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Kurt Nimmo | White folks benefit from “significant unearned privilege”

Truth Revolt | An officer who played theLynyrd Skynyrd song “Sweet Home Alabama” at weekend racial equality march will be disciplined.

Steve Watson | Oakland demonstrators expose officers in tense stand off.

BizPac Review | They call this respect?

RT | The campaign to rein in the surveillance of Americans by the National Security Agency (NSA) has become even more difficult.

Ars Technica | “You a dumb bitch,” video captures cop saying after yanking victim from car.

Washington’s Blog | The Hidden Secret of the Torture Program.

Prison Planet.com | Former CIA officer John Kiriakou is the only CIA employee connected to its interrogation program to go to prison.

The Daily Sheeple | There probably wouldn’t have been any looting or vandalism, had the police not reacted the way they did last Saturday.

Mikael Thalen | Becoming evil to defeat evil is un-American.

Sputnik | Former CIA analyst Raymond McGovern commented on US Senate Intelligence committee’s report on CIA interrogation techniques, saying that the same naming and methods were used by Gestapo.

The Daily Sheeple | 1,500 Demonstrators gathered for the third night in a row in Berkeley, California, to protest the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Washington’s Blog | “We Can Never Let The World Know What I Have Done To You”.

Prison Planet.com | State informs children that First Amendment still exists.

Carlos Miller | Houston police tried to delete footage from a man who video recorded himself getting handcuffed after he was detained for open carrying a firearm Friday.

Mikael Thalen | Former code breaker reveals dire state of “pre-fascist” America.

International Business Times | The latest autopsy also revealed details of gunshot wounds to the hand, indicating a struggle.

Mikael Thalen | Sheriff’s deputies ignore ‘beware of dog’ sign before pepper spraying, killing canine.

RT | The company believes it’s a good way to educate children.

Prison Planet.com | Last night there were scattered reports of fires being set around LA.

Bloomberg | A new Bloomberg Politics poll shows deep divisions over the outcomes of police shootings of unarmed black men.

RT | The group was responding to the firing of tear gas at hundreds of protesters in the city.

London Guardian | Greater Manchester’s Sir Peter Fahy says it is not the police’s job to define what counts as extremism.

UK Daily Mail | Cops say Garner brought it upon himself.

Mikael Thalen | Anonymous leaks government communication detailing real-time cell phone surveillance.

RT | A witness who took a video of the incident says the man was unarmed.

RT | Surveillance conducted by British intelligence agency GCHQ does not contravene human rights, a tribunal has heard, despite warnings from civil and internet liberties activists.

Adan Salazar | Daughter of black man killed by police refutes notion that race had anything to do with father’s death.

CBS | The training is part of a two-week military exercise.

New American | The fix is already in, according to the dictator-dominated global body.

Michael Krieger | In a healthy, moral and civilized society defined by the rule of law, police can play an important role.

Truth Revolt | White officer indicted Wednesday for shooting unarmed black man.

USA Today | An al-Qaeda affiliate has threatened to kill an American hostage in three days if the U.S. government does not respond.

Carlos Miller | A man going through a checkpoint in New York City was arrested for refusing to provide his identification after he compared officers to Nazi Polizei.

Business Insider | If the kids are nagging you for the R-rated video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) this Christmas, be warned: Santa’s going to have supply problems.

Paul Craig Roberts | Another gang of goon thug gratuitous murderers has been let off by a racist grand jury and a racist non-prosecutor.

Truth Revolt | “It means that it’s absolutely legal to kill a black person whenever you feel like if you’re a police officer.”

Adan Salazar | One infant stricken with pneumonia while in state custody.

Prison Planet.com | Major campaign aims to remove poison from public drinking water.

Sputnik News | Most police agencies are not obliged to provide the information about the police killings.

Jim Hoft | The Dellwood Market in Ferguson was looted three times since August.

Lew Rockwell Blog | A gang of black “youths” (as the media call them) beat a 32-year-old white man to deathwith hammers in front of his wife in St. Louis recently.

New American | China has long been a major player in the business of censoring the Internet, but if one man get his way, the future will make the past look like “the good old days.”

Defense One | Imagine having access to the all of the world’s recorded conversations.

NBC News | Obama on Monday proposed new funding meant to help improve relations between police departments and minority communities.

news.com.au | New York is anxiously bracing for a separate grand jury decision in another racially charged case.

Dave Hodges | If World War III were to break out today, the U.S. would lose to its enemies, both foreign and domestic, that have conspired to change the balance of power on the planet.

London Independent | Video: It may look like a geeky mess of tangled wires, but it moves just like its namesake.

Liberty Crier | A Michigan man walking down the street in subzero temperature was detained by a deputy for the suspicious behavior of “walking with his hands in his pockets”.

UK Daily Mirror | The boy, then just 16, told how he was the victim of “exploitation of the highest order” – the claims could now be the subject of a police investigation.

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