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Daily Caller | Some people were upset not over the massive loss of life.

Reuters | At least one in five adult New Yorkers suffer from depression.

Campus Reform | Ithaca College students protesting alleged racism Wednesday were shocked and offended when one student showed up holding a sign supporting the embattled president.

Rasmussen | But 68% of Likely U.S. Voters oppose the government investigating and prosecuting scientists.

Daily Caller | Banned “in perpetuity” from Yale’s campus.

New American | Global-warming alarmists are turning up the heated rhetoric.

Mikael Thalen | Female officers outraged after treated equally to male counterparts.

Reuters | Students are holding events designed to bring attention to racial issues on a handful of U.S. college campuses this week.

Truth Revolt | “To continue to ensure that the University of Missouri campus remains safe…”

RT | A Belgian court has given Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking the online activities of non-Facebook users.

EAG News | Illinois State University College of Education professor Amee Adkins thinks the state’s schools need more ethnic diversity.

Adan Salazar | Effort to form more “inclusive” student government bans words “he,” “she,” “his” and “her.”

Adan Salazar | Cops under fire for demanding parents’ ID in their own driveway after clearing up misunderstanding.

Daily Caller | The Tuscaloosa police department is conducting an internal investigation of the incident, which occurred at around 3 a.m.

Daily Caller | The Internet has become a tool for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to keep its citizens in place.

Campus Reform | “[We’re] centering this event around the [GOP] debate because of [GOP’s history] of using racism. . .as a fundamental part of their strategy.”

Statesman | State District Judge Julie Kocurek, the presiding felony judge for Travis County, was shot in the driveway of her West Austin home.

Michael Krieger | Meanwhile, still no bankers in jail.

Truth Revolt | Meanwhile, U.S. professors are shredding the actual Constitution.

The Washington Times | President’s overly cautious, centralized style irking Pentagon.

Gateway Pundit | Hillary Clinton met this week with Michael Brown’s mother Leslie McSpadden in Chicago.

Mac Slavo | Petty laws are the building blocks of tyranny.

Campus Reform | The “Crusader” is out and inclusiveness and sensitivity is in at Susquehanna University.

Paul Craig Roberts | The consequences of the deceit, gullibility, and betrayal are horrendous for Americans.

Christina Sarich | Why are we arresting people over raw milk?

Truth Revolt | “I got bothered because I’m black.”

Reuters | Many children under age five own their own smartphones and tablets.

Louder With Crowder | San Francisco, you cannot make that place up.

Michael Krieger | Of all the world’s “leaders,” one person has stood out from the crowd by consistently advocating the most destructive, ignorant and authoritarian solutions.

CNS News | “Nothing… better defines the decadence of the West to the jihadists than our toleration of open homosexuality and this transgender mania now.”

Truth Revolt | “I would never write the same kind of stuff that I do about certain religions as I would about Islam.”

Mikael Thalen | School policy states “no tolerance for any real, pretend, or imitated violence.”

Kurt Nimmo | Telecom giant known for trying to block news on the internet

Steve Watson | Masks, face paint also not allowed.

EAG News | High school running back Pedro Banda may play for the Demons, but he’s all about praising God.

Breitbart | The mere mention of confiscation is something that could literally rip the country apart.

John Vibes | Earlier this week, a Monsanto research facility in France was burned to the ground. Monsanto and investigators suspect an arsonist was responsible for the blaze.

New American | Crosses are being removed from some European churches — by church officials themselves.

Michael Krieger | Thousands of cases brought by single plaintiffs over fraud, wrongful death and rape are now being decided behind closed doors.

Pamela Geller | The German yellow press newspaper Bild is publishing the names of offenders in the media.

UPI | The State Department on Friday released 7,000 additional pages of Clinton’s emails.

The Free Thought Project | Why did they take that long to arrest him???

Washington Examiner | Federal gun convictions have plummeted under Obama.

London Independent | The power is reportedly to be included in the Government’s new surveillance bill which will be published next week.

The Wrap | “This can spread to other unions, like firemen and teachers too,” expert tells TheWrap.

New American | China’s one-child policy is officially coming to an end, the Communist Party of China announced Thursday.

CNS News | GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson says the culture of political correctness is used to “frighten people and get people to shut up” and it’s “destroying this nation.”

Gizmodo | Who needs a peep hole when a wifi network will do?

Joshua Krause | Someday, Citigroup is hoping that you won’t even need a debit card to use their ATMs.

Truth Revolt | Major manufacturers and retailers are going the extra distance today in marketing their products to a “gender-fluid” consumer base.

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