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Steve Watson Articles

Steve Watson | 7-year-old suspended as “weapons offender” for bringing novelty pen onto school bus.

Steve Watson | Time Magazine says Edward Snowden = Aaron Alexis.

Steve Watson | Parents outraged: “Not a school issue.”

Steve Watson | “I think Congress should never exempt themselves from a law.”

Steve Watson | When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth.

Steve Watson | Fewer blame violence on easy access to guns now than two years ago

Steve Watson | Blathering Senator refuses to believe details of expert study.

Steve Watson | Ron Paul: “I would think Rand is running”; Carol Paul: 2016 bid “feels real” .

Steve Watson | Twitter community, Jon Stewart lash out at crude media tactics to push agendas and clamor for ratings.

Steve Watson | “He was more of a liberal type.”

Steve Watson | Crude augmented reality game lands boy with charges of “terrorizing” classmates.

Steve Watson | Almost all mass shootings take place where Americans have been disarmed.

Steve Watson | Not even Obama’s aides know what he’s planning.

Steve Watson | Flagship of the Baltic Fleet on its way toward Syria.

Steve Watson | “This is not a real debate in America—any more than when we dropped the nukes on Japan.”

Steve Watson | US sanctioned 50 man group to sneak over border into Syria with arms.

Steve Watson | Senator: Obama trying to save face after throwing around too much “machismo”; Attack would “accelerate the misery” in Syria.

Steve Watson | Timescale for attack now up in the air; Support for military action crumbling; Hezbollah deploys troops to border.

Steve Watson | Netanyahu calls up reserve forces; Huge US military build up in Qatar; Russia evacuates citizens from Syria.

Steve Watson | Details of secret talks between Putin, Saudi prince leaked; Intel head admits to controlling Chechen jihadists in Syria.

Steve Watson | Syrian government has “strategic weapons aimed at Israel.”

Steve Watson | Those at centre of surveillance scandal say government is running a false flag operation.

Steve Watson | Authoritarian Cass Sunstein previously called for banning opinions that differed from government.

Steve Watson | “They believe in subservient journalism; curtseying to the Queen”.

Steve Watson | “Publication in the Guardian is not instigating terrorism.”

Steve Watson | Home Office claims journalist’s partner had “stolen information” that would “help terrorism”.

Steve Watson | There should be a ‘death penalty’ for government agencies that betray the American people.

Steve Watson | “Head mounted” technology will relay “emotional analytics” to advertisers.

Steve Watson | “He’s creating an economic incentive for people to actually drop their insurance.”

Steve Watson | White House appoints Intelligence Director who lied under oath about NSA to investigate his own spying program.

Steve Watson | Intelligence Committee has repeatedly failed to share key information; “oversight” justification for spy program legality is now laughable.

Steve Watson | Public supports letting murderers, rapists and thieves back on the streets.

Steve Watson | Maker vows to share blueprints while authorities continue with crackdown.

Steve Watson | Senator hits back over tired “racist” jibes.

Steve Watson | Attorney General Charges taxpayers for luxury trips, including 2009 US/Mexico gun running “meeting”.

Steve Watson | Wants cost breakdown of “weekend with the boys, presidential style”.

Steve Watson | School officials to undergo elite training.

Steve Watson | Line between police and troops is now a blur.

Steve Watson | Obama is the global head of terrorist network.

Steve Watson | Senator offers to take Christie for a beer, but maintains attacks are “stupid”.

Steve Watson | Gen. Alexander claims “We stand for freedom”.

Steve Watson | Up 26% in three years; no consistency in disciplining thieves, molesters, and those neglecting security.

Steve Watson | People eagerly sign as activist tells them “We’re going to put them to sleep like you would your dog”.

Steve Watson | “They are the ones bankrupting the government”.

Steve Watson | Canadian gunsmith shoots down accusations of illegality.

Steve Watson | Lawmakers Endorse NSA spying with bizarre justification.

Steve Watson | Pentagon cremated soldiers bodies; claims black box washed away in flash flood.

Steve Watson | “I’m not sending my kids or your kids or any American soldiers to fight for stalemate”.

Steve Watson | Says journalist is “co-conspirator” in constitution-trampling rant.

Steve Watson | Spy agency to help study “security impacts” of geo-engineering.

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