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EAG News | North Dakota students may or may not learn about the first 100 years of America’s history.

Breitbart | “I think ISIS is a very dangerous indeed, especially if you think about the prospects of nuclear weapons being developed in the Middle East.”

Mac Slavo | Free speech has officially failed.

Free Thought Project | A short video was uploaded to Facebook Saturday that epitomizes the rift between police and the citizens.

Prison Planet.com | They don’t want us to see other humans as people.

Prison Planet.com | Sheriff David Clarke placed blame for the execution of Harris County deputy Darren Goforth squarely upon President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Daily Caller | Black Lives Matter protesters marching on the Minnesota state fair on Saturday spewed violent anti-cop rhetoric.

Washington Examiner | Examining a possible violation of the Espionage Act.

Sputnik | A TSA agent may be sent to jail for unlawfully groping a young woman, giving a new meaning to the schoolboy expression ‘cop a feel’.

Louder With Crowder | That’s right, I forgot about her transphobia.

Newsbusters | Claims that “gun violence” is “on rise” with “some public health officials say[ing] it’s time to change our approach to the problem.”

MIT Technology Review | Drones are being used to capture video footage that shows construction progress at the Sacramento Kings’ new stadium in California.

Bloomberg | German Justice Minister Heiko Maas wants Facebook Inc. to remove racist posts targeting asylum seekers after several attacks on refugee camps in Germany over the past week.

Mac Slavo | It seems the no-pressure sales method wasn’t working.

EAG News | School officials in Idaho claim the Confederate flag is considered a gang symbol.

Michael Krieger | It’s now becoming clear exactly how many tens of millions of dollars the TSA spent on body scanners.

Truth Revolt | On Wednesday, the Oxford Dictionary announced it will add several new words to the lexicon.

Bizpac Review | Walmart is confirming rumors that it will quit selling AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines.

Breitbart | The tweets were posted before further reports revealed that the murderer, Vester Flanagan, was black.

EAG News | A Florida student who came to school on the first day with two Confederate flags waiving from the back of her pickup was issued an apology after school officials sent her home.

Gateway Pundit | Last night leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa.

Mac Slavo | Ostensibly, and on the surface, they are trained to “help out” with things like natural disasters, floods and hurricanes.

London Telegraph | EU to consider case for airport-style security, including body scanners and CCTV, in wake of botched terror attack on French train.

Truth Revolt | Compared Muslim extremists with Nazis.

Mike Krieger | Cannataci says we are dealing with a world even worse that anything Orwell could have foreseen.

Adan Salazar | CEO and founder of StemExpress says Hillary for president is “a done deal as far as I’m concerned.”

USA TODAY | They can intercept information from the phones of nearly everyone else who happens to be nearby, including innocent bystanders.

EAG News | The grumbling in New Albany cafeterias isn’t coming from students’ stomachs. It’s from parents.

Michael Krieger | Most of you will be familiar with the concept of jury nullification. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans are not.

Steve Watson | Including Old Glory.

speisa.com | Hundreds of African migrants ran amok when police took action against illegal street sales in the tourist town of Salou, not far from Barcelona.

Paul Craig Roberts | Are we witnessing the corruption of central banks?

Truth Revolt | “More people have guns and it’s making burglars cautious.”

Carlos Miller | Now the cop, identified as Plano police officer Jeff Willis, may face some disciplinary action.

Reuters | A U.S. federal judge on Friday ordered the government to swiftly release immigrant children held at detention centers.

AP | No word yet on motive.

Steve Watson | Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-WHAM.

Breitbart | The “School Transgender Guidance” document has been distributed to all schools in the Cornwall area.

Truth Revolt | Mia Love says her job is to protect life.

Michael Krieger | I clearly remember the moment several years ago when my closest friend from NYC was at my place pleading with me to download and use Spotify.

Truth Revolt | Latest body found in the area of April’s riots.

Gateway Pundit | #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Invaded the Central West End restaurant district.

San Diego Union Tribune | Carlsbad man, concerned for safety and privacy, threw shirt at drone.

New American | “There’s a place to find common ground between personal civil liberties and NSA doing its job.”

Michael Krieger | A Spanish woman has been fined $900 for posting a picture of local police parked in a handicapped spot to Facebook.

AP | Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said Tuesday that the government should have broad surveillance powers of Americans.

Zero Hedge | Slowly but surely, even the mecca of crony capitalism where at least 1% of the population has never had it better, is starting to succumb.

RT | It took 14 San Francisco Police Department officers to take down and restrain a one-legged, black homeless man, armed with crutches and apparently dangerous.

RT | A Google subsidiary has taken a large step – quite literally – in trying to make humanoid robots as realistic as possible.

Truth Revolt | “This country is dangerous for black people,” Jorjani states.

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