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New American | On Tuesday the Chicago Tribune reported that the number of shooting victims in the Windy City so far this year is 2,887.

New American | Virginia’s attorney general announced on Tuesday that the Old Dominion state will no longer recognize concealed carry permits from 25 states that had previously been recognized.

Campus Reform | “When one is a member of the dominant culture, that person enjoys particular powers and privileges…”

Washington Post | Will no longer recognize concealed carry handgun permits from 25 states.

Michael Krieger | Take the time to watch this.

Louder With Crowder | How bad has leftist, SJW “outrage” culture gotten?

Sky News | The email threat is the third targeting US schools in a week amid heightened tensions since the California shooting attack.

Breitbart | Mr. Corbyn, along with other hard left figures in Britain including George Galloway and Ken Livingstone is a vocal supporter of Islam.

RT | “There are many allegations he was behind the killing of Anna Politkovskaya.”

Huron Daily Tribune | The sheriff said he was never made aware, or given any notice, the helicopter would be in the area taking photos.

EAG News | Kindergarten parents in San Jose threatened to pull their kids out of school.

Zero Hedge | “They took a bad bill, and they made it worse.”

Truth Revolt | Because guns = bad.

Gateway Pundit | Because Christmas is all about Mohammad.

Sky News | A video released by the UK’s top police officers encourages people to plan for an attack at work or in a public place.

Newsplex | All public schools in Augusta County will be closed Friday.

UK Express | GOVERNMENT petitions are being abused online by activists organising ‘mass signings’ to trigger Government debates.

Truth Revolt | Don’t know the whereabouts of those kicked out over security.

Truth Revolt | Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!

London Independent | The father thinks that having a bath with your child is ‘hygge’; a Danish concept meaning cosy and fun.

The Daily Sheeple | WARNING: This video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Breitbart | Over the past few years, the suspensions of critics of feminism and progressivism on Twitter has become increasingly egregious.

Campus Reform | “I, Joseph Kuilema, am certainly a racist.”

EAG News | “The Department of Homeland Security, which is the umbrella department over the Secret Service, came to Pataskala and asked questions.”

Bizpac Review | A Massachusetts landlord, who is also an ordained minister, is claiming her constitutional rights have been violated.

Reason | Students say microaggressions are ‘racist actions’ and should be punished.

Politico | A St. Louis County jury could not confirm testimonies to the effect that Brown had been holding his hands above his head.

Jim Hoft | A tolerant leftist leader threatened to slaughter Trump supporters last week.

Campus Reform | “Would you say [illegal aliens] if you knew I am an undocumented citizen?”

Gallup | A new low of 55%.

The Hill | Nearly eight in 10 Americans — 79 percent — say a terrorist attack is “very or somewhat likely in the next few months.”

The Washington Times | “The more that we see this kind of violence on our streets, the more people go out and buy guns.”

EAG News | “This was students goofing around.”

Truth Revolt | Good luck with that.

Daily Caller | Called for supporters of GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump to be shot.

Louder With Crowder | He’s facing jail time for threatening to blow up a MP’s house.

EAG News | The classic playground game “tag” is too dangerous, Toronto school officials believe, so they banned it at a local Catholic elementary.

Louder With Crowder | Let’s have it…

Truth Revolt | Hide your phone!

EAG News | The teens allegedly claimed to be members of ISIS.

Truth Revolt | We need to “get rid of some of these jackasses who live by an old document.”

Gateway Pundit | A concealed permit holder and Uber driver saved a crowd in Chicago when he opened fire on a gunman who had opened fire in Logan Square.

London Independent | Speaking as he called for a ‘complete shutdown’ on Muslims entering the US, Mr Trump dismissed claims that ‘closing up the internet’ would be a freedom of speech issue.

Michael Krieger | The faux “liberal” who holds the White House was at it once again last night.

RT | The software is also used by journalists and whistleblowers as a safe way to correspond to avoid government surveillance.

Washington Post | The justices decided not to reconsider a lower court’s decision.

CNS News | Right now, it’s a “terrorim investigation.”

Campus Reform | A biology professor at the University of California, Irvine subjected his class to an off-topic discourse on gun control Thursday in response to the San Bernardino shootings.

Louder With Crowder | The president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. urged his students to arm themselves.

Washington Times | The National Rifle Association said it’s “shameful” that President Obama has jumped to push gun control.

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