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Reuters | Some of the smallest children in Koriyama, a short drive from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, barely know what it’s like to play outside.

Christina Sarich | Lady bugs are part of a rich organic gardening and farming heritage.

Washington’s Blog | “Acceptable” Radiation Standards Don’t Take Into Account the Vulnerability of Children … Or Some Adults.

Zero Hedge | For the past few weeks we have seen stock markets surge as macro-economic data has collapsed around the world.

Christina Sarich | “It has never been the case that the UK population is against GM.”

The Daily Beast | From artificial mammal brains to prosthetics that feel like real limbs, the military’s blue-sky researchers are aiming to bring man and machine closer than ever before.

Natural News | Boeing’s smartphone reserved for government agents.

Christina Sarich | The systematic disempowering of scientists who would blow the whistle on Big Ag and chemical companies has just reached a fevered pitch.

Washington’s Blog | Government Has Been Covering up Meltdowns of Nuclear Power Plants for 55 Years.

Christina Sarich | China refused over 887,000 tonnes of GMO corn shipped from the U.S. since just last November.

Natural News | There is something seriously wrong in the fertile Yakima Valley region of Washington.

Washington’s Blog | Moderators Censor Discussion on Censorship.

Underground Medic | A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) has revealed that scientists have reactivated a virus found buried in the Siberian permafrost.

Christina Sarich | Techno-eugenics, you might call it.

Mike Adams | Health Ranger finds over 10 ppm tungsten in popular rice protein superfoods.

UK Daily Mail | Flying robots that can ‘think’ for themselves are already being developed.”

Christina Sarich | One university in New York is telling students they can’t attend class if they haven’t been vaccinated after a mumps break.

Next Gov | Advanced biometric verification features, such as face and iris scans.

Elizabeth Renter | It’s been a few decades since the nutrition labels on U.S. foods have been changed significantly.

Elizabeth Renter | Despite countless studies showcasing the many dangers of the plastic chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), the Food and Drug Administration has insisted for years that BPA is safe.

Mike Adams | Last week I warned the world that the global food supply was intentionaly designed to end human life, not nourish it.

Elizabeth Renter | Currently, chronic kidney disease is killing thousands in poor farming regions like Sri Lanka.

Kit Daniels | Latest fear mongering pushed by “global warming” advocates.

Reuters | Nearly 500 foods found on grocery store shelves in the United States, including many foods labeled as “healthy,” contain a potentially hazardous industrial plastics chemical.

Christina Sarich | Finally the USDA will do something right for a change.

Daily Caller | There is no scientific evidence that human activity is causing the planet to warm, according to Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore.

The Daily Sheeple | A study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has concluded that the solar cycle and volcanic activity both have a cooling effect on the planet.

Natural News | Fluoride chemicals added to many public water systems in North America directly contribute to both mental and behavioral disorders in children.

Jon Rappoport | In court, the tide may be turning against psychiatric-drug damage.

Christina Sarich | If pesticides and herbicides worked so well, we should be able to use less of them, not more, right? It just isn’t the case, though

Planetsave | The strongest solar flare yet seen by NASA’s Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) was recently captured in a beautiful new image.

Natural News | Obamacare welcomes new problems into America’s dying healthcare system.

London Independent | By 2029, computers will be able to understand our language.

Web pro News | Yellowstone National Park releases a variety of gases every day.

Reuters | The United States plans to launch a pair of satellites to keep tabs on spacecraft from other countries orbiting 22,300 miles above the planet.

Christina Sarich | Whole Foods maintains a list of ‘Unacceptable Ingredients” which includes everything from MSG to high fructose corn syrup.

PrisonPlanet.com | David Knight Special Report.

Michael Dorstewitz | Not everyone got it wrong.

Washington Free Beacon | ‘Right to Try’ laws would allow dying patients access to non-FDA-approved treatments.

Christina Sarich | The annual migration of millions of monarch butterflies from Mexico to the US to help pollinate countless crops could be coming to an end.

Nextgov | The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier experienced radiation levels 30 times above normal.

Christina Sarich | A respected member of the scientific community has written an open letter to Professor Anne Glover, the Chief Scientific Advisor to the EU President.

Mac Slavo | The threat of a breakdown of our national power infrastructure has been a growing concern for the last decade.

Christina Sarich | A toxic substance that is an industrial waste leftover from the phosphate fertilizer trade.

NBC News | A mysterious cluster of severe birth defects in rural Washington state is confounding health experts.

Daily Caller | Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer questioned President Barack Obama’s new climate change push.

Christina Sarich | California and New York Propose Bills to Ban Cosmetics with Plastic Microbeads.

The Hill | Federal regulators are beginning to scrutinize retailers that secretly track the movements of customers in their stores.

Christina Sarich | Uncle Ben’s rice has been a staple in many American households for years, but now their ‘fortified’ rice variety has been proven to be full of toxic constituents.

Christina Sarich | The French are preparing to restore a GMO maize ban in their country just before farmers prepare for Spring planting.

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