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CNS News | Given a “yes” or “no” option, 89 percent of Americans — about nine in 10 — said they believe in God, while one in ten say they do not.

Daily Mail | Do YOU have a sixth sense?

Daily Mail | The internet is a hectic place and at any given moment millions of people are searching, tweeting and emailing all at once.

RT | “Mankind is in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity.”

Julie Fidler | AI and virtual reality might even replace doctor visits.

Daily Mail | The sun is in the currently in its quietest period for more than a century.

CNS News | Harman said it is in the interest of the United States to “build resilience” in these countries to prevent migration and even terrorism.

Michael Snyder | As you read this article, the state of California is being ravaged by gigantic wildfires that are raging wildly out of control, and West Virginia is dealing with a “500 year flood”.

Daily Mail | Some individuals are genetically programmed to be nice, while others stay nasty.

TIME | Behind the revolutionary new gene-editing technology.

Sky News | The cosmic event happened about 3.9 billion light years from Earth in the direction of the Draco constellation.

CBSDFW.COM | The Zika virus continues to spread worldwide, and Dallas County Health and Human Services on Tuesday reported nearly a dozen cases here in North Texas.

RT | Get ready to live forever, says an expert who predicts our minds could be downloaded into avatars within the next century.

The College Fix | File this under “not terribly surprising”…

Daily Mail | Schmidt claims that super-intelligent robots will someday help use solve problems such as population growth and climate change.

Mac Slavo | The entire Los Angeles metropolitan area and most of Southern California can expect blackouts this summer.

London Independent | ‘More data shows the extinction was more severe than previously believed’

Michael Snyder | This week we are going to see “life threatening” heat all across the southwest United States.

AFP | The Zika virus has been linked to birth defects in the foetuses and babies of six women in the United States who were infected while pregnant, US health officials said Thursday.

Daily Caller | As parts of France are currently under 18 feet of water, some have taken to blaming global warming, but a photographer from France has a picture that seeks to silence alarmist fears.

Mac Slavo | How safe are the government’s BSL-4 labs containing some of the world’s most deadly pathogens?

London Independent | Confirmation of theory posited by Albert Einstein could herald a new era of understanding into the Universe.

Daily Mail | Artificial intelligence can now cook you a meal, chat to you on your phone, and beat you in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

The Sun | Tech titan claims computers will soon be able to read our minds and beam our thoughts straight onto Facebook.

London Guardian | Apple’s newest encryption tool better secures files on all its devices, just the latest in a move to widespread encryption in the tech industry.

New American | Whether or not Donald Trump was serious when he threatened to “cancel” the United Nations climate agreement negotiated in Paris last year, the White House appears to be taking the threat very seriously.

Cross Map | Every year, thousands upon thousands of people die because of cancer. The disease still doesn’t have a cure, but according to reports it seems like a vaccine is on its way.

Daily Mail | The first signs of a particle heavier than the Higgs boson was seen at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) back in December.

Washington Free Beacon | Liberals actually ‘uncooperative, hostile, troublesome, socially withdrawn, manipulative’.

Christina Sarich | An agricultural, biotech giant, Monsanto has become ‘more vulnerable than ever,’ largely due to having an unnaturally-intense poor public image.

Daily Mail | Teenagers may lose their virginity to sex robots in the future, a leading expert predicted yesterday.

College Fix | Law professor says emerging artificially intelligent attorneys will displace some human lawyers.

Daily Caller | Two climate scientists skeptical of man-made global warming are closely watching a study they say could be a “death knell” to climate alarmism.

AP | Suppose your smartphone is clever enough to grasp your physical surroundings – the room’s size, the location of doors and windows and the presence of other people. What could it do with that info?

Daily Mail | Tim Berners-Lee’s vision for the internet revealed.

Daily Mail | Human organs in pigs ‘is no worse than eating bacon’.

RT | The number of child thyroid cancers discovered in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has reached 131.

London Independent | The site has publicly addressed rumours that it was listening on in people’s conversations and then analysing them to better send ads

RT | Norwegian MPs have reportedly agreed to ban or at least significantly reduce the sales of all cars run on fossil fuel after 2025.

Business Insider | Even billionaire tech entrepreneurs get hacked.

RT | Those concerned about a robot uprising in the future may be able to rest a little easier, as Google is working on a “kill switch” to prevent robots from turning on their masters.

Louder With Crowder | Californians have always been a little crazy, but now they’ve completely lost their minds. Climate skepticism could soon become a major no bueno in the Golden State.

London Independent | If we aren’t stuck in a Matrix-style world, then the world is about to end, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO said.

Breitbart | Health experts are now stunned by a rise in the nation’s overall death rates — the first in a decade, and really one of the few in a quarter-century that didn’t have a fairly clear explanation.

The Daily Sheeple | These days everyone is talking about automation, and how robots may take millions of our jobs over the next 20 years.

Daily Mail | It has been one of the biggest mysteries in astronomy – does planet nine exist, and what is it?

FT.com | A luxury smartphone that offers military grade security and high level cyber protection for the “international elite” has been launched by Israeli and Kazakh investors.

Julie Fidler | More data is needed, especially on risk to humans.

The Daily Sheeple | In a controversial move, a US biotechnology company has been given permission to recruit 20 clinically dead patients and try to bring their central nervous system back to life.

The Hill | “Donald Trump is a shape-shifting lizard!!” according to hackers who broke into a Department of Transportation (DOT) road sign in Dallas over the holiday weekend.

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