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Carlos Miller | Public officials are resorting to unwritten policies to prevent people from recording.

Bizpac Review | Many are choosing to opt-out of the program and the funding that goes along with it.

London Telegraph | British Airways says it will turn away passengers booked on US-bound flights if their electrical devices will not switch on.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Arena, Wisconsin is a village of roughly 800 people, most of whom are white, politically liberal, and materially comfortable.

RT | If the battery of your mobile device fails to power up on the request of a TSA agent, you won’t be allowed to take it on board a US-bound plane.

Zero Hedge | A few days ago, we asked a simple rhetorical question: “Are you targeted by the NSA?”

Defense One | Looking to Congress for urgent help.

UK Daily Mail | She didn’t like the smell.

London Telegraph | MPs or peers from all three main political parties are on the list.

Elizabeth Renter | Does legislating unhealthy food really hold the answer?

BBC News | Google has begun reinstating some links it had earlier removed under the controversial “right to be forgotten” ruling.

Paul Joseph Watson | “She could have died out there.”

Kit Daniels | DoD claims reporter engaged in “unauthorized photography and broadcast” outside immigration shelter.

Zero Hedge | California regulators are starting to clamp down on water waste.

Prison Planet.com | We look at the newest prevarications about punctuations and other semantic arguments used to muddy the Declaration of Independence.

Police State USA | A short-fused officer vents his frustration on a paraplegic man.

Mikael Thalen | Overpass protest deemed criminal nuisance, disorderly conduct.

CNS News | Claims that the English-language requirement in a U.S. business constitutes “discrimination.”

Jon Rappoport | Your big-government-at-work scores again.

William Norman Grigg | Every day, somewhere in this supposedly free county, some version of this script is played out.

Prison Planet.com | Sources say security forces called themselves the “Brown Shirts”.

Newsmax | The United States could soon become a large-scale Spain or Greece, teetering on the edge of financial ruin.

Prison Planet.com | Joe Biggs Talks directly to CDC personal about the influx of immigrant children.

Tenth Amendment Center | The warcraft and weaponry used in battle are now being deployed in neighborhoods.

Carlos Miller | Cops accusing him of disrupting traffic when they were the ones blocking an entire lane.

Washington Post | Virtually no foreign government is off-limits for the National Security Agency.

Mac Slavo | Truck driver Brian Miner was hauling a load through Illinois last week when a police cruiser passed him at a high rate of speed.

Washington’s Blog | But Others Will Release ALL of the Snowden Documents to Prevent a War.

PINAC | Photography Is Not A Crime’s Jeff Gray has had his driver’s license and vehicle tag information searched by police well over 200 times.

London Independent | Officials said the two men, from separate tours, had committed ‘hostile acts’ against the country.

Michigan Live | Downtown businesses are giving area law enforcement agencies greater access to private video.

Prison Planet.com | An Arizona State University professor who was arrested by campus police last month is claiming self-defense.

Townhall | Google is taking a Bloomberg inspired step toward “curbing gun violence”.

Michael Thomas | Protest blimp sneaks up on the $2 billion NSA data center in Utah.

Police State USA | Will the government be held to the same standards as parents when it comes to child neglect?

Prison Planet.com | Agents in Arizona were reportedly fired upon by a Mexican military helicopter that traveled across the border.

Prison Planet.com | Excerpts from the interview with Border Patrol Union Vice President Stu Harris.

Daily Caller | A man whose dog was recently shot and killed by Salt Lake City police has posted a video of an exchange he had with officers minutes after the shooting.

Washington’s Blog | The Hidden History of Mass Surveillance.

London Guardian | Boris Johnson completes purchase of three second-hand machines from Germany before decision from home secretary.

The Daily Sheeple | Peaceful protest is branded as terrorism.

Paul Joseph Watson | Residents express outrage at “intimidation tactic” used to “strike fear”.

NY Times | The Bloomberg big-soda ban is officially dead.

London Guardian | Cutting edge data-driven analysis directs Los Angeles patrol officers to likely future crime scenes – but critics worry that decision-making by machine will bring ‘tyranny of the algorithm’.

Daily Caller | Left-wing law professor Jonathan Turley baffled his MSNBC cohorts.

London Guardian | EU and human rights and privacy groups welcome pledge, which follows pressure in wake of Snowden revelations.

Michael Snyder | The number of SWAT team raids in the United States every year is now more than 25 times higher than it was back in 1980.

London Independent | Two pensioners arrested and blind woman hospitalised after ‘Freedom Rides’ demo was broken up.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Compare and contrast the torturous rationale for extra-constitutional murder by the American State with that of the murderous National Socialist regime in Germany.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Two recent incidents in Idaho illustrated the value of armed self-defense.

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