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Washington Post | Bush has sharply criticized likely Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton for her use of a private e-mail account.

Bizpac Review | “Used Email Server, Clean Hard Drive, 15 Old House Ln.”

The Hill | Guess whether remarks over U.S.-Iranian negotiations are from Hillary Clinton or a spokesman for Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei.

Kit Daniels | FCC cherry picking existing laws for cable, radio & broadband to regulate Internet.

Victor Skinner | Supporters of the federal regulations are reframing the issue as one of national security.

Steve Watson | Cracking down on the hardcore criminals.

Hollywood Reporter | The network will chronicle 14-year-old Jazz Jennings’ family and daily life.

Truth Revolt | “What about just having them carry nightsticks and the authority to arrest?”

Kit Daniels | Social media site already sent funeral home ads to man who announced he was battling cancer.

Free Thought Project | A man is dead, and a deputy has been shot after the Putman County Sheriff’s Department relentless carries out the state’s immoral war on drugs.

Bizpac Review | Her lips were moving.

Truth Revolt | “The hype of the animosity is more than it really is.”

Kit Daniels | Like KKK and Nazis, feminists using stereotypes to promote their agenda.

Bizpac Review | Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s news conference Tuesday created more questions than answers for Trey Gowdy.

Daily Caller | Under President Obama’s rule, illegal immigrants will be eligible for social security payments.

Prison Planet.com | We decided to grant him the treat of a succulent, little fish.

Kit Daniels | Private email server “certainly proved to be effective and secure,” she says.

Bizpac Review | Democratic strategist and longtime Clinton adviser James Carville went off the rails in defense of Hillary Clinton.

EAG News | Segregation lives at Oak Park and River Forest High School.

Kit Daniels | “Fat acceptance” campaign digital equivalent of fat people who avoid stepping on a scale.

Counter Current News | A new bill has been proposed which would allow police officers to enter any home, regardless of whether or not they have a warrant, if there is a pit bull on the property.

Daily Caller | “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace grilled former Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email as secretary of state.

Bizpac Review | The only thing missing were the “Colored Only, No Whites Allowed” signs of the past.

Trey Sanchez | “There are huge gaps.”

RT | The controversial facility does not appear to operate like a regular police precinct.

Daily Caller | Police arrived to investigate and determined that the man had not broken the law.

Kit Daniels | White knights who submit to feminists will be rewarded with sex, says Time.

Kit Daniels | Bill important because it reasserts power of Congress over unelected bureaucracy.

Breitbart | Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) stated that “I don’t think it’s all bad to consider that [Hillary Clinton] would be the nominee” on Thursday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Breitbart | Clinton has a pretty brilliant strategy to get her out of her current email scandal.

UK Daily Mail | White children will be outnumbered by minority kids in the United States in just five years, new Census Bureau projections reveal.

FoxNews.com | Hillary Clinton appears to have established multiple email addresses for her private use.

Adan Salazar | Parents learning how to holster both infant and firearm simultaneously.

Kit Daniels | THIS is why feds want to take over the Internet!

CNS News | Hoover is the co-president of Marriage Equality Ohio.

National Journal | After e-mail revelations, some Democrats are dodging questions more than offering Clinton cover.

Bizpac Review | It’s official. The Justice Department will not prosecute former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

Truth Revolt | “Interfering with a woman’s medical decisions…”

Kit Daniels | Obama admin. complicit in Clinton’s use of private, unsecured e-mail in exchanges with W.H.

Zero Hedge | The fate of Obamacare lies in the hands of the Supreme Court.

NBC Washington | Two shootings were reported Monday.

Kit Daniels | Like Common Core, DOJ to develop “standards” for state and local agencies.

RT | Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might have violated a federal law.

Michael Krieger | It’s an oligarch’s world, you’re just living in it.

Kit Daniels | Do you think error on cover of “global issue” was intentional?

Kit Daniels | FBI says AR-15s involved in less than 2.3% of murders.

Adan Salazar | Obama policies enticing illegals to undertake dangerous trek.

The Hill | American flags made overseas will be prohibited at U.S. military bases around the world under new rules from the Department of Defense.

Wall St Journal | Move would ease uncertainties in the Democratic Party and rev up front-runner’s fundraising.

Washington Post | Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address to a joint meeting of Congress will probably be the most important speech of his career.

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