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Filmingcops.com | Communities and families were deeply shaken after learning that now-former Officer Stephen Young confessed to a gruesome case of sexual abuse.

Mike Krieger | The latest piece from Greenwald and company on the unconstitutional spy practices of the NSA may represent the most dangerous and disturbing revelations yet.

John W. Whitehead | Once again, the U.S. government is attempting to police the world when it should be policing its own law enforcement agencies.

Prison Planet.com | The drone with 80 kilowatts of intense voltage waits for you to approve, detain or fire on visitors.

Adan Salazar | Able to distinguish a person’s face even if 60 percent obscured.

Next Gov | The experts even predict more peaceful uprisings against authority.

Modern Survival Blog | Homeland Security is evidently pre-staging a domestic army of militarized agencies, police and law enforcement.

Mark Dice | Disney World Rolls Out Mark of the Beast Billion Dollar Tracking System at Theme Park.

John Vibes | The Chinese government is openly spraying chemtrails with drones to “reduce pollution”.

Jon Corbett | Why are we still using these expensive, invasive scanners if any terrorist with half a brain could beat them?

AFP | A Saudi court Sunday jailed an Islamist for eight years on charges of inciting protests.

Natural News | Outrage erupted in the health world after China’s Ministry of Education recently announced that it does not serve genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to diners at its cafeteria.

bizpacreview.com | Detroit’s police chief knows 911 can be too late.

Mikael Thalen | A man in Fall River, Mass. has been charged with unlawful wiretapping for recording a police officer shouting profanities in public.

Prison Planet.com | David Knight discusses with callers on how the CIA has stopped looking into world affairs and now has turned it’s gaze on domestic surveillance.

The Hill | The secretive federal surveillance court has denied the National Security Agency’s (NSA) attempt to hold onto people’s phone records for longer than the law allows.

The Hill | “Suspicionless surveillance not only fails to make us safe, but it actually makes us less safe.”

Steve Watson | Minor family dispute ends with children screaming as they watch mom and dad jackbooted to the ground.

Reuters | Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey could ban Facebook and YouTube.

Prison Planet.com | Local law enforcement across the country are employing high-tech control grid surveillance technology to “stop crime”.

Mac Slavo | In recent months ammunition has slowly begun appearing on store shelves at major retailers in the United States.

Adan Salazar | Cop was tired of cleaning up after dog.

Mike Krieger | Although General Alexander states the above with regard to the UK justice system, he clearly agrees with the assessment.

Michael Snyder | There are a lot of evil nations in the world today, but it is fairly easy to make a case that North Korea is the worst of them all.

Business Insider | Google Glass hasn’t been around long, and it’s already gotten itself into a trouble.

Christianity Today | Family no longer faces deportation, despite Supreme Court punting on whether home schooling is a religious freedom.

Don Feder | Vladimir Putin isn’t the Easter Bunny.

UK Daily Mail | Downing Street only confirmed details when pressed by Mail as further sex allegations against PM’s friend emerge.

Adan Salazar | Officer chats it up with open carry advocates instead of harassing them.

NextGov | The National Security Agency may be collecting data on millions of Americans, but the Obama administration wants you to know that lots of private companies do the same thing.

Todd Starnes | Uwe and Hannelore Romeike came to the United States in 2008 seeking political asylum.

Washington’s Blog | New Ooga Booga No Longer Effective … So Government Switches Back to Tried-And-True Old-Timey Ooga-Booga.

Michael Snyder | In World War II, the United States fought against rabidly anti-Semitic fascists.

IBT | Russia’s internet monitoring agency has blocked 13 web pages.

Bizpacreview | George Will should have been smarter.

Natural News | Though an unpleasant topic, the Chinese organ trade needs to be addressed.

Washington’s Blog | Are Americans Starting to Stand Up and Resist the Increasing Encroachments On Our Freedom?

Washington’s Blog | Took Screenshots of Whistleblowers’ Computers Every 7 Seconds for YEARS.

RT | Terms of a recently settled lawsuit in Indianapolis, Indiana will require the city’s police force to remind officers that it’s legal for civilians to videotape on-duty cops.

Zero Hedge | Everyone is curious who those unmarked men in unforms that have been seen in youtube clips from the Crimea are.

Reuters | Ukraine’s prime minister said on Saturday his country would not be drawn into a military conflict by Russian “provocations”.

National Review Online | Students and staff at Tennessee State University will be required to present identification badges.

Washington’s Blog | UK and US Collect Millions of Webcam Images (Many Nude) … NSA Whistleblower Warns of “KGB/Stasi Tactics”.

Lew Rockwell Blog | This video shows a line of police, looking like a firing squad, that opens fire on a man at some distance from them, not attacking them or anyone else.

truthrevolt.org | “[Obama is] a danger in his aggregation of executive power.”

Zero Hedge | When a hypertotalitarian banana republic takes another turn for the gigasurreal, even Elon Musk is speechless.

Washington’s Blog | “Once You Give Up Your Rights, You Can Never Get Them Back. Once You Turn On That Police State, You Can Never Turn It Off.”

Prison Planet.com | The Austin Police Chief was in studio defending the actions of his officers over the female “Jaywalking Jogger” that occurred last week.

Daily Caller | Disturbing video of a police incident in an Oklahoma parking lot shows a man who had committed no crime dying after being roughed up.

Washington’s Blog | Reddit Moderators Go to Extreme Lengths to Censor the Most Important Story of the Year.

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