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Steve Watson Articles

Steve Watson | Officer charged with assault by his own chief.

Steve Watson | Companies say they never gave money to organisation.

Steve Watson | Five day jaunt will cost taxpayers tens of millions.

Steve Watson | Saves lives of three other people, including 1-year-old.

Steve Watson | President says he would be victorious for a third term in office.

Steve Watson | As expected, footage shows harvesting of fetal organs and body parts.

Steve Watson | Abortion head calls opponents “militant extremists”.

Steve Watson | Tells detractors “I hope you die in random gunfire”.

Steve Watson | Footage shows official haggling over price of baby body parts; jokes about buying a Lamborghini with profits.

Steve Watson | This is what happens when the government tries to ban everything

Steve Watson | Family known to FBI for years.

Steve Watson | Police Department advised him of his rights as a victim.

Steve Watson | Newsweek covers for abortionists, saying “there’s more to it than meets the eye”

Steve Watson | “We need to do a clean sweep.”

Steve Watson | Controversial military site will continue to be used for experiments.

Steve Watson | “Stealing a flag and getting arrested is just going to increase hostility.”

Steve Watson | “Yeah, it gets people thinking. I like it.”

Steve Watson | Claims FBI thwarted several attacks on July 4th.

Steve Watson | Up to half of all British Muslims may sympathize with terror group.

Steve Watson | Claims “I’ve never had a subpoena”; subpoena produced within hours.

Steve Watson | “She was the biggest cheerleader for redistributing arms to Syrian rebels.”

Steve Watson | Gay wedding cake flap has shifted the balance.

Steve Watson | Less Than 10% Know about Freedom of Press, Right To Assembly.

Steve Watson | Shoulda thought of that before flooding the Middle East with guns.

Steve Watson | What’s more important, The Dukes Of Hazzard or US Citizens joining ISIS?

Steve Watson | Suggests Paul should be hauled before Congress.

Steve Watson | Border Agents found “anti-government propaganda” in his car.

Steve Watson | Pentagon Issues alert; ISIS posts map of FBI Command Centers

Steve Watson | Several are not cases of arson, one church isn’t even ‘black’.

Steve Watson | Majority do not believe tighter gun laws would prevent mass shooting incidents.

Steve Watson | Keyboard Warriors Want You To Know That “not all women have vaginas or periods”.

Steve Watson | Officer pleads guilty to third-degree assault, had history of using excessive force.

Steve Watson | Congressman warns of “terrorists in American basements”

Steve Watson | Playground was a few hundred feet away from home, within eyesight.

Steve Watson | Cop who murdered 17-year-old at traffic stop faces no charges.

Steve Watson | 44% believe martial law will be implemented.

Steve Watson | Now, suddenly the flag ‘belongs in a museum’.

Steve Watson | Monuments in Baltimore, Texas and South Carolina Defaced.

Steve Watson | Extremists up the barbarity as Americans focus on domestic strife.

Steve Watson | Charleston responds with #AllLivesMatter.

Steve Watson | 19 injured, including children, 1 dead.

Steve Watson | Could face excessive force charges for second time.

Steve Watson | Roof was given “birthday money”; the family didn’t know what he did with it.

Steve Watson | ‘Shocking lack of fundamental respect for the sanctity of human life.’

Steve Watson | Was Dylan Storm Roof also taking SSRI drugs?

Steve Watson | Boy had flashed lights at cop for having overly bright headlights.

Steve Watson | Meanwhile, President hosts secret party with Prince and Stevie Wonder.

Steve Watson | Witnesses say sheriff’s deputy tried to delete videos from their phones.

Steve Watson | Locals previously unaware of Bilderberg now joining protests.

Steve Watson | Email arrives from anonymous spokesperson behind 6 miles of checkpoints in the Austrian Alps.

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