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Money Watch

Prison Planet.com | The open borders offer many potential crises for the government to exploit.

Michael Krieger | The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has been long viewed as one of the most corrupt of American institutions – and that’s saying a lot.

CNS News | The total federal debt of the U.S. government has now increased more than $7 trillion while Barack Obama has been president.

Zero Hedge | Due to forced land acquisitions by the government.

Zero Hedge | A “system issue.”

Zero Hedge | So much for the “Russia is becoming increasingly isolated” meme that the West would like many to believe.

Next Gov | More than $150 million just in cost overruns.

Dave Hodges | Will we fall under the specter of martial law and all that entails? Or, will we experience an economic collapse prior to martial law?

Prison Planet.com | Glenn Spencer Breaks down his ground breaking technology that will be a cost effective way to protect our borders.

Liberty Blitzkrieg | This quaint notion of a “middle class” in the U.S. is at this point nothing more than a myth.

UK Daily Mail | HMRC was accused yesterday of taking ‘a smash and grab’ approach with its demand for new powers to seize money directly from people’s bank accounts.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that 77 million Americans have unpaid debts?

Tech Dirt | The Open Technology Institute has put together a thorough paper detailing the many adverse effects the NSA disclosures have had.

Zero Hedge | Having $50 billion of assets under potential seizure is enough to make anyone whince.

Mac Slavo | The fundamentals for owning precious metals as long-term investments have never been better.

Truth Revolt | Admission from new study on proposed regulations.

Michael Krieger | Estelline earns more than 89% of its gross revenues from traffic fines and forfeitures.

Reuters | The 28-nation European Union reached an outline agreement on Friday on its first economic sanctions on Russia.

Michael Snyder | The global economy is structured to systematically funnel wealth to the very top of the pyramid.

The Daily Sheeple | When Greece fell into shambles a few years ago, many economists looked to their ‘debt to GDP’ ratio for an explanation.

Zero Hedge | Does it feel like you’re poorer?

Washington’s Blog | It is up to us to educate ourselves about money and banking.

Truth Revolt | The municipal water authority in Detroit has been trying to collect on overdue bills, to the tune of $10M dollars.

Daily Caller | President Obama put his rosy glasses on for an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

Coindesk | The last two months have seen no shortage of positive bitcoin news.

Zero Hedge | Farmers in California’s Central Valley are paying as much as 10 times more for water than they did before the state’s record drought cut supply.

Business Insider | Filmmaker Michael Moore is again being scrutinized over his lavish properties and material wealth.

London Telegraph | Russia will be unable to raise funds under EU sanction plans, according to reports.

Zero Hedge | It had to happen!

Chris Carrington | Segregation is alive and well and lives in New York. Let me introduce you to the ‘poor door’.

CNS News | The price of beef and bacon hit its all-time high in the United States in June, according to data released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Zero Hedge | Venezuela’s transformation to a socialist utopia has been well-documented on these pages.

Zero Hedge | Sure, why not…

Daily Caller | Australia’s repeal of its controversial carbon tax last week has gotten other countries thinking about ditching their own carbon dioxide emissions reduction schemes.

Coin Desk | San Francicso-based Stripe, a company that offers API-based payment systems, has published a blog post examining how it expects the bitcoin market to develop.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Which enemy are we going to subsidize and sustain next?

Joshua Krause | As Chinese President Xi Jinping was visiting South America this week, he announced his desire to build an intercontinental railroad across South America.

Truth Revolt | Obama ensured that economic growth is to be “broadly shared” from the “middle-out.”

Martin Armstrong | This idea that we live in a world where government cares about us is just the biggest propaganda ever.

Mac Slavo | Remember Peggy Joseph?

MarketWatch | U.S. stocks are now about 80% overvalued on certain key long-term measures.

The Washington Times | Mr. Cole also assured Congress that his department didn’t conspire with the IRS to try to target tea party groups.

London Telegraph | A vast wash of dollars flooded the global financial system when the Fed cut rates near zero and then bought $3.5 trillion of bonds. This may now go into reverse.

CNS News | Over the next 25 years, federal debt held by the public will exceed 100 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Zero Hedge | It took just a little over an hour for Vladimir Putin to respond to the latest, most provocative and toughest round of US sanctions yet.

Paul Craig Roberts | The first two days this week gold was subjected to a series of computer HFT-driven “flash crashes”.

Zero Hedge| “There are always people who say the dollar is going to be replaced, but it hasn’t happened.”

Martin Armstrong | The US Justice banking penalties are becoming a threat to the dollar.

Coindesk | LinkedIn co-founder, early Facebook investor and Greylock Partners partner Reid Hoffman has declared his enthusiasm for bitcoin.

Prison Planet.com | Santelli is back with more no nonsense analysis.

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