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Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Joe Biggs takes to the streets of Chicago.

Free Thought Project | It was discovered this week that the Chicago Police Department has been operating a secret “black site” facility on the city’s west side.

Weekly Standard | President Obama warned workers at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: implement executive amnesty, or else.

Free Thought Project | “I would act the same way that I did.”

Nick Gillespie | A full-throated defense of classical liberal and libertarian theorizing.

Mac Slavo | Threat advisories have been circulated about a possible terror attack on the Mall of America in Minnesota.

Steve Watson | Officers Wearing Body Cams Turned Away To Hide Evidence.

CNS News | The DHS report – which has not been publicly released – was leaked to CNN.

Filming Cops | New figures have been released by WBAY showing that Seattle isn’t the only place where law enforcement jobs are undesired.

Mikael Thalen | Female student has innocent male banned from majority of campus.

Steve Watson | Mother of two complied with police, but they shot her anyway.

Free Thought Project | A cell phone video captured the brutal beating of a high school student by a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputy.

Michael Krieger | Hong Kong’s unpopular chief executive has infuriated pro-democracy campaigners by using a Chinese New Year message to urge the former colony’s citizens to act more “like sheep”.

London Independent | Chris Green is the first reporter to be allowed into the Dublin office where staff must decide where freedom of speech begins and ends.

Free Thought Project | St. Peters, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, and a councilman from O’Fallon have filed a lawsuit against their OWN CITIZENS.

Truth Revolt | “I’m here to tell you, Common Core really scares me.”

Michael Krieger | 70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication.

John W. Whitehead | I must confess that when faced with unmistakable warning signs that the country I grew up in is no more, I have my own moments of doubt.

London Independent | Ms Roberts also claims she feared for her life during the allegedly abusive ‘sexual activities I was forced to endure’.

Steve Watson | Officers lied in report, now face multiple charges.

RT | The EU agency for judicial cooperation says the bloc needs to develop a common approach to lawfully intercept services like Skype and Viber.

Kurt Nimmo | State also reserves the authority to shut down First Amendment right of business owners.

Mac Slavo | The NYPD is reformulating its policing strategy, and creating a new unit.

Polygon | A fourth-grader in west Texas has been suspended, his father says, because he pretended to have a ring like the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cops seek DHS grant to deal with ‘threat’ posed by The Rainbow Family.

Paul Joseph Watson | Biohackers say it’s time to prepare for governments & corporations implementing same technology.

Michael Krieger | Eric Holder made a career out of protecting and coddling financial oligarchs (his 1999 memo essentially invented “Too Big to Jail”).

Daily Caller | Companies hired by TSA would plug “commercial data” into algorithms to determine whether travelers qualified as “low-risk.”

Mac Slavo | Never mind the evidence that vaccines aren’t as effective as their makers have promised.

London Telegraph | Last month David Cameron attacked “frankly ridiculous” members of the European Parliament for blocking EU authorities from tracking terrorist suspects.

Prison Planet.com | Lee Ann McAdoo talks to Dr. Stuart Russell about the threat posed by artificial intelligence.

John W. Whitehead | Roughly 1500 kids are tied up or locked down every day by school officials in the United States.

Michael Krieger | The middle class has shrunk consistently over the past half-century.

CNS News | For every black murder victim in 2011 there were 19 blacks killed by abortion.

Chris Carrington | Only the seat belt attached to the chair stopped the man from falling out.

Sputnik | New Jersey police have released a video of two police officers shooting and killing a black man as he tried to get out of a car with his hands up.

Truth Revolt | Not only did the other judges disagree, they convened a review committee that recommended Page be suspended and removed from his post.

Prison Planet.com | As we predicted, cops now spy on you with x-ray technology.

Sputnik | Men held for years at Gitmo without charges.

Korea Times | …And Facebook has ties to the CIA.

Prison Planet.com | Nazi sympathizer wants to divide America.

Kit Daniels | Data reveals when a car carrying a child is passing by McDonald’s and when a driver is speeding.

Infowars.com | The CIA controls America.

Kit Daniels | Obama proposes dragnet for Americans’ private data.

Adan Salazar | DA’s office bypasses grand jury in filing charges.

RT | America’s dependency on Internet leaves it vulnerable.

Prison Planet.com | Fox advocates police state.

Kurt Nimmo | Allegedly arranged by former Bear Stearns financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Prison Planet.com | For some time now it has been clear that we are facing the greatest surveillance scandal the world has ever seen.

NBC Philadelphia | A man was shot and killed by police after he allegedly tried to run them over with his car in Delaware County Tuesday.

Walmart Death Camps for Martial Law Takeover? (Debunked) See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

U.S. Army FORCES Cadets to Wear High Heels to Promote Feminist Campaign See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

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