will be at risk of having money wrongly taken by HMRC, despite assurances of safeguards.

Zero Hedge | “Stocks in the advanced economies are basically fully priced,” Faber pronounces.

Washington’s Blog | Repairing the “Broken Window” Fallacy.

Washington Free Beacon | 8 million added to working population, half a million fewer jobs.

Zero Hedge | Sometimes it’s worth remembering that while the demise of the status quo may take a while, there are actions one should be taking despite the sound and fury each and every day.

Christina Sarich | Millions will be encouraged to dump Monsanto stock this coming Friday, May 9th, to give a clear message to the biotech industry that we don’t support them at all.

Omega Shock | It should be clear to everyone, by now, that the US dollar is staring into the abyss.

Michael Snyder | The marriage rate in the United States has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded.

Brandon Smith | Despite popular belief, very few things in our world are exactly what they seem.

Sprott Global | We are going to have to create a sufficient amount of money to keep the debt load afloat.

Zero Hedge | A billion dollars of gold.

Kit Daniels | Crackdown will completely destroy financial privacy.

Michael Snyder | Is Detroit destined to become a Chinese city?

CNS News | That would make it as long as the average economic expansion period in the post-World War II era.

AP | The Internal Revenue Service.

Fox News | A division within the Department of Defense is investigating whether the digital currency bitcoin is a possible terrorist threat.

ABC News | Adults living with adult roommates are about to get less comic and more common.

Mac Slavo | The key is to take profits, reduce your risks, mitigate your risks.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that there are nearly 102 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now?

Washington’s Blog | The Department of Justice is “considering” initiating criminal charges against 2 banks.

Washington’s Blog | Rarely does a monthly report on the United States job market look so terrific on the surface while being so disappointing underneath.

Zero Hedge | How can this be possible?

Zero Hedge | The number of people not in the labor force soared to 92 million.

Zero Hedge | As U.S. Justice Department prosecutors begin to bring the first criminal charges against global banks since the financial crisis, they are facing dire warnings.

New American | The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Wayne Crews has a problem.

Washington’s Blog | For More Than 30 Years, the Big Banks Have Been Key Players In the Drug Trade.

Paul Joseph Watson | Banks are becoming spies for the state.

BizPac Review | American taxpayers forked out almost a quarter of a million dollars for Michelle Obama’s one-night stay in a luxury hotel during her recent trip to China.

CNS News | President Obama’s golf outings in 2014 cost taxpayers nearly $3 million.

Paul Craig Roberts | The US economy is a house of cards. Every aspect of it is fraudulent, and the illusion of recovery is created with fraudulent statistics.

Zero Hedge | Gazprom must be jubilant this evening.

Zero Hedge | The Fed also held an “expedited” emergency meeting between the four board governors Yellen, Tarullo, Stein, and Powell.

NY Times | New York City’s share of poor people appears to have plateaued since the recession.

Zero Hedge | Some less than pleasant observations from the billionaire founder of Elliott Management, Paul Singer, extracted from his periodic letter to clients.

Michael Snyder | No, the economy is most definitely not “recovering”.

Reuters | The European Union announced asset freezes and travel bans on 15 Russians and Ukrainians over Moscow’s actions in Ukraine.

Zero Hedge | The one thing that has most Americans very/moderately worried is “whether or not they have enough money for retirement.”

Michael Snyder | 20 percent of American families do not have a single person that is working.

Wall St On Parade | Beginning late last year, a rash of suspicious deaths started to occur among current and former bank employees.

Zero Hedge | Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as come out swinging after US issued a new round of sanctions against citizens and companies of the nation.

Zero Hedge | Those alleged billions that Russia’s leader may (or may not) have access to are quite difficult to track down.

Washington’s Blog | Going Off the Gold Standard Encouraged a Financialized Economy … Which Caused Inequality to Soar.

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