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Business Insider | Vice President-elect Mike Pence reportedly ordered the removal of all lobbyists from president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, The Wall Street Journal wrote on Tuesday night.

Daily Mail | A 24-year-old man from Ohio has been charged in a federal court after tweeting a threat to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump on election night.

The Hill | “John Bolton is a bigger neocon than Dick Cheney.”

American Mirror | Mayors of several so-called “sanctuary cities” are vowing to defy President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to deport illegal immigrant criminals, regardless of the consequences.

Kit Daniels | Trump realizes isolation is dangerous.

London Independent | US President-elect is scheduled for numerous briefings on US intelligence, security and defence.

Mediaite | Sykes was loudly booed by large portions of the audience near the end of her set as she referred to President-elect Donald Trump as a “racist, sexist, homophobic person.”

Mac Slavo | If you are an illegal immigrant in America with a criminal record your days are numbered, according to President-elect Donald Trump.

Martin Armstrong | Any Democrat who is not angry at this is clearly just a biased fool.

Daily Mail | Police attacked with rocks and bottles.

The Hill | The possibility of Donald Trump imprisoning Hillary Clinton is unthinkable and resemblant of authoritarian governments, Bernie Sanders said Thursday.

Real Clear Politics | MSNBC’s Chris Matthews reacts to people protesting the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

Breitbart | Despite media reports of a peaceful gathering, the crowd grew increasingly hostile and violent, according to Breitbart Texas sources on the ground.

Zero Hedge | “If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.”

Bloomberg | Suddenly the political and technocratic elite in Washington are at risk of being disenfranchised.

UK Express | DONALD TRUMP’S election was so unexpected that Newsweek was forced to recall over 100,000 copies of a special commemorative edition featuring Hillary Clinton under the headline ‘Madam President’.

Prison Planet.com | ‘She was blaming Comey and Obama for not doing enough to stop the FBI investigation.’

Kit Daniels | We’re living in the future in which citizen reporting trumps mainstream media.

Daily Mail | Donald Trump’s presidential victory has sparked protests across America with some demonstrators setting trash on fire, smashing windows and burning the US flag.

Newsbusters | Around 10 p.m., Hollywood stars began to panic.

Kit Daniels | Polls disappear showing major Hillary collapse among likely voters on election day.

The Hill | Donald Trump Jr. said Tuesday his father would concede the presidential election to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as long as results were “fair and legit.”

Business Insider | Donald Trump said Monday night that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick reached out earlier in the day to inform him of their endorsements.

American Mirror | The disgust and animosity towards CNN is palpable.

Washington Post | Clinton favourite dead.

Daily Caller | WikiLeaks released thousands of new hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Sunday evening, and one contained a glimpse into the DNC’s relationship with MSNBC.

Daily Sheeple | Hillary Clinton can’t even convince her own family members to vote for her.

Kit Daniels | Undeniable proof CNN is in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

Kit Daniels | Mainstream media use zoom lenses to hide low attendance.

Kit Daniels | Assassin stopped in Reno.

Kit Daniels | Evidence of child sex would explain why FBI reopened investigation into Hillary.

Kit Daniels | Hillary was attending a Satanic church, says Clinton insider.

The Hill | A top Hillary Clinton aide emailed about wanting to “bust in that house and get Huma [Abedin] the hell out of there” around the time when Abedin’s husband was in the midst of a sexting scandal.

Information Liberation | It appears Tim Kaine may not want to go to prison to protect Hillary Clinton’s crumbling criminal empire.

Vox | It’s shifting hundreds — if not thousands — of third-party votes to Clinton.

Kit Daniels | 2016 a year of seismic shifts in world history.

The Hill | Donald Trump has pulled 1 point ahead of Hillary Clinton in a New Hampshire poll five days from Election Day.

The Observer | Hillary’s free pass from populist primary rival has expired.

Truth Revolt | “If Trump were to win we will see a dismantling of our democracy we cannot imagine.”

Kit Daniels | Pre-election “results” conditioning public to accept rigged Hillary “victory.”

Kit Daniels | The history of elitist racism by the Clintons and their allies.

Zero Hedge | If Citi is right the pre-election circus, and endless drama and theatrics is just the beginning of what is about to be unleashed.

Daily Caller | Polls showing Hillary Clinton with a massive lead over Donald Trump are based on the dubious assumption that blacks will turn out to vote for a white woman.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton once again defended her stamina on the campaign trail again today, but as she did it, she could be seen chewing on a cough drop.

Information Liberation | Weld throws own running mate Gary Johnson under the bus…

Daily Caller | The Podesta email is among the thousands made public in recent days by WikiLeaks.

Daily Caller | Yet another journalist has been exposed by WikiLeaks as a Hillary Clinton cheerleader — this time it’s CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger.

NY Times | Law enforcement officials say that none of the investigations so far have found any conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government.

Prison Planet.com | It’s hard to believe that the FBI director could not open the Hillary investigation with the approval of the President.

Kit Daniels | What Trump represents isn’t going away, Thiel said

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