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Money Watch

Zero Hedge | Central banks are driving all investment decisions.

Zero Hedge | There simply is not enough ad spending dollars in existence to support the gargantuan market caps.

Michael Snyder | Well, the Nasdaq finally did it.

Reuters | Hillary Clinton’s family’s charities are refiling at least five annual tax returns.

Business Insider | The charges don’t “entirely ring true.”

Mac Slavo | There’s one libertarian economist who says that the people in charge just can’t be trusted.

Truth Revolt | Obamacare forced agency to divert millions from taxpayer services

Mac Slavo | Americans’ perception of President Obama’s economic policies are on the mend according to a new report from CNN.

Zero Hedge | This is about as worst-case-scenario for Greece as is ‘diplomatically’ possible currently.

Brandon Smith | All problems, all crises, have at least one solution, if not many solutions.

Washington’s Blog | George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams and James Madison Slammed Runaway Inequality.

Michael Snyder | You can take all of that stuff you heard about how the Greek crisis was fixed and throw it out the window.

Zero Hedge | Clinton proclaimed the economy required “toppling” of the wealthiest.

Mac Slavo | There’s “free trade.” There’s “fair trade.” And then there’s what’s really happening.

Michael Snyder | If a major financial crisis was approaching, we would expect to see the “smart money” getting out of stocks.

Zero Hedge | Greece finally launched the first shot across the bow of capital controls.

Wall St Journal | Plan would mark return to finance for embattled former MF Global CEO.

Business Insider | Greece has got another crucial week ahead.

London Telegraph | Europe’s biggest cheerleader for austerity is heading to the polls, and its stance on Greece threatens to catalyse a break-up of the union.

London Telegraph | Barclays closed down student’s account after his dealings in Bitcoin, the digital currency.

Zero Hedge | It’s been the site of wage and working condition protests on a number of occasions.

OilPrice.com | In order to maintain a grip on market share by pushing U.S. shale producers out of the market, Saudi Arabia (and OPEC) is willing to use up its spare capacity.

CNS News | By the end of February, according to data released yesterday by the U.S. Treasury, entities in Mainland China had relinquished their position as the top owners of U.S. government debt.

Zero Hedge | They say don’t let money printing get to your head, but for one now former central banker it is far too late.

Michael Snyder | Could you imagine being a single parent and trying to survive in America today on $10.50 an hour?

Business Insider | Goldman Sachs had a huge quarter, beating analysts’ expectations across the board.

Brandon Smith | The endgame has indeed arrived.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the number of publicly traded companies declaring bankruptcy has reached a five year high?

Zero Hedge | This will make every American feel much better about handing over that check today.

RT | Low-wage fast food workers are preparing for a one-day nationwide protest.

Michael Krieger | Over the past few weeks, I’ve focused on the many dangerous myths people are encouraged to tell themselves by the various power structures.

CNS News | The federal government taxed away more money, spent more money and ran a bigger deficit in the first half of fiscal 2015 than it did in the first half of fiscal 2014.

Business Insider | Greece is getting ready to default on at least some of its debt payments, according to the Financial Times.

Zero Hedge | Could never happen here, right?

Michael Snyder | The very same people that caused the last economic crisis have created a 278 TRILLION dollar derivatives time bomb that could go off at any moment.

Zero Hedge | As many are increasingly coming to terms with the ‘obvious failure of fiat currency’, the inevitavble question arises “what next?”

Brandon Smith | One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes.

Liberty Blitzkrieg | A crystal clear example of why it’s so dangerous to encourage and subsidize the corporate welfare babies known as the “Too Big to Fail” mega banks.

CNS News | “The IRS needs to do more and take a different approach and one that doesn’t just rely on resources.”

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones talks with former IRS Agent Joe Bannister about what we can do to fight back against the IRS.

Zero Hedge | So what is Saudi Arabia’s reasoning to “make up in volume what it loses in price”?

Brandon Smith | In the first three installments of this series, we examined the realities behind supply and demand, unemployment and personal debt, and national debt.

Mac Slavo | It is clear that the economic realities falling upon the masses in America are driving us towards a crisis point.

CNS News | $18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million below the current legal debt limit of $18,113,000,080,959.35.

Zero Hedge | Germany’s economy minister had one word for the Greek demand.

Bloomberg | Ray Dalio’s dire view on Europe is paying off.

Zero Hedge | “I think [the Fed is]not crazy enough just to let this thing boil over into complete explosion.”

Business Insider | The Greek government confirmed late Monday how much money it believes the country is owed by Germany.

New American | Iceland and its Parliament are debating a plan that would dramatically restructure the tiny nation’s monetary system.

Zero Hedge | The “secret” is certainly out…

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