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London Evening Standard | The owner of a novelty gift shop in north London says he has been accused of racism for selling British-themed wares.

Truth Revolt | “Toilet Selfie”

EAG News | University of Wisconsin students are participating in a “Hijabi for a Day” event that’s designed to spread awareness about the Muslim headscarf and counter “islamophobia.”

Daily Mail | ‘Tried to perform a body cavity search in public’

Campus Reform | “The intent behind this act is very clear. It is not just an act of free speech, it is targeted hate.”

EAG News | Rutgers University’s faculty union is joining with student protesters to demand that officials declare the school a “sanctuary campus” for illegal immigrants.

The Sun | ‘The full veil is not appropriate here’.

Truth Revolt | “Hate Speech”.

Campus Reform | “The only option I see is a stronger and deeper commitment to inclusion.”

London Independent | Some believe the project is now in a ‘state of limbo’ until Donald Trump assumes office.

Information Liberation | A Muslim school teacher in Tower Hamlets allegedly condoned the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

London Independent | Among the circle of hardline Trump supporters, Ms Coulter seems to be getting nervous.

UK Express | MORE than four in ten British Muslims want to see at least some aspects of Sharia Law in force in the UK, an opinion poll revealed last night.

Information Liberation | The tables have turned.

EAG News | A Maryland elementary school principal whose Facebook page featured a racially charged Election Day diatribe claims his account was hacked, and he’s a victim.

Campus Reform | “Images that seem neutral to some may be experienced as religious by others with different traditions.”

Daily Mail | This is last picture taken of Syed Farook before he and his wife went on a rampage at his work’s holiday party – killing 14 people and injuring 22 more in a religiously-motivated attack.

American Mirror | Anti-police agitators are taking to the streets tonight to protest a decision to not charge a Charlotte officer in the death of armed black man Keith Scott.

Breitbart | “The Twitter Rules apply to all accounts, including verified accounts.”

Daily Mail | Democrats are admitting that recounts in three swing states won’t give Hillary Clinton the White House and could cause ‘further depression’ among her supporters.

Daily Caller | Joe Scarborough admonished author and New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas.

American Mirror | On Monday morning, CNN host Alisyn Camerota expressed hope that Americans would stand with Muslims and wear headscarves in “solidarity”.

Truth Revolt | That’s liberal logic for you.

Washington Times | President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday said there must be “consequences” for burning the American flag, suggesting jail time or the loss of citizenship as possibilities.

Breitbart | Upon the passing of one of the world’s most murderous dictators, some in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement praised Fidel Castro and proclaimed an “overwhelming sense of loss” upon his death.

Information Liberation | “[German] women have sex all the time — on the first, second or third date, that’s normal,” Mr. Flirt says.

The Last Refuge | The potential for Unvetted Islamic Refugees becoming ISIS terrorists was a hot-button issue within the 2016 Presidential race.

CS Monitor | With less than two months before US President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, federal agencies under President Obama are pushing for a final flurry of new rules – despite the high likelihood that many will not survive.

Daily Mail | Two people were shot dead and two others were injured in three separate incidents in New Jersey, Nevada and Tennessee as Black Friday kicked off.

Daily Caller | A study published in early November by a doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford concludes Britons are more opposed to immigrants from ethnic groups with higher average arrest rates in the UK.

Jerusalem Post | Arab social media networks on Thursday were rife with inflammatory celebratory reactions in light of the myriad of brush fires that have been blazing across central and northern Israel since Tuesday.

The Ralph Retort | Democrats keep handling the election of Donald Trump in the worst ways possible.

NY Daily News | Cops busted a Queens man for trying to push a straphanger onto the subway tracks in Harlem and yelling, “I hate white people!”

Truth Revolt | “I believe in being truthful, not neutral.”

Business Insider | Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has confessed to modifying the posts of some users on the most visible Donald Trump-supporting “subreddit” community after they repeatedly slung verbal abuse in his direction.

The Hill | “I disavow and condemn them,” Trump said.

Detroit Free Press | Police said Tuesday night they’d arrested a suspect in the shooting several hours earlier of a Wayne State University campus police officer — the first WSU campus cop ever to be shot.

EAG News | Faculty at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work are offering students free transportation and extra credit to participate in a massive anti-Trump tantrum scheduled for next Tuesday.

Campus Reform | “We have far more work left to do…to ensure that campuses are safe, inclusive, and supportive environments.”

Breitbart | A Green MP tasked with planning sustainable neighbourhoods in Sweden has said the government can build new cities to deal with an unprecedented demand for housing.

Campus Reform | “Time to call for an investigation leading to the expulsion of these students.”

EAG News | Student Eleesha Long as a liar after she allegedly concocted a story about being attacked by Trump supporters the day after his historic election victory.

Reuters | A police officer was killed in Texas and another wounded in Missouri in apparently unrelated ambush-style shootings.

The Ralph Retort | Wow, Obama really needs to get his boys in check.

Breitbart | An African-American man in Malden, Massachusetts has now admitted that he fabricated a hate crime report when he claimed two white men accosted him.

Louder With Crowder | If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that it is now “intolerant” to refuse service even if it violates your most deeply held beliefs.

Information Liberation | Where are the hate crime charges?

Washington Post | Sgt. Charles Coleman popped out of his police SUV and scanned a trash-strewn street popular with the city’s homeless, responding to a crime that hadn’t yet happened.

The Denver Channel | Navy officials responded to comment on the flight.

EAG News | Apparently the situation did not sit well with locals.

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