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Gateway Pundit | Trump told Byers he did not witness anything and that the Secret Service told him no such incident took place.

Daily Caller | The University of Missouri (MU) is losing about 1500 students and is facing a huge $32 million budget shortfall.

Kit Daniels | Thousands of Democrats also propelled Reagan to White House.

Gateway Pundit | He’s a uniter.

DC Whispers | The candidate is said to be moving between bouts of frustration to more serene moments of acceptance, but in the end, is ultimately resigned to his fate.

The Hill | It should be a shock to Americans that recently in our own country, a grassroots hashtag being used to debate the stances of one of our presidential candidates was shut down.

Kit Daniels | Society obsessed with social media increasingly disconnected from real life.

EAG News | A Colorado high school created a “gender-inclusive bathroom” at the behest of a transgender student, and some are concerned about teens of both sexes using the facility at the same time.

The Washington Times | The man suspected of shooting a prominent Idaho evangelical pastor was arrested Tuesday outside the White House hours after claiming his victim was a Martian.

Kit Daniels | Romney’s denouncement of Trump was effectively an endorsement, poll shows.

Kit Daniels | “And I’m going to ask you about Flint,” reporter told campaign ahead of time.

DC Whispers | Ted Cruz supporters enthusiastically proclaim Mr. Cruz to be a “political outsider”.

EAG News | Parents are calling for the removal of Pittsburgh schools’ superintendent and assistant superintendent over a “Diversity Day” message many believe is fueling racial tensions.

Washington Examiner | The estimated number of undocumented immigrants is one of the highest ever.

Daily Caller | NBC News reporter Kristen Welker tipped Hillary Clinton’s communications director Jen Palmieri off to questions before conducting an interview in the spin room.

Gateway Pundit | Sikhs and Muslims gathered in a suburb of Washington DC this weekend.

Daily Beast | The number crunchers have arrived to the political scene and are about to make a bunch of cash on our long national nightmare.

Kit Daniels | Delegates split between candidates during this weekend’s primaries.

Washington Free Beacon | Payroll and benefits transactions to Clinton total $254,000 since April 2015.

Washington Free Beacon | “I’m not suppporting anybody right now,” Webb said. “No, I would not vote for Hillary Clinton.”

The Hill | Donald Trump on Thursday night said he’s changing his stance on visas for highly skilled immigrant workers.

Breitbart | Rubio did not explain why he voted for such a ban if gun control is “not effective” against criminals to begin with.

Kit Daniels | “I wasn’t afraid of Jeb, I can tell you that,” Trump said.

Kit Daniels | “Go f*ck yourself you hypocrite!” Voter says to Romney.

Kit Daniels | Texas senator losing cash fast and underperforming in delegate count.

KRWG NEWS | Residents of New Mexico’s Bootheel and parts of southern Arizona say human smuggling and drug trafficking is taking its toll on the region.

Gateway Pundit | Just when you thought the Republican Establishment couldn’t sink any lower…

AP | Trump’s seven victories in states across the country amounted to a GOP establishment collapse with no clear sign of rapid recovery.

Gateway Pundit | A reporter at a DFL caucus for Minnesota’s House District 60B could not report on the candidates’ speeches to caucus attendees because the speeches were only given in Somali.

Truth Revolt | Good work, Democrats.

Kit Daniels | Florida senator reportedly attended gay foam parties in 1990s.

Daily Caller | The chief diversity officer at the University of Missouri (MU) has authored a letter sharply reprimanding the school’s black activist movement.

EAG News | Three black female students at the University at Albany lied when they recently claimed they were attack by a group of white men on a bus.

Kit Daniels | Rubio loses his voice while attacking Trump.

Kit Daniels | Stone warned Koch Bros. were courting Romney to enter race.

Kit Daniels | Every time Fox News, Rubio attack Trump, Trump’s lead grows.

Gateway Pundit | Rubio was talking to a crowd in Roanoke, Virginia about how Trump has started to call him “Little Marco” when he made his joke.

BizPac Review | Now would be a good time to stock up on popcorn.

Weasel Zippers | Hillary lied about the facts in several high profile deaths of black young people.

NBC News | New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie offered up the latest twist of the Republican presidential primary when he endorsed Donald Trump on Friday.

Kit Daniels | Bombshell: Roger Stone reveals establishment using Mitt Romney as Plan B if Rubio fails!

The Hill | Trump leads in the state with 40 percent support among GOP voters.

Gateway Pundit | Donald Trump’s post debate interview was a classic for the ages.

EAG News | All San Francisco middle school students now have easy access to condoms, whether or not their parents want them to have them.

Prison Planet.com | Copy this link & share it: Infowars.com/show

Kit Daniels | Esoteric artwork, sinister ambiance surrounded Scalia during his last earthly hours.

Campus Reform | “As long as writers try to be sensitive to the feelings of minorities and special-interest groups … that is all that anyone can ask.”

Kit Daniels | …And why the liberal media hates socialist Bernie.

Kit Daniels | In comparison, 2008 Iowa winner won his home state by 40%.

The Hill | Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is within 1 point of Ted Cruz in Cruz’s home state, according to a poll released Wednesday.

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