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John W. Whitehead | I must confess that when faced with unmistakable warning signs that the country I grew up in is no more, I have my own moments of doubt.

Free Thought Project | It is highly unlikely the officer will be disciplined.

Sputnik | John Kiriakou is out of prison two years after his conviction under The Espionage Act.

Free Thought Project | 27-year-old gamer Joshua Peters, aka Koopatroopa787 was “swatted” last week.

London Independent | Ms Roberts also claims she feared for her life during the allegedly abusive ‘sexual activities I was forced to endure’.

Free Thoiught Project | San Diego has completed what may be the first in a series of citizen harassment programs similar to New York City’s notorious “stop-and-frisk,” but far more sweeping.

Free Thought Project | A new study out of Michigan State University proposes an eye-opening correlation between college educated police officers and their actions as cops.

Steve Watson | Officers lied in report, now face multiple charges.

RT | The EU agency for judicial cooperation says the bloc needs to develop a common approach to lawfully intercept services like Skype and Viber.

Reuters | New rules on privately owned drones can’t come fast enough for most Americans.

Michael Krieger | “Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask you why you’re getting off Facebook,” is the guilty and reluctant question I’m hearing a lot these days.

Reuters | Two California lawmakers said they would introduce legislation to end the right of parents in the state to exempt their children from school vaccinations.

CNS News | A SWAT team was deployed to bust up a high stakes poker game in a residential neighborhood last year.

London Independent | Site claims that changes improve advertising, but users can opt out.

Truth Revolt | The Washington D.C. based Population Reference Bureau is launching a eugenics program by practicing population control only in undeveloped countries.

Reuters | China will enforce the requirement that people use real names when registering accounts online.

Kurt Nimmo | State also reserves the authority to shut down First Amendment right of business owners.

Washington’s Blog | Putting the Terror Threat In Perspective.

Free Thought Project | Last week, a man was arrested while he was attempting to pay his property taxes in $1 bills.

Mac Slavo | The NYPD is reformulating its policing strategy, and creating a new unit.

BBC News | MPs will hold a crucial vote later to decide whether to allow the creation of babies using DNA from three people.

BBC | Police forces in England and Wales have uploaded up to 18 million “mugshots” to a facial recognition database – despite a court ruling it could be unlawful.

Bizpac Review | Last week a QVC shopping channel host was humiliated into apologizing for an alleged slur supposedly directed against a black model that was completely fabricated by a race-baiting blogger.

Daily Caller | Someone even suggested that his own children murder him.

Polygon | A fourth-grader in west Texas has been suspended, his father says, because he pretended to have a ring like the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings.

Free Thought Project | A 70-year-old retired Air Force veteran was abused and arrested for absolutely no reason at all.

Tess Pennington | By and large, the majority of the population have deluded themselves into believing a bright future is upon the horizon.

Paul Joseph Watson | Cops seek DHS grant to deal with ‘threat’ posed by The Rainbow Family.

Free Thought Project | A 21-year-old Army private was hospitalized with severe wounds after an incident involving three Norfolk Police officers.

Paul Joseph Watson | Biohackers say it’s time to prepare for governments & corporations implementing same technology.

London Independent | Reverend Stephen Sizer said he did not condone the article’s accusations.

RT | Canada’s main intelligence agency will reportedly get more powers.

The Daily Sheeple | In light of recent events, it’s become apparent that the public’s opinion of law enforcement is rapidly falling apart.

Michael Krieger | Eric Holder made a career out of protecting and coddling financial oligarchs (his 1999 memo essentially invented “Too Big to Jail”).

Daily Caller | Companies hired by TSA would plug “commercial data” into algorithms to determine whether travelers qualified as “low-risk.”

RT | An eight-year-old boy in the southern French city of Nice has been questioned by police following comments in which he expressed “solidarity” with the Charlie Hebdo gunmen.

Martin Armstrong | Ok – believe it or not, this really shows how the new younger generation of police are anti-society and just insanely pro-government beyond common sense.

Mac Slavo | Never mind the evidence that vaccines aren’t as effective as their makers have promised.

London Telegraph | New guidance will be issued to all police forces and prosecutors as part of a ‘toolkit’ to move rape investigations into the 21st century.

Prison Planet.com | Infowarriors wake up the masses with new video contest.

Dan Cannon | Democratic members of Congress apparently aren’t going to be satisfied until American citizens are completely and utterly defenseless.

London Telegraph | Last month David Cameron attacked “frankly ridiculous” members of the European Parliament for blocking EU authorities from tracking terrorist suspects.

Prison Planet.com | Lee Ann McAdoo talks to Dr. Stuart Russell about the threat posed by artificial intelligence.

RT | An Islamist group in Denmark has hit out at a local policy to de-radicalize Muslim youths.

Wall St Journal | DEA Uses License-Plate Readers to Build Database for Federal, Local Authorities.

London Independent | State hatches back-up plan in the event lethal injections are banned in the US.

Michael Krieger | Cell phones are tracking devices that make phone calls.

John W. Whitehead | Roughly 1500 kids are tied up or locked down every day by school officials in the United States.

Michael Krieger | The middle class has shrunk consistently over the past half-century.

London Guardian | Europe’s top rights body says scale of NSA spying is ‘stunning’ and suggests UK powers may be at odds with rights convention.

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