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Breitbart | A reported “rise in hate crime” is actually a rise in hate crime reporting, with most being “low level” issues, according to Essex’s Assistant Chief Constable.

Campus Reform | “Emptying the prisons of nonviolent drug offenders will not, by itself, fix … our criminal justice system”.

London Telegraph | US Marines have been told the word “man” will be removed from their job titles in an effort to make the service more gender-neutral.

DCWhispers.com | In yet another ultra-creepy Thought Police measure, the Obama Department of Justice just initiated an “Implicit Bias Training” program that is to be conducted throughout the DOJ.

Washington Times | Legal analysts are uncertain about which abortion regulations are constitutional in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision striking down two Texas abortion regulations, with some calling such uncertainty a feature, not a bug.

USA Today | Before launching into his recent lengthy attack speech against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump took aim at another prominent election target: “globalism.”

The College Fix | The University of North Carolina told employees last week how to talk without offending people.

Truth Revolt | “We take pensioners’ driving licences away.”

Truth Revolt | “Celebrate the #SCOTUS ruling!”

Press Association | Britain’s decision to quit the EU could lead to a summer surge in illegal migrants trying to enter the country from France, the head of Eurotunnel has warned.

The College Fix | Those teaching at all-girls schools in the United Kingdom “in certain instances” should consider addressing youngsters merely as “students” or “pupils,” according to a report in The Telegraph.

American Mirror | What were United Nations vehicles doing in Virginia on Friday?

Reuters | The move, set to be made in July, comes five years after the military ended its ban on openly gay soldiers serving.

London Independent | It cites the result as too close given the turnout.

Michael Krieger | Here we go again. Stuck in the aftermath of a horrific shooting and all politicians think to do is scheme about how to take more rights from the citizenry.

WND | CAIR laments ‘lightning rod’ case resulting in ‘anti-refugee’ sentiment.

Adan Salazar | Parliamentary speech highlights absurdity of gender “options.”

Daily Mail | The UK population has passed the 65million mark, new official figures revealed today.

Campus Reform | “An individual should be free to choose to be a bigot, or not.”

The College Fix | ‘Regardless of what you do, Milo is going to come back this fall. We will not be silenced. Reverse this decision, or you’ll be hearing from our lawyers’.

US News | How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?

Campus Reform | “Quite frankly, we were met with opposition right from the beginning with hosting Milo.”

Information Liberation | AR-15’s are flying off the shelves throughout the US after the shooting in Orlando.

Daily Mail | ‘How is supporting my country racist?’

LBC | An LBC listener has revealed he was attacked and threatened for campaigning for Vote Leave.

The College Fix | “Sticks and stones are not the only things that may be hurtful.”

Breitbart | The revelations go some way to shattering the narrative that “hateful” or “aggressive” rhetoric emanates from only one side of UK politics.

Daily Caller | “Speaker Ryan believes Americans deserve to know the facts behind the industry of selling baby body parts.”

American Mirror | The FBI is now hunting an Arkansas Muslim couple after they were arrested and charged with making “terroristic threats” — then promptly released.

The College Fix | Professors registered as Democrats outnumber those registered as Republicans by a ratio of roughly 12 to one at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

TPM | Ryan said he wasn’t sure of the “legal question” of whether Trump could institute a Muslim ban on his own as president.

Information Liberation | A new DOJ study shows there’s been “a nearly unprecedented” rise in homicides among cities with “large African-American populations.”

New American | The United Nations wants parents who physically discipline their children with smacks or spankings to be thrown behind bars and have their families torn to shreds by government.

London Independent | Documents detail how to enforce sleep deprivation, limit the caloric intake of food and the correct positions required for waterboarding.

Truth Revolt | “It also wasn’t written to blow away people with 30 rounds.”

Life News | A California pro-lifer captured his disturbing exchange with a notorious San Diego abortionist on video last week.

Breitbart | Some gay activists, with the assistance of the mainstream media, are apparently blaming conservatives for the Islamic terror attack.

Breitbart | Between 2001 and 2014, the United States has permanently resettled nearly three quarters of a million migrants (674,920) from nations that may execute gays and lesbians.

Michael Krieger | No wonder the people of Great Britain are itching to rid themselves of this miserable, idiotic union.

Information Liberation | At Wayne State University in Detroit, diversity courses may soon take precedence over mathematics.

Bill Gertz | FBI knew since 2013 shooter linked to violent jihad.

Activist Post | Signs are increasingly pointing toward the possibility of a false flag operation.

Daily Caller | The report urges DHS officials to “Reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.”

Washington Examiner | Confidence in newspapers has hit an all time low in the latest Gallup survey, and TV news is also at a new low, the latest proof that Americans are losing faith in the media.

Townhall | The decision by the Vanderbilt staff was apparently pretty drama-free.

CNS News | House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul said today that “we are in the highest threat environment” he has seen since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The Hill | That decision overturned a 2014 ruling in a lawsuit over the denial of concealed weapons permits by a sheriff in San Diego County.

Mac Slavo | Civil unrest could very well be in the near future, and these top minions of the system have plans to stay well away from all the chaos that could ensue.

New American | New York City has used taxpayer dollars to launch a campaign that encourages residents to use the bathroom of their choice.

Truth Revolt | “They were saying he was stupid.”

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