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RT | Hours after the drama, a Twitter account dedicated to protecting Trump’s supporters named “The Lion’s Guard” was launched.

Zero Hedge | As a direct result of Europe’s refugee crisis, new and very unpleasant social fractures have started to emerge.

Tech Dirt | Last year, FBI Director James Comey floated a ridiculous idea that retweeting ISIS tweets could be seen as “material support” for terrorism.

Kurt Nimmo | France and Britain move to ramp up police state powers.

New American | How severe is vote fraud in America?

Campus Reform | “We have the right to vote, at least we thought we did…”

Michael Krieger | When it comes to presidential primaries, there isn’t a whole lot of “democracy” in the Democratic Party.

Truth Revolt | What planet is he living on?

The Daily Sheeple | “Where will this stop?”

Washington Post | Before a police department purchases a drone, officials are often forced to confront questions about privacy, public safety and the legal limits of government intrusion.

RT | Activists from the ‘Anonymous’ hackers group, which targets the feeds of ISIS supporters, claim their accounts have been suspended too.

Sputnik | “The risk of collapse is at its highest now… Crises are piling up, overlapping and threatening to spin out of hand,” Neue Zürcher Zeitung quoted Stark as saying.

Campus Reform | “We are asking for volunteers to help provide support throughout the three days of demonstrations…”

Campus Reform | “[W]e had the understanding that he would produce a ‘substantive plan’…what we received was a largely repetitive response…”

New American | The battle goes to the passionate, is so often the case.

Campus Reform | At a congressional hearing last week, Rep. Peter Roskam condemned the “out of control” politically correct culture used to justify censorship at tax-exempt colleges and universities.

EAG News | Black Lives Matter activists are threatening to shut down a St. Paul high school over a Facebook post made by a teacher the group’s member’s view as racist.

Truth Revolt | What a terrible… er, that is, influential person.

The Washington Times | One day in January 2000, the NSA’s clunky, aging computer network became so overburdened that it crashed. The NSA, he says, was “brain dead.”

CNS News | Republican Donald Trump, asked to clarify his position on torture Sunday, said he believes the United States is wrong to ban waterboarding.

UK Express | A SOMALIAN migrant brought through the courts for molesting a child at a train station doesn’t think he did anything wrong due to ‘cultural differences’, a court heard.

Truth Revolt | Does that mean Stormtroopers are out?

London Independent | Files reveal Tony Blair and Jack Straw discussed treatment of British detainees in Guantanamo with US officials.

National Post | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brother has written to a federal cabinet minister on behalf of Ottawa’s Mohamed Harkat.

London Independent | Emmanuel Macron said France could exit the ‘Touquet’ agreement that currently allows British immigration checks in Calais and Dunkirk.

London Telegraph | Crown Prosecution Service releases new guidelines on tackling offenders who create phoney Facebook and Twitter accounts to get revenge on others.

Louder With Crowder | There’s a video that’s making its way around the internet showing a cop slapping a student in Baltimore.

Fox 61 | The drone discussion has been buzzing around the state Capitol for hearings this week.

LA Times | A small but growing number are heading home.

Michael Snyder | Are you a religious extremist?

Bloomberg | Your phone knows more about you than you think.

Jihad Watch | “We’re all Muslims deep down. We all yearn for peace.” Thus spake yesterday Boston Police Commissioner William Evans at a big mosque in Boston. I beg to differ.

Daily Beast | The tiny injectable machine could turn your noodle into a remote control.

RT | A social worker postgraduate has been expelled from Sheffield University for citing biblical verse against homosexuality on his private Facebook profile.

Michigan Review | “In the real world, no one cares about stuff like this.”

London Independent | Selam Mohammad said his friend was 16 and had been shot in the chest and stomach after he got into a fight with another person.

Sputnik | The new spyware Trojan virus recently approved by Germany’s Interior Ministry may actually steal personal photos and notes stored on Germans’ phones and laptops.

CNN | Apple’s attorney painted a scary picture if Apple loses its fight with the FBI.

Washington Free Beacon | Iran, N. Korea enhancing ties, ISIS more powerful than al Qaeda, terrorists pouring out of Syria.

Daily Caller | Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t take kindly to censorship.

Mac Slavo | Real Americans are expanding their self-defense measures and training up.

Truth Revolt | So much for free speech.

Gateway Pundit | A far left Occupy activist shot dead Cpl. Nate Carrigan today in the Friendship Ranch subdivision near Denver.

Daily Caller | An upcoming comedy festival in New York City is charging different rates for attendees in an apparent effort to check the privilege of straight white men.

The Daily Sheeple | If you’ve ever wondered what your tax dollars really go towards when your state funds public education, then look no further.

TechDirt | Over the years, the nation’s courts have moved towards recognizing First Amendment protections for citizens who film public servants carrying out public duties.

John W. Whitehead | America is at a crossroads.

Brandon Smith | At the very onset of what would become the Soviet Empire, Vladimir Lenin decreed the creation of a national internal army called the “Cheka.”

Campus Reform | Hundreds of students signed a petition Thursday to remove controversial professor Melissa Click from her position at the University of Missouri (Mizzou).

Breitbart | D.C. police investigators said they took a 17-year-old male and a 17-year-old female into custody and charged them with aggravated assault and robbery, respectively.

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