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Steve Watson Articles

Steve Watson | Officer fired, arrested, faces charges of third-degree assault.

Steve Watson | Welcome to America… Now you’re paralyzed.

Steve Watson | Police: “No animus” was involved in the incident.

Steve Watson | Wants federal charges brought against child.

Steve Watson | 74-year-old man was recovering from heart surgery; Police forced their way in at Midnight.

Steve Watson | Police Chief insinuates the phone could have been a weapon.

Steve Watson | “The biggest coincidence ever” or “part of the pattern of the infiltration of defense teams”

Steve Watson | “Officers used choke hold pressure points on her neck, until her body went limp.”

Steve Watson | Officers lied in report, now face multiple charges.

Steve Watson | All over the country reports of cops beating children are emerging.

Steve Watson | Detained and jailed for 23 hours; Video proves TSA agent lied in court.

Steve Watson | Says he “started to do different things” without permission of Congress after attacks.

Steve Watson | Punched another child in the face for cutting in lunch line.

Steve Watson | Parents furious after officers respond to false burglary alarm with excessive force.

Steve Watson | Top 50 members of the “ecosystem” to meet on secret Caribbean Island.

Steve Watson | Students charged with assault and suspended.

Steve Watson | Austrian counter-terrorism, special-ops forces to run security.

Steve Watson | City sued as cops AGAIN violate federal law by wantonly spraying citizens.

Steve Watson | Strip searches conducted in effort to identify mystery pooper

Steve Watson | Documents reveal further details of mass government spying.

Steve Watson | One rule for them, another for us.

Steve Watson | Just in time for the first beheading under new Monarch.

Steve Watson | Bill & Hillary ‘Saddened’ by Butcher’s Death.

Steve Watson | Pro-fighter says “They treated me like a dog and an animal”.

Steve Watson | Charges for driving without license and registration… while walking.

Steve Watson | New Eavesdropping laws being abused by police.

Steve Watson | Family says Daughter 17, was strapped to a table and treated against her will.

Steve Watson | Threaten Everyone Else, Vow To Monitor Social Media.

Steve Watson | Account erased for quoting radical feminist’s own words.

Steve Watson | “I’m gonna set you on fire if you don’t back away.”

Steve Watson | Family has spent $44,351,777.12 in taxpayer cash on travel expenses.

Steve Watson | “Truly, you don’t believe every black man killed is because of a white police officer”

Steve Watson | 1300 troops being sent back to Iraq despite promise of no boots on ground.

Steve Watson | Presidential hopeful will target Pentagon transfers of weapons and vehicles to cops.

Steve Watson | “The all-seeing eye is watching tonight, that’s what it is, truth and light.”

Steve Watson | Video emerges of another racist attack in Oakland.

Steve Watson | Just obey the law and you won’t be beaten or murdered… except when cops feel like it.

Steve Watson | ‘The president can change the enforcement of the embargo under his Executive Branch powers’.

Steve Watson | Business manager: “I told him he was a goddam Nazi Stormtrooper.”

Steve Watson | DHS memo will allow President to bypass his own dictates.

Steve Watson | Donald Trump piped in with the unfacts of the day.

Steve Watson | Tumbleweeds as Obama cracks Santa joke for troops.

Steve Watson| Automatic guns, stun grenades used as hostages flee in terror

Steve Watson | Former Congressman slams “disingenuous” Obama over torture.

Steve Watson | Oakland demonstrators expose officers in tense stand off.

Steve Watson | “America, help me!” yells man attacked with flashlight, taser, pepper spray after asking cop to move his car.

Steve Watson | ‘You’re attacking torture policies but you have two of the architects of those policies serving?’

Steve Watson | Or any government officials, for that matter.

Steve Watson | Obama says shocking details in Senate report “belong in the past”.

Steve Watson | “Try to explain to me when terrorists are going to attack North Dakota.”

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