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William Norman Grigg | Every day, somewhere in this supposedly free county, some version of this script is played out.

Prison Planet.com | Joe Biggs Talks directly to CDC personal about the influx of immigrant children.

Washington’s Blog | But Others Will Release ALL of the Snowden Documents to Prevent a War.

Michigan Live | Downtown businesses are giving area law enforcement agencies greater access to private video.

Prison Planet.com | An Arizona State University professor who was arrested by campus police last month is claiming self-defense.

Prison Planet.com | Agents in Arizona were reportedly fired upon by a Mexican military helicopter that traveled across the border.

Prison Planet.com | Excerpts from the interview with Border Patrol Union Vice President Stu Harris.

Washington’s Blog | The Hidden History of Mass Surveillance.

Paul Joseph Watson | Residents express outrage at “intimidation tactic” used to “strike fear”.

Daily Caller | Left-wing law professor Jonathan Turley baffled his MSNBC cohorts.

Michael Snyder | The number of SWAT team raids in the United States every year is now more than 25 times higher than it was back in 1980.

Paul Joseph Watson | “Two hours of pure hell” as SWAT team trashes home.

Mikael Thalen | “We’ve dealt with your incessant badgering of our department over these issues.”

Q13 FOX News | It was 7:45 Sunday morning and Lisa Pleiss was fresh out of bed.

London Guardian | Reauthorisation is fifth since the Guardian revealed existence of Section 215 telephony metadata program in June last year.

Tech Dirt | The NSA appears to have taken a lesson from the whole “gamification” movement and used it to help the NSA better spy on people.

Paul Joseph Watson | Postal service wants to join “Internet of Things.”

Jon Rappoport | Let me clarify that. Slavery to the corporate State. Government and mega-corporations work hand in hand.

London Guardian | Social science is being militarised to develop ‘operational tools’ to target peaceful activists and protest movements.

Washington’s Blog | The Story of NSA’s “First Fruits” Program Has Never Been Told.

The Hill | The Pentagon Thursday said Islamic militants in Iraq might have captured U.S. equipment and vehicles as an al-Qaeda linked group advanced toward Baghdad.

Zero Hedge | The program was limited in size and proved little use to U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Tech Dirt | The state found that 64 officers violated orders, but none of these officers received anything longer than a 10-day suspension.

Washington’s Blog | No Wonder Impeachment Was “Off the Table”: Democrats Approved Mass Surveillance and Torture … and the Subsequent Cover-Up.

Kit Daniels | Letterman pushes gun control lies on The Late Show.

Washington’s Blog | Even the ARCHITECT of the Drone Assassination Program Saya Obama Has Gone Too Far … “Creating Terrorists Rather Than Eliminating Them”.

Michael Snyder | One of the things that this era of American history will be known for is conspicuous consumption.

Washington Examiner | She “will instead take the baton from President Obama to continue radicalizing the country and “undo the nation’s founding ideals.”

Prison Planet.com | SSG Joe Biggs talks to people about the Washington Times article that outlines a directive written in 2010 that gives the President authority to use military force against civilians.

Adan Salazar | Militarization of federal agencies across the board puts everyday Americans square in the crosshairs.

Prison Planet.com | Slowly but surely, after Infowars started the ball rolling Monday, the mainstream media has followed suit.

TechDirt | Security expert Bruce Schneier believes Snowden has made it easier to break the encrypted communications of terrorists.

RT | Greenwald will reveal those in the USA who were targeted by the NSA.

The Washington Times | Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith stood by his defense of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s statements on bigotry on Friday.

The Hill | Four tech companies claim that the FBI is ignoring their First Amendment rights by barring them from revealing what types of information they turn over to the government.

Kurt Nimmo | Duck Dynasty patriarch says corporate media misunderstand biblical verse.

Washington’s Blog | The Fact that a Senator Even Needs to SAY This Shows How Far We’ve Fallen.

Mikael Thalen | News groups promise invasion is not “Russians” or “New World Order.”

Washington’s Blog | Amnesty found that most Americans believe that torture is never justified.

World Net Daily | ‘This administration doesn’t see its opponents as dissenters but as enemies’.

Mac Slavo | Russia’s control of valuable domestic resources puts them in a unique strategic position against the United States.

Prison Planet.com | Newly leaked Marine Corps’ documents detail yet another military urban training center that more closely resembles a small U.S. town than a foreign combat zone.

Washington’s Blog | The Big Secret Behind the Spying Program.

Mike Paczesny | Milwaukee police forced their way into a gun rights advocate’s home without a warrant and literally kidnapped a woman for an “emergency mental evaluation“.

Mikael Thalen | Officer claims puppy would not stop “advancing” towards him.

Prison Planet.com | According to some universities they feel that it is offensive to Latin Americans.

Judicial Watch | The Obama administration appears to have a terrorist “hands off” list.

Daily Caller | Colorado’s new gun law requiring a background check for any transfer of a firearm has left one woman unarmed.

Steve Watson | Passenger electrified after becoming tangled in seat belt.

Paul Craig Roberts | “Live free or die” is the motto of the state of New Hampshire. I hope the residents are prepared to die, because living free is not what they do.

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