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Prison Planet.com | America’s border is littered with medical waste. Infowars reporter Joe Biggs shows how easy it is for illegals to cross the border unscreened.

Daily Caller | A South Carolina pawn shop owner who sells guns, guitars and an array of other items says that his bank forced him to close his accounts.

National Review | Teenage criminals and gang members from Central America have been using “a loophole” to stay in the country, border agent Chris Cabrera revealed.

National Review | For the second time in as many days, a prominent Democratic figure referred to the continent of Africa as a single country.

Paul Joseph Watson | Health officials receive dozens of calls from hospitals concerned about patients returning from west Africa.

Just Security | Some progenitors of modern NSA surveillance programs are already well known

Bizpac Review | If you missed President Obama’s birthday, you haven’t been online in a while.

Business Insider | A stunning number of respondents see a grim future for their children.

Michael Snyder | Should we be alarmed?

Washington Times | ‘Petty tyrant’ lost stature after capture in early days of war in Afghanistan.

Daily Caller | Some doctors say they won’t be able to afford to accept Obamacare coverage, NPR reports.

Michael Krieger | Another scheme to unseat the Cuban government has now been revealed.

Truth Revolt | “I’m pregnant. I just found out. I’m having an abortion on Saturday at 10 a.m.”

Zero Hedge | A “precaution for [his] family.”

London Independent | Received “nasty emails” asking why the patients were allowed back into the country.

BizPac Review | Michelle Obama’s trademark child-nutrition activism is taking a bite out of school fundraising efforts.

Kit Daniels | Illegals from China and over 70% of the world’s nations are flooding into America as its border collapses.

Warren Mass | Differing views on immigration, in this case, come down to how one views population growth.

MyFoxNY | The New York City Department of Health will be conducting a massive emergency preparedness drill at 30 facilities across the city on Friday.

BizPac Review | “We love you! We love you!”

Prison Planet.com | Ignoring 80% of the people who disagree with Obama on immigration, GOP leadership alienates its base to support illegal aliens.

UK Daily Mail | “I’m sorry, what are you hollering about?”

Fox News | A weekly report distributed by a Texas state agency to senior law enforcement officials paints a grim picture of the Mexican border.

Zero Hedge | If the GOP, i.e., the orange folding lawnchair, really wanted to go after Obama, they would have impeached.

The Daily Sheeple | A few of former top “I-plead-the-fifth” IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails have surfaced, and MAN, does she sound bitchy.

BizPacReview | “The president is only trying to lead.”

Daily Caller | Obama’s talk of impeachment may be a way to preempt that pushback.

Michael Krieger | A left-right activist alliance can and will usher in the reforms necessary to unravel the corporate-surveillance police state.

Reuters | U.S. companies that develop GMOs have further committed to a multimillion-dollar campaign to defeat attempts to add GMO labels to such foods.

FoxNews.com | Illegal immigrant demonstrators were protesting outside the White House on Monday.

The Washington Times | The rallies were replicated at cities around the world, including in Paris, The Hague, Cologne and London, Breitbart reported.

LA Times | TSA is offering rewards totalling up to $15,000.

Jerome Corsi | Border Patrol vet says immigrants ‘coached’ on how to game system.

Bizpac Review | Taking “open carry” to a new level, a group of women went topless on the streets of Austin, Texas, to strut their anti-gun views.

The Washington Times | In a bid to bring in more campaign cash, House Democrats sent out a plea to donors to pitch in more funds to defend President Obama from a seemingly-imminent impeachment.

Michael Krieger | The hits just keep on coming.

The Hill | The White House on Friday doubled down on its talk that Republicans could try and impeach President Obama.

Steve Watson | Even one in five Democrats favors impeaching President.

NY Times | The Obama administration is considering whether to allow hundreds of minors and young adults from Honduras into the United States.

Daily Caller | A Pennsylvania police chief says that a doctor undoubtedly saved lives after he shot a gunman who opened fire Thursday in an incident that left a hospital case worker dead.

Truth Revolt | I don’t need feminism because…

Bizpac Review | Critics have charged President Obama with incompetence on a number of levels, but one thing the man does well is vacation.

Washington Post | On Tuesday FiveThirtyEight released the results of a poll of Americans’ opinions on the “Star Wars” universe.

London Guardian | Convicted killer ‘gasped and snorted’ as officials attempted to execute him, as lawyers filed an emergency motion to halt the process.

Kit Daniels | Under the pretense of labeling illegals “refugees,” U.N. personnel are working with DHS to ship MS-13 gang members into U.S., says agent

FoxNews.com | “It is unbelievable that we cannot get a simple, straight answer from the IRS about this hard drive.”

Michael Krieger | A good liar must have a good memory: Kissinger is a stupendous liar with a remarkable memory.

London Guardian | The city surrendered something, quite possibly its sanity, when two American flags were mysteriously replaced overnight.

Truth Revolt | Simply fill out the enclosed form and specify how many gun locks you would like.

Business Insider | A federal appeals court has thrown out an IRS regulation that implements key subsidies for health insurance.

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