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Truth Revolt | “Stop treating the women in Trump’s world like we treated Hillary Clinton.”

Truth Revolt | Not because of alcohol-induced sex, but because of the descriptions of the beer.

Daily Sheeple | Google probably knows more about you than your own mother does.

Daily Mail | Shocking photographs have emerged of young Indonesians being whipped until they collapse for having sex outside of marriage.

Louder With Crowder | Nike Middle East recently released a commercial triggering anger from Muslims around the globe.

Information Liberation | A racist note allegedly handed to a black waitress by a white man in Virginia last month was fabricated, according to a lawyer for the man accused.

Information Liberation | If our immigration laws were enforced murders like Hernandez wouldn’t even be in our country.

Truth Revolt | Seven killed, five of them in just two hours.

Page 6 | NBC thought it would derail Trump.

Breitbart | Both leftists and establishment conservatives have taken to Twitter to express their outrage.

LawNewz | CNN aired a “series of false and defamatory news reports”.

The American Mirror | The vandals also shot out the couple’s windows with pellet guns.

Chris Menahan | As we all know, our violent, domestic abusing, transsexual, six-time deportee illegal aliens are our greatest strength.

Breitbart | “Deep state” officials are withholding intelligence from President Donald Trump.

Information Liberation | I wonder why they’re not reporting this story on CNN?

Michael Snyder | Sarah Silverman appears to be losing her mind in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

Daily Caller | Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian-American activist and newest darling of the feminist movement, is scheduled to speak in April.

Zero Hedge | Here is a look at where the majority of illegal immigrants in the United States are currently residing.

Information Liberation | An hysterical “transgender” activist crashed a board meeting in Madison, Wisconsin after the state decided to stop using taxpayer money for state employees’ hormone therapy and sex-change operations.

EAG News | While substitute teacher David Colin was supposed to be watching students in Rutherford County Schools, he was instead posting about his hatred for Donald Trump supporters on Facebook.

AZ Central | For four years, federal immigration authorities have given Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos a pass to remain in the U.S. rather than deport her back to Mexico.

Pamela Geller | She was knifed in a frenzied attack in front of 30 horrified witnesses, while her attacker is alleged to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the ordeal.

Louder With Crowder | In recent years we’ve come to expect mostly garbage coming from Germany.

Politico | At a closed-door meeting, House lawmakers discuss strategies to counter potential violence.

EAG News | A Buffalo mother who withdrew her children from public schools to homeschool them now faces child neglect charges, and her children have been removed from her custody.

Truth Revolt | You can’t make this stuff up. Nor would you want to.

Truth Revolt | “They were letting her have it.”

Campus Reform | “This event is open to everyone and anyone, EXCEPT REPUBLICANS.”

The Ralph Retort | How crazy is it that Twitter allows a guy to live-tweet low-level domestic terrorism?

EAG News | The mother of an Australian preschooler got a rude awakening recently when her child’s teacher sent home a letter lecturing her about what she includes in the student’s lunch box.

Truth Revolt | “Extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.”

Campus Reform | “People who signed up on the sheet were contacted with these ominous and threatening emails.”

Irish News | Americans need to get used to the fact Donald Trump was elected as president, US writer Bret Easton Ellis has said.

Zero Hedge | Reddit has banned three major ‘alt-right’ subreddits.

Information Liberation | Video from UC Berkeley on Thursday shows a Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat fight off two assailants after being punched in the face by two leftists who appear to be pot smoking, homeless vagrants.

Campus Reform | “Keep your hate speech off this campus!”

Washington Free Beacon | Competition for teens in mostly white town meant to ‘foster understanding’.

Study Finds | Fake news did not affect the presidential election in 2016, researchers say.

Pamela Geller | The Islamic element will insure this gets no coverage.

The Verge | Boston Dynamics is best known for its bipedal and quadrupedal robots, but it turns out the company has also been experimenting with some radical new tech: the wheel.

Campus Reform | “His 50 billion dollar wall order criminalizes immigrant communities.”

Truth Revolt | “Go back home.”

Pamela Geller | President Trump has the right to expect his cabinet officials to carry out his policies. He was right to fire her — she was wrong to defy him.

Daily Mail | Defense attorneys for the four suspects accused of tying up and torturing a mentally disabled man while they live streamed it on Facebook are complaining that the foursome have received death threats.

American Mirror | Police in Fort Wayne, Indiana are shrugging their shoulders over a Donald Trump effigy hanging high in a tree.

Truth Revolt | Let’s be like Europe!

Reuters | “I think he’s going to have a more sensible approach to rising crime rates.”

Information Liberation | While the lying media is perpetuating the lie refugees do not pose a terrorist threat, the facts show otherwise.

Campus Reform | The students we spoke to at George Washington University overwhelmingly opposed a border wall.

Daily Mail | Two teenage boys are arrested over plot to kill their classmates.

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