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London Telegraph | Staff at the King’s Arms in Fleggburgh, Norfolk, received thousands of complaints.

David W. Schnare | How the progressive left intends to use the courts to harass those who don’t agree with them on the climate.

Christina Sarich | Joining numerous other states.

CNN | It’s hard for the small core of Twitter addicts to accept, but Twitter just isn’t popular enough to be successful. In fact, Twitter is losing customers.

Truth Revolt | Say carbon emission plans must be put on hold.

RT | A future global epidemic could result in millions of deaths according to a new UN report.

New American | The United Nations is exploiting hysteria over the Zika virus to wage war on babies.

London Independent | The President said that people ‘don’t die’ from the virus, however he has asked for $1.8 billion from Congress

Washington Times | A new directive’s theme: The U.S. Armed Forces must show “resilience” and beat back the threat based on “actionable science.”

Tech Insider | Gravitational waves may have been detected for the first time.

Christina Sarich | Says the herbicide is completely safe.

Daily Mail | The spread of a disease that is decimating global bee populations is being largely fuelled by man.

Christina Sarich | Calling for more research.

London Guardian | Most conspiracy theories are harmless, but rumours that GM mosquitoes may inadvertently have caused Brazil’s epidemic could potentially cost lives.

UK Mirror | Randy men can’t get enough of innovate VirtuaDolls sex aid – prompting the firm behind it to make an astonishing admission.

Christina Sarich | More doctors need to do this.

The Daily Sheeple | Over the years, science has thoroughly documented the global decline in male fertility, which has been ongoing since the 1940’s.

AP | Taking extra measures.

Christina Sarich | As the state secretly knew of contamination.

Sky News | The Dallas patient acquired the virus from sexual contact with an infected individual who had returned from a Zika-hit country.

Michael Krieger | A courageous and ethical professor of civil-engineering at Virginia Tech University, played a major role in exposing this public health danger.

Daily Caller | The vast majority of Americans don’t rank global warming as the most serious issue facing the country.

RT | British scientists have been given the green light to genetically modify human embryos for the first time.

Julie Fidler | Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to the Rescue?

Daily Mail | Authorities say a long-range interceptor blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Washington Post | It was just after 1:30 p.m. when New Jersey began to shake.

Daily Caller | Scientists may have violated federal laws.

EurekAlert | UCLA-led research reconstructs massive crash, which took place 4.5 billion years ago.

London Telegraph | Antidepressant use doubles the risk of suicide in under 18s and the risks to adults may have been seriously underestimated, researchers found.

RT | The day has finally come for all UFO lovers and those who still believe ‘the truth is out there’.

RT | The new case comes after Italy, Spain, the UK and Switzerland registered several people infected with the disease.

Truth Revolt | According to our calculations… that’s now!

RT | Children and pregnant women in Sebring, Ohio, have been advised not to drink tap water.

Truth Revolt | A better prediction may have been an end to milk and bread.

RT | The mosquito-borne Zika virus is set to spread in all countries across the Americas.

Julie Fidler | Health officials have finally been able to pinpoint the source of a Listeria outbreak that sickened 12 people and killing 1.

Prison Planet.com | Future vehicles will be big brother spy machines

Prison Planet.com | Smart cars will not only drive for you, but collect all the information they can in the process

Prison Planet.com | Yale research provides fresh insight into human nature

Prison Planet.com | US research farms experiment with human-animal chimeras

Prison Planet.com | Federal government wants control over “driverless car” regulations

Prison Planet.com | Presidential hopeful comes out against encryption.

Prison Planet.com | Google pushes for federal legislation on driverless cars

Prison Planet.com | The future of firearms manufacturing with Cody Wilson

RT | Methane has been leaking from a damaged well for over two months.

New American | As I sit in my office, three lights now burn where one used to suffice.

London Independent | Report recommends a licensing system for drones, using lasers and radio jammers to defend potential targets.

Technology Review | A radical new approach to generating human organs is to grow them inside pigs or sheep.

Washington Times | ‘We need to remain vigilant and keep our eyes to the sky”.

RT | Demonstrators in the Argentinian capital held banners reading “Monsanto get out”, chanted and beat on drums.

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