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Filmingcops.com | A teenage boy was terrified when a police officer aimed a loaded pistol at him in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Prison Planet.com | Tim from the NSA knows no boundaries when it comes to looking out for the best interests of the American people.

Prison Planet.com | Will you take responsibility to research and educate yourself about issues that affect your health?

JoshLeCash | We thought it lacked some truth.

Prison Planet.com | On a beach outside San Francisco, the Infowars crew makes a startling discovery.

SHTF Plan | This video is really, really bad and it will make you angry.

Prison Planet.com | Alex covers the news that the White House has begun an end run on gun confiscations.

Prison Planet.com | The percentage of the Pacific Ocean floor covered by dead creatures has soared from 1% to 98% since Fukushima.

Prison Planet.com | Jakari Jackson speaks with legendary radio host John B. Wells.

Prison Planet.com | The Nextdoor neighborhood website is funded in part by the former head of the CIA.

Prison Planet.com | Stories of lost coverage will soon be forgotten.

Prison Planet.com | Alex covers the latest and looks ahead to 2014.

Prison Planet.com | Alex takes calls from listeners on what they think is the largest story of 2013.

Stefan Molyneux | Stefan Molyneux responds to the article “Don’t Feed the Trolls, and Other Advice For Dealing With Libertarians” by Emmett Rensin.

Prison Planet.com | Alex reflects on the crucial year ahead.

Prison Planet.com | YouTube continues to remove our review of It’s A Wonderful Life by hand while the full version of the film remains on its site.

truthrevolt.org | Thanks to the WWE the question has been resolved.

Breitbart | “Great Britain’s George Orwell warned us of the danger of this kind of information.”

Prison Planet.com | Alex issues a special challenge to CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Prison Planet.com | IRS vendors are not paying taxes but are prepared to come after you if you don’t.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cartoon video erroneously teaches kids airport security is a breeze.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi counter the establishments attack on vitamins and health suppliments.

Prison Planet.com | Glenn Greenwald has only released 1% of the Snowden documents.

Prison Planet.com | Greenpeace is running ads in major transportation hubs around the world featuring an image of a depressed Santa Claus alongside the words, “The North Pole is melting. You’d better believe it.”

Anthony Gucciardi | For years, major drug companies have known about the true scientific research behind their highly profitable antidepressant drugs.

Zero Hedge | Three world leaders were messing about like kids instead of behaving with the mournful gravitas one might expect.

Prison Planet.com | “President Obama seemed to be enjoying himself much too much.”

Prison Planet.com | Last night’s episode of The Daily Show tackled the hilariously unsettling news that the American and British governments are spying on games like World of Warcraft and Second Life.

Prison Planet.com | Progressives want him to bypass Congress and rule by executive order on minimum wage and immigration.

Prison Planet.com.com | Pastor Manning breaks down Obama’s abusive, one-man rule.

Paul Joseph Watson | Homeland Security expands its occupation of America.

Anthony Gucciardi | The Obama Administration has already gone far beyond corruption and deception and into an entirely new level of dictatorial control.

Prison Planet.com | The National Football League once again revealed itself to be little more than an establishment political tool.

Prison Planet.com | “The simple fact that they are now discussing geoengineering in the latest IPCC report indicates that the veil is beginning to lift.”

Vigilant Citizen | If there was an award for the less Christmas-y Christmas card in the History of the world, I believe that the 2013 Kardashian Christmas card would take the prize.

Paul Joseph Watson | Surveillance cameras could be attached to drones to prevent theft.

KING 5 News | Amazon has unveiled “Prime Air,” a drone delivery system that they promise will get packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less.

Prison Planet.com | We speak with Artist, Minister, & Veteran; Mario Lopez about faith, family, & service to country.

Paul Joseph Watson | Videos confirm zombie plague sweeping America.

Prison Planet.com | Santa played by Mark Dice.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars.com reporter David Knight interviews Black Thursday shoppers and exposes some deals that are not as great as they seem.

Prison Planet.com | Alex concludes the final live transmission from picket fence on the grassy knoll to interview bystanders.

Prison Planet.com | On this 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Alex broadcasts live from the scene of the crime in Dallas.

Prison Planet.com | The police of Dallas try to put Alex Jones and other free speech advocates in a “free speech zone”. Meanwhile, those who spout the official JFK story are invited to speak on stage.

Steve Watson | “Will we be sunshine patriots, or will we stand up like free men and women?”

Paul Joseph Watson | Cop arrests dad for trying to pick kids up from school.

Prison Planet.com | In spite of the Operation Mockingbird media, Hollywood’s faux re-enactments and free speech exclusion zones at the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, the truth will come out.

Paul Joseph Watson | Who are the real conspiracy theorists?

Paul Joseph Watson | Camera so sensitive it depicts outline of genitals.

Adan Salazar | System can be hacked and exploited by pervs.

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