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Kit Daniels | FAA likely approving no-fly zones for political reasons.

Kurt Nimmo | Questions her mental capacity to serve on the highest court.

Kit Daniels | Bernie sold us out to Wall St., fans fume.

Kit Daniels | Augmented reality software could turn smartphones into Imperial probe droids.

Michael Snyder | Mindless violence.

Kit Daniels | Obama “fuels this sort of anger,” Sheriff Clark says.

Kit Daniels | “Oink! Oink! Bang! Bang!” armed protestors chanted.

Kit Daniels | First known use of robot killing suspect.

Kit Daniels | The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the email servers, source reveals.

Kit Daniels | Censorship debunks Facebook’s claim that it only reports “mainstream” news.

Kit Daniels | It’s not over yet.

Kit Daniels | FBI findings spliced with Hillary’s lies regarding e-mail servers.

Kit Daniels | Withdrawal fuels new speculation on VP pick.

Kit Daniels | But Hillary is losing in the court of public opinion.

Kit Daniels | FBI says she compromised national security, but shouldn’t face charges?

Kit Daniels | Comey covers for Clinton’s crimes.

Kit Daniels | Despite “reassurances,” Lynch to ultimately decide Hillary’s fate.

Kit Daniels | ‘No recording’ order points to conspiracy to subvert Clinton investigation.

Kit Daniels | If Turkey joins EU, ISIS could use EU visas to strike anywhere in Europe.

Kit Daniels | Trump tweets about attack while Hillary targets “online bullying.”

Kit Daniels | EU-style “North American Union” would kill U.S. national sovereignty.

Kit Daniels | Agents also revealed Obama’s illegal smuggling operation at McAllen bus station.

Kit Daniels | EU member-states not allowed to leave Nazi-style dictatorship by unelected technocrats.

Kit Daniels | In 2014, Infowars broke how the Obama admin. was bringing in illegals via bus.

Kit Daniels | Federal judge tosses city’s gag order on First Amendment.

Paul Joseph Watson | Populist uprising rocks global order.

Kit Daniels | Large percentage of Americans already see Hillary as “crooked.”

Kit Daniels | Clinton wants to bring in people who believe women should be enslaved and gays put to death, he said.

Kit Daniels | Gun shop reveals how YOU can win over support for the Second Amendment!

Kit Daniels | Obama protecting Islam while attacking Christianity.

Kit Daniels | Manafort takes over campaign, as Infowars reported.

Kit Daniels | Also, Hispanic Trump voters trigger pro-Islam feminists!

Sky News | The “insurgent group” is trying to deny him delegates at the party’s convention.

Kit Daniels | …and a black Trump supporter destroys Carl the Cuck lookalike!

Kit Daniels | Both buildings implode into their footprints at near free fall speed.

Kit Daniels | Outdoor retailer snooping for the feds?

Kit Daniels | Discredited magazine exploits ignorance of readers.

Kit Daniels | Further proof Hillary fueled rise of ISIS.

Kit Daniels | Sex offender acquitted of bestiality involving peanut butter.

Kit Daniels | Democratic city fueling anti-Trump protests to make Hillary look good.

Kit Daniels | Bilderberg meeting now international news as MSM forced to cover event.

Kit Daniels | Obama admin. enrolling millions of illegals to overload EBT system?

Kit Daniels | Hillary has as many skeleton voters as skeletons in her closet.

Kit Daniels | “Crooked? Now come on,” he said.

Kit Daniels | Yet Trump polling at over 50%, Congress at 6%…

Kit Daniels | Establishment tries to control Trump through VP pick.

Kit Daniels | Let them eat cake, White House implies.

Kit Daniels & Lee Ann McAdoo | Striking similarities between Christianity and simulation theory.

Kit Daniels | She’s running out of ideas on how to defeat Bernie Sanders.

Kit Daniels | Social media censoring anti-globalist speech to transform real nations into on-line Oceania.

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