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Daily Caller | The Daily Mail also revealed that top Snopes “fact-checker” Kim LaCapria claimed on her personal blog that she has “posted to Snopes” after smoking marijuana.

The Hill | Speculation has begun to swirl that Comey will publicly address the charges of partisanship.

Zero Hedge | Since November 8th, disaffected Democrats have tried and failed repeatedly to undo the 2016 Presidential election.

Truth Revolt | Once upon a time — like, right before this election — it was honorable to perform for the president.

The Hill | The New York Times is calling for an end to the Electoral College.

The American Mirror | Will electors actually defect from Hillary Clinton and vote for another candidate? And even a Republican?

Kit Daniels | Despite active terrorist investigation, NYT avoids possibility Berlin attack linked to terror.

American Mirror | Hillary Clinton’s campaign staffers are hoping their prospects for rigging the election will stand a better chance in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Breitbart | A new report estimates that there are up to 820,000 illegal aliens in the U.S. who have escaped deportation under Obama’s regime.

Louder With Crowder | Trump was subdued and took the high road.

Washington Post | Podesta is complaining about the FBI because it didn’t back up his conspiracy theory about Russia hacking the election.

Daily Caller | The Texas elector who cited his experience as a 9/11 first responder for his refusal to vote for President-elect Donald Trump appears to have fabricated the entire thing.

American Mirror | Attorney General Loretta Lynch says there is no evidence of “technical interference” by Russia — or any other foreign entity — in America’s presidential election.

Louder With Crowder | Remember the terrorist attack at Ohio State University? The event quickly became a bastion of fake news.

Kit Daniels | 59% say election not influenced by “Russian cyberattacks.”

The Hill | President-elect Donald Trump is putting a target on the defense contracting industry.

Daily Caller | A spokeswoman for Washington, D.C.’s public school system tweeted Tuesday about her desire to “abolish” all white men.

Campus Reform | “She clearly abused her power, and we will not stand for it.”

The Hill | President-elect Donald Trump early Wednesday announced plans to nominate former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as Energy secretary.

Breitbart | A MILO event at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee on Tuesday night was interrupted by a small group of communist student protesters.

American Mirror | The State of Michigan plans to audit about 20 Detroit polling locations following reports by The American Mirror and others on irregularities discovered during the recent presidential recount.

London Independent | Audit finalised on same day federal judge rejects Green Party-backed request to recount paper ballots in Pennsylvania.

Daily Caller | The public relations firm working behind the scenes with the faithless electors is rife with ties to prominent Democrats like President Obama and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

DCWhispers.com | THIS. IS. MADNESS.

BBC News | President-elect Donald Trump has confirmed the chief executive of Exxon Mobil, Rex Tillerson, as his choice for US secretary of state.

Kit Daniels | Maximum alert: Globalists claim Americans did not choose Trump.

London Independent | Evan McMullin says former reality star is ‘purposely dismantling barriers that protect our nation from dangerous Russian subversion’.

Breitbart | Advocates for American wage-earners say that Puzder as Secretary of Labor is alarming.

EAG News |

Kit Daniels | German companies blast Breitbart despite Germany falling to Muslim migrants.

Daily Mail | “Russia’s attacks on our election are an attempt to degrade our democracy and should chill every American.”

RT | A federal judge in Michigan has ordered the halt of a statewide recount effort inspired by former Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein.

Kit Daniels | But Trump’s victory proves Drudge more powerful than mainstream media.

Kit Daniels | Virtual mosque program to preach Islam at Methodist churches.

Zero Hedge | For a vivid glimpse in the philosophies of the two presidential candidates, look no further than what the two have done after winning and losing.

ABC News | A state appeals court said the Green Party candidate’s poor showing disqualified her from seeking a second look at the votes.

NBC News | A man carrying a gasoline can, matches has been charged with making a terroristic threat.

Kit Daniels | Leaked email: Comedy skits produced to make Clintons look good.

Daily Mail | Vice President Joe Biden has left the door open for a possible run for president in 2020.

LA Times | An overseas tip about an imminent bombing of the Metro Red Line’s Universal City station has forced federal and local law enforcement in Los Angeles to swiftly ramp up security.

Information Liberation | Just another day in St Louis, Missouri, the knockout game capital of the world.

The Hill | “We have a two-tiered system of justice in the United States.”

Daily Caller | House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t believe people in the Democratic party want to take a new direction during an appearance on “Face the Nation” Sunday.

CNS News | The American people are “encouraged” to see President-elect Trump “taking calls from the world.

London Independent | Spokesman Jason Miller denied that a decision had been made – but the President-elect said he was supposed to wait until Monday to make the announcement.

Daily Caller | “The department will decline to comment.”

American Mirror | Elizabeth Warren’s hysterical accusations against Donald Trump and his advisors are apparently up for negotiation.

Kit Daniels | Wino Hillary hurling slurred insults at former campaign.

Breitbart | U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials announced the opening of an additional holding facility in south Texas.

The Times Herald | A Montgomery County judge has dismissed the petitions of voters in 78 precincts to recount votes or forensically analyze voting machines.

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