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Illinois Watchdog | Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Illinois’ Obamacare peddlers are telling people the quickest way to find a date is with an insurance card.

bizpacreview.com | One Illinois Republican lawmaker has asked theWhite House and theObama’s to stop being “hypocrites” and practice what they preach about nutrition.

The Daily Sheeple | Last month, a chemical spill in West Virginia left more than half a million residents unable to use their tap water.

prepperpodcast.com | Yet, does America really have money to spend on excess ammo?

You Tube | Dinner Dress Cost Up To $12,000.

CNS News | Christian persecution is worse now in Iraq.

Truth Revolt | “Sharp editorial judgment, keen eye for nuance, and straightforward likeability…”

KPIX 5 | Doctors did not want to accept patients on the exchange.

truthrevolt.org | This past Saturday in Miami Gardens, actor Jamie Foxx helped lead a peace walk.

Michael Snyder | The American people are the most drugged people in the history of the planet.

Rasmussen | Forty-two percent (42%) say they would be less likely to vote for an entertainer.

bizpacreview.com | A Los Angeles woman at home with her 90-year-old mother had a message for two would-be home invaders.

New American | “Some things are so bad that people know it’s time to drop party affiliations and work together.”

Prison Planet.com | Manuel Martinez, who narrowly escaped Cuba in 1962 after being imprisoned for opposing Fidel Castro, passionately defended the Second Amendment Thursday.

Prison Planet.com | Bob Barr outlines how the actions of Obama are far worse than those of Richard Nixon.

New American | The question about what Ben Bernanke would be doing now that he’s retired from the Fed has been answered.

Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler | The manipulations are becoming more and more blatant.

Joe Saunders | Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly basted California congressman Rep. Adam Schiff on Thursday.

FOXCT | The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed they are investigating the use of a drone at a Hartford fatal crash scene Saturday.

bizpacreview.com | Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., blasted President Obama at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing Thursday.

Michael Dorstewitz | The Obama administration has relaxed immigration rules.

Daily Caller | The Department of Homeland Security and the State Department published the new exemptions Wednesday.

CNS News | The subsidies that help low-income people buy expensive health insurance are a ‘disincentive for people to work.”

Steve Watson | Calls Glenn Greenwald “A thief selling stolen material”.

FoxNews | The sun was just beginning to rise over the Rocky Mountains.

bizpacreview.com | Following a shooting in a parking lot at Eastern Florida State College, school officials took an unusual step — they are now allowing guns to be kept on campus.

pando.com | Last month, former Congressman Otis Pike died, and no one seemed to notice or care.

Michael Snyder | Have you ever mourned for America?

London Guardian | The treasury secretary, Jack Lew, said on Monday the US government’s borrowing limit should be extended as a matter of urgency.

bizpacreview.com | Democrats choose to focus on those who are being helped by the healthcare law.

Michael Snyder | The last time the number of cattle in the United States was this low was 63 years ago.

The Wire | 22,000 appeals have been filed by enrollees try to fix errors with their insurance.

Daily Caller | Georgia Republican Rep. Paul Broun indicated Saturday he would support impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama.

The Hill | A group of Republican fundraising heavyweights and wise men in Washington’s business community are solidly behind Rubio.

Prison Planet.com | The Department of Homeland Security is attempting to stifle debate on its agents using deadly force.

Kurt Nimmo | Stifles recommendations to prevent shootings of rock throwers along border.

Truth Revolt | Only 3% trust NBC the most, 6% MSNBC.

bizpacreview.com | MSNBC is learning it’s not enough to delete the tweet.

truthrevolt.org | Alex Wagner calls GOP opposition to immigration reform racist.

National Review Online | As the deadline for 2014 enrollment nears, Obamacare is increasingly growing unpopular, especially among the uninsured.

CNS News | Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said the president “should use his executive authority.”

bizpacreview.com | Winston Churchill once said, “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”

Tom Tillison | Politicians are not always happy with the choice of questions thrown at them by some in the the media.

bizpacreview.com | Obama is bluffing.

Daily Caller | “The Chestnut Speech.”

New American | “Resolution to Renounce the National Security Agency’s Surveillance Program.”

Newsbusters | Morgan used a Kinder egg to make an analogy about the absurdity of lax gun laws on Monday, but it backfired.

Washington Examiner | CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield apologized to viewers, realizing that it looked like Clinton was laughing about the terrorist attack.

bizpacreview.com | Obamacare is in trouble, and Michelle Obama is looking for a $10 donation from you to save it.

Truthrevolt.org | A majority of Americans. 51 percent, also believe Obama is not a strong leader.

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