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Louder With Crowder | All these fines and jail sentences? They’re in the name of tolerance.

Heat Street | Looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s message hasn’t got through to Facebook’s employees.

The College Fix | The lawsuit was filed with help from the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom.

Truth Revolt | And somehow blames conservatives!

EAG News | The principal at Southeast Elementary in the Adams County School District apparently thinks a clear plastic bubble gun qualifies as “a firearm facsimile that could reasonably be mistaken for an actual firearm.”

The College Fix | “Most of the time I couldn’t respond to everything going on,”

London Guardian | Health and safety initiative at University of East Anglia apparently triggered by spate of injuries caused by falling hats.

mrctv | The liberal media are all over one part of the Facebook scandal story – and ignoring another.

EAG News | Police put Dansville schools on lockdown Monday after a pirate was spotting on campus carrying a sword.

Daily Mail | Helped soldiers question detainees in Iraq and hunted a Russian mobster with suspected ties to Putin.

The Daily Sheeple | All over the Western world, governments are cracking down on parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.

The Hill | Meeting is aimed at calming fears among conservatives.

London Telegraph | The German government has launched a new website offering “advice on sex and sexuality for migrants who have not been living long in Germany.”

Michael Krieger | If Congress wasn’t so busy being corrupt shills for the powerful it might do something to stop this.

Mac Slavo | And yet we’re the conspiracy theorists…

Daily Caller | Transgender students and employees can choose their preferred bathroom, locker room, name and pronouns, and everyone else is required to affirm the individual’s new identity, according to the guidelines.

College Fix | No wonder these radical students don’t want cops on campus.

Washington Free Beacon | Bloomberg-backed group runs ads against permitless gun carry bill.

Information Liberation | Two illegal aliens murdered a 90-year-old Minnesota farmer in his own home despite him having given them employment and reportedly treating them with nothing but kindness.

The College Fix | University’s harassment code is ‘unconstitutional’.

Daily Caller | Forth Worth Independent School District Superintendent Kent Scribner’s new policy allows transgender students to choose the bathroom that corresponds with the gender with which they identify.

Recode | The request follows a Gizmodo report that the company actively suppresses conservative viewpoints.

The College Fix | After a “positive” Black Lives Matter message on a whiteboard inside a University of Iowa residence hall was defaced, administrators not only launched a police investigation, but also offered counseling to those distressed by the incident.

Campus Reform | “We want them to see it, we want them to know what it means and feel uncomfortable, and recognize that this community is trying to change to no longer support those trans-phobic ideas.”

London Independent | Greater Manchester Police said it was unacceptable to use a phrase ‘which so vocally linked the exercise with Islam’.

College Fix | Learn about ‘hip hop’ and ‘leisure services’

Michael Krieger | TTIP is just one of several phony “trade” deals written by corporate lawyers and lobbyists, and negotiated in secret between the Obama administration and various world leaders.

Speisa | Chinese police officers have begun patrolling the streets of Rome and Milan, according to officials from both countries.

Breitbart | Britain’s largest Islamic charity says it wants to “break down barriers” and portray Islam positively by launching a new advertising campaign which will slap the phrase “glory to Allah” on the side of London buses.

The College Fix | ‘No problem with students continuing to transfer … in direct response to their bullying’.

Washington Examiner | Republicans are bracing for Donald Trump to crash their carefully choreographed convention in Cleveland like a bull in a china shop.

NY Daily News | The Department of Homeland Security will release “harmless particle materials” in the city’s subway system next week.

RT | The French public have exploded in anger after a video was posted online showing a man with no legs and only one arm sitting on a train platform, with his prosthetic legs scattered around him after being searched by police.

Washington Times | The artist who won the “draw Mohammed” cartoon contest attacked by terrorists last May in Garland, Texas, said his drawing was removed from eBay Wednesday on a “technicality.”

EAG News | Students and faculty at Harrison Street Elementary School just love the new thumbprint scanner in the school’s lunch line, but civil rights experts are warning parents about serious privacy concerns with the technology.

The College Fix | Protecting the environment and stopping sexual assault are two concepts rarely linked – yet an activist group at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has managed to combine the two on an unlikely source: party cups.

WCCO | People are getting chips implanted into their hands in an effort to make daily life a little bit easier.

New American | Schools would vacuum up huge amounts of data on students.

Bizpac Review | Apparently they have nothing to do with playing golf or taking selfies.

Daily Caller | Universities across the country have begun actively pushing polyamory on campus, encouraging students to be more “affirming” of non-monogamous relationships and instructing them to view polyamorous relationships as an acceptable lifestyle choice.

New American | The NEAP report recorded a drop in reading scores from 288 in 2013 to 287 in 2015, and is down five points since 1992. The mathematics score fell to 152 last year from 153 in 2013, reported Reuters.

EAG News | DePaul University student Jessica Hughes said that when two people recently attacked her on the CTA Blue Line, others riding the train just carried on with business as usual.

Mac Slavo | It seems that the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment sent out a letter to parents demanding that those who have not vaccinated their children register them on a state website.

London Independent | Documents shed unprecedented light on controversial agreement, which includes provisions to allow US companies to help change European law and weaken consumer protections.

AP | A U.S. senator is calling for a federal investigation into an outdoor advertising company’s latest effort to target billboard ads to specific consumers.

Michael Snyder | Is the strongest and most powerful nation on the planet headed for an apocalypse which will bring it to its knees?

EAG News ~ A middle school police officer recently wasted his day investigating what he thought was a fake $2 bill used by an eighth-grader in the school lunch line.

Breitbart | “[T]he reality of this administration is that access is very limited. In many ways, this is the least transparent administration ever, in terms of access by media to what’s going on in this administration.”

Pamela Geller | Rutgers University pulled the latest issue of their student newspapers because of a cartoon of Muhammad, Buddha and Jesus in a bar.

Campus Reform | “Social Justice music is freedom of speech. However, prefacing the conversation with the Rodney King video and ‘F*ck the Police’ felt like a mass condemnation of police officers.”

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