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The Sun | A leading researcher has warned the disease could be weaponized to deadly effect should it fall into the wrong hands.

The Hill | Returned to the internet after months of silence.

Daily Mail | Facebook wants to know your deepest, darkest thoughts.

Michael Snyder | Does the White House know something that the rest of us do not?

London Independent | 2017 only just arrived, but one manufacturing company is already looking 45 years into the future.

mcclatchydc.com | “I don’t know why I was there,” Gubarev said.

London Independent | A team of scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School have used adult skin cells to regenerate functional human heart tissue.

Daily Caller | President Barack Obama scolded political opponents of his global warming agenda in his farewell address Tuesday night, warning inaction on the issue will imperil future generations.

Cyberscoop | A mysterious group that claims to have stolen tools once used by the NSA published material Sunday to show it is in possession of Microsoft Windows software exploits.

London Telegraph | Half of young people said they have so many emotional problems they cannot focus at school, a study has found.

London Independent | Activists believe Mr Tillerson’s testimony could be crucial to revealing what the industry knew – and when.

LA Times | California was bracing for an epic series of storms this weekend that could bring flooding, avalanches, blizzards and road closures.

Mac Slavo | Though it seems like science fiction, it is, in fact, based in reality.

RT | The Hanford Site plant in Washington hasn’t been operational since 1967, but continues to spread radioactive waste, with a demolition date earmarked as late as 2032.

Daily Mail | Climate change could cause ocean currents to COLLAPSE plunging the Northern hemisphere into an ice age, warn scientists.

Louder With Crowder | These people denouncing NatGeo? They’re doctors. They know science.

Daily Mail | An initial decision amounts to a step off each side of the pyramid.

The Observer | The popular right-leaning web portal, The Drudge Report, was briefly knocked offline last week.

Daily Mail | A new study has linked fossils fuels to the historic rise in oxygen that triggered the development of life on Earth.

Speisa | A super volcano is defined as a volcano that is able to sling more than than 1,000 cubic kilometers of mass into the atmosphere.

UK Mirror | The active ingredient that gives chillies their kick can surround cancer cells and kill them off, scientists say, which could help develop a cure for cancer.

LA Times | The strongest earthquake in the sequence was magnitude 3.9, striking directly underneath the town of Brawley, about 170 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

London Guardian | The accountability of artificial intelligence systems, from Facebook to healthcare, is shaping up to be a hot topic in 2017.

The Hill | If you’re shopping for the perfect gift this Christmas, you might want to avoid the electronics aisle.

UK Express | EIGHT earthquakes have hit the US in just one hour sparking fears of a long overdue ‘big one’ that could wipe out chunks of the West coast.

Zero Hedge | A new study just released from Public Health England concludes that 4 out of 5 Brits between the ages of 40 – 60 are fat, lazy and/or alcoholics.

Julie Fidler | A safer alternative to meds?

Heat Street | The German government next year will consider the bill.

London Telegraph | “The rest of my body is replaceable”.

London Independent | Report recommends those suffering envy should quit social media.

TheAntiMedia.org | There’s not a day that passes that we don’t have a new reason to suspect humanity is dying off.

Daily Mail | Twitter’s share price is plunging after two key figures resigned earlier this week, prompting a market analyst to issue a research note calling the company ‘toast’.

Speisa | Monday 19th of December there was a thin white layer of snow over the dunes of Ain Sefra in Algeria. One can safely say that is not an everyday event down there.

Daily Mail | President Barack Obama has invoked a law to indefinitely ban drilling for oil and gas across enormous parts of US waters – and President-elect Donald Trump won’t be able to repeal it.

Louder With Crowder | Surprise! Barack Obama has an agenda to push. Specifically that human beings are somehow altering the Earth’s climate.

London Independent | The loss of sea ice ‘represents one of the most severe positive feedbacks in the climate system’.

Washington Times | Report recommends national standard for Stingray cell phone tracker use.

Infowars.com | A recent study now shows that a dangerous level of glyphosate have seeped into many everyday food products people consume.

Daily Mail | With Christmas on the horizon, choosing what gifts to give can present a huge challenge.

Daily Caller | Health hazards still either threaten humans or are unknown at 117 – or nearly one-quarter – of the 480 Superfund sites added before 1987.

RT | Could there finally be an end to grey hairs and wrinkles?

Louder With Crowder | A lot of stupid has been going on in Britain lately.

Daily Mail | Alien hunters claim spherical object is a UFO in hiding – but experts say it’s just a fractus cloud.

Wall Street Journal | Verizon, which has struck a deal to buy company’s core business, will review impact of new breach.

Daily Mail | Microsoft boss says new president will unite country through innovation as the pair meet.

Bloomberg | Researchers want to pump sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.

Times Of London | Scientists say, you can identify troublesome groups at the age of three.

The Sun | AN UPCOMING Supermoon could set tensions running high this Christmas and make the festive season a “battle ground”, according to one psychiatrist.

RT | Russian telecom giant Rostelecom has thwarted DDoS-attacks on the five largest banks and financial institutions in the country, the company said in a statement.

Daily Caller | “You don’t actually know anything about what you’re talking about.”

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