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U.S. News

The Daily Sheeple | Over 114 people have now been or are currently being tested for Ebola in the U.S.

Prison Planet.com | Desperately wants her family’s nightmare to end.

The Hill | The head of the FBI said in an interview broadcast late Sunday that the U.S. is preparing for an imminent terrorist attack.

Breitbart | One in five people.

UK Daily Mail | Airport security ignored the warnings.

Washington Times | The federal government is tightening up the U.S. border to a special kind of immigrant – puppies.

The Hill | CDC: “Even if we tried to close the border, it wouldn’t work.”

New American | Why hasn’t the United States protected Americans by suspending travel to and from Ebola-ravaged lands?

Breitbart | “No one gave me any direction”.

Mac Slavo | The strategy, if there ever was one, has obviously failed now that an infection has been identified on U.S. soil.

Bloomberg News | An unidentified man posing as a member of Congress made it into a secure area backstage.

RT | Defense Distributed has offered a pre-sale of its new milling machine which allows buyers to print and assemble a steel AR-15 rifle in the comfort of their own home.

Real Clear Politics | America isn’t Congress.

Michael Krieger | Offending the Queen.

RT | An armed man was somehow able to slip past the Secret Service and ride in an elevator with President Barack Obama.

Paul Joseph Watson | Rep. Lamborn chastised for comments made during political meeting.

Breitbart | Memphis, Tennessee suffered another attack by a rampaging mob.

New American | “In some cases, we have seen instances of ISIL capturing and employing U.S.-made equipment,” a U.S. Defense Department spokesperson told CNN.

CBS News | Large crowd gathered in front of the city’s police headquarters.

Truth Revolt | “It’s time to start over from scratch.”

Breitbart | “There is a culture of lawlessness in the Justice Department.”

St Louis Post-Dispatch | A Ferguson police officer was shot Saturday night. The officer, a man, survived the shooting, authorities said.

The Hill | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) sought to merge his libertarian-leaning philosophy with social conservative beliefs on Friday.

RT | A painful reminder.

Military Times | The program is called Military Accessions in the National Interest (MAVNI).

Jon Rappoport | There is a strong chance Thompson told his CDC bosses he was going to issue a confession.

Roll Call | The United States has begun a bombing campaign in Syria, but don’t bet on Congress returning to Washington to vote on a new war authorization anytime soon.

New American | Unfortunately, when it comes to sexualizing young children, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

National Journal | Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback wants his state to be ready when zombies arrive.

Daniel Halper | “America has plenty of problems within our own borders.”

National Review | The number of working-age adults in the United States with limited proficiency in English has more than doubled since 1980.

Daily Caller | “Explains why I have been subject to extra screening each of my recent trips.”

Prison Planet.com | Because a 4ft fence is harder to hop then a 10ft fence?

Reuters | Had been arrested in July with a sniper rifle and a map on which the executive mansion was marked.

Gallup | Republicans maintain highest levels of confidence.

Bizpac Review | Michelle Obama’s goal as first lady seems to be telling everyone in America what they’re allowed to eat – but not everyone is buying it.

Jon Rappoport | It was a strange journey into the astral realm to find Albert Einstein.

Daily Caller | After a long list of Obamacare failures in Alaska, one physician is shutting down his decades-old practice.

Communities Digital News | Perhaps at least some right-thinking Americans are finally figuring out the best way to fight the radical left propaganda machine: ridicule and satire.

CNS News | Because they might incite Hispanic students to violence.

Prison Planet.com | “We’re a nation of immigrants. The sooner we do it the better off the country would be.”

Daily Caller | Doomed to fail.

Reuters | The failed Scottish vote to pull out from the United Kingdom stirred secessionist hopes for some in the United States.

Bizpac Review | One thing is certain, if Eric King was a member of the tea party he would be a household name in cities across America today.

Truth Revolt | Be aware. If you go to Atlantic City and plan to carry a toy gun, you might be fined and thrown in jail.

Daily Caller | “[N]o further petitions shall be permitted,” the court ordered.

CNS News | The bill passed 319 to 108 with four members not voting.

BizPac Review | The United States government went after retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent Jay Dobyns in court.

Truth Revolt | Barack Obama has called for stricter gun laws on the 1-year anniversary of the Washington Navy Yard shooting that left 12 people dead.

The Washington Times | A 20-year-old Houston man leapt into action to protect his father and sister after a masked man carrying a shotgun walked into their family owned convenience store Friday night.

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