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The Hill | Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) says his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), “has his own strategy” on foreign policy, but the elder Paul isn’t troubled by any differences between the two.

BizPac Review | A pretty big oops!

The Hill | “He’ll be able to count on me.”

CNS News | House Speaker John Boehner said at a press conference today that “it is just time to deal with” the issue of immigration reform

Truth Revolt | Surprisingly, Davis didn’t fare too well with female voters.

Zero Hedge | Dozens of young people camping out at the front of a popular store… can only mean one thing?

Business Insider | The FBI and Europol have conducted a joint operation to take down the internet’s thriving “deep web” drug marketplaces.

CNS News | If President Obama takes unilateral action to grant amnesty to illegal aliens it “will create a constitutional crisis.”

NBC New York | The number of people under “active monitoring” for Ebola symptoms has increased from 117 on Monday to 357 people Wednesday, health officials said.

Mac Slavo | Are the Republicans going to be any better than the Democrats?

CNS | “It’s time for government to start getting results and implementing solutions.”

Mac Slavo | Allowing possession of up to two ounces and growing up to six plants.

New American | Several sheriffs across the nation, as well as an outspoken U.S. senator, have warned about the dangers that will result from President Obama’s stated plan to grant amnesty.

The Hill | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Tuesday portrayed the early Senate results as a repudiation of Hillary Clinton, a possible 2016 presidential rival.

Daily Caller | “He can order the Border Patrol to do nothing…”

RT | Two Air Force nuclear commanders have been fired.

Breitbart | “The law applies to you and I as citizens, and yet it appears there is no law when it comes to illegals.”

Filming Cops | A SWAT team has shot a small dog as it was running away from them, sparking outrage in the small community of Racine.

Forbes | Results will be available sometime on Monday morning.

Truth Revolt | “Peter only denied Jesus three times.”

Zero Hedge | The short answer, of course, is “nothing”.

New American | There are leading indicators that the administration is proceeding without delay to implement its immigration plan.

AP | Republicans are taking a big lead in early voting in Colorado.

The Hill | The former Navy SEAL who published an account of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden is under criminal investigation, The Associated Press reported Friday.

Truth Revolt | “Everything we believe in — everything we believe in — they hate.”

Koco | Tulsa Health Department officials have been monitoring a patient who recently came back from West Africa for the Ebola virus.

Prison Planet.com | Massive Non-Citizen Voting Uncovered in Maryland.

Michael Krieger | In recent weeks, McConnell has touted his role in calling for more federal money to be used for drug enforcement.

Daily Mail | Nurse Kaci Hickox defied Maine’s mandatory Ebola quarantine on Thursday and headed out for a bike ride with her boyfriend.

Daily Caller | A large majority of Americans are calling out the Obama administration’s decision last year to delay Obamacare enrollment until after midterm elections.

Daily Caller | Voter ID laws are at-issue across the country.

Mikael Thalen | “My husband is the man depicted in the video…”

Daily Caller | Fox News has landed an exclusive interview with the SEAL that killed Osama Bin Laden during the deadly raid in Pakistan in May 2011.

Truth Revolt | “The reasons for this action are self-evident,” said DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Christina Sarich | Remember the promise of universal health care with Obamacare, with no refusal for ‘pre-existing conditions’?

Fox News | Goodlatte warned that expanding that policy could put the country at more risk.

Washington Post | At some point, a compendium of condemnations against the Obama administration’s record of media transparency (actually, opacity) must be assembled.

RT | Federal authorities in the United States have reportedly set their sights on a government contractor.

Truth Revolt | Police say she smelled of intoxicants, was carrying extra rounds.

Seattle Times | The FBI created a fake news story on a bogus Seattle Times Web page to plant software in the computer of a suspect.

Washington Post | Former homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano is supporting executive action by President Obama to change immigration policy.

CNN | Yet another Bush family member is weighing in on whether or not former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will run for president in 2016.

Jon Rappoport | On October 14, Brian Hooker and Andrew Wakefield sent an official and detailed complaint to the CDC and the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Prison Planet.com | Could non-citizens (fake votes) win an election?

NY Post | A physician who treated dying Ebola patients in Liberia flew in to JFK on Thursday night — and stayed at an airport hotel, a source told The Post.

AP | Missouri police have been brushing up on constitutional rights and stocking up on riot gear.

Daily Caller | A North Carolina man exchanged fire with three home invaders after they tried to rob his house and rape his granddaughter, reports the Fayetteville Observer.

NBC | An NYPD rookie is in critical condition and another police officer is in stable condition after being attacked by a man wielding a hatchet on a Queens street Thursday, police said.

Truth Revolt | Residents claim name is racial slur.

Mac Slavo | A doctor who arrived in New York City from the Ebola stricken country of Guinea has tested positive for the Ebola virus.

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