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Tech Dirt | “bad actors will be able to conduct tasks that require use of both hands.”

Jon Rappoport | A new study in rats found that Roundup altered testicular function after only 8 days of exposure.

Elizabeth Renter | Why do you buy organic?

RT| Prehistoric paintings in a cave in India may indicate that alien travelers visited the site eons ago, an archeologist says.

RT | Fourteen different rice paddies outside of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant evacuation zone were contaminated with radioactive material in August 2013.

Christina Sarich | Far too many individuals have overlooked an important aspect to keeping fit and vital – toxic chemical overload.

Reuters | NIST’s relationship with the NSA has come under fire.

CBS New York | Some Phones, Tablets, Computers Can Cause Redness, Itchiness, Blisters, Swelling.

Paul Fassa | The epidemic of giving children toxic psychiatric pharmaceuticals has dipped even lower.

Breitbart | Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) reportedly had a private meeting with Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in Sun Valley, Idaho, at an exclusive technology conference.

London Independent | The skeletons – from the east bank of the Nile in northern Sudan – are from victims of the world’s oldest known relatively large-scale human armed conflict.

Christina Sarich | Talking about Monsanto’s latest attempt to obstruct justice…

Christina Sarich | Human trials for the GMO banana have begun in Iowa.

NY Times | A comprehensive review of earlier studies found substantially higher levels of antioxidants and lower levels of pesticides.

New York Times | Potentially serious back-to-back laboratory accidents.

News.com.au | There are mysterious sounds emanating from deep in outer space.

Christina Sarich | Who has the next famous face to convince the world that GMOs are safe?

Christina Sarich | Charles Benbrook writes to the EPA simply as a concerned citizen of the United States, but he has studied pesticides and herbicides for over 30 years.

Next Gov | The Pentagon has delayed its plans to knock down a controversial Alaskan radio research facility until next year.

London Telegraph | Astrophysicists are in crisis after noticing 80 per cent of the light in the universe appears to be missing.

Christina Sarich | Civil society groups in a town in Brazil where GMO trial mosquitoes were released are expressing alarm.

Jon Rappoport | Here is typical, circumspect, utter bullshit reporting from the mainstream…

Jon Rappoport | As my readers know, I’ve assembled a wide-ranging case against psychiatry.

New American | Climate change or not, the United States is still a pretty cool country — and getting cooler.

Apple Insider | Company plans to roll out robots on assembly lines responsible for products like the iPhone.

Martin Armstrong | It does not matter what we talk about be it markets of climate.

Christina Sarich | Big Pharma has been telling women that “it is better to get the whole breast radiated” when checking for breast cancer.

New Scientist | ONE moment you’re conscious, the next you’re not.

Washington’s Blog | The FDA has lifted the ban on Dr. Burzynski’s cancer treatment trials.

Business Insider | “Most of the human race will have become cyborgs.”

Christina Sarich | Just when you think GMO crops have caused enough damage as possible.

Friends of the Earth | Many “bee-friendly” home garden plants sold at Home Depot have been pre-treated with pesticides shown to harm and kill bees.

Vice | Almost one in five websites are blocked by the UK’s internet service providers’ filters, according to the Open Rights Group.

London Independent | Sample from a Swedish quarry is thought to be from a ‘bullet’ asteroid that set off a massive meteor shower 470 million years ago.

Elizabeth Renter | Studies over the past several years have begun painting a picture of a less fertile population, where sperm counts are lower and scientists are not sure why.

Washington Times | By sacrificing a few bald eagles, the Obama administration may have opened a can of worms.

London Independent | Psychedelic drugs can have similar effects on the brain as those seen during dreams.

London Guardian | The second most powerful executive at the company, Sheryl Sandberg, says experiments were ‘poorly communicated’.

Paul Fassa | They protect the industries from which you’re supposed to be protected.

Talking About the Weather | Antarctic sea ice has hit its second all-time record maximum this week.

Christina Sarich | Just like the shoddy experiment of GMO golden rice, big biotech, along with its friendly funders, is now going to develop a GMO banana.

Jon Rappoport | A message to Wikileaks, Cryptome, Public Intelligence, and other sites that expose secrets.

London Guardian | Reducing working week from five days ‘will help reduce stress, let families spend more time together and cut unemployment’.

Christina Sarich | The Healing Properties of Cannabis.

Forbes | Critics said Facebook should get “informed consent” for a study like this.

Ars Technica | Custom-built with privacy in mind, this handset isn’t for (Google) Play.

The Atlantic | It was probably legal. But was it ethical?

Elizabeth Renter | Low vitamin D levels could do far more than cause brittle bones.

Christina Sarich | Purposefully misleading information and politically charged language.

CBS Pittsburgh | Police were called Thursday after someone was flying a drone over PNC Park during Thursday night’s Pittsburgh Pirates game.

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