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Sputnik | Startled many local residents who feared a nuclear blast or an explosion at one of the coal mines in the Kuzbass region.

Julie Fidler | Winds, heavy rain, potential for power outages raises the stakes.

Daily Mail | AI that learnt from the web finds white-sounding names ‘pleasant’ and black-sounding names ‘unpleasant’.

Ars Technica | New court filings in US v. Ellis show the lengths that Oakland police, FBI went to.

Washington Free Beacon | Gen. Paul Selva says development of killer A.I. not far off.

Daily Mail | A small building in Mexico tells the violent history of treachery and conquest at the great Aztec city of Cholulu – but for hundreds of years, a secret lay beneath its floors.

Louder With Crowder | If you’ve been plugged into the news, you’re likely familiar with this subject. Allow me to give context for those who don’t find themselves keeping tabs on coral.

EAG News | University of New Mexico School of Medicine dean Paul Roth admitted on video that researchers at the university procured aborted baby parts for dissection.

Daily Mail | Criminals could control your thoughts and feelings by attacking implants.

Louder With Crowder | You’re cowards. Stone-cold, murderous cowards.

Daily Mail | Firm reveals the 98 pieces of data it uses to target ads – and how you can see them.

Daily Caller | “Not supported by scientific evidence.”

Daily Caller | On June 4, 2016, the New York Times editorial board wrote an article titled “Big Money Rearranges Its Election Bets.”

Daily Mail | Earlier this year, experts predicted that dark matter may be made of black holes formed during the first second of our universe’s existence.

UK Sun | Terrifying new ‘fire and forget’ weapons will use robotic technology to steer themselves toward a target.

RT | United Nations officials acknowledged, for the first time, the role peacekeepers played in the 2010 deadly cholera outbreak in Haiti that killed 10,000 people and sickened hundreds of thousands of others.

Daily Mail | In June, Professor Stephen Hawking warned that AI, disguised as helpful digital assistants, could one day spell the end for mankind.

The Daily Sheeple | Trying to figure out who really runs the internet or owns it, is pretty much impossible.

Washington Examiner | The Department of Commerce is set to hand off the final vestiges of American control over the Internet to international authorities in less than two months, officials have confirmed.

London Independent | Each month is continuing to smash through records, leaving people no longer surprised – but this month is especially significant

Zero Hedge | A mysterious hacker group by the name “The Shadow Brokers” claims to have hacked the Equation Group – a government cyberattack hacking group associated with the NSA.

Michael Snyder | Since last October, the United States has been hit by “historic flood” after “historic flood”.

Daily Mail | US finishes testing ‘smart’ precision-guided nuke that experts says is so accurate presidents will be tempted to use it.

Zero Hedge | The documents are from multiple departments of Soros’ organizations.

Julie Fidler | The EPA won’t take action unless Congress makes them.

Daily Caller | Hundreds of internal documents from groups run by prominent billionaire liberal donor George Soro were leaked online Saturday after hackers infiltrated the groups.

Zero Hedge | Psychotherapist and “expert on sexual criminals,” Börje Svensson, has finally figured out the mystery behind rising sexual assaults in Sweden.

Observer Media | There is no such thing as Pro-Trump free speech as Clinton corporate allies serve up a carefully curated view of the campaign.

RT | A tropical fish rumored to feast on male genitalia is being dumped by pet owners into Michigan lakes, and conservationists aren’t happy about it.

EAG News | First lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to address the nation’s youth obesity epidemic is actually making kids fatter, according to a new study.

Daily Mail | For a few years now, astronomers have been detecting hints that there may be a mysterious planet lurking undetected in some of the farthest reaches of our solar system.

Julie Filder | But McDonald’s is hardly a “healthy” place to eat.

Daily Mail | A slew of patent applications granted in the US have revealed Apple may be planning a fleet of vehicles.

Daily Caller | Some scientists even tried to have her research suppressed.

Daily Mail | Humans will have used up the Earth’s budget of natural resources for the year in less than eight months, environmental campaigners warn.

Julie Fidler | Biotech company comes 1 step closer to release.

Rolling Stone | Breaking down how the Duffer brothers used real-life government programs like MKUltra and Stargate Project in their hit show.

RT | The group warned that although this election is unique, members should refrain from analyzing the businessman and calling him “mentally ill”.

Julie Fidler | Previous research agrees.

RT | In 2011 and 2013 the light shining from a distant star dropped by an unprecedented 20 percent, leading some astronomers to wonder if something very, VERY, big is blocking it from Earth’s view.

Fusion.net | Our sci-fi future just got a whole lot closer to becoming a reality, after the Food and Drug Administration gave the okay to a field trial that would release genetically modified Zika-killing mosquitoes in the Florida Keys.

Daily Mail | The federal government is planning to lift a moratorium on funding of controversial experiments that use human stem cells to create animal embryos that are partly human.

London Independent | Invention of ‘neural dust’ could mean people will be able to communicate with computers using the power of their mind.

NY Daily News | Americans are living large — and not in a good way.

Michael Snyder | So far this week, we have seen the most dangerous volcano in Mexico erupt, and three major volcanoes in Indonesia all erupted within the space of just 72 hours.

Ice Age Now | “Did you vote for these people to tell you how to live? And who will receive the tax and what will they use it for?”

Anna Scanlon | It’s bad news for those who work in an office.

RT | The number of Americans born in the 1980s and 1990s who have had no sexual partners as adults has significantly grown over the past decades, a recently-published study has shown.

Kit Daniels | Will we transcend the predatory elite to reach the stars?

London Guardian | Battery status indicators are being used to track devices, say researchers from Princeton University – meaning warnings of privacy exposure have come to pass.

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