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Daily Caller | “If someone takes something from me, I’m going to grab it right back out of their cold, twisted, sick hands and say it is mine!”

Gateway Pundit | “A Christian Holocaust is in our mist.”

Prison Planet.com | A massive buildup on the Ukrainian border in the last 48 hours has seen Russia double its troop levels!

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones talks with singer/songwriter Shooter Jennings about his new album and what he thinks of the current events happening in our country.

Lionel Media | “I beg to differ, I’m a conspiracy analyst, not a conspiracy theorist.”

SCG News | There is something very, very important that the corporate media and public health officials are not telling you.

Prison Planet.com | You’re a lunatic. This is exactly what the term conspiracy theory connotes or, more precisely, is designed to connote.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones breaks down the decision on the recent Jesse Ventura case.

Paul Joseph Watson | Media outlet uses guilt by association in an effort to smear Rand Paul.

Prison Planet.com | Women and children first! Unless they’re American citizens.

Prison Planet.com | What are the real facts?

Prison Planet.com | Dan Bidondi sits down with filmmaker Ted Methvin Jr.

Prison Planet.com | The federal government is asking paramedics and firefighters to be on the lookout for “extremists” as part of a program that aims to uncover “suspicious activity.”

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Joe Biggs takes to the sky to demonstrate just how serious this manufactured border meltdown really is.

Prison Planet.com | Misguided Americans are pushing for amnesty.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Joe Biggs discovers an opening in the border fence in Hereford, Arizona.

Michael Krieger | Well done. Very, very well done.

Prison Planet.com | Some basic questions of journalism — “Who, What, Where, Why” — are being ignored by the mainstream media as it pushes war hysteria.

Zero Hedge | Is this merely yet another false flag provocation?

Prison Planet.com | The Infowars Crew on their way to check in to a hotel in Weslaco Texas are notified that their reservation is cancelled.

Kit Daniels | Latest example of anti-gun rhetoric in mass entertainment.

Prison Planet.com | IED manufacturing facility held wider potential to harm U.S.

Prison Planet.com | Mainstream media has been pushing the scripted narrative from Obama that we need to open the borders “for the children”.

Prison Planet.com | Alex speaks with former Texas Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Kit Daniels & Joe Biggs | La Raza members decked in brown shirts, bandanas and badges stating “Chicano Power.”

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo interviews people waiting in line to see Obama perform at the Paramount Theater in Austin, TX.

Kit Daniels | “Today is a different day,” cop says.

Paul Joseph Watson | Senator renews assault on ‘Fahrenheit 451′ amendment.

Prison Planet.com | Perry has positioned himself as one of Obama’s most strident critics.

Paul Joseph Watson | Who is backing ISIS? What is the agenda behind the group’s takeover of Iraq and the Middle East?

Prison Planet.com | More calls for Obama’s impeachment won’t stop the President from hobnobbing at celebrity fundraisers and playing golf every Saturday.

Prison Planet.com | The Infowars crew reviews Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary America, the film that exposes the gameplan of Obama and the anti-liberty establishment.

Prison Planet.com | U.N.’s urban planning program turns the population into mere serfs who are easily controlled by the government.

Prison Planet.com | This is a wake up call for those unaware of the dangers lurking in towns close to the United States-Mexico border.

Prison Planet.com | The story of a Georgia sheriff who went against the feds, protecting a citizens 1st amendment right.

Daily Caller | The news business is in a “vibrant era”.

“Who or what is coming in, we don’t know and we won’t know until something bad happens,” Border Patrol rep says.

Vigilant Citizen | All laced with one-eyed Illuminati symbolism, of course.

Prison Planet.com | A dangerous stretch of Texas highway hugging the Mexican border is heavily patrolled by state and local police, but not by the thinly stretched Border Patrol.

Prison Planet.com | Elijah Cummings took a few minutes during Monday night’s IRS hearing to apologize to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Truth Revolt | “One of the most important in the archive,” says Greenwald.

Prison Planet.com | Alex welcomes English writer, public speaker and former media personality David Icke for his perspective on ISIS’ destabilization efforts.

Infowars.com | Corporate media now reporting story Infowars covered early last week.

David Knight & Kit Daniels | Americans who don’t believe in gun control are “intimidating” the population, according to presumptive presidential candidate.

Kit Daniels | Presumptive 2016 presidential candidate makes comment at book signing in Austin, Texas.

Prison Planet.com | CBP agents are being forced to release them onto the streets of America.

Prison Planet.com | The extended version of Infowars interview with an ICE agent.

Prison Planet.com | Alex bring to light the issues behind the ongoing immigrant wave coming in over the southern border and the loss of backbone by the US Government and society.

The Gateway Pundit | There were audible gasps in the room today when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress that Lerner’s hard drive was tossed out.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones is joined via Skype by Jerome Corsi to discuss the state of affairs in Iraq.

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