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CBS New York | Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking a look at the 2016 presidential landscape.

CNS News | “No, I’m not concerned, because I know what the facts are.”

Gateway Pundit | Free Sh*t Art – Perfect.

Truth Revolt | Ice Cube: “It’s crying about not having enough icing on your cake.”

Kit Daniels | Bill gives Obama power to deploy military anywhere – including on U.S. soil.

Prison Planet.com | Here are the finalists of the contest!

Prison Planet.com | Establishment openly admits US downfall is already underway

Prison Planet.com | Clinton says “totally untrue” when confronted by Infowars reporter

Prison Planet.com | Constituents overwhelmingly supportive of both companies

Prison Planet.com | Rubio takes a page out of the Obama playbook

The Alex Jones Show | Everything is illegal…

The Alex Jones Show | “We always take it for less than it’s worth.”

Prison Planet.com | Clames Governor Snyder “knowingly poisoned a black city”

Prison Planet.com | Why do you think they primarily attack gun-free zones?

Prison Planet.com | In this powerful, unprecedented interview, Alex Jones and Farrakhan break the mold.

Prison Planet.com | Threats came from phone call with a computer generated robotic voice

Lee Ann McAdoo | Man-made disaster created by the state.

RT | This is only the first lawsuit challenging the January 4 executive order.

RT | Police pinned the crime on men using faulty evidence.

Adan Salazar | “I feel like if I hadn’t had the gun in there, this whole news story would be about me and my mother being dead…”

Prison Planet.com | Ties with communism and attending anti-US rally

Kit Daniels | Autonomous cars function as ground-based surveillance drones.

Prison Planet.com | A very fine line separates the two socialists

Accuweather.com | …But Al Gore predicted the oceans would boil over by now!

The Daily Beast | Another establishment fall guy.

The Washington Examiner | Pro-amnesty, establishment candidate following in Obama’s footsteps.

Prison Planet.com | “We have to change leadership in Washington”

Prison Planet.com | January 18, 2016

Kit Daniels | “The building as it stands now is rather indicative of the current state of our Bill of Rights.”

Prison Planet.com | Want favors? Donate to Clinton Foundation!

Reuters | One in 10 Americans who plan to cast a vote this election will do so for the first time in years.

Reuters | “We’ve seen debris through the entire area.”

Prison Planet.com | Presidential frontrunner uses interesting tactic to fight Hillary.

Prison Planet.com | President unleashes web of lies during last SOTU

Prison Planet.com | Dan Bongino exposes Clinton for the lying fraud that she is

“Only two percent of my generation shows up to vote” | Prison Planet.com

Transparency does not exist with this administration | Prison Planet.com

RT | Feminism causing drop in birth rates.

| The road to serfdom.

The Hill | Not satisfied with selling baby parts, P.P. now wants even more money.

Prison Planet.com | Michigan representative shares his thoughts on radical Islamist’s immigrating into America.

Fact checking the latest State of the Union Address exposes multitude of lies | Prison Planet.com

Prison Planet.com | Tonight 7pm CST on Infowars: Exclusive coverage of the GOP debate!

Though Clinton is still yet to be charged with any crime, changes may be on the horizon | Prison Planet.com

Presidential candidate being discriminated against by GOP | Prison Planet.com

Lee Ann McAdoo | Who’s the real winner?

Prison Planet.com | What we can expect from the debate.

Prison Planet.com | How do we stop the Fed?

Prison Planet.com | Clinton’s inner-party enemies might kill her political career for good.

Kit Daniels | Migrants raping women, children in Europe.

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