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Bizpac Review | This Christmas, Eric Garner’s daughter gave the gift of stupidity.

The Free Thought Project | A veteran police officer of more than 20 years has been charged with a slew of felonies after being caught burglarizing homes and businesses while on duty.

London Telegraph | Head of the NHS sets out radical plans to fight the flab as new figures show that only Hungary is worse than the UK when it comes to obesity.

The Daily Sheeple | It should come as no surprise to most drivers, that speed cameras are not being installed on your roadways to make your life easier.

Truth Revolt | “I cried a little bit because it really touched me, because I have children of my own.”

AP | Americans in cities and towns across the country are making an effort to express support and gratitude.

Reuters | Judge Beryl Howell of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia denied the demand.

Washington’s Blog | War Always Comes Home.

RT | ‘Anonymous’ accused the broadcaster of “biased” reporting and “protecting pedophiles.”

Bizpac Review | Could further complicate and prolong a peaceful outcome nationwide as tensions are already high.

London Telegraph | Labour MP John Mann calls for investigations into two deaths of men, who tried to “blow the whistle” on alleged Westminster sex ring, to be reopened by police

FBI spokesman J.J. Klaver said the agency does not comment on people who claim to be informants.

Prison Planet.com | Jakari Jackson with some important analysis and advice for police.

The Washington Times | “These are, simply, crimes. They are prohibited by federal law.”

London Telegraph | Labour MP claims vested interested are seeking to protect ‘high profile’ abusers.

RT | “Habeas corpus” ruling in favor of the orangutan.

Trey Sanchez | “No one has ever given up on the police department.”

RT | The man’s phone was traced by police just minutes before the tragedy.

Talking Points Memo | A police officer in Austin, Texas was recently caught on tape making sexist remarks about the Ray Rice domestic violence case to a radio reporter.

Breitbart | The president has officially launched yet another “task force.”

RT | Six officers in riot gear eventually dragged him out of his cell, took off his clothes, chained him to a chair and put a mask over his head.

Washington’s Blog | We’ve Known for Thousands of Years that Torture Doesn’t Work.

Prison Planet.com | You’re not the only one teaching your children to be good little obedient boys and girls.

Mac Slavo | Michael Brown. Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. And who could forget? Trayvon Martin.

Washington’s Blog | What Americans STILL Don’t Know…

Liberty Blitzkrieg | If there’s one thing we have learned about Barack Obama, it’s that he is a master of deception.

John W. Whitehead | With Orwellian irony, the U.S. Supreme Court chose December 15, National Bill of Rights Day to deliver its crushing blow to the Fourth Amendment.

Michael Krieger | Barrett Lancaster Brown is a writer and activist who possesses a unique combination of ability, courage, wit and determination.

Truth Revolt | More tolerance from the Left

Truth Revolt | A St Louis police officer will face disciplinary action for wearing a nametag that read “Darren Wilson” while he was on the job.

Victoria Advocate | A Victoria police officer is under investigation after a 76-year-old man accused him of using excessive force during a traffic stop.

Daily Sheeple | The government claims it has the right take responsibility over every aspect of our lives.

Truth Revolt | “All of these people knew exactly what we were doing.”

Carlos Miller | Appears to be a case of retaliation.

Mac Slavo | Homeland Security officials are warning that a major coronal mass ejection, solar flare or electromagnetic pulse may be inevitable and catastrophic to modern civilization.

Daily Sheeple | Former Fox News correspondent Dominic Di-Natale was found dead in Colorado on Wednesday, the network reports.

Kurt Nimmo | White folks benefit from “significant unearned privilege”

Truth Revolt | An officer who played theLynyrd Skynyrd song “Sweet Home Alabama” at weekend racial equality march will be disciplined.

Steve Watson | Oakland demonstrators expose officers in tense stand off.

BizPac Review | They call this respect?

RT | The campaign to rein in the surveillance of Americans by the National Security Agency (NSA) has become even more difficult.

Ars Technica | “You a dumb bitch,” video captures cop saying after yanking victim from car.

Washington’s Blog | The Hidden Secret of the Torture Program.

Prison Planet.com | Former CIA officer John Kiriakou is the only CIA employee connected to its interrogation program to go to prison.

The Daily Sheeple | There probably wouldn’t have been any looting or vandalism, had the police not reacted the way they did last Saturday.

Mikael Thalen | Becoming evil to defeat evil is un-American.

Sputnik | Former CIA analyst Raymond McGovern commented on US Senate Intelligence committee’s report on CIA interrogation techniques, saying that the same naming and methods were used by Gestapo.

The Daily Sheeple | 1,500 Demonstrators gathered for the third night in a row in Berkeley, California, to protest the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Washington’s Blog | “We Can Never Let The World Know What I Have Done To You”.

Prison Planet.com | State informs children that First Amendment still exists.

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