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Christina Sarich | A respected member of the scientific community has written an open letter to Professor Anne Glover, the Chief Scientific Advisor to the EU President.

Mac Slavo | The threat of a breakdown of our national power infrastructure has been a growing concern for the last decade.

Christina Sarich | A toxic substance that is an industrial waste leftover from the phosphate fertilizer trade.

NBC News | A mysterious cluster of severe birth defects in rural Washington state is confounding health experts.

Daily Caller | Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer questioned President Barack Obama’s new climate change push.

Christina Sarich | California and New York Propose Bills to Ban Cosmetics with Plastic Microbeads.

The Hill | Federal regulators are beginning to scrutinize retailers that secretly track the movements of customers in their stores.

Christina Sarich | Uncle Ben’s rice has been a staple in many American households for years, but now their ‘fortified’ rice variety has been proven to be full of toxic constituents.

Christina Sarich | The French are preparing to restore a GMO maize ban in their country just before farmers prepare for Spring planting.

London Telegraph | Misconceived EU and UK policies provide a better explanation of the floods than ‘climate change’.

Prison Planet.com | Alex welcomes to the broadcast Marc Morano of Climate Depot.

Natural News | Manufactured by Monsanto, Roundup is routinely doused on public parks throughout New York City.

Christina Sarich | Biotech would like you to believe that their new purple GMO tomato is some kind of ‘cure’ all for cancer.

Mike Adams | The FDA has issued an urgent recall of Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice products sold to institutions like schools and nursing homes.

Christina Sarich | Between the butterflies and the bees, almost all of our food crops are pollinated.

Christina Sarich | Monarch colonies in the United States are now close to extinction.

Christina Sarich | Once childhood friends, two Australian farmers are now battling in court over GMOs.

Space.com | The United States military is making progress toward developing a new unmanned space plane, which it aims to begin flight-testing in 2017.

Christina Sarich | Between 500 and 800 squid and lantern fish were found dead or close to dead.

Tech Dirt | The UK government is currently building a database called care.data that will contain all of England’s medical records.

bizpacreview.com | RoboCop may be hitting the theaters soon, but Florida International University has developed its own real version of the futuristic law officer.

Elizabeth Renter | Report: Most Common Coloring in Foods/Drinks Could Cause Cancer

London Guardian | As princes make wildlife plea after going on hunting trip to Spain, singer says he hopes ‘their guns backfire in their faces’.

London Guardian | Inexpensive and widely available software.

Christina Sarich | Do you think Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Chemical, Nestlé, Frito Lay, Pepsi, and others will agree to label their foods just because they think consumers should have the right?

Washington’s Blog | Government and Top University Studies: Fluoride Lowers IQ and Causes Other Health Problems

London Guardian | Company puts money into laboratory at Imperial College London to develop devices such as robotic vacuum cleaners.

Prison Planet.com | A caller with Intimate knowledge discusses the Massive Expansion of Micro RFID Surveillance program.

Elizabeth Renter | Artificial sweeteners are found in everything from soft drinks to yogurts and gum.

The Daily Sheeple | A leading scientist in the field of ice core analysis thinks it’s about to happen again.

Prison Planet.com | Subway announced they will be removing the chemical.

USA Today | Subway is about to remove a chemical from its breads that raised the ire of an influential health activist and food blogger.

RT | The Sryrian Electronic Army claimed control over the domain Facebook.com Wednesday night.

Christina Sarich | In Nazi Germany the use of propaganda was taken to newer and more perverse levels than the world has ever seen, but 2014 just might have a spin-machine that can trump it.

Jon Rappoport | The statement was drawn up by the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Michael Snyder | According to the federal government, the number of heroin addicts in the United States has more than doubled since 2002

Natural News | Let the people choose: Raw milk advocates call for end to prohibition.

Christina Sarich | Like the decrepit hand of a wicked witch offering us all a shiny red apple, the latest GMO project puts a new poison in one of our favorite fruits.

Defense Systems | The Pentagon wants to revolutionize the way research data is mined.

Jon Rappoport | Serious safety concerns? Heart attacks, strokes, suicide and homicide, etc.

The Daily Sheeple | Climate change is a way of raising money for governments that just won’t admit they were wrong.

Christina Sarich | Interesting, since they seem to have such an immense grasp of legality.

Washington’s Blog | Is the West Coast In the Middle of a “Mega Drought”?

Christina Sarich | The list of chemicals that food companies put in your food is extensive.

The Daily Sheeple | Sunspot AR1967, an area big enough to swallow the Earth several times over, has unleashed SEVEN M-Class flares over the last 24 hours.

Christina Sarich | The first town to declare food sovereignty while opposing both state and federal laws.

Natural Society | Just in case you weren’t aware, genetically modified sugar beets are in just about every food imaginable.

Sayer Ji, Founder | As far back as 1954, reports of the full or partial resolution of schizophrenia following a gluten free diet began to surface in the medical literature.

Popular Mechanics | Looking for a better way to make racecar parts, Gregory Mark invents a 3D printer that can print in tough, lightweight carbon fiber, the first of its kind.

Mac Slavo | It’s happening.

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