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Bloomberg | Google Inc. Co-Founder Sergey Brin said one of its driverless car was involved in another rear-end accident.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Rob Dew breaks down the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting and reveals what partial information we have about their agenda.

Washington Times | Officials say a suspect who was taken into custody on Tuesday night had planned to behead a police officer.

CNS News | A combined 55 percent of respondents said abortion should be illegal in all circumstances or in all but a few circumstances.

Zero Hedge | “They are a secret government,” operating way above the law, and are “way out of control.”

Free Thought Project | It seems that the Chicago police department is involved in a massive cover-up.

CBS Atlanta | For the first time ever, scientists have linked prescription drugs that affect the central nervous system to an increased risk of committing a homicide.

New American | The Obama administration and the GOP establishment are determined to continue spying on you.

London Telegraph | Bad news, tall men with a poor sense of boundaries: the NYPD have had enough of your nonsense.

Zero Hedge | Cops are disengaging from discretionary enforcement activity.

Washington’s Blog | The Patriot Act isn’t needed to keep us safe.

Star Tribune | Small aircraft circled downtown Minneapolis, 2 malls for hours.

New American | If you want our freedoms restored, well, as they say, don’t hold your breath.

Washington’s Blog | The Problem Isn’t Too Little Spying … It’s Too Much.

Steve Watson | Detective tells family incident was “suicide by cop”

Truth Revolt | Keep staring until you see the sexism.

EAG News | “Children will no longer be able to have a packed lunch.”

Michael Snyder | Did you really think that Baltimore would return to normal after everything that has happened?

RT | The police officers at the center of the storm have defended their actions and the use of force.

Michael Snyder | Barack Obama is the most powerful president in all of U.S. history.

London Telegraph | Robots, called LAWS – lethal autonomous weapons systems – will be able to kill without human intervention.

Prison Planet.com | Michael Ozias an independent film maker talks to infowars about his new film “Of Dogs And Men”.

John W. Whitehead | We now have a fourth branch of government.

EAG News | A California school district wants to use facial recognition to automatically log students in and out of their school-issued iPads, but parents aren’t convinced it’s a good idea.

New American | On Thursday night, May 21, the Texas state senate passed a bill that would prevent any international law from being used in Texas civil courts in deciding disputes.

Adan Salazar | Major restaurant chains address cancer-linked food additives.

RT | As US mass surveillance continues to make headlines, one man has had enough.

Michael Snyder | If there is one thing that the elite of the world fear more than anything else, it is death.

WBZ-TV | A drone flying above a Memorial Day parade crowd lost control, crashed into a building, and landed on a man’s head.

London Telegraph | References to ‘chauffeur-driven cars’ and a criminal arrest wiped from online biographies in run-up to election.

Daily Caller | Baltimore has seen 27 shootings and eight deaths so far over Memorial Day weekend, as the month of May promises to be the most violent the city has seen this century.

Free Thought Project | Police don’t shoot dogs because they have to, they shoot dogs because they can.

Bizpac Review | Cleveland’s mayor didn’t give police marching orders to give space to those “who wished to destroy”.

Sputnik | One person has been arrested after a bomb squad detonated a pressure cooker that was discovered in a suspicious vehicle near the US Capitol building.

The Motley Fool | The U.S. Air Force confirmed last week that it’s developed an electromagnetic pulse weapon of its own.

HNGN | Google has filed a patent for toys that are meant to interact with children but many are worried that the toys, which are equipped with cameras, speakers and microphones, could function as a ‘spy’ gadgets.

Free Thought Project | Cleveland cop Michael Brelo was found not guilty on all counts Saturday morning for the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Carlos Miller |A Virginia cop tasered a man sitting in the driver’s seat of his car, following it with a ten-second blast of pepper spray into the man’s face.

Sputnik | E-mails to and from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released by the State Department reveal US officials working overtime to orchestrate the fall of a foreign government.

Adan Salazar | “You picked the wrong mother fu*ker to try to rob today.”

Carlos Miller | An Indiana man unhappy with cops parking in the fire lane of his local Walmart was arrested after he asked a cop for his name and badge number.

Washington Times | FBI agents can’t point to any major terrorism cases they’ve cracked thanks to the key snooping powers in the Patriot Act.

Washington Examiner | During a public meeting, Democrats on the FEC said they were responding to the public outcry in saying that no new rules are required.

Acting-Man.com | You May No Longer Think Wrong Thoughts, Citizen

ABC Australia | Sheep stay silent in war of words over whether animals can suffer verbal abuse.

Truth Revolt | Apparently only SOME black lives matter.

Zero Hedge | By now everyone knows who really calls the shots in the US government.

EAG News | Students reported the incident on Facebook, drawing national attention.

CNS News | Polis said that without immigration reform, America should expect more illegal aliens.

The Daily Sheeple | Nearly a year has passed since a Habersham County SWAT team stormed into the Phonesavanh residence, and very nearly killed their 19 month old child.

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