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Steve Watson Articles

Steve Watson | The Donald Doubles down on previous comments.

Steve Watson | Documents show astounding cost to Americans of President’s jaunts.

Steve Watson | Super hero turns “socialist”.

Steve Watson | Sounds a bit like “gun”.

Steve Watson | Supporters fight with Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’, drag them out of rally.

Steve Watson | “Their answer to every problem in America is a government program and a tax increase.”

Steve Watson | Former NSA analyst says senior European official asked him how US President could be impeached.

Steve Watson | President also suggests Christians holding back America from doing “big things”.

Steve Watson | Worried about a student shooting him over a bad grade.

Steve Watson | Will not even attempt to guess it’s value, even when offered opportunity to win 100 ounce bar.

Steve Watson | Six in ten want to see feds reigned in.

Steve Watson | “Completely lacking in all credibility.”

Steve Watson | “It’s time to break up the two party dictatorship.”

Steve Watson | “Set aside all that hoo-ha.”

Steve Watson | 16-year-old recovering after losing a kidney.

Steve Watson | “We’ve got to help each other out”

Steve Watson | Relatives dumbfounded over security failure.

Steve Watson | City has the strictest gun laws in the country.

Steve Watson | Lebanese Hezbollah troops and Iraqis will also join the offensive.

Steve Watson | PP Head: Questions about sale of aborted babies are “sexist”.

Steve Watson | “The broad allegations turn in large part on speculative opinions.”

Steve Watson | Dovetails with mass distrust of government, institutions.

Steve Watson | Trust in government is at an all time low.

Steve Watson | #Awkward: staffers and supporters all send identical tweets following Meet the Press interview.

Steve Watson | Large majority feel political correctness is a problem in US.

Steve Watson | GCHQ called the operation ‘Karma Police’ because they were Radiohead fans; Mammoth operation bigger than anything NSA did.

Steve Watson | They must ALL be Islamophobic.

Steve Watson | Only one third support any federal government involvement in gun laws.

Steve Watson | Even 40 percent of Democrats reject Obama’s plan to resettle 10,000.

Steve Watson | CENTCOM analysts given “implied orders” not to report facts on the ground in Iraq regarding terrorist activity.

Steve Watson | “Money has been collected on false pretenses.”

Steve Watson | “You can’t do it out here, otherwise I’m going to have to lock you up.”

Steve Watson | Up from one third in past 12 years.

Steve Watson | Muslim kid’s father is a prominent ‘anti-Islamophobia’ activist; Police knew there was no danger, but arrested Ahmed Mohamed anyway.

Steve Watson | “You’re being ignorant. I think you’re incompetent and I don’t think you understand reality. What is this world you’re living in?”

Steve Watson | Jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision despite footage of officer slamming elderly man face first into concrete.

Steve Watson | “It’s an issue that you might imagine we’re not really that comfortable talking about on email.”

Steve Watson | “A very reckless and dangerous policy” to accept 10,000+ Syrian migrants.

Steve Watson | Senior Intelligence officials warn terrorists may infiltrate.

Steve Watson | “Stalinist” officials cooking the intel to make it seem like US is winning terror war.

Steve Watson | Filming police is protecting the rights of Americans.

Steve Watson | Majority of black voters don’t believe president has improved racial relations.

Steve Watson | Trump signs GOP loyalty pledge.

Steve Watson | Paul: Trump third-party run = President Clinton.

Steve Watson | Claims police wanted to join in the march; “Everybody loves bacon”.

Steve Watson | “It’s about to go down, it’s open season on killing white people and crackers.”

Steve Watson | ‘You would have to stick your head in the sand to think this wasn’t fueled by BLM’.

Steve Watson | More than two thirds say shootings are a “mental problem”.

Steve Watson & Paul Joseph Watson | Another racist attack caught on camera.

Steve Watson | Majority of mass shooters in recent memory passed background checks.

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