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Steve Watson Articles

Steve Watson | Keyboard Warriors Want You To Know That “not all women have vaginas or periods”.

Steve Watson | Officer pleads guilty to third-degree assault, had history of using excessive force.

Steve Watson | Congressman warns of “terrorists in American basements”

Steve Watson | Playground was a few hundred feet away from home, within eyesight.

Steve Watson | Cop who murdered 17-year-old at traffic stop faces no charges.

Steve Watson | 44% believe martial law will be implemented.

Steve Watson | Now, suddenly the flag ‘belongs in a museum’.

Steve Watson | Monuments in Baltimore, Texas and South Carolina Defaced.

Steve Watson | Extremists up the barbarity as Americans focus on domestic strife.

Steve Watson | Charleston responds with #AllLivesMatter.

Steve Watson | 19 injured, including children, 1 dead.

Steve Watson | Could face excessive force charges for second time.

Steve Watson | Roof was given “birthday money”; the family didn’t know what he did with it.

Steve Watson | ‘Shocking lack of fundamental respect for the sanctity of human life.’

Steve Watson | Was Dylan Storm Roof also taking SSRI drugs?

Steve Watson | Boy had flashed lights at cop for having overly bright headlights.

Steve Watson | Meanwhile, President hosts secret party with Prince and Stevie Wonder.

Steve Watson | Witnesses say sheriff’s deputy tried to delete videos from their phones.

Steve Watson | Locals previously unaware of Bilderberg now joining protests.

Steve Watson | Email arrives from anonymous spokesperson behind 6 miles of checkpoints in the Austrian Alps.

Steve Watson | Must attend therapy and State mandated day camp.

Steve Watson | Video and audio banned; Complete tyranny in place for secret elite meeting.

Steve Watson | Chief Hillary advisor to attend secret confab.

Steve Watson | Cops gave towels to children “to clean the blood off of themselves” after beatings.

Steve Watson | $500 fines for expressing support.

Steve Watson | Redacted pages thought to hold key info about Saudi involvement in attacks.

Steve Watson | Agency still claims it has “robust security system.”

Steve Watson | Obama ‘will be rebuked’.

Steve Watson | Detective tells family incident was “suicide by cop”

Steve Watson | Supervises everything he once lobbied government on.

Steve Watson | Last year Texas droughts were blamed on warming.

Steve Watson | Principal asked staff to sit in silence and think about “when they wear the white hood”.

Steve Watson | Agency has Lockheed Martin technology to monitor finger swipes on phones.

Steve Watson | A veteran explains why displaying a US flag upside down is not disrespectful.

Steve Watson | Lawsuit alleges cops engaged in “conspiracy of silence” to cover up incident.

Steve Watson | “Why doesn’t he stop it? What’s he waiting for?”

Steve Watson | “It’s offensive to me intellectually.”

Steve Watson | Radicals complain recruits are turning away as they discover Western intelligence controls extremist groups.

Steve Watson | Charged with resisting arrest despite clearly submitting to cop

Steve Watson | Former Scouts angry: “What a load of politically correct crap.”

Steve Watson | Global warming alarmists claimed Arctic ice cap would be gone by now, but sea ice is 5% above 35 year average.

Steve Watson | President says he can’t “Ax” the police to solve problems.

Steve Watson | “I call for the president to obey the law.”

Steve Watson | Epidemic of unnecessary violent take-downs continues.

Steve Watson | Administration knew about gun running, knew attack was planned, not spontaneous, knew rise of ISIS was a threat.

Steve Watson | Protesters show up with convoy of flag waving trucks.

Steve Watson | “Why are you spouting nationalist rhetoric to get us involved in more wars?”

Steve Watson | Uniformed officers arrived and “laughed and joked” with attacker.

Steve Watson | “Stuck his hands down his pants and grabbed the top of his penis and placed his fingers in his butt crack…”

Steve Watson | Agency doesn’t know what screening equipment is working correctly.

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