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Kit Daniels | Police confront students over scientific term written on ‘Free Speech’ wall.

Kit Daniels | The illegal is unlikely to show up for trial, however.

Kit Daniels | Jobs related to gun industry increased 73% since Obama took office!

Kit Daniels | Luxury condo dwellers expected to ride city buses.

Paul Joseph Watson | Leftists rip sign, throw punches at man, steal his sunglasses.

Prison Planet.com | Infowars captured footage of a crazed Sanders supporter threatening cops.

Kit Daniels | New footage apparently shows Fields re-enter a security zone after agents told her not to.

Kit Daniels | Campaign points out Facebook CEO’s hypocrisy.

Kit Daniels | Stand up to the recent attacks on the First Amendment and our republic!

Kit Daniels | “This plot targeting Phyllis reaches all the way to the top levels of the Cruz campaign,” he said.

Kit Daniels | Barry University claims decision “wasn’t political.”

Washington Post | Facing down an attempt to oust her from Eagle Forum, the grass-roots organization she founded 44 years ago.

Kit Daniels | Similar to Jim Crow era, GOP excludes thousands of voters from Colo. caucus.

Kit Daniels | The truth about the cancelled Colo. caucus.

Kit Daniels | Theorized massive planet hurls “comet storms” toward Earth.

Kit Daniels | Mainstream media downplays overflowing attendance of Trump rallies.

Breitbart | The man did not have a drivers license and was in the country illegally, according to the CBS affiliate for Dallas/Fort Worth.

Kit Daniels | Robots taking over fast food jobs.

Michael Snyder | Once upon a time, it seemed like almost everyone wanted to live in California.

Kit Daniels | Activists stomp, spit on flag outside Trump rally.

Rob Dew | “I’ve got two phones!”

RT | The explosive was discovered on Wednesday during a routine maintenance check. It had been unnoticed for nearly a week since March 24.

Kit Daniels | “It’s time for the People to stand.”

Kit Daniels | Riot police already standing guard where Trump will speak.

Daily Caller | 147 FBI agents have been involved in the probe.

Kit Daniels | “…Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him,” Cruz said.

Kit Daniels | Infowars reviews the film (very minor spoilers).

Kurt Nimmo | Coalition that twice elected Barack Obama responsible for Clinton’s lead.

NY Times | “The fear and apprehension in the American Muslim community has never been at this level.”

Kit Daniels | Campaign reportedly sent e-mail that leaves out legal requirements.

Kit Daniels | No ID checks and ballots being handed around like napkins.

Kit Daniels | “Ted Cruz is a nightmare of a human being,” he said.

The Hill | “Radical imams preaching jihadism, preaching Islamism.”

Daily Caller | By winning in Arizona, Trump won all of the state’s 58 delegates. After earning more than 50 percent of the vote in Utah, Cruz will win all of the state’s 40 available delegates.

Kit Daniels | Clinton State Dept. stopped TSA from screening al-Qaeda linked group.

Kit Daniels | “We will become an Islamic state,” Brussels politician said.

Kit Daniels | “…We’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us,” Clinton said.

Kit Daniels | Obama demands a higher presidential pension and more benefits!

Kit Daniels | Trump threatens the New World Order agenda.

Kit Daniels | Fed gives over $18,000 to Clinton, $2,000 to Cruz, and $0 to Trump.

Kit Daniels | Rubio also claimed most GOP voters against Trump!

London Telegraph | Democratic Presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton condemn Donald Trump and accuse him of “inciting violence” at his rallies.

Steve Watson | “Vince McMahon should have put them on, because they were WWE.”

Kit Daniels | Rubio to drop out before Florida?

Kit Daniels | Thousands of Democrats also propelled Reagan to White House.

Kit Daniels | Society obsessed with social media increasingly disconnected from real life.

Kit Daniels | Romney’s denouncement of Trump was effectively an endorsement, poll shows.

Kit Daniels | “And I’m going to ask you about Flint,” reporter told campaign ahead of time.

Kit Daniels | Delegates split between candidates during this weekend’s primaries.

Washington Free Beacon | Payroll and benefits transactions to Clinton total $254,000 since April 2015.

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