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Steve Watson Articles

Steve Watson | Obama administration will again be forced to address NSA spying revelations.

Steve Watson | Taxpayer will foot the bill for George Osborne’s expenses at secret meeting.

Steve Watson | Google’s denials of involvement with NSA are unbelievable.

Steve Watson | Former Congressman says NSA hearings were a total sham.

Steve Watson | Former congressman says that precious metals will literally become priceless.

Steve Watson | “In simple terms, a line has been crossed”.

Steve Watson | Claims agent Told 15-year-old girl to “cover up”.

Steve Watson | Licensed gun makers would be forced to register plastic firearms.

Steve Watson | Rep. who supported terrorists calls for jailing reporters in America.

Steve Watson | Taxpayers likely to foot half the bill for secret meeting.

Steve Watson | Elite Group members realising that increased exposure means they can no longer hide.

Steve Watson | Shell/BP deal would be biggest corporate deal ever.

Steve Watson | Police regard confab as potential “terrorist” target.

Steve Watson | Both government and opposition heads of finance to participate in secretive confab.

Steve Watson | “Shambolic, unforgivable, disgraceful”.

Steve Watson | Then suspended for rest of the year.

Steve Watson | MSNBC only has 115,000 core demographic viewers.

Steve Watson | “I first learned from news reports…”

Steve Watson | 6-year-old given detention for “traumatizing” other kids.

Steve Watson | Legislation pending in 31 other states.

Steve Watson | Due process is not looking at “Flash Cards and a Power Point Presentation”.

Steve Watson | Argues that “Hate speech” definition threshold should be set much lower.

Steve Watson | “Here a scandal, there a scandal, everywhere a scandal”.

Steve Watson | Politicians never let a good crisis go to waste.

Steve Watson | “Outraged” Obama has “transferred people around in the State Department… nobody lost their job”.

Steve Watson | Senator accuses former IRS head of engaging in “lie of omission”.

Steve Watson | Corporate ownership of human genes controversy declared “commercially deceptive content” .

Steve Watson | Mass shortage continues as government dries up supply.

Steve Watson | Satirical suggestion of banning cookers after Boston bombs becomes reality.

Steve Watson | Cites aftermath of Boston terrorism as way of moving agenda forward.

Steve Watson | Key players in failures, cover-up rewarded while whistleblower was demoted for questioning their bogus claims.

Steve Watson | Senator calls State Dept. failures a “dereliction of duty”.

Steve Watson | State Department Refuses To Answer Questions About Whistleblower Testimony.

Steve Watson | Inhofe: “I believe it’s intentional”.

Steve Watson | Clinton accepts ‘Distinguished Leadership Award’ and Lauds ‘liberal global order’.

Steve Watson | Badge holders are number one threat to security.

Steve Watson | DHS officials claim it is “simply not true” that agency is hoarding bullets.

Steve Watson | For first time in 17 years most Americans reject government crack down.

Steve Watson | Media says SWAT teams “rescued” families by ripping them out of their homes at gunpoint.

Steve Watson | Michael Jackson, Game of Thrones, Finding Nemo could also be involved.

Steve Watson | AP: “Tamerlan took an interest in Infowars”, Salon: “Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an Alex Jones fan”.

Steve Watson | Witness does not describe elder suspect being run over.

Steve Watson | “You’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days”

Steve Watson | Finally, an explanation emerges for presence of men in black and tan uniforms.

Steve Watson | Fourth Estate is infested with politicking axe-grinders.

Steve Watson | Also wrote diatribes about organ harvesting conspiracy.

Steve Watson | Pattern beginning to emerge as some suggest both attacks could be right wing, pro-gun extremists.

Steve Watson | Media mouthpieces inject “patriot” and “tea party” talking points.

Steve Watson | Former Secretary of State pictured with elitists, actors in secret forest retreat.

Steve Watson | Legislation pending in 31 other states.

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