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Sputnik News | A system designed by a French robotics company promises to detect “malicious drone operators” in under a minute.

Mike Barrett | A small example of a HUGE problem.

Anthony Gucciardi | Do you ‘suffer’ from it?

Joshua Krause | Here’s to the greatest milestone in 3D printing that history will most likely forget.

ANDRE EVANS | While eating clean fruit can actually boost fertility.

Anthony Gucciardi | Monsanto continues decline in GMO seeds.

New American | Medical “treatment” delivered at gunpoint.

Anthony Gucciardi | 12 million on painkillers for no medical reason.

Sputnik News | An unknown object exploded in a suburb of the Russian city of Chita.

Christina Sarich | And it is killing the pollinators.

New American | For more than two decades the world has been subjected to a growing cacophony of doomsayers.

RT | We are on the cusp of discovering alien civilizations, NASA’s top scientists have said.

Anthony Gucciardi | Safer than big pharma drugs.

Washington Post | For years, the federal government has advised Americans that they are eating too much salt, and that this excess contributes yearly to the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

RT | A new generation of superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics could eventually kill tens of thousands of people.

Washington’s Blog | It may not exist for hundreds of years … if ever.

Christina Sarich | Plus what to do instead.

Business Insider | The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the giant underground particle accelerator that brought us the Higgs boson, restarted on Easter Sunday.

Christina Sarich | Artificially jacking up prices.

Robert Harrington | Thanks To Joni Mitchell.

Christina Sarich | But no one knows about it.

Christina Sarich | “It does what it’s supposed to do, but my god it’s doing something to us as farmers.”

BARBARA MINTON | Some teas are safer than other.

Jefferey Jaxen | Even WHO says Roundup isn’t safe.

Reuters | The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said on Thursday it was unlikely to approve new or expanded uses of certain pesticides.

Christina Sarich | Many adverse side effects and even deaths are occurring due to medical negligence.

Christina Sarich | Don’t feed this to your baby.

Michael Snyder | The drought in California is getting a lot worse.

SF CBS | Get ready to feast your eyes on an extra special and rare total lunar eclipse.

Mike Barrett | Is it less or more than you thought?

Prison Planet.com | California Imposes First-Ever Water Restrictions to Deal With Drought.

Anthony Gucciardi | But it isn’t fooling us

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones talks with Dr. Joseph Mercola about his book and how you can help defend your body against the toxins we’re exposed to everyday.

Mike Barrett | Could it be our solution to antibiotic-resistance?

Mike Barrett | Will they return to gmo-free?

Christina Sarich | The tides are turning.

Anthony Gucciardi | 2015 may be the tipping point.

Christina Sarich | Biotech would grow GMOs without labels or consumer input.

KTUU | Parents in Eagle River have complained to police about a small drone aircraft that they say has been spotted this week following school children and hovering near homes.

Campus Reform | Speaking to students at the University at Albany, Bill Nye the Science Guy said that a carbon tax was needed for the purpose of redistributing wealth.

London Guardian | Social network prepares to use solar-powered drones with wingspan of a commercial airliner to beam internet access to rural areas.

Andre Evans | $170 BILLION spent on managing exposure in EU.

Jeremy Jaxen | Yet we still spray it everywhere.

RT | Chinese 3D tech company Sanya Sihai has created a bright orange electric-powered sedan which cost just $1,770 to manufacture.

Christina Sarich | Fueling multiple antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

RT | A 1,000 meter-wide asteroid is heading towards Earth this week.

London Independent | New theory could help explain dark energy and other scientific puzzles.

Zero Hedge | Fukushima won’t be truly safe until engineers can remove the reactors’ nuclear fuel.

Anthony Gucciardi | Will the WHO make the change?

Washington’s Blog | The Associated Press reports that “the world’s most-popular weed killer” has been discovered to be “a likely cause of cancer”.

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