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Kit Daniels | Activists attempt to storm hotel where Trump is speaking.

Kit Daniels | Target could lose over $1.5 billion annually.

Raw Story | On Wednesday night, former House Speaker John Boehner bluntly called GOP candidate Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.”

Gateway Pundit | A suspicious letter addressed to Donald Trump was sent to his campaign headquarters in Trump Tower today.

Kit Daniels | Protestors block traffic, harass Trump supporters.

Paul Joseph Watson | Republican frontrunner’s vow to “put the interests of Americans first” draws dark comparison.

Kit Daniels | Trump will likely hit over 1284 delegates even if he loses Indiana.

Kit Daniels | No wonder MSM is rapidly losing viewership.

NBC Washington | Secret Service: ‘Current fence simply is not adequate for a modern era’.

Gateway Pundit | Hillary is trying to lay the groundwork for bringing Bernie Sanders supporters into her camp but that task might be more difficult than she or anyone in her party thinks.

Kit Daniels | Jesus was intersex, influential pastor says.

Washington Examiner | “You see the momentum building here.”

CNS News | The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) is one of AmeriCorps’ largest grantees, receiving over $30 million over the last five years.

American Mirror | Police arrested two protesters for packing heat to at a Confederate Memorial Day rally Monday, including a local Black Lives Matter activist known for instigating altercations at a Donald Trump rally last fall.

Breitbart | On Tuesday at 1:30pm central time, the grassroots heroine and conservative icon will appear in Madison County, Illinois to defend her organization, Eagle Forum, against those inside her organization who are attempting a coup.

Kit Daniels | Symantec even rated the Kasich app as a medium security risk!

Today | He says his supposed alliance with Ted Cruz is “a matter of resources” and that he doesn’t “tell voters what to do,” and he “doesn’t understand” what’s so confusing about their agreement.

Breitbart | All in all, in the contests that have been had so far in 2016, Trump towers over Romney—having won more than 2 million more votes in the 2016 GOP primaries.

Gateway Pundit | GOP front-runner Donald Trump will sit down with Megyn Kelly on May 17 for an hour-long special. Extended portions of the interview will air on FOX News the following night.

Kit Daniels | Mexico benefits from a Trump presidency.

LA Times | Apprehensions of undocumented migrants at the Mexican border increased last month after dipping during the winter, immigration authorities said, and they’re expected to continue climbing this summer.

Judicial Watch | “We might as well plan on many of the kids having TB.”

Daily Caller | President Barack Obama urged Black Lives Matter activists to work with the leaders of institutions instead of “keeping on yelling at them” at a youth town hall event.

AP | Trump has no intention of reversing any of his provocative policy plans, including building a wall along the length of the Southern border.

Gateway Pundit | “The votes during the primary process are only estimates.”

The American Mirror | “I want to run against Crooked Hillary Clinton!” he exclaimed.

Kit Daniels | Illegals dying on border also given autopsies, unlike Scalia.

Truth Revolt | She said, flanked by a heavily armed security team.

Kit Daniels | Was Prince killed by the chemtrails he and Haggard spoke out against?

Kit Daniels | Network’s decision to terminate Schilling backfiring.

The Denver Post | Measure follows chaotic, controversial caucuses in Colorado this year.

Daily Caller | “Which white guy should Obama replace when we honor him on our currency?”

CNS News | “I did not put my kid in harm’s way when he went to school that day. You did.”

Daily Caller | Schilling shared a meme on Facebook that clearly showed he was against transgender individuals using bathrooms against their biological sex.

Kit Daniels | Perpetually offended SJWs still ignore the greatest oppressor of all: the state.

Kit Daniels | Establishment media finally coming clean about attack.

Gateway Pundit | On Tuesday Donald Trump won New York state with over 60% of the votes.

Daily Caller | “We are working to welcome everyone,” Carcano told Goodlatte in response to his question about welcoming illegal aliens.

DC Whispers | It is a system by which millions of votes are merely “suggestions” to the party bosses in Washington D.C. and states across the nation.

Kit Daniels | Police confront students over scientific term written on ‘Free Speech’ wall.

Kit Daniels | The illegal is unlikely to show up for trial, however.

NY Post | “I think the margin will be a little tighter than people expect,” campaign spokesman Brian Fallon told CNN on Monday.

Breitbart | A Donald Trump- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) unity ticket seems less likely now.

Campus Reform | “Prepare for a challenging year ahead as you’ll be raped in your first semester and as a result attempt to end your own life in the next.”

Kit Daniels | Jobs related to gun industry increased 73% since Obama took office!

Daily Mail | “We have won five in a row, and Donald’s upset so he’s throwing a fit.”

Gateway Pundit | The 11 year-old Dancing Trumps from Fiske Elementary School in Wellesley, Massachusetts were banned from entering the talent show.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton’s supporters aren’t going to let anybody ask their candidate any real questions — and they’ll apparently use physical force if necessary.

Reuters | Trump said his supporters are becoming increasingly angry with states such as Wyoming and Colorado.

Kit Daniels | Luxury condo dwellers expected to ride city buses.

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