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Truth Revolt | “Doesn’t it sound logical? Doesn’t it sound safe?”

CBS LA | Hahn says her children screamed and watched from the car.

Adan Salazar | Frenzied pro-Obama lapdog media outlets, gun control groups aim to draw blood in all out push for anti-gun legislation.

Truth Revolt | “Its influence is more of an immediate threat to the lives of our citizens than foreign terrorists.”

TIME | The motto has had a tumultuous history within the company.

Michael Krieger | Not that they ever were, but they’ve finally decided to be explicit about it. Which to be honest, is pretty scary.

Campus Reform | “White is a skin color, not a race.”

Zero Hedge | 90% of US media is currently controlled by 6 corporations: General Electric, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS…

Washington Examiner | Planned Parenthood officials are advising Democratic state legislators against even acknowledging the pro-life side of the abortion debate.

Louder With Crowder | Sorry I’m not sorry.

Daily Caller | A former college football player is suing his alma mater for its Bible verse ban.

Nextgov.com | A counterterrorism surveillance program is documenting reports of suspicious activity across the Internet.

Truth Revolt | 11 reasons why America’s fascination with guns is making us all violent.

London Independent | ‘The ministry might find it an opportunity to exchange support with the United Kingdom’, leaked cable reportedly reads.

London Independent | Its editors started the magazine as a place for debate

Louder With Crowder | If you want to get a great deep dish pizza, go to Chicago.

The Hill | A coalition of tech companies and civil liberties groups are banding together to petition the White House to oppose guaranteed access to encrypted data.

CNS News | In its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood revealed that it killed 327,653 unborn babies in its abortion clinics in fiscal 2013.

RT | The Sci-Fi predicted future of crime prevention is here. Hitachi has unveiled a system capable of predicting crimes before they actually occur.

Mac Slavo | Controversy has stirred because many think the patch looks too much like our boys are fighting for the enemy.

Bloomberg | Such surgical marketing messages are taken for granted on the Internet.

Michael Krieger | For any sane individual, having that goon Chris Christie as your governor should be reason enough to pack up your bags and immediately vacate the state.

Breitbart | “We get to our little corners and we don’t want to listen to anybody anymore.”

RT | “There was no reason to taser the man.”

Fusion.net | It’s finally happening.

Pamella Geller | In a deeply disturbing development in the Muslim invasion of Europe, Europeans are being forced from their homes to accommodate the invaders.

Reuters | Some of the officers’ accounts initially given to investigators differ from each other.

Michael Krieger | It’s a rare and precious moment when a politician does something which perfeclty demonstrates what he or she really thinks about democracy and power.

RT | Seeks to “curtail mass surveillance and protect the rights of whistleblowers.”

Zero Hedge | Syria has officially replaced eastern Ukraine as the most likely theatre for the start of World War 3.

EAG News | Parents say they didn’t hear about the ban until their children told them. They were both befuddled and incensed.

Gateway Pundit | In New York City, at the end of this week, President Obama is set to officially adopt the new United Nations sustainable development plan.

Michael Krieger | The following story is another example of how our typical response to tragedy as Americans is to overreact.

Daily Caller | The student newspaper of Connecticut’s Wesleyan University is being targeted with a boycott by left-wing activists who say the paper doesn’t do enough to accommodate “minority voices.”

Louder With Crowder | Yes, we went there so you wouldn’t have to.

Michael Krieger | A TSA agent at JFK Airport was busted when he was caught stealing money out of a passenger’s wallet at a security checkpoint, authorities said.

Joshua Krause | It wasn’t that long ago that a U.S. citizen could freely travel to countries like Mexico or Canada without providing a passport.

EAG News | The school has allowed the practice, because the legal advice the board received seemed to suggest that federal law requires it.

Breitbart | Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report sent a message Sunday morning excoriating Pope Francis during his trip to Cuba.

NY Times | “At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it.”

The Hill | “It was really a bad idea and continues to be a bad idea to arm the allies of ISIS, to arm the allies of al Qaeda.”

The Hill | “I will continue to dare anyone who wants to continue to fund Planned Parenthood, watch the video tapes,” she said.

Michael Krieger | You can’t make this stuff up.

Breitbart | Trump also used the policy paper to mock the idea of describing an entire category of guns as “assault weapons.”

Gateway Pundit | He was going to commit mass murder. Until the pastor stopped him.

New American | In the contentious area of child vaccinations, Australia is apparently paused to go where no Western government has gone before.

Breitbart.com | President Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett met with Black Lives Matter activists yesterday at the White House.

Michael Krieger | Are drones coming to a police department near you? Possibly.

RT | A US teenager has been detained with the use of force and hit several times for jaywalking in Stockton, California.

National Journal | A bi­par­tis­an bid to re­form an elec­tron­ic-pri­vacy law has the sup­port of the tech com­munity and the White House.

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