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Daily Caller | Global temperature change observed over the last hundred years or so is well within the natural variability of the last 8,000 years.

Michael Snyder | Have you noticed that severe drought seems to be gripping much of the planet right now?

Reuters | California parents who do not vaccinate their children would have to home-school them under a bill passed Thursday.

Michael Snyder | You may not have noticed, but our planet is becoming increasingly unstable.

Truth Revolt | “Words matter.”

Jon Rappoport | Connecting the dots.

Anthony Gucciardi | Modern society is killing your gut.

Anthony Gucciardi | Top McDonald’s supplier drops mega antibiotics.

RT | A major earthquake – the Big One – is statistically almost certain in California in the coming decades.

Anthony Gucciardi | Says vitamins do more harm than good.

Christina Sarich | In recent CA assembly-protest.

Anthony Gucciardi | Companies desperate to fool public.

Anthony Gucciardi | 12 million on painkillers for no medical reason.

RT | A new generation of superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics could eventually kill tens of thousands of people.

Christina Sarich | But no one knows about it.

Jefferey Jaxen | Even WHO says Roundup isn’t safe.

Michael Snyder | The drought in California is getting a lot worse.

Anthony Gucciardi | But it isn’t fooling us

Anthony Gucciardi | 2015 may be the tipping point.

Campus Reform | Speaking to students at the University at Albany, Bill Nye the Science Guy said that a carbon tax was needed for the purpose of redistributing wealth.

Jeremy Jaxen | Yet we still spray it everywhere.

Anthony Gucciardi | Will the WHO make the change?

Anthony Gucciardi | And it isn’t the first time.

London Telegraph | Scientists at Cern could prove the controversial theory of ‘rainbow gravity’ which suggests that the universe stretches back into time infinitely, with no Big Bang.

Heartland | “I am skeptical humans are the main cause of climate change and that it will be catastrophic in the near future.”

Mac Slavo | The water crisis in California is reaching epic proportions.

London Independent | The new gene-editing method could eliminate inherited diseases from affected families.

Christina Sarich | Is this how we should treat medicine?

Anthony Gucciardi | McDonald’s, Burger King try to survive.

Mac Slavo | When it comes to an EMP attack, the question remains “when” not “if” the SHTF.

Christina Sarich | Are processed foods finally on their way out?

Jon Rappoport | Clueless, ignorant, arrogant, useless, pathetic vaccine doctors.

Christina Sarich | Poland’s largest farmer uprising.

London Independent | The Italian believes the technique could save the lives of people riddled with cancer or whose nerves and muscles have wasted away.

Mike Barrett | Fluoridated water is much to blame.

Christina Sarich | Continue to vote with your dollar.

Prison Planet.com | David and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny discuss the origins of the VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Ella Jameson | The deaths of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger may have grabbed headlines, but there is a far larger tragedy behind America’s recreational painkiller epidemic.

David Knight | Will a small tech elite pit themselves against the rest of humanity in a 21st “Artilect” war of gigadeath?

Zero Hedge | Since 2001, a group of hackers – dubbed the “Equation Group” by researchers from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab – have infected computers in at least 42 countries.

Christina Sarich | Researchers reveal disturbing numbers.

The Washington Times | The leaders of three of the nation’s leading tech companies won’t attend a White House cybersecurity summit in California on Friday, according to media reports.

Anthony Gucciardi | Oftentimes more than double the spending.

Kit Daniels | Cannabis could potentially help stabilize moods and ease depression, says researchers.

Christina Sarich | Hushed up by international governments.

The Daily Sheeple | Unless you live in a cave and have NO access to television or the internet, you’ve likely been exposed to the Measles Mania that has swept America.

Daily Caller | The Obama administration has granted whistleblower immunity to a federal government scientist.

Anthony Gucciardi | Many pharma drugs have only one clinical trial.

Jefferey Jaxen | Free speech, double standards on road to forced medicine.

Reuters | A group calling itself “Official Cyber Caliphate” said it hacked on Monday the official website of national carrier Malaysia Airlines.

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