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Paul Joseph Watson | Mass media deception to conceal what’s really happening.

Mark Dice | Kassy Dillon’s Twitter account was suspended after she complained about getting death threats and proved that Twitter was allowing it by posting screen shots of their official response to the threats.

Breitbart | Dore sneaked behind the scrum, bottle in hand, and spat in Jones’s face.

Paul Joseph Watson | Young Turks host loses his temper during fracas at the RNC.

Kit Daniels | You’re on fire, stupid!

Kit Daniels | Brexit would not have happened without the Internet, he said

Daily Caller | Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?

Chris Menahan | Take notes friends, this is how you make an entrance.

Paul Joseph Watson | If Hillary wins, America loses.

Prison Planet.com | Alex gives a vital update on the breaking news out of Baton Rouge.

Paul Joseph Watson | France has officially surrendered to jihadists.

Paul Joseph Watson | For daring to criticize ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Paul Joseph Watson | Singer exploits ‘Black Lives Matter’ race-baiting to inflate her ego.

Daily Caller | “The consequences of what we saw in Dallas is due to their efforts.”

Paul Joseph Watson | And who is REALLY responsible?

Prison Planet.com | Infowars Reporters Rob Dew and Joe Biggs break down the Dallas police shooting massacre and discuss whether it will lead to a race war in the United States.

Paul Joseph Watson | Polarizing race-hate group has made people not care about police brutality.

American Mirror | The video will do nothing to ease voters’ minds about Clinton’s lack of trustworthiness or honesty.

Paul Joseph Watson | Claim Independence Day is about little more than slavery, genocide & racism.

Mark Dice | Media analyst Mark Dice hits the beach in San Diego, California for his 6th annual Fourth of July Man on the Street Monday interviews.

Paul Joseph Watson | What they’re NOT telling you.

Paul Joseph Watson | A revolution is about to sweep Europe.

Paul Joseph Watson | Try getting it out!

Paul Joseph Watson | The question you’ve all been asking: ANSWERED!

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Joe Biggs will join social commentator Milo Yiannopoulos to tell Californians the truth about feminism and “social justice warriors.”

Infowars.com | Meeting of the minds.

Paul Joseph Watson | Crisis in the Catholic Church.

Paul Joseph Watson | Clooney is a total moron and a massive hypocrite.

Infowars.com | In this exclusive new interview, Billy Corgan founder of the multi-platinum band Smashing Pumpkins provides an in depth interview on the current social justice warrior movement.

Paul Joseph Watson | Joke clip about pet dog being a Nazi deemed “hate speech”.

Paul Joseph Watson | Thin, attractive girls censored because they trigger obese, ugly social justice warriors.

Information Liberation | This video illustrates with certainty Ted Cruz is a pathological liar. Note how he doesn’t even flinch while boldly lying with dozens of cameras surrounding him, this man has serious issues.

Paul Joseph Watson | Meet the new face of feminism!

Paul Joseph Watson | St. George’s Cross “racist” towards immigrants.

Paul Joseph Watson | So why does Obama bow to Saudi royals like he’s their house bitch every time he visits?

Prison Planet.com | Watch this case study on triggering as two young women can’t stand the fact that others have different opinions than theirs.

Prison Planet | Anti-Trump supporters play race card, but can’t give any real proof that Donald Trump is racist.

Paul Joseph Watson | Being a slut & catching herpes is a new womens’ right cause.

Adan Salazar | Meanwhile, Texas senator struggles to gather New York supporters.

Paul Joseph Watson | Islam is not a religion of peace.

Prison Planet | Explosions have injured and killed several in Belguim.

Bizpac Review | “If you believe we can all rise together, if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us.”

Paul Joseph Watson | OMG like Donald Trump is LITERALLY Adolf Hitler!

Paul Joseph Watson | The elite want him dead, and they’re fomenting the discord to ensure it happens.

Paul Joseph Watson | Violent, crazed leftists run riot….and the media blames Trump!

Paul Joseph Watson | When did degrading men become acceptable?

Louder With Crowder | Watch this anti-Second-Amendment propaganda experiment go terribly wrong for the media in 10 seconds flat…

Mediaite | Jones told Lord there’s a “dark underside” here Trump is playing with by being coy about the KKK.

Paul Joseph Watson | The music industry conspiracy to brainwash us into liking terrible songs.

Paul Joseph Watson | Meet the new face of feminism for 2016!

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