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Louder With Crowder | Leftists would have you believe that oil is Earth’s poison.

UK Mirror | The world famous physicist has admitted that if aliens came to visit Earth, the outcome might not be a positive one.

Washington Post | You can already rate restaurants, hotels, movies, college classes, government agencies and bowel movements online.

Christina Sarich | A key sign we need truly independent testing.

Financial Times | Researchers in the US have developed an implant to help a disabled brain encode memories.

Christina Sarich | Farmer advised to wear face mask for protection.

Michael Krieger | Interestingly, it appears Apple wants to get ahead of the curve and begin censoring news the U.S. government might find embarrassing right away.

Medical Press | Emerging evidence ties endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure to two of the biggest public health threats facing society.

UK Express | A BRITISH pensioner has become the first person to undergo revolutionary eye surgery aimed at curing blindness in millions of people.

Zero Hedge | The results have not been promising.

London Independent | The brains of high-achieving individuals are wired up differently.

Julie Fidler | Plus some of the ‘signs to look out for’.

New American | President Barack Obama wants to “tweak” your brain so you’ll be healthier and happier.

RT | If the skies are clear, the celestial display should be visible after nightfall.

Julie Fidler | It starts with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

RT | A “small cluster of rocks that resembles famous rock structure in England.”

Michael Kreiger | No, that’s not a joke.

EAG News | A new study reveals school lunches promoted by first lady Michelle Obama could contain dangerous levels of BPA.

Louder With Crowder | Riddle me this, Batfleck: what in the universe is constant and unchanging?

CBS Sacramento | There is a growing, underground movement of people who believe California’s drought is part of a government conspiracy.

Julie Fidler | Do you agree with this?

Truth Revolt | Thanks for small favors.

IDG News Service | Spot is electrically operated and walks on four hydraulically actuated legs.

Julie Fidler | A primary contributor to rising disease rates?

London Telegraph | Poll finds that almost 60 per cent of parents use the devices to dish out rewards or punishments.

Free Thought Project | A former GMO scientist has revealed how the risk assessment of genetically modified crops is a corrupt process using sham science.

Christina Sarich | Is it time to ditch Monsanto stock?

Christina Sarich | Is yours one of them?

Julie Fidler | As billions of microbeads enter the water.

Real Science | As of last year, NOAA didn’t show much, if any August warming for almost 20 years.

Gospel Herald | When it comes to the Barbie doll, she, or rather it, is something that has become a part of America.

Julie Fidler | Why is it still on the market?

Joshua Krause | AT&T is offering a $250,000 for whoever was responsible cutting two of their fiber optic cables.

Adan Salazar | “A week later [the child] got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.”

London Independent | Machines ‘in the form of women or children for use as sex objects, substitutes for human partners or prostitutes’ are ‘harmful and contribute to inequalities in society’, campaigners claim.

Christina Sarich | Evidence that our offspring are suffering, too.

New American | Fred is dead. So is Grace. And Henri is on life support.

RT | Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) that operates the crippled nuclear plant released its first 850 tons of filtered radioactive groundwater by sundown on September 14.

UK Express | CONSPIRACY theorists and doom prophets claim an asteroid will wipe out life on the planet in a matter of weeks – anytime between September 21 and 28 in fact.

London Independent | The methamphetamine-based drug Pervitin was manufactured from 1937 onwards by the Nazis and distributed among the armed forces.

RT | Dramatic footage of the massive eruption was streamed live, with volcanic ash visibly filling a large area.

Christina Sarich | And biotech only made ‘2 GM traits in 40 years’.

Christina Sarich | What is the real reason that scientists want to unleash a super virus that has long slumbered?

Anthony Gucciardi | Appeal court says GMO giant is guilty.

UK Daily Mail | Opting for low-calorie drinks means you’re more likely to ‘compensate and gorge on junk food’.

London Independent | Business magnate compared to Superman villain Lex Luthor.

RT | Monsanto was responsible for the poisoning caused by its weed killer, the court stressed.

Barbara Minton | Hermaphroditic fish signal too many chemicals for everyone.

Christina Sarich | As the WHO deems glyphosate ‘probably carcinogenic’.

BBC News | Scientists have discovered a new human-like species in a burial chamber deep in a cave system in South Africa.

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