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Daily Caller | Tyler Perry defended himself after he was criticized for casting only white actors to star in his new series “Too Close to Home.”

Campus Reform | “Referring to Hillary as ‘Mrs. Clinton’ diminishes her accomplishments by specifically attaching her to Bill.”

breakingnews.ie | It was two hours before anyone from the British authorities arrived, said the embassy.

College Fix | CSU-Fresno president: ‘Create a greater sense of belonging on campus’

Truth Revolt | “Will she go back to being Bruce?”

Daily Caller | A leaked Army operational security brief appears to show Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former CIA Director David Petraeus listed as two key examples of potential insider threats.

Daily Caller | Referring to someone by the “wrong” gender pronoun is a violation of federal anti-discrimination law, according to West Virginia University’s Title IX office.

College Fix | Kathleen Iannello, an associate professor of political science at Gettysburg College, has declared a Donald Trump presidency “truly unthinkable as well as unteachable.”

Information Liberation | Viral video gives us a glimpse of what life is like in the new Detroit.

NY Post | She was also working in the White House as an intern for then-First Lady Clinton.

London Independent | Government ‘supporting’ the British-Australian national as his family demands immediate release.

Washington Free Beacon | University researchers ask federal judge to grant injunction on documents relating to organ trade.

Heat Street | Canadian comedian Mike Ward was fined a whopping $42,000 by Quebec’s Human Rights Tribunal for jokes he made about a disabled boy.

Daily Caller | NPR says its decision to get rid of comments is mostly based on engagement.

Information Liberation | Ilhan Omar, the Somali representative who unseated 44-year incumbent Phyllis Kahn in an “historic victory” last week in Minnesota is reportedly married to her brother.

Truth Revolt | Oh, so NOW they’re concerned about ethics.

Daily Mail | Cloaked men ‘stabbing a woman’ at night is investigated by chiefs at world-famous science centre.

Brandon Smith | There is an interesting disconnect with some people when discussing the concept of global centralization.

College Fix | ‘Blame the White Guy’

Breitbart | Tuesday in West Bend, WI at a campaign rally, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said, “We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton.”

Heat Street | The BBC has been forced to issue a correction after showing a video which falsely inflated the number of people who have died in police custody in Britain.

Breitbart | A new campaign is targeting advertisers in a bid to shut down newspapers that report crime committed by migrants, rather than covering it up.

Truth Revolt | Not a parody.

Daily Mail | An asylum seeker who avoided deportation from Britain with the help of a public campaign is facing jail after sexual assaulting a 21-year-old woman.

Washington Free Beacon | Respondents concerned about state control of health care, higher premiums, poor care.

RT | A US think tank has called for the withdrawal of nuclear arms from Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, saying the country is in disorder and is too close to the Syria conflict zone.

EAG News | The mother of a Chicago Public Schools elementary student is suing the school district after she claims her daughter was traumatized by a school resource officer who handcuffed the girl and left her in a dark stairwell.

The Ralph Retort | War on free speech

CBS New York | An imam and a member of his congregation are dead following a double shooting in Queens on Saturday afternoon.

Daily Mail | The BBC has ruled out remaking the famous World War II sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo because bosses were nervous the Nazis in the show would offend viewers.

Fox 13 | A St Jude patient and her mother are suing TSA, the Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority, and its police department after a security screening got physical.

Breitbart | Massive levels of electoral fraud have gone unchallenged as a result of “political correctness”, according to an official new report from the UK government.

American Mirror | A Meridian, Connecticut business owner is trying to make a statement with a new message emblazoned in bold letters across his work trucks: All Lives Matter.

American Mirror | More leaked e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State prove that she was taking foreign policy advice from left-wing billionaire activist George Soros.

The Ralph Retort | More information has come out about the attempted murder of a driver who didn’t see a BLM ‘protester’ standing in the middle of a busy street in the middle of the night.

The College Fix | Teachers and staff in North Carolina’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have been advised to utilize “gender neutral descriptors” instead of the terms “boys” and “girls.”

Louder With Crowder | If someone is stupid enough to turn to crime to make bank, then it probably shouldn’t be all too surprising when said criminal chooses a dollar store for robbing…

Breitbart | An email sent through Hillary Clinton’s private sever betrayed the name of the National Security Agency’s representative to the State Department.

The Claremont Independent | “This is directed to protect POC, not white people. Don’t see how this is racist at all…”

Click Orlando | Survivor at rally ‘let down’ at Omar Mateen’s father attending.

Breitbart | A town that was recently rocked by the horrific gang-rape of a five-year-old girl by refugee boys has had an arrest in a case involving charges of another disturbing sexual assault case last weekend.

The Hill | The parents of two Americans killed during the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, are suing Hillary Clinton over the incident, according to the organization behind the complaint.

Daily Caller | A community college in Illinois is trying to defend itself after it decided to offer special classes only available to black people.

College Fix | The program, called “Our Wisconsin,” will be rolled out this fall to 1,000 students with the goal of making it mandatory for new students by fall 2017, campus officials recently announced.

Washington Free Beacon | A CNN panel Sunday put Hillary Clinton on blast as they discussed her email scandal and trust issues that loom over her presidential campaign.

Information Liberation | Welcome to the new republic of Germanistan.

London Independent | Senior brethren told to look like they are enjoying themselves as recruiting younger members is hailed as the new hope for halting the decline of freemasonry.

The Hill | Top officials at the biggest police union in the country are upset with Hillary Clinton, saying she snubbed them.

Bloomberg | Every move you make. Every click you take. Every game you play. Every place you stay. They’ll be watching you.

Paul Joseph Watson | But authorities insist attack was only motivated by “mental health issues”.

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