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EAG News | Think you’ve seen the worst of awful school lunches? Think again.

Bizpac Review | A New York Police Department police officer is fighting for his life after being shot twice in the head.

Armstrong Economics | France is of course the most socialist country in Europe and it always attacks anyone with money.

Free Thought Project | Officer David Johnston opened fire and squeezed off 23 rounds at a man inside a parking garage.

Free Thought Project | A video published on Youtube yesterday by user benfarias13 shows an apalling abuse of power by the NYPD when they pull over and arrest a man for absolutely no reason.

RT | Protesters at a May Day march in Seattle, Washington clashed with police during what law enforcement called “a riot” on Friday.

Steve Watson | Cop: “I had to look away.”

Gawker | According to a new report, the American Psychological Association collaborated in secret with the C.I.A. and the Bush administration.

Joshua Krause | There is a fundamental law of warfare that no member of any conventional military wants to admit to.

Oath Keepers | BLM Armed Security Contractors.

Michael Krieger | If we don’t constantly exercise our rights, they’ll ultimately fall victim to atrophy like a vestigial organ.

Mac Slavo | Presumably to “transport prisoners of some sort.”

Truth Revolt | More than 120 people were arrested in Manhattan yesterday during protests over the death of Baltimore’s Freddie Gray.

Gateway Pundit | A large group of black teens rampaged through Charleston neighborhoods, targeting innocent people early Sunday.

Gateway Pundit | The owners of Baltimore’s Sports Mart in Mondawmin Mall released surveillance video of ‘hundreds’ of looters rampaging.

Washington Post | A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle.

Daily Mail | Gatwick Airport declined to comment specifically on O’Dowd’s experience.

Daily Caller | A young man who cut a fire hose during the Baltimore riots is seen without a cover on his face.

Washington’s Blog | It’s not just NSA officials…

EAG News | A Colorado preschool blocked a girl from eating part of her lunch after a teacher deemed it “unhealthy.”

Truth Revolt | Caught live on CNN.

Daily Caller | Marc Lamont Hill, a Morehouse College professor and regular CNN commentator, embraced radical violence in the streets during an interview Monday on CNN.

Gateway Pundit | Over 15 police officers were injured.

Mac Slavo | The bizarre world of militarization and propaganda just got a little bit more crazy – and spooky.

Khaleej Times | In the next two years robots will be used to bolster police forces patrolling malls and other public areas.

Truth Revolt | Protesters “mainly from out of town”

London Independent | Supporters of the couple are now raising money to pay the fine.

Daily Caller | Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a stunning admission Saturday.

AP | President George W. Bush authorized the “President’s Surveillance Program” in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Washington’s Blog | TPP may as well stand for “Tracking Porn Pics.”

ARS Technica | Spies failed to check properly what was being passed across to the US.

Battle Creek Enquirer | A fake rental truck with a fake dirty bomb inside triggered a practice military response Friday in Battle Creek.

Adan Salazar | “I didn’t do anything wrong, but they still got rid of me.”

NY Times | The Pentagon on Thursday took a major step designed to instill a measure of fear in potential cyberadversaries.

Ron Paul Institute | The manipulation of the conversation around vaccines in the mainstream media has been nothing short of a tour de force.

Daily Caller | Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a feminist tone on Thursday.

Zero Hedge | As regular readers are no doubt aware, there’s been no shortage of “caught on tape” police moments over the past several months.

EAG News | An Oregon elementary teacher claims a surprise active shooter drill at her school two years ago gave her post traumatic stress disorder.

Associated Press | Republican Sen. Rand Paul lashed out against the federal government’s sweeping surveillance programs.

New American | The California state assembly is considering a bill that would permit on-the-spot drug testing using “drug breathalyzers.”

Michael Krieger | More of that famous American justice for ya.

Breitbart | A whispering campaign by feminist agitators

Steven Crowder | Time to stop playing nice. conservatives.

Michael Krieger | Late last week, I published a post about Patriot Act reauthorization that turned out to be extremely popular.

Daily Caller | Bill Nye believes global warming is the greatest threat humanity faces.

Jon Rappoport | All families in Australia receive some form of government money. So the policy change affects everyone.

Adan Salazar | State moves to clamp down on driving under the influence of marijuana.

NY Daily News | Sim-style game conflates consensual sex with rape.

WSB TV | A family in Gwinnett County says they are devastated after police shot and killed their dog.

Victor Skinner | “Twice yearly compliance reviews.”

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