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Mike Krieger | Agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration reportedly had “sex parties” with prostitutes.

CNS News | For “global warming or climate change,” some 34% worried about it a “great deal” in 2014 but that went down to 32% in 2015.

Bizpac Review | On American college campuses caught up in the current hysteria of rape fears and overhyped racism, some fraternities are more equal than others.

Adan Salazar | Property was valued at more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Kit Daniels | Agency accepts convicted terrorist Sara Jane Olson into the Pre-Check program.

Wall Street Journal | Search giant averages a White House meeting a week during Obama administration.

NY Post | “A constant reminder of the evil that resided there.”

Kit Daniels | She’s mocking critics who call “bowling for abortions” disgusting.

Bizpac Review | George Zimmerman broke his silence for the first time.

Gateway Pundit | On Wednesday vandals slapped “Exclusively for White People” stickers on local businesses in Austin, Texas.

Kit Daniels | News on Infowars fueling more discussion than sports on ESPN, according to analytics.

Adan Salazar | “Unless the commission can state with 100-percent certainty that ingested fluoride isn’t harmful, why is it forcing the citizens of Grand Rapids to use it?”

Kit Daniels | Drama about anti-gun lobbyist who pushes through federal gun control bill.

Business Insider | Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff also used personal emails.

RT | Judging by the results of a recent poll, US President Barack Obama may want to become an actor.

Washington Times | Kentucky senator shows organization muscle with debut.

Bizpac Review | The charge of sexism is quickly becoming a familiar refrain.

Truth Revolt | “I have no demand that you become public.”

Gateway Pundit | At least two people were stabbed in a security line at New Orleans Airport on Saturday night.

Truth Revolt | “Collectors love this one. Adam Lanza’s mom had this in her collection too.”

The Daily Sheeple | So because the place they train at doesn’t have bushes and fountains, they can’t properly protect the White House?

Joe Biggs | Is your state next?

Steve Watson | “American people are quite fond of the royal family”.

AP | The Arabic reading of the pledge has “divided the school in half.”

Wall Street Journal | Foundation agreed not to seek donations from other governments, but cash kept flowing from individuals with connections to them.

CNS News | “These are people that are here illegally, get caught, convicted, and you release back out into the public.”

Jakari Jackson & Kit Daniels | CEO’s #RaceTogether campaign heading for failure!

BizPac Review | “CBS News Sunday Morning” contributor Nancy Giles found herself in an inept “open mouth, insert foot” moment.

CBS San Francisco | “They actually have signs in there that say, ‘No Trespassing,’” said a homeless man named Robert.

Kit Daniels | “It would be transformative if everybody voted,” he said.

Kit Daniels | Legal concealed carry “more pro-rape than anti-rape,” claims anti-gun media.

Daily Caller | A band with a supposed “racist” and “sexist” name has allegedly been the target of “serious threats of violence and vandalism” by feminists.

Kit Daniels | “I hate everything about this country,” she said. “Like, I hate fat, white Americans.”

Daily Caller | Obama administration investigators now have everything they need to provide Congress with Lois Lerner’s emails, The Daily Caller has learned.

Zero Hedge | Lies, lies, and nothing but lies. The lies end now.

Anthony Gucciardi | Would you like a healthy dose of high-fructose corn syrup with that organic salad?

The Washington Times | “I wish someone had explained to her you could put two email icons on her phone.”

Bizpac Review | This is the new face of “hands up, don’t shoot.”

Washington Post | Bush has sharply criticized likely Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton for her use of a private e-mail account.

Bizpac Review | “Used Email Server, Clean Hard Drive, 15 Old House Ln.”

The Hill | Guess whether remarks over U.S.-Iranian negotiations are from Hillary Clinton or a spokesman for Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei.

Kit Daniels | FCC cherry picking existing laws for cable, radio & broadband to regulate Internet.

Victor Skinner | Supporters of the federal regulations are reframing the issue as one of national security.

Steve Watson | Cracking down on the hardcore criminals.

Hollywood Reporter | The network will chronicle 14-year-old Jazz Jennings’ family and daily life.

Truth Revolt | “What about just having them carry nightsticks and the authority to arrest?”

Kit Daniels | Social media site already sent funeral home ads to man who announced he was battling cancer.

Free Thought Project | A man is dead, and a deputy has been shot after the Putman County Sheriff’s Department relentless carries out the state’s immoral war on drugs.

Bizpac Review | Her lips were moving.

Truth Revolt | “The hype of the animosity is more than it really is.”

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