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Steve Watson | Found guilty of harassment and making threats for explaining anti-gun legislation was killing his ammo business

Kurt Nimmo | Oakland County police purchase device with Department of Homeland Security grant.

Ldnews.com | An unmanned Pennsylvania Army National Guard drone crashed near Lickdale Elementary School Thursday afternoon.

The Detroit News | Oakland County commissioners asked no questions last March before unanimously approving a cellphone tracking device so powerful it was used by the military.

Underground Medic | The pompous Chief Inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw has recommended that children in the UK start school at TWO years old.

ABC News | Mozilla co-founder CEO Brendan Eich, who came under fire this week for donating to a campaign to ban gay marriage in California, has resigned.

Lizzie Bennett | An alleged plot by Muslim hard-liners to take over six schools in Birmingham.

RT | The move helps put a lid on NSA spooks and hacking.

TheFreeThoughtProject.com | The driver had pleaded with the officer to escort them to the hospital a mere five minutes away.

Truth Revolt | Liberties imperiled by Obamacare “are no less important today”.

The Organic Prepper | What if you were forced to “register” in order to buy groceries?

RT | The Twitter ban imposed by Turkey’s government violates freedom of expression and individual rights.

Carlos Miller | The U.S. Marshals could only ask people to stand back

London Guardian | US intelligence chiefs have confirmed that the National Security Agency has used a “back door” in surveillance law to perform warrantless searches on Americans’ communications.

London Independent | The Cinderella Law: Emotional correctness gone mad.

Prison Planet.com | The EPA has enlisted children to tell parents and grandparents to get rid of their fireplaces.

London Independent | Atheists, peaceful protesters and those who go to fight abroad have all been brought under the auspices of new “anti-terror” laws.

Adan Salazar | Woman cried hysterically after agent made her prove she had cosmetic procedure.

Fox News | The FBI is searching for a recent Army recruit believed to be planning a “Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers,” FoxNews.com has learned.

Prison Planet.com | David Knight looks at the riotous public outrage in Albuquerque, NM in response to the shooting of a homeless man.

Washington Free Beacon | ‘Hugs are much better than sweet treats’

BizPac Review | House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., received Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger award.

New American | Making officers dependent on the largesse of their federal benefactors.

AFP | Saudi authorities have arrested three citizens who posted YouTube videos urging the oil-rich kingdom to improve their living standards.

Politico | And other tales of working for the TSA.

Prison Planet.com | Jakari Jackson speaks with Dr. Brian Hooker.

BizPac Review | Former Vice President Dick Cheney defended the Bush administration’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques.

Steve Watson | “Everything will be monitored”

Kit Daniels | Insurance tracking device records route driven by the policyholder.

Daily Caller | A reporter has been detained by Capitol Hill police for trying to ask a question.

London Telegraph | Plans to beach a 50ft sperm whale in a park by the Thames as part of a children’s event on the theme of Jonah turned down because of their ‘religious nature’.

Elizabeth Renter | Heated discussions arise anytime drug testing is brought up, and with good reason.

Adan Salazar | Police report contradicted by multiple witness testimony.

Truth Revolt | Comedian Laura Levites tweeted today that a pro-life teenager should be murdered.

UK Daily Mail | Man is wired up to 700 sensors to capture every single detail of his existence.

The Truth About Guns | Famously anti-gun California state Senator Leland Yee has been charged with, in addition to bribery and public corruption…yes…gun running.

Adan Salazar | Neighbors dispute police chief’s claim that man fired at police.

Adan Salazar | Let this be a lesson: never bring a dirty syringe to a gun fight.

Washington’s Blog | 500 Years of History – and 40 Years of Warnings by Top U.S. Officials – Confirms that Government Spying On One’s Own People Is Always About Grabbing Power and Stifling Criticism.

Mikael Thalen | FOIA request proves police still have drones despite year old promise to return them.

Washington’s Blog | Spy Agencies Are Spying On All Of Us, Taking Screenshots of Our Webchats, Creating Vulnerabilities On Our Computers and the Internet, and Intentionally Disrupting Some of Our Functionalities …

CourtHouse News | “Ag Gag” law.

Washington’s Blog | “Do You Think That Because I’m Chairman of The Intelligence Committee That I Just Say “I Want It”, and They Give It To Me?

New American | Defending the “progressive” educational establishment’s national school standards from the intensifying public uproar.

RT | Tymoshenko claims it is an FSB edited setup.

The College Fix | The University of California-Santa Barbara professor who allegedly assaulted a pro-life student on campus has been charged with criminal battery.

krqe.com | Critics of the Albuquerque Police Department are raising serious questions about the fatal shooting of a homeless camper in the foothills, one even calling it murder.

London Telegraph | The remains of more than 15,000 babies were incinerated as ‘clinical waste’ by hospitals in Britain with some used in ‘waste to energy’ plants.

Washington’s Blog | Like Bush Saying “You’re Either With Us or Against Us”.

Ron Paul | It was almost ten years ago when, before the House International Relations Committee, I objected to the US Government funding NGOs to meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

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