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Prison Planet.com | CNN, formerly under the control of the Army’s Fourth Psychological Operations Group, has jumped on the shooting in Las Vegas to kick start the rightwing extremist meme.

Prison Planet.com | Jerad Miller case exploited to jumpstart rightwing extremist meme.

Tech Dirt | The state found that 64 officers violated orders, but none of these officers received anything longer than a 10-day suspension.

Washington Post | The National Security Agency recently used a novel argument for not holding onto information it collects about users online activity: it’s too complex.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones is joined by political commentator, author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza to explain what made America truly exceptional in world history and what could happen if it falls.

Washington’s Blog | No Wonder Impeachment Was “Off the Table”: Democrats Approved Mass Surveillance and Torture … and the Subsequent Cover-Up.

Prison Planet.com | NSA whistleblower Russell Tice was a key source in the 2005 New York Times report that blew the lid off the Bush administration’s use of warrantless wiretapping.

Bizpac Review | A Florida man might have thought he needed the cops after leaving a concert to find his work truck broken into and the insides ransacked.

New American | Seems not everybody is happy with Facebook’s gift of a built-in ambient sound recorder.

Daily Caller | Progressive hero Noam Chomsky is terrified of the surveillance state that has developed during the tenure of President Barack Obama.

London Independent | “It certainly looked like they were placed there to deter homeless people. It’s dreadful.”

London Telegraph | Sharkey said that large corporations were hovering up private information and modern generations did not realize it was wrong.

Mark Dice | Every time he looks into a mirror in prison, Pierre D. Martin can blame his face for putting him behind bars.

LA Times | “I will not sacrifice public support for a piece of police equipment,” Beck said.

RT | Government intelligence agencies have direct access to telecommunication companies’ infrastructure which allows them to spy and record phone calls leaving no paper trail.

Washington’s Blog | The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, so even if they claim they can legitimately spy on us without warrants, they can’t.

Kit Daniels | Letterman pushes gun control lies on The Late Show.

Business Insider | Facebook recently rolled out a new feature that’s leaving some users speechless and others running to sign a petition to have it removed, news.com.au reports.

New American | Exactly 25 years ago today, the ruthless Communist Party regime ruling over mainland China massacred thousands of innocent civilians in Beijing’s now-infamous Tiananmen Square.

RT | The man responsible or those disclosures has come out and endorsed a new anti-surveillance campaign.

RT | The location of secret British spy bases in Oman, tapping undersea cables in the Middle East, has up until now remained unpublished.

Zero Hedge | Citing “tangible economic benefits,” the FAA has decided that the current prohibitions against commercial uses of drones in US skies can be lifted.

Liberty Blitzkrieg | It’s been obvious for quite some time that the so-called “war on terror” is nothing more than a fear-mongering induced power grab.

Washington’s Blog | Even the ARCHITECT of the Drone Assassination Program Saya Obama Has Gone Too Far … “Creating Terrorists Rather Than Eliminating Them”.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones and Joe Biggs discuss the Bowe Bergdahl mystery and Lee Ann McAdoo asks “Who Are The Gitmo 5?”

RT | Opponents of mass government surveillance are braced for the June-5 campaign for a free and secure internet, led by some of the world’s largest websites.

Michael Snyder | One of the things that this era of American history will be known for is conspicuous consumption.

Prison Planet.com | Investigative journalist and best-selling author Jon Rappoport explains how the elite’s monolithic control of the news is now in decline due to the explosion of alternative media.

Michael Krieger | Just in case you aren’t already convinced that the “war on drugs” is the biggest waste of time, energy, and money imaginable, perhaps the following tragic tale will push you over the edge.

Mac Slavo | Indoctrination centers abound across the land of the free, with high schools now taking a queue from the TSA.

Washington’s Blog | When NBC’s Brian Williams interviewed Ed Snowden in Moscow last week, one of Snowden’s most interesting statements was left on the cutting room floor.

The Hill | Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg said Friday that Edward Snowden had “no chance” of receiving a fair trial on espionage charges in the U.S.

Washington Examiner | She “will instead take the baton from President Obama to continue radicalizing the country and “undo the nation’s founding ideals.”

RT | A federal appeals court has ruled that Americans have the right to videotape police officers in public, thereby allowing a court case brought against New Hampshire police to progress.

RT | Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden did raise questions with top NSA lawyers, the agency admitted on Thursday.

Prison Planet.com | SSG Joe Biggs talks to people about the Washington Times article that outlines a directive written in 2010 that gives the President authority to use military force against civilians.

Adan Salazar | Militarization of federal agencies across the board puts everyday Americans square in the crosshairs.

Prison Planet.com | Slowly but surely, after Infowars started the ball rolling Monday, the mainstream media has followed suit.

Prison Planet.com | The family of a 65 year-old veteran claims that VA police stomped on the veterans head and neck, causing him to suffer a stroke and die several weeks later, a new lawsuit alleges.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi interviews people at a Memorial Day parade to see how they feel about the governments war on veterans.

The Hill | Secretary of State John Kerry said it’s dumb for Edward Snowden to blame his asylum in Russia on the State Department.

Michael Krieger | License plate readers and drones both have been advancing into our lives in an increasing manner and most people don’t have the slightest clue.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones breaks down how under the guise of political correctness mind control is being pushed onto the public to make you a criminal in your own thoughts.

Zero Hedge | Today, China has expanded its list of sanctioned companies from Microsoft to include IBM as well.

TechDirt | Security expert Bruce Schneier believes Snowden has made it easier to break the encrypted communications of terrorists.

UK Daily Mail | The corporation was accused of censorship after cutting the ‘G-word’ from a documentary on the Commonwealth Games.

RT | Greenwald will reveal those in the USA who were targeted by the NSA.

Carlos Miller | A pair of cops tried their best to intimidate us from recording them making an arrest.

RT | American whistleblower Edward Snowden is “considering” returning home to the USA under certain conditions, his lawyer told German news magazine Der Spiegel.

Prison Planet.com | Two early morning radio show hosts in upstate New York have been fired for mocking people seeking gender reassignment surgery.

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