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Christina Sarich | Evidence that our offspring are suffering, too.

New American | Fred is dead. So is Grace. And Henri is on life support.

RT | Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) that operates the crippled nuclear plant released its first 850 tons of filtered radioactive groundwater by sundown on September 14.

UK Express | CONSPIRACY theorists and doom prophets claim an asteroid will wipe out life on the planet in a matter of weeks – anytime between September 21 and 28 in fact.

London Independent | The methamphetamine-based drug Pervitin was manufactured from 1937 onwards by the Nazis and distributed among the armed forces.

RT | Dramatic footage of the massive eruption was streamed live, with volcanic ash visibly filling a large area.

Christina Sarich | And biotech only made ‘2 GM traits in 40 years’.

Christina Sarich | What is the real reason that scientists want to unleash a super virus that has long slumbered?

Anthony Gucciardi | Appeal court says GMO giant is guilty.

UK Daily Mail | Opting for low-calorie drinks means you’re more likely to ‘compensate and gorge on junk food’.

London Independent | Business magnate compared to Superman villain Lex Luthor.

RT | Monsanto was responsible for the poisoning caused by its weed killer, the court stressed.

Barbara Minton | Hermaphroditic fish signal too many chemicals for everyone.

Christina Sarich | As the WHO deems glyphosate ‘probably carcinogenic’.

BBC News | Scientists have discovered a new human-like species in a burial chamber deep in a cave system in South Africa.

Christina Sarich | As the liver and kidneys take notable damage.

Julie Fidler | A dangerous ‘restricted use pesticide’.

London Independent | This week marked the 76th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland and the beginning of the Second World War.

RT | A US internet security firm has discovered smartphone malware disguised as a free porn service.

Julie Fidler | With some being as much as 8 years older.

Julie Fidler | The numbers of children being diagnosed with ADHD have skyrocketed in recent years.

The Daily Sheeple | Yet so far this year, there have been 629 mass animal die-off events in 85 countries.

Christina Sarich | An attack by Big Ag, or sincere public concern?

Jon Rappoport | Bombshell: Mind-control engineers drugging children for “Social Justice”.

RT | Long-term intake of the Monsanto’s most popular Roundup herbicide, even in very small amounts lower than permissible in US water, may lead to kidney and liver damage, a new study claims.

RT | Russian scientists have begun their quest to clone pre-historic animals, including but not limited to a woolly mammoth.

BFN | Here’s how DARPA is creating the next generation of genetically modified soldiers.

Gateway Pundit | You just can’t make this stuff up…

Christina Sarich | As we waste millions of tonnes of food each year.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that a magnitude 3.5 earthquake hit the New Madrid fault about a week ago?

Julie Fidler | “We see the damage already caused by GMOs”.

Christina Sarich | Should the GM crop be deemed unsafe?

Yahoo News | Covered in code no one can decipher.

Michael Krieger | How free does it make you feel that the Department of Defense is partnering with 162 companies, universities and other groups to develop wearable technology?

Twitchy | The organization has hired independent research firm Fusion GPS to perform a forensic analysis on the videos.

Julie Fidler | Sometimes with life-threatening side effects.

UK Daily Mail | Men find thinner women attractive because they associate their body shape with youth, fertility and a lower risk of disease.

Joshua Krause | In recent years there have been growing fears towards the possible side effects of some electromagnetic waves, such as cell phone radiation and wifi.

Christina Sarich | Sufficient for global experimentation?

RT | Find yourself in a black hole? Not to worry.

Christina Sarich | Following Scotland’s refusal of GM crops.

London Independent | The increased availability of romantic opportunities with men make women more likely to confirm to a traditional sexual stereotype.

Julie Fidler | 10 out of 48 samples found to be mislabeled.

New American | The Obama administration’s politicized bureaucracies are trying to deceive the world once again, this time claiming, falsely, that July of 2015 was the “warmest on record.”

BBC News | The police in Toronto gave no further information about the deaths.

Anthony Gucciardi | Here’s my biggest tip.

Christina Sarich | Monsanto’s glyphosate and a young boy’s skin disease.

Christina Sarich | As the UK lifts ban on bee-killing pesticides.

Washington Post | On Sunday, a swarm of small rogue drones disrupted air traffic across the country on a scale previously unseen in U.S. skies.

Julie Fidler | Calls for fresh review of herbicides used on GMO crops.

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