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NBC Bay Area | Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in San Francisco and Oakland on Tuesday night.

RT | Police in Ferguson used tear gas against crowds who set a squad car on fire and threw stones and Molotov cocktails at law enforcement during a second night of unrest.

RT | In his first interview since shooting Michael Brown, Officer Darren Wilson has defended his behavior, saying he has a “clean conscience”.

The Hill | Jonathan Gruber has agreed to testify at a House panel next month.

BizPac Review | The family of Michael Brown ought to stay out of the T-shirt business – selling them AND wearing them.

BizPac Review | Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani had calmed down by Monday after his run-in with a black professor who called him a white supremacist on Sunday.

Truth Revolt | Ends press conference with specific instructions to media on how to cover—and not cover—the situation going forward.

The Hill | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) narrowly leads the Republican field in New Hampshire.

Prison Planet.com |

The Hill | The Associated Press reported Saturday that authorities arrested three people in connection with the protests.

BizPac Review | Staunch Obama critic and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has filed a lawsuit against the president for taking executive action on immigration.

Washington Times | ‘Just don’t burn my shop down. Don’t destroy it’.

Michael Krieger | If we could just get some more attitudes to change across the land we might get some freedom back.

The Hill | “The House Republicans choose to sue us, sue the president for doing his job.”

Reuters | Two men suspected of buying explosives they planned to detonate during protests in Ferguson, Missouri were arrested on Friday.

Truth Revolt | According to the Secret Service, a woman was arrested outside the White House with a gun, immediately following the President’s immigration speech.

Washington Examiner | The Obama administration is bracing for another surge of illegal immigrants next spring, bringing online a family detention center that will have 2,400 beds.

Truth Revolt |Z According to the Department of HoThe last president who deported illegal aliens at a slower rate than Barack Obama was Richard Nixon.

Mac Slavo | We are likely just 24 hours away from a Grand Jury decision in the officer involved shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

BizPac Review | “Someone is offended by your shirt.”

Breitbart | Abbott said that he will immediately challenge Obama in federal court.

Jim Hoft | Reagan signed an immigration statute – Obama is passing executive amnesty.

CNBC | The president is entering risky political territory.

Truth Revolt | ‘Use lots of lube & enter anus slowly’.

Adan Salazar | “Every time [Obama] opens his mouth about immigration… there’s a huge negative impact on us that live out here along the border…”

Daily Caller | Appearing on “Hannity” Monday night, GOP Sen. Rand Paul added his two cents.

CNS News | When asked where the buck stops in Ferguson, Missouri, Gov. Jay Nixon literally went silent.

Michael Krieger | If this article doesn’t prove to you without a shadow of a doubt what the prosecutorial priorities of the U.S. federal government are I don’t know what will.

The Daily Sheeple | Governor Jay Nixon is not taking any chances. (Or missing any opportunities.)

Truth Revolt | “We hope people will buy them and they’ll go on their walls not just as an art work, but maybe something that can provoke more of a discussion.”

Washington Times | Republicans decry ‘border sabotage’ ahead of expected illegal immigration executive action.

The Hill | A new survey finds that approval of ObamaCare is lower than ever before.

Washington Times | 60 percent of site’s 226,838 comments attributed to fewer than 100 unique profiles.

Truth Revolt | Yet “Republicans persist.”

The Hill | Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Saturday reiterated that President Obama’s expected action on immigration is in its final planning stages.

Michael Krieger | Nothing will change until we start putting people behind bars.

Truth Revolt | “Was this written by my adolescent children by any chance?”

The Hill | A fourth video has reportedly emerged.

CNS News | “This is the wrong way to govern,” Boehner said.

Daily Caller | Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer hit against MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber’s comments on Obamacare.

Truth Revolt | Miklaszewski should know that Socialist ideologies, such as Communism, Marxism, and Fascism are on the left-wing extreme – calling for totalitarian government control.

Zero Hedge | “There is huge inflation going on right now.”

Daily Caller | The Obama administration is trying incredibly hard to distance itself from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber.

CNS News | The video touts how birth control allows people to have carefree sex and includes references to drinking and staying out all night.

Fox News | President Obama is planning to unveil a 10-part plan for overhauling U.S. immigration policy via executive action.

BizPac Review | Tensions are running high in the St. Louis suburb.

Mediabistro | Monday’s 9pmET timeslot on CNN drew 181,000 total viewers, the lowest for the time period since at least Oct. 1, 1991.

Truth Revolt | “I was hoping maybe we could find a compromise, but when it comes to the weapons, there was no compromise.”

Daily Caller | “You thought ‘cracker’ was a term of endearment?”

Truth Revolt | “Looking for current location to ask him a few questions.”

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