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Steve Watson Articles

Steve Watson | “There is no truth to this.”

Steve Watson | GOP nominee doubles down on ‘rigged election’ warning.

Steve Watson | Response to Trump warning that election could be rigged.

Steve Watson | “The gloves are off.”

Steve Watson | After Clinton lied to their faces.

Steve Watson | GOP Nominee’s campaign denounces Clinton’s “globalist agenda”

Steve Watson | Says Trump message is “fanning of resentment, and blame, and anger, and hate.”

Steve Watson | No mention of Hillary’s direct ties to Saudi terror funders.

Steve Watson | “He’s in favor of TPP and every other trade deal that he’s ever looked at.”

Steve Watson | “Clinton’s legacy does not have to be America’s legacy.”

Steve Watson | Conservatives label Cruz “dumb” and “selfish”.

Steve Watson | “They’re hurting themselves.”

Steve Watson | ‘It’s far worse than Obama believes it is’

Steve Watson | Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims.”

Steve Watson | “If your name isn’t Clinton or you’re not part of the powerful elite, Lady Justice will act differently.”

Steve Watson | Accuses “dishonest” “lying” media of “racially profiling”.

Steve Watson | “There is a basis for the Department of Justice to come to a different conclusion”

Steve Watson | “Can’t believe America is 2016 years old, shoutout the founding fathers”.

Steve Watson | Because not even her own supporters trust her.

Steve Watson | “It will become nonfunctional.”

Steve Watson | “We won’t even have a country anymore”.

Steve Watson | “He’s hardly a spokesperson — a legitimate spokesperson — for a populist surge”

Steve Watson | “The people are fed up… other countries will follow.”

Steve Watson | “There’s no doubt that the consequences will be negative on all sides.”

Steve Watson | “It’s a disgrace to Woolworth’s”.

Steve Watson | “It’s not an uncommon thing.”

Steve Watson | “Once you start, where do you end?”

Steve Watson | Yet legislation would not have prevented shootings.

Steve Watson | Panetta says Trump accused Obama of treason.

Steve Watson | Current CIA head: ISIS likely smuggling in terrorists with refugees.

Steve Watson | Argues that white Americans inspire more violence against LGBT community than radical Islamists.

Steve Watson | “The president may at some point in the future take steps”

Steve Watson | Bow down before your new overlord goddess.

Steve Watson | “Decades-old assault” on the Fourth Amendment.

Steve Watson | “Donald Trump has said 100 things in this campaign that would disqualify any other candidate”.

Steve Watson | “In this country, we do not really have democracy.”

Steve Watson | “She’s guilty as hell”.

Steve Watson | “This is not presidential material.”

Steve Watson | Throws staffers under the bus.

Steve Watson | Former congressman still very hesitant to get behind GOP nominee.

Steve Watson | Warns that ‘dummy lightweights’ must be countered with party unity.

Steve Watson | Clinton’s popularity hits ROCK BOTTOM as damning report reveals MORE LIES.

Steve Watson | Senator also pushing to stop unauthorized military force.

Steve Watson | “I’m only responding to what they do. They’ve been nasty.”

Steve Watson | “It reminds me of Anne Frank hiding in her attic waiting for the Nazi sirens to pass by.”

Steve Watson | ‘Dumb’ Clinton is ‘ill equipped’ to be President.

Steve Watson | Massive gains for Trump as Hillary and third party movements lose steam.

Steve Watson | Long lines were “sort of a perfect storm”.

Steve Watson | ‘Face-to-face session comes after weeks of phone conversations’.

Steve Watson | Poll indicates Trump is closing in on Hillary in key swing states.

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