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Michael Krieger | This guy is a real piece of work.

Kit Daniels | Obamacare architect actually admits the truth.

Washington Free Beacon | Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and every one of their Democratic surrogates have pivoted to attacking Russia’s role in the WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s emails.

American Mirror | “The cause could be a potentially disabling neurological condition.”

The Daily Sheeple | Wikileaks continues to be a treasure trove of info about the behind-the-scenes rigging of what is turning out to be the most infamous presidential election in American history.

Kit Daniels | Campaign intentionally conspires to deceive public.

Truth Feed | Our North Korea-style government-run propaganda media has declared this race over.

DC Whsipers | These are not journalists.

Politico | President Barack Obama is campaigning to ensure that no one flees America because of a Donald Trump presidency, according to the White House.

Information Liberation | “It should feel almost like ‘we got together and decided to do this on our own’.”

Kit Daniels | Podesta likely hacked by UFO hunters, not the Kremlin.

Breitbart | “[E]verybody needs to realize this is the most important election maybe of your lifetime.”

DC Whispers | Early voting results, as well as national polling data in recent days suggest something remarkable might be going on regarding the 2016 presidential race.

American Mirror | During two speeches this week, Hillary Clinton broke into bizarre and fake laughter over questions about her stamina.

Louder With Crowder | You know how saying an election could be ‘rigged’ is the worst thing you can say ever but only if you’re a Republican?

AP | Soros has been spending millions of dollars this year to support Democrats in prosecutor races around the country and all but one of his favored candidates have won.

The Hill | Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday claimed that Hillary Clinton had received questions ahead of a debate.

Truth Revolt | “What she did compromises our national security. She is cavalier and reckless and in my opinion should be detained and questioned.”

The Last Refuge | CNN has attempted, and failed, to separate themselves from Brazile and the accompanying controversy.

American Mirror | “Liar!”

Roll Call | Photo ID laws and voter fraud are major issues ahead of Nov. 8.

NY Post | “We sort of got the last laugh.”

DC Whispers | So where is the Mainstream Media to demand Hillary Clinton be held to account for her campaign’s misdeeds?

The Hill | Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign has asked to change the setup of the pre-debate greetings on Wednesday night, The New York Times reports.

American Mirror | Federal agents arrested a sex offender from Milwaukee and his buddy as the two made their way to Mexico en route to join up with the Islamic State.

Sky News | Malik Obama says he is “excited” to be attending the final presidential debate tonight as a Trump supporter.

Kit Daniels | Hillary doesn’t even write her own tweets signed by -H, emails show.

The Hill | President Obama’s top spokesman on Monday mocked Republican nominee Donald Trump for calling for drug tests before the final 2016 presidential debate.

Breitbart | This race is still a close fought contest in this second week of October.

Kit Daniels | Undercover video supported by Wikileaks email exposing campaign’s involvement.

Washington Free Beacon | Kaine dodged and said that he does not believe the validity of these hacked emails.

Breitbart | Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report has warned Hillary Clinton that he’s about to drop a bombshell about her “sex stuff” Saturday morning.

The Last Refuge | When you know the game (the rigging per se’), you can inoculate yourself.

Alex Jones | Globalists pitting US, Russia against each other so they can rule both.

Kit Daniels | Sexual assault claims against Trump full of holes.

Breitbart | Clinton slammed Republican rival Donald Trump for what she called “sexually predatory” behavior during a fundraising trip to California.

The Right Scoop | A new leaked email exchange by Wikileaks shows that the Hillary campaign was pushing the Muslim Obama narrative back in 2008.

Breitbart | Tapper told O’Connor that the WikiLeaks news was “very, very troubling,” before noting that Brazile is “a good person.”

American Mirror | Clinton supporters apparently can’t handle the constant reminder that the potential future First Man is an accused rapist.

Kit Daniels | Hillary needs to find an emotional connection to regular Americans, Dem strategist says.

Rasmussen | The full results from Sunday night’s debate are in, and Donald Trump has come from behind to take the lead over Hillary Clinton.

The Hill | “Her [David Dinkins Forum] speech and immigration message broke through because we didn’t take questions.”

Kit Daniels | New email reveals divide between Clinton’s “public” and “private” positions.

Kit Daniels | Exclusive interview – SHARE THIS LINK: Infowars.com/show

Daily Mail | Trump digs at Hillary as he recites Wikileaks bombshells and pledges to ‘investigate the investigation’ that ended her classified email case.

Information Liberation | Perhaps Hillary Clinton feels if we just bring in enough of these rapists it will make Bill seem like less of an outlier.

American Mirror | After a weeks-long disappearance, Hillary Clinton’s mystery aide is back by her side.

Jamie White & Kit Daniels | Campaign preventing press from showing low attendance at Hillary events.

The Hill | President George H.W. Bush’s granddaughter announced over the weekend that she’s supporting Hillary Clinton.

American Mirror | Did the national media bury the real reason presidential debate attendees were banned from using cell phone cameras after the event?

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