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Steve Watson Articles

Steve Watson | Gun violence lowest since 1960s, except in gun free zones.

Steve Watson | Mainstream media repeatedly cited bogus figure without checking the facts.

Steve Watson | Suspects had a detailed model of WTC and binoculars; FBI said ‘they knew’ towers would be hit.

Steve Watson | Clinton is raking it in with donations from big banks while claiming to be for greater financial regulation.

Steve Watson | German special forces arrest two following raid on Islamic cultural center.

Steve Watson | Propaganda video mocks Obama’s cooking of intel reports; laughs at solider suicides.

Steve Watson | Some interpret alternative media mogul’s post as a teaser for an upcoming revelation.

Steve Watson | To Help modernize the government and Streamline freedom.

Steve Watson | “Are you allowed to use profanity? Are we in the free speech zone?”

Steve Watson | President says legislation would create “unnecessary and impractical requirements.”

Steve Watson | “The Gulf states have poured gasoline on this fire, they have not taken a single refugee.”

Steve Watson | Spike in citizens exercising Second Amendment rights.

Steve Watson | Washington D.C. is “racially insensitive”.

Steve Watson | Obama has ‘no strategy to defeat ISIS’.

Steve Watson | “What Kind Of Idiot Sends Four People To War?”

Steve Watson | Psychologist: ‘Kids need to be educated about boundaries’.

Steve Watson | Even Haters Agree Paul Came Out As Runaway Winner Of Latest GOP Debate.

Steve Watson | “Fingerprinting” Registry cost taxpayers untold millions.

Steve Watson | Rubio and Clinton are ‘the same person’.

Steve Watson | Officer cleared of murder charge; Routine traffic stop turned deadly.

Steve Watson | ‘They have anti-tank weapons and missiles that we gave them’.

Steve Watson | “A deliberate conceptual project, which could be described as left-wing.”

Steve Watson | “He won’t mess around like president Obama has done.”

Steve Watson | “Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the best gun salespeople on the planet.”

Steve Watson | Hillary will be nominee, “unless she gets indicted.”

Steve Watson | Masks, face paint also not allowed.

Steve Watson | Lefty trendies will support anything if they think Hillary is an advocate.

Steve Watson | “He’s broken all other promises, why would this be any different?”

Steve Watson | Sobering stats reveal unimaginable scale of $18 TRILLION deficit.

Steve Watson | Admit they “strive” to extract “intact” heads to sell.

Steve Watson | “I was so consumed with fetal tissue that I was ready to have a bonfire.”

Steve Watson | “I want a government that leaves me alone”.

Steve Watson | “My opponents are weak on the Second Amendment.”

Steve Watson | “We are going to expedite the process; Mexico is paying for it.”

Steve Watson | “He’s the worst nominee we could possibly think of.”

Steve Watson | 74 years of sentences for high level fraudsters; US and rest of Europe bailed theirs out.

Steve Watson | “It may be smart politics but it is a lousy way to run a serious investigation.”

Steve Watson | Less than half say background checks will prevent mass shootings.

Steve Watson | The Donald Doubles down on previous comments.

Steve Watson | Documents show astounding cost to Americans of President’s jaunts.

Steve Watson | Super hero turns “socialist”.

Steve Watson | Sounds a bit like “gun”.

Steve Watson | Supporters fight with Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’, drag them out of rally.

Steve Watson | “Their answer to every problem in America is a government program and a tax increase.”

Steve Watson | Former NSA analyst says senior European official asked him how US President could be impeached.

Steve Watson | President also suggests Christians holding back America from doing “big things”.

Steve Watson | Worried about a student shooting him over a bad grade.

Steve Watson | Will not even attempt to guess it’s value, even when offered opportunity to win 100 ounce bar.

Steve Watson | Six in ten want to see feds reigned in.

Steve Watson | “Completely lacking in all credibility.”

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