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Nextgov.com | Google Glass is due to receive an update in 2015.

Christina Sarich | Greater scrutiny of Diablo Canyon’s twin nuclear reactors is needed, says Sam Blakeslee, a former California state senator.

Christina Sarich | Foodies everywhere – rejoice!

Prison Planet.com | Hershey is looking at replacing the high-fructose corn syrup in some of its products with sugar.

UK Daily Mail | Intelligent life may have turned to AI by the time we make first contact, expert claims.

Prison Planet.com | The proposed suit will allow troops to carry 100-plus pounds of equipment.

London Telegraph | More than 100 scientists and astronauts have come together to call for a huge asteroid detection system.

Christina Sarich | Monsanto Caught ‘Playing Dirty’.

UK Daily Mail | As flu season begins to ramp up, health experts say the vaccine does not protect well against the current strain sweeping across America.

CBS Chicago | The last time the average annual year-to-date temperature was this cold was back in 1904.

Christina Sarich | Another GMO problem.

Sputnik | The patient meets the CDC definition of a possibly infected “person under investigation”. A diagnosis with a definitive answer could take several days.

The Independent | Stephen Hawking has warned that artificial intelligence could end the human race.

Jon Rappoport | On both Kauai and Maui, voters decided to block Monsanto GMO-pesticide research and experiments.

engadget.com | When scanning a menu, are you justifying that Dame Blanche sundae in your mind rather than actually choosing a dessert?

Christina Sarich | The process of making sea water potable, water desalinization has been a significant point of research for years in order to purify water.

Chris Carrington | Experts have warned that there is still a huge risk of Ebola spreading globally.

Mike Barrett | Let’s keep it alive.

Press Association | US scientist wants to ‘re-enter public life’ after being shunned for seven years over his comments linking race and intelligence.

Science Daily | Activating the adenosine A3 receptor subtype is key to powerful pain relief.

Channel News Asia | TODAY reports: Infinium-Serve, the autonomous flying robotic waiters, will be first launched at one of Timbre Group’s five outlets in Singapore.

London Independent | The previous eruption of Mount Aso was in 1991.

Anthony Gucciardi | Thanksgiving, at its core, has ultimately manifested itself into a celebrated holiday in which we can ‘sit back and reflect’ over the things in which we are grateful and appreciative of.

Elizabeth Renter | While you may think of wiping down countertops and mopping the floor as sufficient cleaning for your kitchen, but even greater improvements can be made.

Jon Rappoport | I don’t know whether this is the complete record of dangerous pesticides sprayed on Kauai, but it is an enormous list.

Mike Barrett | Activism wins another battle.

Washington Examiner | President Obama’s recent call to the Federal Communications Commission to strictly regulate broadband networks could be the death knell for the open, free, and prosperous Internet.

Ars Technica | Compared to humans, other primates are anarchists.

Christina Sarich | Russia sees GMOs as threat.

Christina Sarich | The concentration is expected to increase for the next two to three years.

Washington’s Blog | California has been fracked.

Christina Sarich | What’s a recipe for environmental mayhem and the destruction of human health?

Christina Sarich | The mainstream media has blatantly propagandized biotech’s favorite product – GMOs.

New American | Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to spew more and more “global warming” decrees.

Christina Sarich | Thanks to biotech-government ties.

Jon Rappoport | Face it, America is in a shopping trance. A consumer trance. A buying trance.

RT | Industrial pollution has given jelly-clad organisms an edge over their calcium-protected competitors.

Mike Barrett | Natural medicine not allowed.

Joshua Krause | Across the country, Americans are facing one of coldest winters on record.

RT | Russian scientists experimentally confirmed a possibility that life might have been brought to Earth from space.

Jon Rappoport | As regards Monsanto, we are definitely in a “draft” situation.

Christina Sarich | It’s what you can do with deep pockets.

Christina Sarich | Researchers at the University of London have found that cannabis helps to ‘dramatically reduce’ the growth of new brain cancer cells.

Zero Hedge | Dear California readers: if you drank tapwater this morning you may be in luck as you no longer need to buy oil to lubricate your engine.

Christina Sarich | Have you ever wondered if someone with even the hardest exterior could learn sensitivity and love?

Mike Barrett | Still Plenty of Reasons NOT to Eat There.

Washington’s Blog | Drenching Crops with Pesticide Right Before Harvest … to Save a Buck.

Mike Barrett | Have you ever tried the food served up in cafeterias in schools?

Mike Barrett | Indian Farmers Facing Debt, Reliance on GMOs.

Christina Sarich | The Ebola virus has caused fear of outbreaks in the US amid its devastation of Africa.

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