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Money Watch

The New American | The European Central Bank (ECB) announced negative interest rates on deposits held at the bank.

Zero Hedge | Another conspiracy “theory” becomes conspiracy “fact”.

Business Insider | Bitcoin prices were down more than 5% to $563 Saturday morning as the cryptocurrency faced its worst crisis of confidence since the fall of Mt. Gox.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones welcomes the author of the book Clouded Titles, an expose on the ongoing mortgage scandal impacting millions of Americans, Dave Krieger to the show to discuss the current state of the economy and what he forecasts for the future.

Liberty Blitzkrieg | The “war on compassion” when it comes to the homeless in America has been one of Liberty Blitzkrieg’s key themes this year.

Mac Slavo | You’re probably thinking that inflationary devaluation of your savings or paying negative interest rates on cash deposits is about as far as government is willing to go in its efforts to keep funding its debt-laden endeavors.

Michael Snyder | Do you have a bank account that you don’t actively use or a safe deposit box that you have not checked on for a while?

Washington’s Blog | The middle class happily accepts high risk in return for temporary gains in the asset bubble of the day, guaranteeing a steady progression of losses.

Bloomberg | Federal Reserve officials, concerned that selling bonds from their $4.3 trillion portfolio could crush the U.S. recovery, are preparing to keep their balance sheet close to record levels for years.

Charles Hugh Smith | Now that the majority is tightly packed into a market devoid of yield/alpha, this concentration sets up the inevitable collapse of valuations perfectly.

Reuters | Wall Street’s Dow industrials and benchmark S&P 500 closed at all-time peaks.

Mac Slavo | Life as we have come to know it is going to change dramatically in the very near future.

New American | On June 4, Oklahoma joined Utah, Texas, and Louisiana in affirming that gold and silver coins are (as they always have been under the Constitution) legal tender.

Zero Hedge | As we have been reporting (and forecasting for the past several years), the Eurasian anti-US Dollar axis is rapidly taking shape.

Zero Hedge | Assorted luxury buildings are installing metal spikes on the ground outside to fully deter homeless people from sleeping (and hence living) there.

Prison Planet.com | On Tuesday, the CBO confirmed what conservatives warned about during the first debates on the law — ObamaCare is bad for the economy.

Washington’s Blog | Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter: Americans Bounced Back Faster After the Great DEPRESSION than the Great RECESSION.

Zero Hedge | We can’t help but wonder if the Russian leaders comments were something akin to “this is not over yet.”

Mac Slavo | Could you imagine the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising to over 25,000 points, from its current all-time highs of 16,900?

CNS News | The percentage of American civilians 16 or older who do not have a job and are not actively seeking one remained at a 36-year high in May.

Liberty Blitzkrieg | Timothy Geithner is likely to go down in American history as one of the most dangerous, destructive cronies to have ever wielded government power.

Zero Hedge | For everyone (and on this site we hope this is everyone) who has read Hayek’s Road to Serfdom before, feel free to “reread” it for the cartoons.

Michael Snyder | When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he stated that under his plan “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket”.

Zero Hedge | Goodbye ZIRP, hello NIRP.

CNS News | The percentage of 18- to 64-year olds who live below the poverty level has increased 30.5% since 1966.

Financial Times | It is the monetary equivalent of what Chairman Mao called “bombarding the headquarters”.

Market Watch | As the housing market slowly recovers, a majority of homeowners and renters are finding it hard to meet rising rents and mortgage payments, new research finds.

Michael Krieger | The effort to recreate the disaster of 2008, but on an even more colossal scale, is moving along at a brisk pace.

Zero Hedge | Russia’s market share will not be threatened.

Financial Times | Moscow’s stand-off with the west over Ukraine has made it more eager to establish institutions that would reduce its dependence on the US and Europe.

cryptogon.com | Researchers Carl Freyand and Michael Osborne recently tried to figure out the likelihood that automation will replace humans in a wide variety of jobs.

Lew Rockwell Blog | The Ambassador of Ukraine says “Of course, $27 billion is only the minimum [IMF] rescue package for the Ukrainian economy…”

BBC | President Barack Obama has announced plans for a $1bn (£600m) fund to increase US military deployments to Europe, during a visit to Poland.

Washington’s Blog | Top Economists Say War Is Bad for the Economy.

Michael Krieger | This is a great example of how the game works.

Michael Krieger | Apple’s brand suffered earlier this year when the company decided to ban the Blockchain Bitcoin app.

Freedom Outpost | According to a state audit, the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services maintained 8,232 dead individuals on the Medicaid eligibility roll that were receiving benefits.

Mac Slavo | There is a euphoria being enjoyed by many in the investment world and in economic circles centered around the notion that the world has recovered from the financial crisis of 2008.

The Hill | A growing number of “data brokers” are raking in profits by scouring through the Internet to build profiles of consumers.

Washington’s Blog | Just as we can’t eat iPods, we can’t subsist on official reassurances that the Fed and inflation are both benign.

Washington Examiner | As many as 227 million Americans may be compelled to disclose intimate details of their families and financial lives.

News BTC | Do you think bitcoin could be a topic at this year’s Bilderberg?

Michael Snyder | During the first three months of this year, the U.S. economy contracted at a 1 percent annual rate.

Zero Hedge | We have some bad news.

Washington Post | Much information is being quietly collected, analyzed and distributed by the nation’s burgeoning data-broker industry.

Michael Snyder | Over the past two months, very high winds and bone dry conditions have made the lives of ordinary farmers in the state of Kansas extraordinarily difficult.

RT | Sanction threats against Russia sent shockwaves of panic across the world of investment.

London Telegraph | Royals and finance heads among those looking for ‘practical ways to renew the capitalist system, making it an inclusive engine of economic opportunity and shared prosperity’.

Washington’s Blog | How Long Can It Continue?

Michael Snyder | Will Israel be the first cashless society on the entire planet?

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