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Steve Watson Articles

Steve Watson | “He has violated his oath to uphold the law”.

Steve Watson | Missouri cops squash First Amendment rights as residents attempt Ferguson inspired demonstration.

Steve Watson | “There are crack dealers in New York City, and you’re arresting this man for playing guitar!”

Steve Watson | Says ‘plotters, proliferators and paedophiles’ make surveillance-free internet a ‘utopian dream’.

Steve Watson | Materials flagged up by doctor as “wrong” have been quietly removed.

Steve Watson | “Mommy, daddy, what is suicide?” girl asked parents.

Steve Watson | “Unacceptable” instructions will increase contamination risk.

Steve Watson | Any soldier exposed will immediately be brought back to US; UK will NOT bring back infected troops.

Steve Watson | “They shouldn’t be letting people go into regular hospitals”.

Steve Watson | Cop says he dislikes Americans who “pull this crap”.

Steve Watson | Weird internal documents promote “metrosexuality” and ‘gender spectrum'; refer to ‘genderbread person’ instead of ‘gingerbread man’.

Steve Watson | Claims “nervousness” as probable cause for warrantless search, arrest.

Steve Watson | Disobeyed request from authorities not to leave home.

Steve Watson | Says reports of officials tracking those potentially contaminated are “bull crap”.

Steve Watson | “My suspicion is that it’s a lot more transmissible than we’ve been told.”

Steve Watson | Mingled with other people for days before being diagnosed.

Steve Watson | House Intelligence Committee Chairman: We warned President ‘for over a year’; Obama has missed over half of intel briefings.

Steve Watson | Globalist war criminal once described troops as “dumb, stupid animals”.

Steve Watson | As Obama’s sidekick resigns, his fiercest detractors remind America why Holder was so dangerous.

Steve Watson | “Very often we find unfortunately that young people have evil intentions”.

Steve Watson | Reminder that US backed rebels are fighting against Syrian government, not ISIS.

Steve Watson | Whacked out officer rips open car door and yells like a drill sergeant.

Steve Watson | Never mind, the new iPhone will tell us.

Steve Watson | In new ISIS video British hostage says “I’ve been abandoned by my government”.

Steve Watson | US airstrikes will only embolden support for terrorists say those among local populations in Syria.

Steve Watson | “Has Rand Paul ever been to Syria? Has he ever met with ISIS?”

Steve Watson | “Their enemy is really Assad. They don’t really care what ISIS does.”

Steve Watson | We live in a post 9/11 “Universal surveillance state”.

Steve Watson | Militarization of everyday life.

Steve Watson | Will not change strategy on supporting Syrian ‘moderates’.

Steve Watson | Claims that so called ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels sold American to ISIS.

Steve Watson | “I wasn’t specifically referring to The Islamic State”.

Steve Watson | “He’ll probably leave now, because this is America”

Steve Watson | “We have done a disservice and created chaos that has allowed the jihadists to grow stronger.”

Steve Watson | Former Pentagon official reveals President has been given “granular” intelligence on rise of terror group for over a year.

Steve Watson | Complete turnaround on attitudes of one year ago.

Steve Watson | Some Sheriff’s offices “just want to get rid” of “obsolete” vehicles, but they all love assault weapons.

Steve Watson | Internal materials give impression veterans are dangerous.

Steve Watson | Europe will once again host secret elite cabal.

Steve Watson | Machines easily defeated in several tests.

Steve Watson | Furious parents not informed until police had taken son into custody.

Steve Watson | Police Captain says some reporters are enabling violence.

Steve Watson | Whistleblower says government believes he has information that “would be the death of them all politically”.

Steve Watson | All phones sold in the State will be mandated to integrate controversial technology.

Steve Watson | War hungry Neocons hit news networks.

Steve Watson | “Hard to remember that there was ever a time when Americans routinely trusted the government”

Steve Watson | Defense officials say Putin is testing U.S. command and control systems.

Steve Watson | Blacklist bigger than ever after underpants bomber driven crackdown.

Steve Watson | Alabama Rep. slammed by left for calling out race demagoguing.

Steve Watson | Whole world is attempting to exploit open borders.

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