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Bizpac Review | This could truly be the lowest, most disgraceful thing Obama has done as president.

The Washington Times | Fewer than half of Americans are satisfied with President Obama’s handling of violent confrontations.

Gawker | Protesters in Ferguson began throwing rocks at Chris Hayes Monday night during a live MSNBC broadcast, demanding he “tell the true story.”

Martin Armstrong | We seem to be headed for such a fateful turn.

Kurt Nimmo | Police release surveillance video stills allegedly showing teenager.

London Gaurdian | Man is said to be in critical condition in hospital after fresh demonstrations over police shooting of Michael Brown, 18.

Kit Daniels | He won’t consume hogs caught near border due to illegals dying from exposure.

NY Times | Looming over the decision to return the United States to a war Mr. Obama had built his political career disparaging, was the specter of an earlier tragedy.

Steve Watson | “Hard to remember that there was ever a time when Americans routinely trusted the government”

Daily Caller | A South Carolina pawn shop owner who sells guns, guitars and an array of other items says that his bank forced him to close his accounts.

Paul Joseph Watson | Health officials receive dozens of calls from hospitals concerned about patients returning from west Africa.

Michael Snyder | Should we be alarmed?

Michael Krieger | Another scheme to unseat the Cuban government has now been revealed.

Zero Hedge | A “precaution for [his] family.”

Kit Daniels | Illegals from China and over 70% of the world’s nations are flooding into America as its border collapses.

The Daily Sheeple | A few of former top “I-plead-the-fifth” IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails have surfaced, and MAN, does she sound bitchy.

The Hill | The White House on Friday doubled down on its talk that Republicans could try and impeach President Obama.

Steve Watson | Even one in five Democrats favors impeaching President.

Kit Daniels | Under the pretense of labeling illegals “refugees,” U.N. personnel are working with DHS to ship MS-13 gang members into U.S., says agent

Michael Krieger | A good liar must have a good memory: Kissinger is a stupendous liar with a remarkable memory.

Michael Krieger | We need to break apart into a vast multitude of city-states.

BizPac Review | It appeared to be business as usual for the “adrift” president.

Michael Krieger | Seems to want to portray the President as a real statesman.

Daniel Taylor | Globalist think tanks have eagerly awaited an event like this for many years.

Prison Planet.com | Alex Jones breaks down the La Raza plan to annex southwestern U.S. border states.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 | New Mexico’s largest police department is about to supply military-style weapons to officers using taxpayer money.

Kit Daniels & Joe Biggs | Amnesty activists hold signs stating “Open the Borders,” “Freedom Socialist Party,” and “Immigrants Welcome Here.”

Truth Revolt | He’s just not that into borders.

Breitbart | Recent public assertions made by the Administration were at best half-truths.

Jermone Corsi | “After America, there is North America.”

Jon Bowne | A stark warning from Ground Zero..

Breitbart.com | Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) believes the border crisis is not a national security threat.

Washington’s Blog | Our Belief in “Widespread Corruption” In the U.S. Jumps 20% … and Our Trust in All 3 Branches of Government Hits Historic Lows.

Kit Daniels | “…The president has every right to act in every way he can,” Bill de Blasio says.

WND | ‘The minute you cross the border put them on an airplane’.

CNN | African-Americans deserve reparations. Discuss.

CNS News | “We don’t have control of the border.”

The Hill | “This obstruction keeps the system rigged for those at the top.”

Truth Revolt | “And next time, I think it’s likely to be far deadlier than the last one.”

Washington’s Blog | Now that the U.S. government has released parts of its We-Can-Kill-People-With-Drones memo, it’s hard to miss why it was kept secret until now.

Breitbart | The Obama administration says it is “surging” resources to confront the flood of illegal unaccompanied minors and family units coming across the southern border.

Paul Joseph Watson | Angry exchange during hearing on lost emails.

Truth Revolt | Despite public outcry and media coverage.

Truth Revolt | “I don’t think this is our responsibility…”

Breitbart | Illegal immigrants are reportedly signaling federal officials to detain them once they are near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Bizpac Review | Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Thursday repealed the state’s controversial Common Core curriculum.

Mikael Thalen | “It is possible that the concussion could account for Officer Haynes’ behavior in the immediate aftermath of the incident.”

Michael Snyder | Wealthy members of Congress are living the high life at taxpayer expense.

Prison Planet.com | Paul Joseph Watson discusses the utterly illegal Bilderberg conference.

Washington Post | President Obama said Friday he accepted the resignation of embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki.

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