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EAG News | Eat like Michelle Obama or go hungry — that’s the attitude of a Georgia preschool.

Gateway Pundit | The American people should ask themselves why the media has no interest in finding out who this man is.

National Review | The growth in the immigrant population is accelerating rapidly.

Kit Daniels | Video exposes “clock kid” story as a deceptive stunt.

Politico | “The FBI is behaving like it’s above the law.”

Kit Daniels | Not long after same-sex marriage ruling, leftists now demand rights for pedophiles.

The Anti Media | Here are some suggestions for the candidates’ real Secret Service code names.

Bizpac Review | Obama wants the American people to know he’s not to blame for his administration’s “abysmal failure” in Syria.

Washington Post | The additional refugees, up from 70,000 in the current fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, will come from countries around the world.

Alex Jones | Thanks to YOU, Infowars is taking the fight against globalists to the next level!

Kit Daniels | “Get out of the car!!”

Reuters | His support has fallen to 24 percent from 32 percent previously.

Kit Daniels | Ahmed didn’t build the clock used in stunt, according to expert.

Truth Revolt | Afraid they might ask the tough questions?

Washington Times | Clinton kept shaking her head and chuckling.

EAG News | Cries of racism broke out across the campus of the University of Buffalo this week.

Kit Daniels | “It wasn’t even close,” says Chicago Tribune.

NY Times | White House officials said they were trying to make it easier to complete the final steps to citizenship.

CNN | “We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims.”

Washington Times | Some 20 percent of the material in the documents has been whited out.

Daily Caller | “First of all, Rand Paul shouldn’t even be on this stage, he’s number 11.”

Bloomberg | The Obama administration is preparing to announce a plan to admit more refugees over the next two years.

Campus Reform | Signs would have been visible directly behind Clinton during her speech.

EAG News | Remove the sticker or face a three day suspension and lost parking privileges for a year.

Gateway Pundit | Leading Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders told a crowd at Liberty University that America was founded on“racist principles.”

Bizpac Review | A student’s rant about her “struggle to be taken seriously in the age of subtle sexism” drew fire and mockery from Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives.

Daily Caller | Violent drug cartels help “every single illegal alien” cross the border between the U.S. and Mexico for a fee, and often the price is carrying a backpack full of heroin, according to a Border Patrol union president.

Kit Daniels | Democratic Party spawned the KKK.

Zero Hedge | Wildfires are now raging across many parts of northen and southern California focing Governor Jerry Brown to call a state of emergency.

Truth Revolt | “Undivided We March”: Houston community honors murdered deputy.

Daily Caller | “All the information we have is that the server wasn’t wiped.”

Kit Daniels | Nearly 80% of states receiving most refugees have GOP upper house majorities.

Washington Times | Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is suspending his campaign to win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

Washington Examiner | “Clearly, the allegations concern the committee.”

Wall St Journal | Mr. Trump said his two year benchmark could be met with “really good management.”

The Washington Times | “As more and more people see these records they can’t see any legitimate reason why the pages are still withheld from the public.”

Joshua Krause | The propaganda mill was treated to a conveniently timed revelation late Thursday night.

Daily Caller | Office Depot is trying to silence my freedom of speech and my freedom of religion.”

Breitbart | Moreover, the video appears to show that this conduct is being condoned and encouraged by a local attorney who works for the Clinton campaign.

Zero Hedge | The DoD is out warning that the army might have also mishandled samples of the black plague.

Daily Sheeple | Authorities in Arizona announced today that a bullet hole found in a semi truck marks the 11th sniper shooting along Interstate 10.

Truth Revolt | Carson climbs to 19%; no other candidates in double digits.

Gateway Pundit | “All This N. Texas family wanted to do was show support for law enforcement but vandals had their own agenda.”

Truth Revolt | “Logic doesn’t mean much to them.”

Kit Daniels | You’re “sexually racist” if your sexual history lacks diversity, study claims.

Truth Revolt | “The weight of all the heavy grief that comes with this job has gotten noticeably heavier in the last year.”

Americans For Tax Reform | Clinton emphatically endorsed the tax, stating: “I am all for that.”

Truth Revolt | “I did not send or receive any information marked classified,” Clinton said.

Newsmax | News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch tweeted on Monday that Biden already appears to be running and will likely win the nomination.

Gateway Pundit | Two St. Louis men were ordered Thursday to spend seven years in federal prison.

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