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Truth Revolt | A strong, 6’2″ woman in a full burqa!

Reason | ‘We have spoken. We are speaking. Pay attention.’

Washington Free Beacon | CNN has found an alleged war criminal from Somalia now working in the United States as an airport security guard.

London Independent | A big win in the 7 June California primary could hand Mr Sanders hundreds more delegates, which would call into question Ms Clinton’s candidacy.

The College Fix | A horde of student protesters crowded in front of UCLA’s Broad Art Center on Tuesday to prevent hundreds of Milo Yiannopoulos fans from entering the venue and hearing the conservative-gay firebrand speak.

Kit Daniels | She’s running out of ideas on how to defeat Bernie Sanders.

Kit Daniels | Social media censoring anti-globalist speech to transform real nations into on-line Oceania.

FoxNews.com | A growing roster of senior GOP figures – from governors to senators to, most notably, nearly every living GOP presidential nominee – is vowing to skip the convention.

American Mirror | Was Bernie Sanders caught napping during a Memorial Day ceremony today?

Truth Revolt | Angry Los Angeles tourists have been defacing presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Breitbart | “The Republican voters will forever learn their lesson that they cannot nominate a man so manifestly unqualified to be president.”

American Mirror | On the eve of Memorial Day, residents of Cedar Falls, Iowa awoke to discover someone had vandalized a memorial to veterans.

The Hill | Bernie Sanders says it would be a “terrible idea” for Democrats to recruit Vice President Joe Biden to run for president if Hillary Clinton is forced out of the race.

Zero Hedge | To say that Hillary did not react properly to the damning State Department Inspector General report would be a gruesome understatement.

Alex Jones | What the people want from Trump.

Prison Planet.com | Ask Stone anything on Reddit Thursday at 7pm CST!

Kit Daniels | Unbound delegates flip to Trump, pushing him past 1,237.

NBC News | On ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Trump was asked if he would consider holding a debate with Sanders. Trump agreed to the idea.

RT | One person has died and three left wounded after shots were fired at a music venue, Irving Plaza, near New York City’s Union Square. The crowd ran for cover outside.

Information Liberation | Trump slammed Kristol as a “loser” and a “real lightweight.”

Alex Jones | Mainstream media reveals globalist fears over Trump.

Kit Daniels | Obama’s proxy army eradicating Christianity.

Kit Daniels | Migrant police force to likely enforce Sharia law.

DCWhispers.com | As #NeverTrump fizzles out, #NeverHillary appears to be just getting started.

Louder With Crowder | Does it seem like transgenders get special treatment?

Kit Daniels | Beck’s turning into an American Psycho trojan horse.

Kit Daniels | Proposed bill would create database to monitor gun owners.

Kit Daniels | Trump gains 90% of young voters who had supported Hillary!

USA TODAY | The Transportation Security Administration’s head of security has been ousted amid an uproar over long lines at airport security checkpoints and intense scrutiny over bonus payments.

Daily Caller | Baltimore city residents expressed disappointment in response to the city circuit court Monday finding a police officer not guilty in connection to the death of Freddie Gray.

AP | “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle.”

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton’s Pander Express pulled into Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday.

Kit Daniels | Yet Hillary’s top donor funded Ferguson rioters and violent activists in Ukraine.

London Independent | Ms Clinton changed her stance on gay marriage, the email scandal and her ties with Wall Street.

Washington Examiner | Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions said the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms would become nearly extinct if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

Daily Caller | One of the world’s most well-known financial institutions which correctly predicted every presidential election since 1980 is predicting a win for Hillary Clinton.

American Mirror | Bill Clinton is back to trying to score political points by criticizing Barack Obama’s America.

RT | The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wants to prevent information about its creepy biometric database, which contains fingerprint, face, iris, and voice scans of millions of Americans, from getting out to the public.

Kit Daniels | Incident sparks bathroom debate – and discussion over Michelle Obama.

Information Liberation | An Obama appointed judge has ordered a 41% white school in Mississippi to “desegregate” and merge with an almost entirely black school with only two non-black students.

Kit Daniels | Senator praises her private security while eradicating your gun rights.

Kit Daniels | Poll proves Redskins “debate” whipped up by perpetually offended media.

Kit Daniels | Clinton was also notably silent during Benghazi attack.

FoxNews.com | Hannity went on to question whether the newspaper would interview women including Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey. All three have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton’s second campaign for president may be the first in American history to have been hit by a recession.

Kit Daniels | Francis claims ISIS similar to Jesus sending his disciples to all nations.

Kit Daniels | President failed to meet expectations, he said.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton’s second campaign for president may be the first in American history to have been hit by a recession.

Truth Revolt | Blamed it on “scandal fatigue,” something they don’t seem to be suffering from now.

CNS News | The drama is all on the Democrat side in the latest round of presidential primaries.

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