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RT | Cholera outbreaks have contributed to the dire situation.

Reuters | Reuters on Tuesday reported that the Yahoo program was in response to a classified U.S. government request to scan emails belonging to hundreds of millions of Yahoo users.

Michael Snyder | The worst storm to hit the United States since Hurricane Katrina is expected to slam into the east coast on Friday.

Michael Krieger | “Broader public opinion” is entirely irrelevant in this case.

London Independent | Many of the world’s richest and most powerful people, including Elon Musk and Bank of America, think that we live in a simulation of the real world.

Space.com | The more scientists learn about “Tabby’s Star,” the more mysterious the bizarre object gets.

Prison Planet.com | “Sinister-looking” satellite image of deadly hurricane.

Truth Revolt | Actually, most don’t care about the topic at all.

CNS News | Nearly three-quarters of Americans don’t trust that there is a large “scientific consensus” amongst climate scientists on human behavior being the cause of climate change.

Politico | While he flies around the globe constantly on private jets.

Daily Mail | Thunderstorms on the edge of space may be causing loss of GPS signals.

Daily Mail | Wildlife authorities in the US have added bees to its list of endangered and threatened species, a first time for any bee.

AP | Vulnerable Haiti braced for flash floods and violent winds from the extremely dangerous Hurricane Matthew as the powerful storm kept on a path early Monday aiming at the hemisphere’s poorest country.

Daily Mail | Was it the headphone jack?

Julie Fidler | Nestle puts profit over people yet again.

Washington Free Beacon | Chelsea Clinton opted to travel to a “clean energy” roundtable in Asheville, North Carolina on Wednesday afternoon in a private jet to campaign on behalf of her mother Hillary Clinton.

UK Express | A HUGE solar storm is heading towards Earth which could leave us without mobile phones, satellite TV and even electricity.

New Scientist | It’s a boy!

Daisy Luther | Thankfully, it landed in the ocean.

Julie Fidler | Consumers won’t know if they’re eating GMOs, thanks to current laws.

Daily Mail | Machine learning is ubiquitous in our daily lives.

Truth Revolt| “If they don’t agree with that, f— ’em”.

Daily Mail | Gary Johnson may be running for President of the US, but the Libertarian candidate is aiming for the stars.

Anna Scanlon | The ‘Erin Brockovich Chemical’.

Daily Sheeple | “The amount of people that thought this is real is worrying for the human race”.

The Hill | Russian intelligence agencies are making “a serious and concerted effort to influence the U.S. election,” the ranking members of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees said on Thursday.

The Hill | Yahoo is set to report a large scale data breach today in which hundreds of millions of accounts have been compromised, according to a report by Recode.

Daily Sheeple | It seems that a technical error in the hosting of the reclusive hermit kingdom allowed the world to have a glimpse at the never-before-seen world of the Internet — North Korea-style.

Daily Mail | The science fiction author Isaac Asimov first proposed the ‘Three Laws of Robotics’ in a short story published in 1942 as a way of ensuring the machines would not rise up to overthrow humanity.

The Hill | Changing who controls the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) so close to our presidential election will jeopardize the results of how you vote on Nov. 8 unless Congress stops this changeover.

Mac Slavo | This is the power, hurtling from space, that could wipe us out like the dinosaurs. Or so they say.

The Sun | Putin’s scientists are using communist-era gravity machines ahead of manned mission to the moon between 2025 and 2045.

London Telegraph | Plastic crockery and cutlery is to be banned in France unless it is made from biologically sourced materials.

Truth Revolt | “The sky is the limit.”

Daily Mail | Plant owners insist there’s no risk.

Daily Mail | They account for around one per cent of the population and much of their success has been put down to dedication and perseverance.

Daily Mail | Imagine a person who can play tennis like Andy Murray, think like Professor Stephen Hawking and can live to 150 – all in a body that looks and feels like it belongs to a 40-year-old.

Michael Krieger | When Bruce Schneier writes a post titled, Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet, you better listen.

Washington Examiner | In raw numbers, Live Action determined that the group’s 323,999 abortions in 2014 was an average of 1 every 97 seconds, 877 a day, and at a rate of 160 per every adoption referral.

Miami Herald | A contentious debate over aerial insecticide spraying to knock down mosquitoes carrying Zika virus raged again Wednesday morning in Miami Beach.

Anna Scanlon | Triclosan has benefits when combined with fluoride.

Heat Street | Robots dominated New York Fashion Week, but not all of them behaved themselves.

Truth Revolt | Uh oh!

Louder With Crowder | Well, well, well. Scientists. They’re, like, super unbiased. They only care about truth.

London Telegraph | This is the amusing reality of Facebook’s haphazard content control system.

Zero Hedge | Ever wonder how these folks convince themselves that the most pressing issue facing their entire nation is plastic spoons?

Sputnik | Distinguished research psychologist Robert Epstein explains the new study and reviews evidence that Google’s search suggestions are biased in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Daily Mail | AI is analysing human speech to allow it to converse in English and Chinese (and you can listen to the results).

Daily Mail | Firm has NOT ruled out a mystery object hitting it in ‘most difficult and complex failure we have ever had’.

AP | A billionaire Facebook co-founder says he is giving $20 million to help defeat Donald Trump.

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