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Truth Revolt | “We were attempting to spur a healthy discourse on a highly passionate topic.”

News 9 | The family of the man who died said police beat him badly and they recorded it with a cell phone camera.

bizpacreview.com | If faced with an uncontrollable urge to commit a serious crime, the first thing one should do is book a flight to Norway.

filmingcops.com | A cop who said “We don’t have time for this” and then killed a 90-lb mentally ill boy has been indicted by a grand jury for voluntary manslaughter.

Chris Eger | Seven weeks after the shooting, Magee has been cleared by a grand jury of all charges related to the detective’s death.

The Daily Sheeple | No Jennifer Lopez movie is worth spending a night in the big house.

Prison Planet.com | “For problems we don’t even know we have yet.”

ProPublica | The East German secret police, known as the Stasi, were an infamously intrusive secret police force.

Nextgov | The Army wants a contractor to conduct detailed social media data mining to “identify violent extremist influences” around the world.

Lew Rockwell Blog | A suitably ambitious prosecutor, with the help of predatory police officers, can transmute social media trash talk into terrorism.

Prison Planet.com | The number of Americans killed by cops now outnumbers Americans killed in the Iraq war.

Prison Planet.com | Anti-drone activist kidnapped in Pakistan before he was due to testify in Europe.

London Telegraph | Over £320 million has been spent on developing European Union surveillance drones without proper democratic oversight.

New American | On February 5, the European Parliament voted to authorize European Union (EU) countries to ratify the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

London Telegraph | MPs vote overwhelmingly in favour of banning smoking in cars carrying children after David Cameron says “time has come” to make it illegal.

Lew Rockwell Blog | No city truly “needs” a police department, and Filer needs one less than most of them.

The Daily Sheeple | During a House Oversight And Government Reform Committee hearing on the IRS harassment of conservative groups last week, a Tea Party leader was, ironically, harassed.

Daily Caller | The ruthless political calculation was buried deep in a low-key article.

The Daily Sheeple | Carondelet, a private school in Northern California has apologized and removed a menu that apparently upset parents and students.

Michael Snyder | The number of Americans that renounced their citizenship was 221 percent higher in 2013 than it was in 2012.

Prison Planet.com | Refusing to go along with the department to cover up illegal activity, pledging to support the Constitution — apparently makes one an enemy of the state and their allies in the media.

Prison Planet.com | Bob Barr discusses how Republicans do not come to the aid of one another and fail to attack Liberals on easy targets.

Mike Masnick | A new report from the Washington Post claims that the NSA is actually only getting between 20 to 30% of the data.

CNS News | 1,154,000 fewer Americans are working today than six years ago, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Adan Salazar | Grand jury sides with self defense, Fourth Amendment.

The Daily Sheeple | On January 1, 2014, Illinois finally caught up with the rest of America and passed concealed carry legislation.

Washington’s Blog | Fed Policy Has Benefited a Small Handful … But Not the Economy As a Whole.

YouTube | Mark Dice Censored from Tonight Show with Jay Leno After Taping Segment.

Prison Planet.com | Rex Jones analyzes stories of bureaucratic shutdowns of lemonade stands, birthday parties, and cupcake sales for not paying extortion fees to the government.

The Daily Sheeple | Flashing headlights to warn other drivers of speed traps is constitutionally protected speech, ruled a Missouri judge on Monday.

Kit Daniels | Post Office joins other federal agencies stockpiling over two billion rounds of ammo.

Sun Sentinel | Somerset Preparatory Charter Middle School went on lockdown Tuesday morning.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | Cops break a 10-year-old boy’s leg with a kick then sexually assault mother by flicking pierced nipple.

libertyblitzkrieg.com | The vision of ‘talking’ cars that avoid crashes is well on the way to becoming a reality.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Homeland Security Theater productions follow a rigid formula.

Daisy Luther | The game is called “Cross the Line” and many outraged parents believe that it does just that.

Ars Technica | A little more detail on government’s 0-999 info grabs from big tech companies.

Daily Caller | White House officials sent out pre-formed tweets to the NFL players union.

Life Site News | Preventing gender-based and sexual identity discrimination.

FoxNews.com | Students and parents at a Colorado high school are outraged.

CNS News | Reville said critics were a “tiny minority”.

National Journal | Canada’s electronic spy agency snooped on travelers who used free airport Wi-Fi.

Daily Caller | Feminist groups at more than a dozen universities are planning to participate in a another mass “edit Wikipedia day.”

Elizabeth Renter | Vaccinations used to be optional.

The Daily Sheeple | For absolutely no reason other than “because they could”, cops in Pinal County, Arizona executed a suspect who was standing there.

The Hill | The president’s nominee to take over the helm of the National Security Agency (NSA) is mostly a stranger to privacy and civil liberties advocates.

Prison Planet.com | Georgia police strip search drivers during minor traffic stops.

Steve Watson | Driver Calls Police After Student Mentions the word “rifle”.

CNS News | The “shooter had significant mental health issues”.

Washington’s Blog | Spies Want To Predict Everyone’s Thoughts and Actions.

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