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New American | The press has certainly been bad for the ATF.

Michael Krieger | The Obama Administration’s Orwellian government employee snitch network, dubbed the “Insider Threat Program,” first made headlines about a year ago.

Washington Examiner | “A festering legal uncertainty and chill for the free press rights.”

Washington’s Blog | Brain-Eating Parasites, Texting While Driving, Toddlers, Lightning, Falling Out of Bed, Alcoholism, Food Poisoning, a Financial Crash, Obesity, Medical Errors or “Autoerotic Asphyxiation”.

ITN News | Police are coming under mounting pressure to reveal details of a mysterious spyplane said to eavesdrop on mobile phone calls.

Mac Slavo | Stands charged with ‘interfering with a public meeting’ and ‘resisting arrest.’

Washington’s Blog | American Academic Embraces the Logic of Terrorists.

Daisy Luther | The Michigan Department of Agriculture must be so proud of their deeds.

Reuters | All New York City police officers are expected to undergo retraining in the wake of a man’s death on a city sidewalk shortly after he was placed in a chokehold.

Mikael Thalen | A business district in Kent, Wash. was evacuated Monday morning after a suspicious bag was discovered on a Metro bus.

The Apple Core | Jonathan Zdziarski has detailed several undocumented services that run in the background on over 600 million iOS devices.

The Daily Sheeple | Donald Sacco was on his way to play bingo last week when he was attacked in Florida.

London Guardian | Human Rights Watch documents ‘sting’ operations.

The Register | Some new ban obviously in order. Radios? Children?

RT | British intelligence is permitted to go further in surveillance than similar agencies in other Western countries.

Washington’s Blog | The Untold Story In the NSA Spying Scandal: Blackmail.

London Independent | “An intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation.”

William Norman Grigg | “They never knocked on the door! No nothing! I just heard the gunshots!”

Prison Planet.com | Our reporters witnessed firsthand FEMA facilitating a new illegal alien detention facility.

London Guardian | Nude photographs picked up of people in “sexually compromising” situations are routinely passed around.

Prison Planet.com | Nightly News host David Knight covers the news and features Alex’s special report centered around a disturbing Guardian Centers video.

Michael Krieger | Melon Felon.

London Guardian | Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, talks exclusively to Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of the Guardian.

London Guardian | George Brandis’s new spying laws will include measure to criminalise media reporting of Snowden-style leaks.

Prison Planet.com | Pro-abortion activist believe in the right to choose, unless you choose something they don’t agree with. Be tolerant or liberals will beat you into submission.

USA TODAY | California water regulators Tuesday approved fines for washing cars, watering lawns or hosing down sidewalks.

Lew Rockwell Blog | As the deadlocked jury was dismissed in the trial of Delaware resident Michael W. Rogers, at least half of them favored the defendant with a smile.

Prison Planet.com | The U.S. government is involved in an online smear campaign.

Daisy Luther | The Texas Department of Public Safety might as well be called the Texas Department of Public Invasiveness.

Mikael Thalen | DEA “intentionally established a pattern of distribution of crack cocaine.”

The Hill | Germany’s parliamentary committee investigating the National Security Agency is mulling using manual typewriters to make sure American agents don’t snoop on its work.

The Hill | President will be able to speak to the country at the flip of a switch.

RT | Civil liberties groups are making a legal challenge against the alleged use of mass surveillance by UK intelligence services.

London Guardian | NSA whistleblower says it ‘defies belief’ that bill must be rushed through after government ignored issue for a year.

Prison Planet.com | Across the world it is considered one of the final taboos — but a Sydney judge has suggested that incest is on a par with homosexuality.

Prison Planet.com | The last vestiges of the America republic can still be found in small cities such as Murrieta and Temecula, California.

Daily Caller | DHS has asked Catholic churches in California to temporarily house and feed groups of Central American migrants until 2016.

Breitbart | On Friday, a top elected official in Virginia accused the Obama administration of valuing the privacy of illegal immigrants more than that of Americans.

Steve Watson | While the White House publicly denounced UK government’s actions, spy chiefs secretly lauded it.

Paul Joseph Watson | Sheriff’s Deputy: “Are you a badass, is that what you’re saying?”

London Guardian | At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US, says whistleblower William Binney – that’s a ‘totalitarian mentality’.

Lew Rockwell Blog | At least one police agency has been authorized to create child pornography in order to prosecute a teenager accused of that offense.

Michael Krieger | Northeast establishment politicians attacking the state of Colorado for its own internal decisions.

Huffington Post | An 86-year-old photographer and four other Americans who were entered into a massive “suspicious activity” database for innocent activities filed suit Thursday.

Daily Caller | “I was laying right here, and I really thought I was being murdered.”

Washington Examiner | “politically-driven suppression of the news.”

Lew Rockwell Blog | Benton Mackenzie is suffering from terminal angiosarcoma, an aggressive variety of cancer that has left his body mottled with grotesque lesions.

New American | This latest report from Border Patrol officials confirms what has been known for some time.

Mikael Thalen | A Grantville, Ga. police chief resigned this week after an internal whistleblower revealed disturbing text messages to a local news group.

Carlos Miller | A New Jersey man who video recorded a mob of cops beating a woman on the Fourth of July was attacked and beaten himself by those same cops.

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